Destiny 2: Beyond Light - Season of the Chosen Trailer

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With the Pyramids and Xivu Arath destabilizing the system, Empress Caiatl, leader of the Cabal and daughter of Calus, seeks an alliance. But when she demands more than Zavala can offer, negotiations collapse, and Guardians must become the tip of the spear that strikes at her growing war council.
New gear, XP, rewards! Get the Season Pass and instantly unlock the new Seasonal armor set and the new Solar Bow, Ticuu's Divination. You also get an XP boost that speeds up your Seasonal ranks and engram unlocks.
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Dive into the free-to-play world of Destiny 2 to experience responsive first-person shooter combat, explore the mysteries of our solar system, and unleash elemental abilities against powerful enemies. Create your Guardian and collect unique weapons, armor, and gear to customize your look and playstyle. Experience Destiny 2’s cinematic story alone or with friends, join other Guardians for challenging co-op missions, or compete against them in a variety of PvP modes.

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2 févr. 2021




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Commentaires 100
Latoya Wright
Latoya Wright Il y a 6 heures
Bungie! Hire this guy! He is literally telling how to fix gambits game mode
Salty Gamer
Salty Gamer Il y a 8 heures
Caiatl is an interesting character, I hope they don’t just kill her off at the end of the season.
Lexi Plays
Lexi Plays Il y a 13 heures
2:06 ok xol
Trevor McPhillips
Trevor McPhillips Il y a 2 jours
0:41 elgato streamdeck power
FantaColaDrink Il y a 2 jours
This season's great!
Ira Shantz-Kreutzkamp
Ira Shantz-Kreutzkamp Il y a 2 jours
By this point, frankly, keeping all the aliens as one-dimensional baddies has worn horribly thin. Fallen flotillas, Cabal colonies, maybe even renegade Hive homelands or friendly Vex vertices would make for both neat new locations/character origins on top of giving the idea that the Light is genuinely complicating something the Darkness wants to keep inflexible and distinct. Or maybe some Guardians split off and join each of the alien factions. Particularly make sense to have more mercenary types working for/with the Spider than the Vanguard, and the IX could add a whole new level of weirdness to the game. Hell, some kind of anti-Vanguard to excuse conflict and muddied boundaries would be a great switchup from the perpetually static good guys having a few mild jokesters around. Point being Zavala refusing to bow was a disappointment. Seeing him steadily decline from self-assured heroism to bitter, desperate compromise would be so good and such a good arc for the second-most boring Vanguard member.
Jacobo melendez oceguera Discord para gente que juegue en Xbox (español)
Jacobo melendez oceguera
Rolen Discord, soy de Xbox
Solar Light
Solar Light Il y a 5 jours
When Empress Caiatl proposes an alliance 0:41
FuriousDestro Il y a 8 jours
Sucks that I can’t play because they don’t make it so destiny 2 can be run on a laptop
TC Il y a 8 jours
More reskins and recycled content...
ItsKyru Il y a 8 jours
So I’m starting as f2p is there actually any campaign I can do 😔
EmeraldPerson Il y a 8 jours
@ItsKyru indeed
ItsKyru Il y a 8 jours
@EmeraldPerson well that’s depressing
EmeraldPerson Il y a 8 jours
nope, not anymore
Clarks Gaming
Clarks Gaming Il y a 9 jours
Love how u make a free game now but u have to buy everything else and half the missions you need a fire team like some of us ain’t got friends like that “destiny” shitty game cant get shit cuz u have to buy it all
Kuro Yuki
Kuro Yuki Il y a 10 jours
Empress Caiatl- bow Zavala-no Also zavala-switching to ward of dawn
Amatsu-Mikaboshi Il y a 10 jours
I really do hope they change the dialogue and put “Excuse me” meme. Not all of it but everything but the mention of memes and guns. Definitely the “One Guardian has slayed gods for fun, has assassinated your last emperor under your nose and was out.
Just Gaming56HD
Just Gaming56HD Il y a 10 jours
Why does she sound like Sheeva from mk11
The Forsaken_alpha
The Forsaken_alpha Il y a 11 jours Y’all need to see this it’s lance reddick reading a meme after the empresss says bow. And btw what lance said in the video is canon, at least my head canon 😅
Monkbar Gaming
Monkbar Gaming Il y a 12 jours
Thanos Dione
Thanos Dione Il y a 12 jours
Season seems cool but the game sucks ass
Dashawn628 Il y a 12 jours
Thanks for your opinion 👋🏼
The Darkness
The Darkness Il y a 13 jours
What is the song it's ballen
Mocco Mongananzo
Mocco Mongananzo Il y a 13 jours
Cant afford the season pass so I cant play the whole game..
Gibby Gibson
Gibby Gibson Il y a 13 jours
for my own personal use 0:40
Next generation2
Next generation2 Il y a 13 jours
Guardians bend to no fiend no matter who they are!!! we will never bend nor compromise with our enemy cabal 🗡️ 😡😡😡
Imperial Histati
Imperial Histati Il y a 14 jours
So you’re telling me... Zavala, de-facto leader and general of the city, didn’t bring any sort of bodyguards with him to a negotiation table? Didn’t think twice of whether the calus’ DAUGHTER couldn’t capture him with a pan-galactic empire BEHIND HER F***ING BACK??? “Thanks Bungie” Seinfield theme plays
LazyPower 大和
LazyPower 大和 Il y a 14 jours
This season looks like it's focused on Cabal. #BringBackLeviathan.
savage diamonds
savage diamonds Il y a 14 jours
Noticed something about destiny trailers and how guardians be randomly jumping at random parts
Fábio Alves
Fábio Alves Il y a 14 jours
Dear Bungie, can I please, please, please do a normal strike loop without getting misplaced in some public event area or getting stuck in a door that doesn't open/a portal that doesn't appear? Dreaming City and Tangled Shore are completely broken rn. If you deleted half of the content (that people actually paid) to make Destiny bug-free and with more reliable gameplay, well I dunno how your community has been playing this [censored] been years now. Heads up to Microsoft for putting this on Game Pass, though. 🤣 Cyberpunk was a buggy mess, but at least I either died and/or replayed 'till going through. In a recycled sequel with years and eons of supposed upgrades, I really don't know what you are doing with all the money of THIRTEEN season passes (and still counting). I really don't know what's happening or if it's just the Xbox version, but FIX UR GAWDAMN GAME. This will be a laughable regret when you try to merge the Xbox, Playstation and PC platforms. Oh well... 😷
C.A Krull
C.A Krull Il y a 12 heures
@Fábio Alves First of all, that thing about spawning in lost sectors is the players doing, as earth strikes are often farmed for lure charges or other things. The thing with the tangled shore is because of internet issues from you or teammates. That, or they just left because no one likes playing the hallowed lair. Both of these things were happening in previous seasons, there just weren’t as many players playing strikes.
Fábio Alves
Fábio Alves Il y a 12 jours
@Dashawn628 With all due respect, I think you are focusing too much on the example I gave, but I guess I was also overreacting due to not being able to do something - Vanguard Strikes - I usually enjoy in Destiny. I bought Cyberpunk 2077 one month after release, the Xbox One version, but am playing on the Series X as I told before. I created three characters, one of each background, however have only reached the end on my Nomad guy (also completed 3 endings on that save). During my playthrough, if the game broke or I got stuck in wtv, you could simply reload the save/reset the game and, at least to me, most of the times you will go through. Moreover, the game mostly kills you if there's something wrong (🤣 only Cyberpunk). Cyberpunk is not great, yes, but IMO it doesn't deserve the immense hate around the internet. Personally, I'm more frustrated with everything that they promised that would feature the game than it's overhelming list of (mostly visual) bugs. These past days on Destiny, I was not able to: complete The Corrupted and The Fanatic strikes several times due to some door not opening (even if everyone on the Fireteam died, usually the game does the 'Cyberpunk solution' and resets, but that didn't work as well!); being in orbit waiting for a Strike to start only to discover that the game puts you in some random Loot Sector or random Public Event (...I mean, wtf); some Regional Chest are bugged (don't open nor disappear in the map); and other minimal first-world problems. But, you see, these didn't happened before the Season of the Chosen, that's why I'm kinda mad. Well, sorry for the rant and thanks for trying to understand where I'm coming from. Have a great day, mate! 😉
Dashawn628 Il y a 12 jours
@Fábio Alves Could you specifically list the game breaking bugs in d2 alongside the game breaking bugs in Cyberpunk? I am interested in seeing which side the actual data supports.
Fábio Alves
Fábio Alves Il y a 13 jours
@Dashawn628 I play on Xbox Series X and, yes, in my experience, there are more game-breaking bugs on Destiny 2 rn (specially in the Vanguard Strikes and Public Events/Loot Sector areas) than there is on Cyberpunk. But, whatever, it's like I haven't played both for hundreds of hours. I can't count how many times I have to return to orbit 'because the game breaks or simply you get misplaced somewhere other than the Strikes. Yesterday, in a single playthrough, it happened more than 10 times - this problem is really severe on Dreaming City and Tangled Shore. And it's not only happening to me: try doing The Fanatic strike, no, for real! Before the Season of the Chosen these were non-existant bugs. It's like you - Bungie - messed this up on purpose so that Battlegrounds are the only stable PvE activity we could do (season pass am I rite 😂). Even Raids have bugs, wth. It's been years, if you want 'reasonable' bugs, at least 'put' them on the newer content! 🤣
Dashawn628 Il y a 13 jours
Your argument went down the drain when you compared Cyberpunk's bugs to Destiny's 🤣
CaLLMeRisKTakER Il y a 15 jours
I'm sorry but why would you make something that should be free that would expand your game base Insted of teasing it by letting you do one run then saying , " screw you give us money now"... Kinda dumb but w.e , I'm not buying this because I allready bought a season pass for the year and now I have to give you assclowns more money . No .. I'm deleting this and honestly if this is the game now to "promote content " .. I'm out lol but blow me up idc im too disappointed to care about this cash grab b.s.
Dashawn628 Il y a 13 jours
I don't understand. If you bought the season pass for the year don't you already have access to season of the chosen?
Orion Blazey
Orion Blazey Il y a 15 jours
So no one going to even talk about this 2:06 (if you’re confused, slow it down to x.25 cause it’s a frame perfect thing)
Randal the Vandal
Randal the Vandal Il y a 13 jours
Its a Secret mission for An exotic
Joseph Barnard
Joseph Barnard Il y a 15 jours
Caitl is going to get clapped, just by looking at the 3 guardians destroy enemies.
Beyond the Ages Studios
Beyond the Ages Studios Il y a 15 jours
Good grief! Bungie just made another class A trailer. Bravo!
esensas Il y a 15 jours
Are we gonna get the Season of the Unvaulting at some point? Kinda sucks not having access to 80% of the content I paid for :)
DrewICECOLD Il y a 16 jours
0:53 God I love that line “This tank is like a living thing.. she breaths she moves and she will spit out your bones...”
Amari G
Amari G Il y a 16 jours
don’t let this distract you from the fact that Whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars. So let's get to taking out their command, one by one. Valus Ta'aurc. From what I can gather he commands the Siege Dancers from an Imperial Land Tank outside of Rubicon. He's well protected, but with the right team, we can punch through those defenses, take this beast out, and break their grip on Freehold
brandon dickey
brandon dickey Il y a 16 jours
I always play the new seasons for a few weeks then forget about them till the next one comes out, I need something to make me stay.
Latin Wolf
Latin Wolf Il y a 16 jours
i'm the dawg
simon taylor
simon taylor Il y a 17 jours
When i first saw the trailer i sat there rubbing my hands together in glee at the thought of going to war with the Cabal again. Tuesday came and i waited patiently for the update to finish loading then dived in... and it was fun!. Then went to the quests screen and to my absolute horror found that spungie had pulled a fast one. I should have been more prepared after all they've done it soooo many times before why should this time be any different!. Season of the Chosen by that we mean The self styled elite, sweaters, grinders, youtubers and streamers.. the casual players you can all fck off and die!
Dreadhead Jon19
Dreadhead Jon19 Il y a 10 jours
@simon taylor maybe one day
simon taylor
simon taylor Il y a 10 jours
@Dreadhead Jon19 That's the point though everyone plays the game differently and we like different activities. I've done loads of exotic catalysts and found it fun. Spongie doesn't make enough use of the Blind Well or Sorrows Harbor which i love doing. I play for about 2 hours a day 5 days a week nothing like the 8 - 10 hours a day 7 days a week that spongie assumes people play . This is my issue with the way they tie quests or bounties in with activities that they think all players love doing. I guess that in the end they are going to pander to the masses. Hey i'm not a new player i've been play Destiny and D2 since the beginning, all bought and paid for and not downloaded for free so i think that makes me a mainstream player. It would be nice for spongie take a long look and listen to players like myself. Over and Out 🤘
Dreadhead Jon19
Dreadhead Jon19 Il y a 13 jours
@simon taylor I ain't gone lie to u I have so many exotic catalyst quest dat I haven't did it don't make sense I just say fuck it I get when I get it now tbe EXO challenges aren't bad in my opinion to get stasis fragments if its hard solo just download the D2 app and find a fireteam or set 1 up but they all been fairly easy besides last week one but I found a fireteam with ease and we got it down in one run but yea
simon taylor
simon taylor Il y a 13 jours
@Dreadhead Jon19 I understand where you're coming from regarding stasis and shot guns. Take the new exotic bow catalyst part of the quest step is to get 50 guardian kills again spongie have tied PVP in to a quest forcing players who don't play pvp to play it in order to complete the quest. Spongie if you're reading this get your heads out of your arses! not everyone likes the Crucible. Then there's the new stasis fragment which has been tied in to doing a heroic exo challenge. Why couldn't they have just chucked it in with the proving grounds? Spongie really do like to pamper what it thinks of as it's core players.
Dreadhead Jon19
Dreadhead Jon19 Il y a 15 jours
@simon taylor Now come on right back good buddy 😂 I understand the PvP part bcuz only thing ppl do is run around with shotguns all day I can care less about stasis not only bcuz I use it but ik how to get away from it but I don't overuse it tho now between stasis and shotguns shotguns r worse at this point they r literally power weapons and its to easy to get ammo back and the only way to kill a person with a shotgun is another shotgun it seems 😂😂 I literally just a few days ago went against a WHOLE team with nun but shotty's but I can understand what ur saying I use to play Pvp alot but not nomo
duckseasun Il y a 17 jours
I cant tell if Crow is wearing his mask with Zavala.
Jordi Lopez
Jordi Lopez Il y a 18 jours
I have literally watched this so many times this week
mysterious__-voice Il y a 18 jours
So how's the game so far, bungie? Zavala: *No*
Big joe
Big joe Il y a 18 jours
Destiny 2 Beyond Red War - Season of Ghaul But Different
pezjme Il y a 18 jours
You need to give destiny to another company. Your fucking it up just like you did halo. Thanx
GrimX Il y a 18 jours
you do realize that every game after Halo: 3 wasn't bungie... right?
luc tut
luc tut Il y a 18 jours
finally more reskins!
VoiceOfTheEmperor Il y a 19 jours
So...Draka leads the Chosen now? (Inside joke.)
ThisToxicClips Il y a 19 jours
looks good, buuuut whens VOG?
GrimX Il y a 18 jours
well, if you actually read the stuff bungie posts, then you will have known over 4 months ago that its coming in season 14 with transmog.
Justin Rios
Justin Rios Il y a 19 jours
Dank meme
Dank meme Il y a 19 jours
Damn good music
SonRagnarok Red
SonRagnarok Red Il y a 20 jours
I think alliance could be extremely beneficial for the wars to come. But we must remember the Cabal only care about strength and power for a real alliance to work we must have these. I believe allying with the Fallen first would be far more easy considering there's only one kell left of growing power and that is Mithrax kell of house light. By doing this we gain a powerful ally that will make it easier to force the Cabal to the table.
phoenix42 Il y a 20 jours
Great stuff, very innovative! Looking forward to the future of this franchise. I miss halo.
Ahtif Latif - New Official YouTube Channel Number 2
GrimX Il y a 18 jours
I dont think they can listen because it appears you screamed their ears off
Atomo Oscuro
Atomo Oscuro Il y a 20 jours
1:11 lies, there were all lies
brandon marshall
brandon marshall Il y a 20 jours
Swole body at 0:31
Bam bam Splinters
Bam bam Splinters Il y a 20 jours
Now that ive played it this season is fucking pawg😂😂😂
atamaniac atack
atamaniac atack Il y a 20 jours
Who look...were fighting the Cabal again... Thanks for not wanting my money Bungie. Keep up the good work!
xXanthonyXx54 Il y a 20 jours
Seen this episode about 10 times. A new leader with a new really big ship/castle/stronghold with the same ole light/darkness vengeance. Nah.
THE HAROLD OF NECRON Il y a 20 jours
Just another reskin dlc - _-
PtatoWizard Il y a 20 jours
bro i cant launch the game from steam since the update anyone got answers?
zen4ever Il y a 20 jours
Maybe reset your steam or computer. If that doesn’t work then ask around in places like reddit or such. If you seem to be the only one with this issue and it can’t launch the game then you might wanna delete and then redownloud the whole game. However this is only a last resort kind of thing.
Muhammad Amin Patel
Muhammad Amin Patel Il y a 20 jours
I like how everyone in the story is disregarding the fact that we use stasis
Best Hunter
Best Hunter Il y a 20 jours
Trash game💩💩
GrimX Il y a 18 jours
then why are you here?
Eidan Morales
Eidan Morales Il y a 21 jour
Why keep sunset on the game it sucks
Boi F ing Burger
Boi F ing Burger Il y a 21 jour
Fix your dam game
Sandman36 Il y a 21 jour
Went to the comments section to see how many people would comment about Caiatl telling Zavala to bow, was not disappointed.
Justin Santos
Justin Santos Il y a 21 jour
Snooze fest nothing I’m interested in this video this is why I haven’t been playing for 3 weeks the games getting predictable even the video’s are getting boring we’re getting a bow big deal it shoots fire so ingenious bet it’ll come with some d1 exotic weapons also the drop rate for eyes of tomorrow is annoying we already are getting the same strike map same pvp maps although I miss the big one you can snipe across now your using snipers in close combat bunch up with teammates
GrimX Il y a 18 jours
A period and comma can do wonders, my friend
S K Il y a 21 jour
Recycled bunkum
dingoeatyourbaby Il y a 21 jour
0:49 that helmet may be the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen
Jaysun Puke
Jaysun Puke Il y a 21 jour
Looks beautiful, can't wait to check it out when i get home ;-)
Your Every Day Right Tackle
No guardian
Branden Elmer
Branden Elmer Il y a 21 jour
Welcome the new enemy , RHINO CLEFTLIP !
Stephen Ernst
Stephen Ernst Il y a 21 jour
I know right
Ayden Roberts
Ayden Roberts Il y a 21 jour
Bruh Il y a 21 jour
Get baptised in the name of Christ amen
Bruh Il y a 21 jour
Follow Christ he loves us all
fluffy fat
fluffy fat Il y a 21 jour
ahhh more frustatiin coming my way
Masin Ryerson
Masin Ryerson Il y a 21 jour
Based and Zavala Pilled
0 hour left but nothing...
Adam Fletcher
Adam Fletcher Il y a 21 jour
1 hour left!!
Handsome VII
Handsome VII Il y a 21 jour
3 cutscenes & a bunch of repetitive side quests this game is fuckin dead but bungie refuses to pull the be the same ol boring ass shit
1ofamillion Il y a 21 jour
Another cookie cutter trailer "DUN DUN DUN DUN"
Brett Manning
Brett Manning Il y a 21 jour
Bungie sure knows how to make horrendous armor.
GrimX Il y a 18 jours
I think it's supposed to look like the old persian battle armor. If you google it you can find something that looks pretty much an exact copy of the titan. Still ugly tho
Joseph Dial
Joseph Dial Il y a 21 jour
I think Zavala should have agreed and then we could betray them after this threat is over. Guardians are obviously going to win in the story anyway so why not trick them and the when they have our lives their usefulness, kill them?
Joseph Dial
Joseph Dial Il y a 21 jour
I think that’s Sheeva’s voice actor from MortalKombat 11 for old princess ugly face. I wish Cayde could have been around to make fun of her.
Blue Il y a 21 jour
OMG, that armors are ugly like shit
Armando Garza
Armando Garza Il y a 21 jour
Nerfing swords huh? You guys suck at weapon balancing. Always have.
waffledog88 Il y a 21 jour
Why are destiny trailers better than the actual game
Nathan Il y a 21 jour
Why are we still fighting for the cosmodrome after all these years....?
Raime Il y a 21 jour
Still an unplayable game with a maximum of 40 fps and stuttering
GrimX Il y a 18 jours
buddy that's not bungies fault, I get a smooth 120 and know friends who push it to 4k 240 without problems
alcala315 Il y a 21 jour
Caiatl:Bow Zavala: -add cool line here-
First name Last name
First name Last name Il y a 21 jour
So instead of making new content they just recycle the same old content from destiny 1 and past expansions Idk why they refuse to make new content and new ideas
Mr Pickles
Mr Pickles Il y a 21 jour
As boring as Zavala is. That "no" made me shiver.
Mr Pickles
Mr Pickles Il y a 21 jour
@First name Last name for the most part yes. Eris, Stranger, Drifter are the best. Ikora, Zavala, Amanda, Hawthorne. Yes they're bad. But I'm gonna have to disagree on the 3 I mentioned
Jack Lastname
Jack Lastname Il y a 21 jour
@First name Last name sounds like a real you problem
First name Last name
First name Last name Il y a 21 jour
All the characters are boring
Dynamic Cheese
Dynamic Cheese Il y a 21 jour
How can i get the music in the background for this trailer?
The Knifer113
The Knifer113 Il y a 21 jour
Explosive trinity ghoul and sepiks prime hyped me up I just hope the season doesn’t get dry quick
stompdownzor Il y a 21 jour
That was the same format as a movie trailer . But a GOOD one
Elijah Nuttall
Elijah Nuttall Il y a 21 jour
That huntrr finisher looks so cool! 1:55
ar cle
ar cle Il y a 21 jour
this season is cool
NICEGREENINJA2 Il y a 22 jours
Hey get rid of level caps on weapons and armor
Xtreme Lowlifex
Xtreme Lowlifex Il y a 22 jours
yo what with the scorpion at 1:41 ????!!! somone explain please
Xoacapatl Il y a 7 jours
Its the new eververse set for hunter
Xtreme Lowlifex
Xtreme Lowlifex Il y a 22 jours
What is the armor set at 1:39 !!!???
Toru Kisaragi
Toru Kisaragi Il y a 22 jours
Is it just me or did i just see a Titan holding a phalanx energy shield, and a Revenant Hunter hurl a silence and squal Sideways in this trailer?
Dragon Bunny
Dragon Bunny Il y a 22 jours
Caiatl’s voice acting doesn’t sound like it fits very well imo. It sounds very strained to be female and domineering.
That Guy You Know
That Guy You Know Il y a 17 jours
@Dragon Bunny Meh, they both sounded fine and muffled to me.
Dragon Bunny
Dragon Bunny Il y a 17 jours
@That Guy You Know and so was gaul but he sounded fine :/
That Guy You Know
That Guy You Know Il y a 21 jour
Well, she *is* wearing a helmet that's covering her mouth so . . . .