Die-Hard Jets Fan Rich Eisen Reacts to Robert Saleh’s Hire | 1/15/21

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The Jets have a new head coach and die-hard fan Rich Eisen breaks down the team’s long history of misfires, and says what new HC Robert Saleh must to that previous Jets coaches couldn’t.
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15 janv. 2021




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Commentaires 100
Lou Lepin
Lou Lepin Il y a 23 jours
Oh no super charismatic DC with a defense that was mediocre, with a near talentless team. When will it end?
sal vatore
sal vatore Il y a mois
Jeff lageman was a good linebacker
grumpy guy28
grumpy guy28 Il y a mois
He seems little upset 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Keb Il y a mois
I could listen to Rich all day talk about nfl history or nfl analysis. Thank you Rich.
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey Il y a mois
college rutgers football
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey Il y a mois
newJersey jets love 💙 new jersey giants love 💙
Woody Allen
Woody Allen Il y a mois
As a dying jets fan, I’ve been revived. The last time a new jets head coach hire got my heart beating again was in January 2019 when Adam Gase said he would make the jets a winning team. I was bamboozled back then by him. I don’t know what to think anymore. (Crying)
sludgedisciple Il y a mois
Rich Killing it. Jet fand Charger fan have soo much in common .
Daniel Trickey
Daniel Trickey Il y a mois
Took him a couple years to get the defense going in SF. Fans were ready to throw him out. So, you're going to have to be patient Jets' fans.
MantaTech Il y a mois
This is how Detroit media talked about the Patricia hire 😒
auzieten Il y a mois
If the Jets don't draft a QB in this draft class, they deserve everything coming to them. Even if Darnold has an up year and shows promise, the Jets will then have to decide if they want to hand him that big ol' monster contract. And if they do, they are flirting with a Jared Goff type situation and will potentially handicap themselves for years. So, the best thing they could do is draft a QB, play Darnold if he shows more in training camp, and if Darnold has a good year then trade him off and let someone else pay him just like the Chiefs did with Alex Smith. Both Fields and Wilson are better prospects than Darnold was when he was drafted, so chances are fairly good that they will have their guy plus some draft capital from the trade to load up some more.
Brandon O'Neill
Brandon O'Neill Il y a mois
So who do you recommend to get Rich??? Lol
Christopher Johnson
Hopefully the meeting between jets and a Muslim work out better in New York this time
Basem Ali
Basem Ali Il y a mois
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Bassball313 Il y a mois
Saleh is the real deal. Just check his news conferences in SF. He coaches sound and violent defensive play. Good luck, Saleh! Then again, it’s the Jets. Lol
bothswick basil
bothswick basil Il y a mois
As a rams fan, I'm glad he's gone. I hated the sight of him lol
adrian haynes
adrian haynes Il y a mois
Lol well take darnold
Matthew Wheatley
Matthew Wheatley Il y a mois
Damn Rich been watching you for a while and you really been crying like a bitch lately. Are you really that butt hurt. Must really suck pretty bad to be a Jets fan. Go Bills.
Brian Il y a mois
Happy for ya, Rich. You guys deserve it!
45 pewterpirate
45 pewterpirate Il y a mois
As a life long Buccaneers fan, I understand THIS pain.😂😂😳
will arthur
will arthur Il y a mois
This and the pat mcafee show are the best in the business because they keep it real 100% of the time
pepón pepón
pepón pepón Il y a mois
Poor Rich🤣
Mat Salvatore
Mat Salvatore Il y a mois
Saleh bringing the jets a defense for sure. The rest no clue
Big fun Don’t trip
One good season and now he’s qualified to be head coach, we seen this b4 jets will be under 500 until they get a new head coach
Angel Blaz
Angel Blaz Il y a mois
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Najihd Bingyaham
Najihd Bingyaham Il y a mois
Herm Edward was the last good coach the Jets had and they got rid of him
Peter Surdo
Peter Surdo Il y a mois
The bar is low. Let him do his job.
The Vat of Acid
The Vat of Acid Il y a mois
Die hard jets fan, who gets PAID to watch sports, has to look at his notes for the first 4 minutes
Voice Of Brooklyn Podcast
He looks like Xerxes from 300 😂😂😂
Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva Il y a mois
jets have no where but up to look
hr1meg Il y a mois
But the important question is; will he make the coaching staff do laps in minicamp?
T B Il y a mois
Great Video! If this was a Joe Douglas hire then I am encouraged. As a 49ers fan, his defense was always good enough to win if we had a healthy Jimmy G. LaFleur and Sam Darnold can work, you have weapons and a good o-line and the GM knows how to get good players in the draft. Keep the QB healthy and that defense with a Shanahan offence is going to cook with gas. I'm a 49ers fan but my new AFC team is the Jets. Go J E T S.
jeremie manninen
jeremie manninen Il y a mois
I don't think it really matters with the Jets who you put as Coach you could turn the clock back and go to the Lombardi Era and have Vince himself as the Coach and the Jets would still suck due to the Front Office/Ownership since they seem to not know how to properly evaluate talent
Mastashake Il y a mois
Saleh is a leader of men. We will miss him dearly
SecretWars71 Il y a mois
49er fan here...I saw Saleh and his #1 rank defense get destroyed in the Super Bowl and in most games 2020 their defense gave up more points in the second half than the point being he does not make good adjustments during the game.
chriscam876 Il y a mois
Jets fans are annoying. No offense.
Orlando C
Orlando C Il y a mois
Classic segment.😂 This is hilarious...🤣🤣🤣 I need a beer. Go JETS!!!
Tony Manero
Tony Manero Il y a mois
There’s the Trump Defense. “It’s rigged and we’re really 16-0.”
Lois Lane
Lois Lane Il y a mois
Jets will still be the jets
El Queso
El Queso Il y a mois
Aside my Niners ill be hoping for good things for the jets next season 🙏
12st Numbers
12st Numbers Il y a mois
The league is much more enjoyable when the Jets are the butt of the joke
John Menyhard
John Menyhard Il y a mois
Who I never heard of these guys.and I’m die hard fan
timesize Il y a mois
We were leading the division and lost out following that fake spike
timesize Il y a mois
Ps. Rex was a glorious era. Keep it straight
William Il y a mois
What concerns me the most the Detroit Lions did not want him after the interview, and he is from Detroit.
Raymond Ulrich
Raymond Ulrich Il y a mois
Growing up in Michigan I can assure you Detroit does not make many intelligent decisions...
Coming from a bills fan saleh gives me mcdermott vibes i think the jets have their guy.
Neil Gregory Johnson
Jets have a fantastic history.. before 30 years ago and it will be a big part of the new culture change that's about to happen. :D Niners fan here and I am rooting for them..
Right Now
Right Now Il y a mois
If you couldnt win with sexy rexy who can you win with
Right Now
Right Now Il y a mois
The jets forget they have the same owner?
Matthew Kolej
Matthew Kolej Il y a mois
I love the best dad ever sign and then he dresses like a dad lol.
Matthew Kolej
Matthew Kolej Il y a mois
I dig it lol
Jbone T
Jbone T Il y a mois
As a Niner fan, I'm a little pissed to lose him. He started slow, and I was ready to fire him after his first season. Then he did something haven't seen in years, not since Don Shula. Saleh. changed, he adapted. He didn't steer the titanic into the iceberg...Saleh can adapt....So be patient, and this could be good.
Cmag Tpose
Cmag Tpose Il y a mois
They virtue signal is strong with this one.....I use to like Rich Eisen not anymore.
john beardshall
john beardshall Il y a mois
You named some of the greatest couches ever so it must be ownership and management that sucked and blind drunk scouting and development
Alex Toth
Alex Toth Il y a mois
Great, but he just brushed over Al Groh. Groh actually went 9-7 and looked like a good coach but then left the Jets high and dry for Virginia. It took the Johnson brothers 21 years ro figure out that they know nothing about football and to let the GM do their job.
Zoyx Il y a mois
Lou Holtz also had a turn at coaching the Jets. But that requires going all the way back to 1976.
edward richard
edward richard Il y a mois
Hes been a great defensive head coach.
dmike2010 Il y a mois
Really good coaches for both NY football teams
Alex Grigoryev
Alex Grigoryev Il y a mois
Hey Jeff Logamen a Jaguar legend as well
Ricky Tombstone
Ricky Tombstone Il y a mois
Darnold needs a bruising running back who can get 1500 yards a season. All 3 Jet receivers are average or worse. Perriman sucks big time. Jamison Crowder is 5 9'' but he cannot stretch the field. Mims has 4.39 speed so he cannot get separation. Jets have some good players in Becton, Quinen Williams and that's it. Cornerbacks really suck. Cannot compare to the tandem of Cromartie and Revis.
sjwilson1079 Il y a mois
Haha, the Jets are doomed to the afc East basement
Rick Collins
Rick Collins Il y a mois
Rich eison makes me nervous the way he fiddles with them damn glasses..
Raymond Ford
Raymond Ford Il y a mois
Let me be the first to say it, he will last two and the Jets will stay the Jets
GTA 5 shaded rich
GTA 5 shaded rich Il y a mois
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Cameron McCollough
Cameron McCollough Il y a mois
Die hard 49er friend here. I'm going to miss our defensive coordinator, he did it in amazing job. Wish he was still with us.
Raphael Rau
Raphael Rau Il y a mois
Jets to take best pass rusher in the draft at No 2?!
Raphael Rau
Raphael Rau Il y a mois
And in the time period Rich superbly summarises in Jets pain the Giants went to 5 Superbowls and won 4! 😂
Raphael Rau
Raphael Rau Il y a mois
Good luck to the Jets but the Johnson’s are still the owners! Major doubts!
Geoff Aldwinckle
Geoff Aldwinckle Il y a mois
Browning Nagle was an interesting pick in 91 draft....
Kody Kindig
Kody Kindig Il y a mois
His original podcast was better
Commander LudWig
Commander LudWig Il y a mois
Now do they draft Fields or trade both their firsts and whatever else for Watson hmmmm choices choices choices lol
Jose Chav
Jose Chav Il y a mois
Xerxes from 300!
tx49er956 Il y a mois
Good luck jets. He is a real leader. Did great with bunch of back ups.
Joseph Lagoa
Joseph Lagoa Il y a mois
Nice plot twist with the pinned 7-9 coaches lmao
sgtzilla58 Il y a mois
The Jets owner has no clue what so ever about football.
Lites Il y a mois
which is why im so glad he let JD handle the coaching hire this time
penoyer79 Il y a mois
49er fan here. I'm a pseudo jets fan next year. i'm super excited to see what he does for this beleaguered franchise
TRUTH 2HEARTS Il y a mois
Now the whole afc east will b defense of minds
Gary Christopher
Gary Christopher Il y a mois
jon Q
jon Q Il y a mois
As a 49er fan, I was hoping teams remained dumb enough to not hire him so he'd stay put, but as a NY resident and someone who is always pulling for the Jets you guys in fact got a good one.
Pedro Moura
Pedro Moura Il y a mois
Trade Darnold for Garoppolo and draft the best QB available with the 2nd pick and let them compete for starting the job?
Bruce Musto
Bruce Musto Il y a mois
No coach could steal defeat from the jaws of victory quite like Joe Walton.
Chris Wells
Chris Wells Il y a mois
You must have not watched a lot of Rich Kotite....
Skeptical Jed
Skeptical Jed Il y a mois
I’ve never really watched Rich until today . I always assumed that he was just another arrogant prick from the north . I was wrong . He’s a pretty endearing guy . I’m a fan now for sure . Roll Tide ✌🏼
toonsis Il y a mois
8 wins, then 5 then fired
Ed in Florida
Ed in Florida Il y a mois
"You win with people" Woody Hayes. Jets need players who can produce. Period. Is Sam the man? Just looking at his body of work over the three years with the Jets, you would say no. But what about giving him an offensive line in front of him and some great receivers? Jets are going to give Sam another shot, I'd be willing to predict. Let's see what happens.
Bryce Wilson
Bryce Wilson Il y a mois
can totally relate with that long list of bad hires lol. I cannot believe the Lions front office chose Dan Campbell over him.
robert vargas
robert vargas Il y a mois
It's hard to root for this team and think positively cause all we do is F things up I'm happy with this hire and hopefully we can and will change this dam loosing culture my goodness 10 years without a playoff spot longest in the NFL eventually something has to give go jets
Hoisin Breath
Hoisin Breath Il y a mois
I thought Rich was a Giants fan 😷🤷‍♂️
Nick Frankie
Nick Frankie Il y a mois
As a Niners fan, Saleh will install a good defense, also him and Shanahan preached a team first attitude. No matter tough years, injuries, or Jimmy G rumors you never heard the locker room fighting. He's a real man Jets fans.
Thomas Paine
Thomas Paine Il y a mois a longtime fan of another pathetic NFL franchise, wishing Jets fans the best.
RickyTalks Il y a mois
Does this mean Sam Darnold is out of NY? Going to be interesting now to see what they do with the number two pick. Assuming Lawrence is taken by jags, are the other Qbs in the draft better than Sam? Considering that darnold player for a terrible team and a terrible coach all this time ?? Interesting scenario, they can take a QB and trade away darnold, keep darnold and draft a different position player, or even trade back to get more picks
Kevin MacDougall
Kevin MacDougall Il y a mois
NFL is such a copy cat league. Two years ago they were looking for Sean McVay types now its Brian Flores types. Tough guy culture changers.
Although Saleh has a lot of gravity fact. But he isn't bringing any Niners with him to NY except for Sherman and maybe Hyder Jr! Niners are gonna dig in and stay pat with Warner, Bosa & Verrett! 💯
siejecy Il y a mois
Just know that Saleh was a finalists along with Stefanski last year for the HC job for the Browns. Stefanski ultimately won the job but Saleh made the decision difficult
Slim Il y a mois
Rich is the best
Dash Rendar
Dash Rendar Il y a mois
I thought Rich was a Patriots fan
The greatest ever
The greatest ever Il y a mois
Overrated lol poor jets
180S Il y a mois
As a jets fan, I feel like this was a bad hire. Not going to end well because the jets are just going to be the jets.
Banri Swirl
Banri Swirl Il y a mois
at some point, you have to accept that the coaches aren't the problem.
James Manman
James Manman Il y a mois
Horrible GMs and ownership
Paul Gaither
Paul Gaither Il y a mois
Jets fans, remember that you don't have Fred Warner and a defensive line stacked with first round picks... and not just first round, but top 10 and top 5 guys.
Phantom096 Il y a mois
I had no idea Eisen is a Jets fan.
Blake tiley
Blake tiley Il y a mois
I feel like jets organization completely ruined Todd Bowles. Not saying he would have been the next belichick, but I think he could have been solid.
baz Lynch
baz Lynch Il y a mois
Jets, bears and lions are awfully ran.
Swiss Lowe
Swiss Lowe Il y a mois
Cavapoo puppy
Mat Fraser Retirement
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