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Deepak Rao
Deepak Rao Il y a 7 minutes
Is that outburst "Did I stutter?" really cross the line? Considering how much tomfoolery goes on in the show and how congenial these fellows seem to be (and jestingly not), I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fuss this caused. Please help me understand the nuance here.
Suyash Shukla
Suyash Shukla Il y a jour
If I were Michael,I would have rightly told him on stanley's face " Well,I didn't .But you will now,when you beg me for job after firing you,you unproductive sloth!"
Animated ASMR
Animated ASMR Il y a 2 jours
Commenters cheering Stanley on but all I see is an employee who is using paid company time to play a game during a meeting. As frustrating as that job may be, Stanley is being paid for his time and attention, not for crosswords. If you are going to play games in private during work, at least have all your work done and be ready to put it down when called on.
DragoN Il y a 3 jours
Stanley you wanna help us out with that? Stanley? Earth to Stanley?
Hayden Fowle
Hayden Fowle Il y a 4 jours
Palpatine: execute Order 66 Clones:*hesitate* Palpatine: 1:57
Wild Cloud
Wild Cloud Il y a 6 jours
sometimes, and i mean all of the time, i feel like stanley when people want me to participate
kicknotes Il y a 6 jours
Stanley should actually be glad he still has the job he so clearly hates. He's often doing nothing, and his attitude is poor. He tried to bluff a raise and failed at that, too. I would have sacked him ages ago.
W.L. Customs
W.L. Customs Il y a 7 jours
This was right before Stanley reveals his historical hatred towards Michael Scott
etihwkcaj Il y a 10 jours
Policeman: how high are you High guy: no officer its- Policeman: 1:57
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad Il y a 11 jours
How people find this funny?
RollCoast Tycoon
RollCoast Tycoon Il y a 12 jours
“Not me” _”Yes you”_
Paul Kim
Paul Kim Il y a 14 jours
Why couldn't Michael just leave Stanley alone? I know Stanley was being disrespectful, rude, and uncooperative during Michael's meeting and just doing his crossword puzzle but he should not pick on Stanley for no reason just because he mentioned something about rap or whatever. If I were Michael, I would just ask who wants to help volunteer after Jim mentioned about the newer version of Zing and Pep, not pick someone randomly.
APS Matrix
APS Matrix Il y a 14 jours
Tobys face is the best part of the vid
Fahim Ahmed
Fahim Ahmed Il y a 15 jours
2:00 Toby's face is priceless.
Thomas r
Thomas r Il y a 16 jours
This scene is so well done, because there are alot of incompetent ego driven people out there just like micheal scott's character and when there called out on there bullshit it shatters there ego, great scene!!
David Martinez
David Martinez Il y a 17 jours
I don’t know what’s funnier, Stanley’s Did I stutter, or that Michael went straight to Stanley for an urban rap voicemail
Yeet Or Be Yeeted
Yeet Or Be Yeeted Il y a 18 jours
Michael was such an asshole at the start of the episode I didn't even feel bad for him
R Willey
R Willey Il y a 19 jours
Michael: "Stanley??" Stanley: "Not me" Michael: "Yes you, come on, put your game down and join us" Stanley: "Noo" Michael: "Stanley, we're having a.... Stanley: "Leave me alone dammit" Michael: "..a brainstorm session" Stanley: *DID I STUTTER?!?!?!!?*
A seaworthy scallywag
A seaworthy scallywag Il y a 21 jour
D I D I S T U T T E R ?
Oliver Il y a 22 jours
He is so intimidating in this scene.
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange Il y a 23 jours
0:31 Pam: *Did I stutter?!*
Liam Donut
Liam Donut Il y a 24 jours
This didn't come up in your recommended You looked it up
Gabriel Nispel
Gabriel Nispel Il y a 24 jours
The end of the episode with Stanley and Michael is probably one of the most serious scenes in the show.
Lavvanii Il y a 25 jours
I strive to have as much sass as Stanley
Father Gabriel Stokes
Father Gabriel Stokes Il y a 27 jours
The day the Office stood still
Don Vito Corleone
Don Vito Corleone Il y a 27 jours
till this day I have no idea why Michael was upset about that, English is not my first language by the way, explaining would help :)
Sully Baxter
Sully Baxter Il y a 27 jours
0:22 michael is disrespectful
KoeSeer Il y a 27 jours
Did I stadah?
Divyam Goyal
Divyam Goyal Il y a 28 jours
This was so sad I mean Michael never say anything and after this I felt so bad for Michael just because he is not strict boss they take him for granted
SkyrushYes MindEraserNo
Michael: I am the boss around Stanley: Hold my beer 🍺 1:57
Tylert714 Il y a mois
I was crying at this part
Geezy Fil
Geezy Fil Il y a mois
Tobys reaction is priceless
tennisdude52278 Il y a mois
0:48 You can hear John’s Boston accent start to come out when he says “cuppa coffee” lol
Josue Rivera
Josue Rivera Il y a mois
Michael: calls coworker ugly and asks black guy to help with urban VM. Toby: ... Stanley: Did I stutter?! Toby: 😲
Jameson Il y a mois
Someone seriously needs to taken a fucking baseball bat to Michael’s face.
Mehmet şaşkın
Mehmet şaşkın Il y a mois
am i the only one who finds pam cute with glasses
brian c
brian c Il y a mois
this is one of the reasons why season 4 is the best season of this show
Isaiah Baker
Isaiah Baker Il y a mois
how he says “leave me alone damnit” so calmly lmao😂
Sammy Davis
Sammy Davis Il y a mois
"A whole theme like a rap, a rap rhyme?..."
Spidey Boi
Spidey Boi Il y a mois
I like how Micheal asks Stanley to help him with the rap idea.
Miguel Saenz
Miguel Saenz Il y a mois
Don't pissed Stanley off
Pri Min
Pri Min Il y a mois
2:01 toby's face lmao 😂😂
liladjgal1204 Il y a mois
If I was the only black person in a meeting and they wanted to ask me specifically about rap and urban themes... I would probably react the same way 😂
Angie Bustillo
Angie Bustillo Il y a mois
Michael face 1:59 omg 😂😂😂 pure fear
DjRave Il y a mois
I'm Pam
Roxima Il y a mois
Damn. I felt that.
RiruKrypto Tempest
RiruKrypto Tempest Il y a mois
That expression look on Toby's face. lmao
lynisalive Il y a mois
Injust noticed that Oscar was smiling
lincoln dasema
lincoln dasema Il y a mois
👀😂😂😂🙈 bro what she looks adorable!
Paulfuss Entertainment
Hediki Tojo: We’re going to attack Hawaii and take the Philippines! General: Are you sure about that? Hediki Tojo: Did I stutter?
Just Another Account
She banged Jim.
andrew sutherland
andrew sutherland Il y a mois
Honestly, this episode really was toby's fault. I understand him doing his job, but he could have simply went to Stanley and said, "look, Michael's doesn't know what hes doing. He waste time, hes disrespectful, he causes problems, he disrupts people who are working to pull of some scheme no one wants to do and ussualy backfires. Honestly, I feel it would be better sometimes if a 5 year old ran the office because they would just stay in their office in leave every one alone; but regardless, Michael is your superior and if you dont apologize, it will result in disciplinary action, including your workplace termination" And that would be it. Instead he does the absolutely worst thing he could possibly do, and discusses it with Michael to fix it
Healthy and Prosperous
Healthy and Prosperous Il y a 26 jours
Matt Rose, yea I know. I love this episode. I was saying that speaking with Stanley is the least Michael could have done in this situation and not get yet another pass and have Toby fix the situation. I love how it ended lol.
Matt Rose
Matt Rose Il y a 26 jours
Healthy and Prosperous Michael did talk to Stanley and said that he can't talk to him that way. Wish they added that to this clip!
Healthy and Prosperous
This just gives Michael 1,000 passes. He could at least be the one to talk to Stanley.
Nexern Il y a mois
Michael: (Talks to Stanley) Stanley: SO YOU HAVE CHOSEN DEATH
John Rife
John Rife Il y a mois
That was way out of line.
videakias3000 Il y a mois
his response does not make any sense.
Oh Sududbdxi
Oh Sududbdxi Il y a mois
So that’s where that came from
TaylorCrayola Il y a mois
Honestly I forget too but Micheal did ask Stanley for input on Urban zing and pep. I wouldn't have answered either. But also Stanley probably wasn't listening at all.
TAJY26 Il y a mois
Later in this episode Stanley unleashes his full wrath on Michael. It was some real talk that was building up for four whole seasons. Absolutely destroyed him. lol It's a good thing Michael is such a fool it probably didnt register in his mind for long. lol
RIchard Allen
RIchard Allen Il y a mois
season 4 episode 12 not 14. in case anyone needs to know
Abutahir Puthedath
Abutahir Puthedath Il y a mois
What does it mean??
BlessingRose Il y a mois
See it’s moments when Michael blatantly insults Pam that makes me dislike him with such intensity and yet moments when he hurriedly leaves the room after getting yelled at by Stanley that I feel bad for him. It’s such an emotional rollercoaster with the guy 🤣😂
ezzy Il y a mois
No one’s gonna say anything about how Michael says water lol??
ahmet05ac Il y a mois
it's so realistic that how toby reacts to stanley when he says did i stutter
Juicey Mutton
Juicey Mutton Il y a mois
you forgot Michael crying
Obinna Nwakwue
Obinna Nwakwue Il y a mois
Black people.
Mackenzie Devincent
I bet nobody saw that side of Stanley untill then
Captain Fordo
Captain Fordo Il y a mois
Now let's see Stanley try that with Charles.
Talida Dirnu
Talida Dirnu Il y a mois
"I mean,I haven't done anything since Christmas. Pam clearly has just given up trying"
rinraiden Il y a mois
Honestly, Stanley is in the wrong. Regardless of what he thinks, Michael is his boss. Refusing the listen to a meeting (regardless of how unnecessary he might think it is) and insisting on doing a puzzle? Don't think so.
M K Il y a mois
Straight up gangsta
cruzholland Il y a mois
1:23 you can see angela is hiding her laugh xD
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Il y a mois
Having the camera focus in on Tobey at the end was perfect.
?? Il y a mois
Daniela Principe
Daniela Principe Il y a mois
Earth to Stanley
May D'velra
May D'velra Il y a mois
Look at Oscars reaction! 🤣
Charlie Hinde
Charlie Hinde Il y a 2 mois
"Pam, in order to look hotter you take the glasses off" Oh how times have mightily changed xD
OptimusWombat Il y a 2 mois
Michael's PUA game is on point. Excellent neg.
ari animations
ari animations Il y a 2 mois
As a person who wears classes, Michael's words cut deep 😅
H B Il y a 2 mois
Jim likes messing with Dwight, but deep down I think Jim likes him. I don’t think Jim likes Andy though. There’s something more mean spirited about when Jim goes after Andy, like the “Zing and pep” comment.
Crispy Coincidence
Crispy Coincidence Il y a 2 mois
Michael roasting pam is hilarious
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