Did We Just Detect Life on Venus?

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The announcement of the detection of a possible biomarker in the atmosphere of Venus has shook up the field of astrobiology and grabbed headlines across the world. Today, we explore why Venus could plausibly host life, how this detection was made, and whether it really means that we've finally found extraterrestrial life. Written and presented by Prof Kipping, featuring guest Dr Caleb Scharf.
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14 sept. 2020




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Commentaires 100
SETUM Il y a 7 minutes
cannot be.
andrei alexandru
andrei alexandru Il y a 9 minutes
This is stupid 🤣 acidophiles, some microbes that live in acid that evolved bilions of years to be only microbes and completely usless... so this discovery from my oppinion is completely usless
TheBald1 Il y a 14 minutes
Why would anyone waste money on doing something so stupid?
Mike Clarke
Mike Clarke Il y a heure
Goodbye Europa Clipper, hello Venus Zeppelin.
MindOfW FIFA Virtual Pro Lookalikes
So if their life on Venus? Does that mean we can have 1 wife on Earth? and 1 wife on Venus? Or do i have to give up my future wife on Earth for a Venus wife? and will the homes be cheap to buy on Venus? I'm just Joking please don't take this comment serious
Snek Doodle Tv
Snek Doodle Tv Il y a heure
It’s prolly bacteria
NLGH Noxris
NLGH Noxris Il y a heure
And I was right and my science teacher is wrong, take that teacher
AmfistomosAtlas Il y a 2 heures
The Cloud City
Marcus Gaillard
Marcus Gaillard Il y a 2 heures
Venus is a light in the sky. Change my mind.
Meu Nome
Meu Nome Il y a 2 heures
Found live in Venus? Must be a S.T.D.......
john fyten
john fyten Il y a 2 heures
Your videos never fail to keep me up late at night thinking deeply about subjects I've often never thought of before. Thank you for another great one.
Pat Alberta
Pat Alberta Il y a 2 heures
How could life possibly survive after marriage is what they should be studying.
Tertius Carstens
Tertius Carstens Il y a 2 heures
News like this should make headlines and breaking news! The sad truth however is that most people probably don’t care. We’ve been so conditioned by the media and technology to just jump from one sensation to the next.
rbolo29 Il y a 3 heures
I think we should "HAMMER" Venus with hundreds of Kuiper belt objects to bring in water-hydrogen and to change it's orbit to Earth-like and angular momentum to 12-24hr.
Chito Gallego
Chito Gallego Il y a 3 heures
Remember Valiant Thor, the man from venus 1943, met with president of America ,President Eisenhower and Nixon...
telly diana dayondon
telly diana dayondon Il y a 3 heures
Life yes what kind? Hell!
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Il y a 3 heures
“What an exciting time to be alive”, 🤔 I think that’s the first time I’ve heard someone say that this year.
Mulga Bill
Mulga Bill Il y a 3 heures
Sorry to burst everybody's bubble, but the answer is NO. All that's been found is up to 20 parts per BILLION of phosphine gas - PH3 - in some parts of the Venus atmosphere. This gas itself is colourless, odourless and very toxic. The Venus atmosphere is almost exclusively carbon dioxide, with clouds of sulphuric acid. No life can exist in it. The surface temperature is around 470C. And there is NO WATER. Venus winds at the surface blow at 360 km/hr, some 60 times the planet's rotation. The possibility of any life is zero, zip, nada. Even the authors of the study are not saying there is life there. Finally, gases on planets are not observed directly, of course, but are determined by spectroscopy - where different gas molecules absorb different wavelengths of light.
Nerdy Digger
Nerdy Digger Il y a 3 heures
So basically we just got trolled by a planet
The Bob Loblaw Show !
The Bob Loblaw Show ! Il y a 3 heures
Let me save you the time. No, we did not.
The Bob Loblaw Show !
The Bob Loblaw Show ! Il y a 3 heures
fouoii gyhh : 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🖕
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Il y a 3 heures
If there could be life on venus....then maybe there's a possibility that life could exist on uranus .....
Kev. Mill
Kev. Mill Il y a 4 heures
I'm very excited, and hopeful about this.
Dan- Bak
Dan- Bak Il y a 4 heures
O.B.B ⚡💥
Jacob Mrox
Jacob Mrox Il y a 4 heures
Now Muslims will say this was in the Quran 1400 years ago lol
KingTurtle37 Il y a 4 heures
What if it’s bacteria from the Soviet probes that somehow multiplied until it became visible in Venus’s atmosphere? Just a thought, I know it’s not likely though.
M Armstrong
M Armstrong Il y a 4 heures
Phospine chemical can be produced by other chemistries/photo chemistry, not necessarily life.
Bill Shankly
Bill Shankly Il y a 4 heures
Don't forget the ethical side of things. What if we sent a probe to Venus and it contaminated Venusian life? Changing their evolutionary pathway or even killing them off into extinction. And it later turns out this was the only other priceless lifeform in our Solar System and Universe.
M Armstrong
M Armstrong Il y a 4 heures
Possible great news in decades ? how about best news ever.
Katrina Payne
Katrina Payne Il y a 4 heures
Okay... but if Photochemistry is so complicated and creates such weird results... are we making an major effort to study how Photochemistry works? There is a chance that improvements in our understanding of Photochemistry may work to improve all kinds of technology
Thakler Htoo
Thakler Htoo Il y a 5 heures
Before we go looking for life in other planets, can we stop killing life on this one?
bkingk8 Il y a 5 heures
Are the proto planetary disc images "an artists rendering" or an actual image ?
Jassim Balushi
Jassim Balushi Il y a 5 heures
First of all protect earth than think about needs you better concentrate there
Mary Jayne May
Mary Jayne May Il y a 5 heures
AWESOMENESS! Great show. What if each planet has had life on it in various forms, getting closer to the sun over oceans of time. Each planet moving away from earth is what's left of that planets life cycles, including now life. All that's left of Venus is life in the clouds. Temp is 30°c to 90°c. Habitable! WOW!
Vin Smith
Vin Smith Il y a 5 heures
Why not seed Venus with genetically engineered microbes?
I can explain
I can explain Il y a 5 heures
The aliens will have to wear a mask if the plan to visit
Darrell Sims
Darrell Sims Il y a 5 heures
If there could be life on venus....then maybe there's a possibility that life could exist on uranus .....
Chiranjib Nandy
Chiranjib Nandy Il y a 5 heures
Awesome content. And I must say, the view of your surroundings is beautiful.
Oscar Il y a 5 heures
We are never going to Mars or Venus unless we get the dictator out of office
Catat Goo
Catat Goo Il y a 5 heures
People dont get other life forms they only know what they know there could be an unimaginable animal somewhere that could for example not need water which would defy all the laws of my neighborhood but who knows what is out there?
bcherbs Il y a 5 heures
So in other words, its like finding an alien fart ?
Matthew C
Matthew C Il y a 5 heures
Why can't we search for the spectral signature of DNA directly? Too little of it, even if life is present?
Tedecamp Il y a 5 heures
Bespin anyone?
spread1971 Il y a 6 heures
Bandabanana Il y a 6 heures
I thought we found life on *Uranus*
#ANONYMOUSTOO Il y a 6 heures
no ... we did not ... NASA was and STILL IS run by NAZIS ... literal nazis ... nothing has ever changed until NOW
Robert G.
Robert G. Il y a 6 heures
If there is life there, that life is a reverse "alien". It evolved in acid. We can't make anything to survive Venus, it bloomed there. Amazing.
fmoa Il y a 6 heures
same old microbe life bullshit, they found this in asteroid rocks and detected some on one of jupiter watery moons, the universe is probly full of this microbe bacterial life, we need some alien aliens news, the one that can fly spaceship and stuff, not some bacterial fungus on some hot planet.
bluenu Il y a 6 heures
gubfr jub bofreir gbb zhpu jvyy ab ybatre npg
Barry White
Barry White Il y a 6 heures
Eric Rusch Sr
Eric Rusch Sr Il y a 6 heures
Well, here goes another 100 Trillion Dollars out the window on a "maybe".....
Glozwell Il y a 6 heures
Is it possible that an intelligent civilization once evolved on Venus but retreated underground when the surface became uninhabitable? Maybe they're still down there? Would we even know?
Julian Martin
Julian Martin Il y a 6 heures
Maybe in 20,000 years we can drop a bomb on venus to kickstart some terraforming. First, we need to save the earth though obviously lol.
Colin MacKenzie
Colin MacKenzie Il y a 7 heures
Actually, Clinton did not announce that life had been discovered on Mars. "Today, rock number 84-001 speaks to us across across all those billions of years and millions of miles. It speaks of the possibility of life. If this discovery is confirmed, it will surely be one of the most stunning insights into life science has ever uncovered." He put some mild emphasis on the word "possibility."
Joe Pauloski
Joe Pauloski Il y a 7 heures
Best and worst time to be alive. What a dumpster fire our world is right now. Life on other planets is great, but I fear humanity won’t live long enough to actually see it. The great cosmic filter may consume man kind.
Kalpana Shakya
Kalpana Shakya Il y a 7 heures
Everyone - *looking at Mars to find life.* Venus- Hold my climate.
Shyamlal Bharti
Shyamlal Bharti Il y a 7 heures
#Did we just Detect Life on Venus??/#To, The Nation's of all World.#Mere Ati Priyon,"Kalikaai-Ug" ki Parampraa mein jeene waale Praaniyon ki Sooch.......Kaash, Behter hi hooti too Jagat ke PITAA ki Pahchaan se Bunchit hi na Rahte...??Mere Priyon,"HARIT-KRANTI" ke Garbh se Praapt hui Khaadyaann Vanashpatiyon se Choune gaye ANN ki Uplubdhi ke Saathh-2 Prashunshaa ke Swaron nein;Guruon ke Aashum mein Ushaanti Paai gai;Tabhi Gurukoul Vaashiyon nein Soochaa ki,"Hamein bhi Apnee Images Banaani Chaahiye...Yes Sir,"BODY-RESURCH" par,Eshko Forth Part mein Devide kiyaa.....BRAHMUN, CHHATRI, VAISHYA Aur SHUDRA.....Jo Alug-2 Hookar bhi AK hain;Ji Haan,"Kalikaali-Samaaj" Nein Ameer Aur Gareeb ki Diwaar Daal kar VISH Ghoolaa;Aur Doushit Sooch ke Shikaari Bane Rahe"!! Mere Priyon,"JAATI-BHEID" ko JAL KI AK BOUND KI STORY'S BHEIT KIYE,Vo bhi Two(2) Suptaah Peechhe.....Kyaa A+ B+C ki COST ke Loogon nein Apnee Pahchaan Paaei...??Mere Priyon,"SHYAM" ko Chhoti Najron se Mut Dekho,Kyon ki,"POURV-JUNM" ki Daashtan,"PARMESHWAR" nein Swaim hi BIBLE mein Vayan kiyaa hai,Aao Dekhein......#"He Param PITAA,"MAIN, Teraa Dhanyavaad Karungaa,Eshliye ki,"Main Bhayaanuk Aur Adbhout Reeti se Rachaa Gayaa hun"! Tere Kaarya too Aashcharya ke Hain,Aur Main,"Eshe Bhali-Bhaanti Jaantaa hun! Jub Main GUPT mein Banaayaa Jaataa,Aur Prithhvi ki Neenche Eshthhaanon mein Rachaa Jaataa;Tub bhi meri Huddiyan Tujhhse Chhipi na Rahteen;Teri Aankhon nein,Meri Bedoul Rachna ko Dekhaa hai;Aur Mere Sub Ung,"Jo Din Parti Din bante Jaate,Va Rache Jaane se Pahle,"TERI PUSHTUK MEIN LIKHE HUYE THHE"!! Mere Liye too He,"PARMESHWAR"Tere Vichaar Kyaa hi Bahumoulya hain; Unki Sankhyaa ka Jood kitnaa Badaa hai; Yadi MAIN Unko Gintaa too Ve Baalou ke Kinkon se bhi Adhik Thhaharte;Jub MAIN Jaag Uthhtaa hun,Tub bhi Tere SONG hi Khoud ko Paataa hun"!!Amen/Dhanyavaad!!/#MAIN,"Tere Vachan ke Anushaar kartaa hun,Tujhhe Buddhi aur Vivek se Bharaa MUN detaa hun;Yahaan tuk ki,"Tere Samaan na too Tujhhse Pahle koi kabhi huwaa; Aur na baad mein kabhi koi Hoogaa"!!(1 Rajaon 3:12) Amen!!/#"AAKAASH aur PRITHHVI Tal Jaayeinge,Parantu Meri kahi Baatein kabhi na Taleingi"!!(Matti 24:35)Amen/Dhanyavaad!!/#Yours Faithfully: Shyam Lal Rajvanshi/"WISDOM OF KING" BHARAT.
Shinyone Incarnate
Shinyone Incarnate Il y a 7 heures
Russians went to Venus looking for the Nazis who left the South Pole base.
epicwhat001 Il y a 7 heures
Unless Anton Petrov says makes a video about it then I am skeptical. he is a bit homeless at the moment so it might take some time for him to make vids about phosphine on venus
Sam Williams
Sam Williams Il y a 7 heures
Was that 'proto-chemistry' or 'photo-chemistry'?
Asuka Langley Soryu
Asuka Langley Soryu Il y a 7 heures
1:05 You NEED to state data in F not just C. this is confusing...
Existentialism Tyrant
Existentialism Tyrant Il y a 7 heures
Meanwhile we are still looking for intelligent life on this planet
Ron Lussier
Ron Lussier Il y a 7 heures
So.....the proof? Well, we are relying on the maxim, 'anything is possible!' Umm, yeah
Kirk Johnson
Kirk Johnson Il y a 7 heures
It makes more sense that there is a process going on there that we do not understand yet. Aliens is the quick and lazy assumption.
Mike Lucido
Mike Lucido Il y a 7 heures
This is just more BS that is having the world sidetrack away from the real biggest story on earth. Our discovery of a way to soon mass produce interstellar vehicals.
110% America Loving PATRIOT
Well duh, everyone knows women are from Venus😜
Chris Braid
Chris Braid Il y a 8 heures
Keep on keeping people thinking!!!!
Chris Braid
Chris Braid Il y a 8 heures
Nice to hear Real scientific speculation. The fact that the planets surface is invisible to us leaves so many of us cautious on such scant evidence ....
Precious Wear
Precious Wear Il y a 8 heures
People of Venus discovered us on the earth. Thank God, they made us famous.
Nanagoon Il y a 8 heures
Flying angels of nevus
centralツ Il y a 8 heures
hint: to find life in the solar system look on earth
tHeWasTeDYouTh Il y a 8 heures
In Sailor Moon Sailor Venus was my favorite one. I love her
p3el Il y a 8 heures
This discovery will encourage scientist all around the world to study venus more and more and find what cause these phosphine on the clouds of venus. Even tho i know NOTHING about science or astrobiology, but i am very excited about new discovery in space
Abdul Aziz Shakib
Abdul Aziz Shakib Il y a 8 heures
scientists detect life on venus mars: wait thats illegal!
Mukesh Kumar
Mukesh Kumar Il y a 8 heures
7 years ago, life on Venues was mentioned in this documentary. Check it out after 7 minutes
F-zero91maru Il y a 8 heures
It’s a big step on earth on what’s outside in space and other planets.
rob bob
rob bob Il y a 8 heures we did not.
Jez Il y a 8 heures
imagine this wasn't made on april 1st *wait*
Martin Williams
Martin Williams Il y a 8 heures
Call me a skeptic. Remember cold fusion? I will get excited when they find water and carbon.
savage diamonds
savage diamonds Il y a 8 heures
Aw shiet its the vex
Western Mac
Western Mac Il y a 8 heures
Jim M
Jim M Il y a 8 heures
a biosignature is far from discovery of "life".
Jason Askme
Jason Askme Il y a 8 heures
What a bunch of bull shit ,,, so when did they sample it ? It's more like guessing and wast money for garbage missions ...
thomas barlow
thomas barlow Il y a 9 heures
Really hope this is real....
The Tesseract
The Tesseract Il y a 9 heures
This is the wrong year to be discovering this
Dale Raby
Dale Raby Il y a 9 heures
So,,, this gas is EVIDENCE of life, but this does not constitute PROOF of life, nicht wahr?
Colton Pickett
Colton Pickett Il y a 9 heures
"Alien life has been detected on Venus" *Aliens enter chat room* Aliens: Aye, we been watching Earth for awhile y'all planet be looking look s*** you good brother Earth?
Junior Kawai
Junior Kawai Il y a 9 heures
But of course, there's life on Venus. Haven't you seen the movie: 20 Million Miles to Earth?
Greco Il y a 9 heures
NASA have to send the Flies and Cockroach to venus.
Sal Newton
Sal Newton Il y a 9 heures
there are life on the venusian clouds, we call them angels.
Hahsh Hshshsjs
Hahsh Hshshsjs Il y a 9 heures
Well I gusse Area 51 ant the only place for alien
Tommy Case
Tommy Case Il y a 9 heures
It's crazy that people consider bacteria life on Mars yet they don't consider a heart beat as life on earth...
Craig Daub Beats - Rap Instrumentals
We that was a let down:(
Jason Cunningham
Jason Cunningham Il y a 9 heures
It still doesn't explain all the thousands of UFOs and crop circles all around the world and the Nimitz UFO. I believe there is other advanced life out there somewhere.. we're not alone. Venus would have nothing...
H R Soliman
H R Soliman Il y a 9 heures
Darwinian Evolutionist dreamers/idiots are dying to fake-prove anything but God false claims
Live Free
Live Free Il y a 9 heures
Imagine if whatever we find is an organism that we already have inventoried here on earth
Flat Earth Vegans
Flat Earth Vegans Il y a 9 heures
🤣🤣🤣🤣 the earth is flat people!! Stop listening to this garbage.
Andrew Peck
Andrew Peck Il y a 9 heures
Yes I subscribed.
Me Tube
Me Tube Il y a 9 heures
RJ Weissenborn
RJ Weissenborn Il y a 9 heures
Sorry but it’s probably just a chemical reaction happening that we didn’t know could happen. We just can’t accept we are completely alone so see the things we want to see and explain it in a way that’s “possible”
Andrew Peck
Andrew Peck Il y a 9 heures
First time I have watched your stream channel, very well done in my opinion. Thoughtfully put together and a great interview too. You have obviously researched your information and are also as excited as I am about this discovery. I hope it turns out to be biologic, and a sample return mission to a level 4 lab on the space station (andromeda strain) where it could be researched in safety.
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas Il y a 10 heures
I'm not sure about that I'm formation
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