Desperately Trying To Not Touch Our Faces

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Well, here we are. The first day of Quarantannus. In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Mark and Ethan attempt to touch their faces as little as possible.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.




24 mars 2020




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Commentaires 100
Apple Juice
Apple Juice Il y a 2 heures
"for every time we touch our face in any video until quarantine is lifted we will donate 100 dollars to charity" They are gonna have to donate more money then there is on the planet.
Draaza Il y a 3 heures
The funny thing about this, is where I live, we're still in quarantine, and probably will be for close to another month
Kaylee McGoogan
Kaylee McGoogan Il y a 14 heures
Does anyone know how much they ended up donating to charity???
ZARR yt Il y a jour
Cierra Reed
Cierra Reed Il y a jour
Unus Annus🙏
aBEANanimated •
aBEANanimated • Il y a jour
Me living in Colorado: *sniff* how rude
Jack Harden
Jack Harden Il y a jour
me who is bald: will guess there is no way i can touch my face Meanwhile.....oh S..t i touched my Nose
Rachel Sliger
Rachel Sliger Il y a 2 jours
Mark says that the last time there was a big disease like Covid-19 it was back in like 1919, but what about Ebola, perhaps it was never a pandemic though.
Raphael Lover
Raphael Lover Il y a 2 jours
What's the capital of Colorado? *I'M A GIRAFFE*
aetosia a
aetosia a Il y a 3 jours
Oh the good old days when corona was a new thing
Sgshg Lames
Sgshg Lames Il y a 3 jours
I’m happy to know that this video was made on my birthday!
Oskar Fabricius
Oskar Fabricius Il y a 2 jours
TheAbsurdMuffin Il y a 5 jours
Being from Texas, hearing Ethan think the capital was _Dallas_ is a little disappointing
Its Potassium
Its Potassium Il y a 7 jours
Me watching in september...... when will this end
Morgan C.M
Morgan C.M Il y a 7 jours
So, Ethan you're telling me you were playing ball with your dad the year you were born? You'd be less than one year old 😂. I mean, sure, I guess lmao.
Angell Bornemann
Angell Bornemann Il y a 7 jours
Mark: Touch your face. Touch your face. Touch you face. Touch you face. Touch you face. Me:*touches face* Wow it worked
Marianne Day
Marianne Day Il y a 7 jours
this challenge: *even exists* ethans adhd: *i’m abt to end this whole mans career*
splarff Gooply
splarff Gooply Il y a 7 jours
Justin d
Justin d Il y a 7 jours
Quarantine still hasn’t been lifted, that’s a lot of money
Justin d
Justin d Il y a 7 jours
Wow I never noticed how bad ethans teeth are
the running man
the running man Il y a 7 jours
This video is more relevant than ever before
Eden Amadea
Eden Amadea Il y a 8 jours
the "Zip, Zap, Zop" reference was IMMACULATE
CloudsGirl7 Il y a 8 jours
Mark: "There are still people who aren't taking this seriously." Six months later: And still. The gene pool is in desperate need of chlorine.
Michelle Gaza
Michelle Gaza Il y a 8 jours
While watching this video today, I got an ad for the same soda making machine Mark and Ethan recently (September) made pee soda from. The algorithm is on point today!
TUmaDO Il y a 9 jours
"stay at home!!!" say the one who can afford to....
Maddee Il y a 9 jours
little did they know quarantine would never end...
Logan Tignor
Logan Tignor Il y a 9 jours
Out of all the videos iv watched 145,620,860 time total for both mark an eathan touching their face
Encarna Peña Guzmán
Encarna Peña Guzmán Il y a 9 jours
One hundred and thirty-second video: Finished.
Brotista Il y a 9 jours
I watch unus annus so much I forgot mark and ethan do gaming and wear headphones
Ava Rundle
Ava Rundle Il y a 9 jours
All the dislikes are from Karens who believe that coivd-19 isn't real
MysteryMilkyWay2939 Il y a 10 jours
It's weird that Ethan doesn't know how CUTE he is!❤
Megan Chisholm
Megan Chisholm Il y a 10 jours
i touched my face way too much while watching this
Raven Hellfire
Raven Hellfire Il y a 11 jours
Ethan: please please please stay at home- my family: we leave house EVERYDAY! me: wHyYyYyYyYyY- we never got covid somehow.
Devin Ward
Devin Ward Il y a 7 jours
Not yet, anyway
MysteryMilkyWay2939 Il y a 11 jours
Blazing Mammoth
Blazing Mammoth Il y a 11 jours
“Why you gotta shit on the video we’re making as we’re making it?” Ah yes, the floor here is made out of floor.
Ultima Oreon
Ultima Oreon Il y a 13 jours
Day Nine, Quarantanus Saga Begin
Hunter Burch
Hunter Burch Il y a 13 jours
12:49-13:13 is just like one of my fever dreams
ThePurpleAnon Il y a 15 jours
Eef then: *normal intro* Mark now: CaN't YoU jUsT dO oNe NoRmAl InTrO?!
Just Some Guy with a chin Mustache
Half a year later, California citizens are still staying at home, it is filled with smoke, and we still can only touch our annus
Hope Arauco
Hope Arauco Il y a 16 jours
Then: six feet apart, stay home, don’t touch face Now: spits out cookie dough and shares cookie & pierces each other’s ear
Lita Tambe
Lita Tambe Il y a 16 jours
Top comment
Jaymie and Cerys
Jaymie and Cerys Il y a 16 jours
6 months later....schools reopen in england...2 weeks later... "returning to No more than 6 people will be fined £120" it's safe to reopen schools yet it's not safe to gather more than 6 people...I swear Boris Johnson is a brainless twat
Alyssa Malinowski
Alyssa Malinowski Il y a 17 jours
Mark: We are going to donate money for every time we touch our face until the quarantine is lifted Me, watching this in September: Soooo... still in quarantineeeee
Christal C
Christal C Il y a 17 jours
“How long do you think covid will last?” “5 minutes” I fucking wish....
Kercacher O_o
Kercacher O_o Il y a 18 jours
Markiplier: Makes direct eye contact with headset over his nose. "It is definitely something to take seriously" ME: ... I'm sorry, did you say something, I just can't take you seriously with that shit over your face.
Danielle Dantzer
Danielle Dantzer Il y a 18 jours
But if you're the ONLY one who ever touches your stuff or you live alone (I guess?) You'd be ok?
Danielle Dantzer
Danielle Dantzer Il y a 18 jours
I don't mean to play devil's advocate but serious question. How you can you spread it to people who are supposed to be home in the first place? If no one goes anywhere problem solved. If you don't follow rules and you get sick I don't feel bad for you, it's your own fault. I don't follow the rules but I do stay home as much as possible. I can't wait for it to be over tho. It's literally killing relationships. I'm around my kids and husband so much I wanna scream even tho I love them to death I literally never get my own space which was hard before but impossible now.
Final fantasy Forever
Final fantasy Forever Il y a 20 jours
This was where it truly began.....
Courtney Parnell
Courtney Parnell Il y a 20 jours
"This is definitely serious" Me now in September: Why won't people listen
PositiveVibezz Il y a 22 jours
my uncle walked by and said "oh is that Mark's boyfriend, huh.." I didn't get to tell him ;-;
Ban Fox sin
Ban Fox sin Il y a 22 jours
Mark: im gonna touch your fACE THROUGH THE PHONE RA- *handbag ad plays* Me: but why ;-; I DONT EVEN LIKE HANDBAGS IT WAS SO CLOSE TO THE END MAN!!!!
Alux Il y a 23 jours
This was the video made on my birthday. Everyone has their own video dedicated two their birthday on this channel
Lou Lou
Lou Lou Il y a 24 jours
Unus Annus
Andrea Il y a 24 jours
hi I'm here with the seeing what my birthday video was , mine has to be the beginning of lockdowns across the world
•Itz_JustRoss• UwU
•Itz_JustRoss• UwU Il y a 25 jours
I was here!
Volumptuous Man
Volumptuous Man Il y a 23 jours
No you werent
Lady.Whatever Il y a 25 jours
The year he was born he was playing ball? Lmao
Randal Wolf
Randal Wolf Il y a 25 jours
I wish everyone would take away good hygiene as the number one lesson from this crisis. :(
helljumpper Il y a 25 jours
I think this video single handedly increased the rate of covid cases just from the amount of times this made me have to violently touch my face. My hair itches now.
milkvalley Il y a 25 jours
4:00 i blame mark
Lumia Lives
Lumia Lives Il y a 26 jours
This is so much more relevant now than ever
Courtney Lee
Courtney Lee Il y a 26 jours
coffee is a great name for a kid. I am going to make coffee the middle name of my child.
Suzy Chase
Suzy Chase Il y a 26 jours
Remember when people caired about Covid?
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Il y a 26 jours
Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!
JamieCloud Cosplay
JamieCloud Cosplay Il y a 26 jours
Is non of y’all gunna mention Ethans shirt tho?? Idk I thought it looked good on him
hehe eh
hehe eh Il y a 27 jours
Hi . I was here Remember me.
FlyingFist420 Il y a 27 jours
And so it begins.
Zendakon Il y a 28 jours
I love how the countdown clock says 0 seconds is between 1 and 2. 3:47 Also coincidentally I'm eating chili dogs for breakfast cause I'm out of cereal when I first watched this so mark saying stuff at 4:28 surprised me.
Mkoch99 Il y a 28 jours
No Hands on face! Me: *rubs my face on my desk case my chin now itches*
Meyling Il y a mois
9:26 i'm from the future (9/1/20 to be exact) it hasnt gotten any better
Aliea Howe
Aliea Howe Il y a mois
I didn’t not do it
monokuma madness
monokuma madness Il y a mois
This was the video on my birthday lol.
Mister Strange
Mister Strange Il y a mois
Fawxpawz 777
Fawxpawz 777 Il y a mois
Ah yes, this was the Unus Annus video on my birthday. Lol not coincidental at all that it's super relatable.
Daddydaddyoh1980 -
Daddydaddyoh1980 - Il y a mois
This was my birthday video
Z Herotv
Z Herotv Il y a mois
My birthday video on this channel is a very educational lesson on health safety, and paying for charity apparently...
Trashcantrashpanda Il y a mois
This was posted on my birthday
Pacvalham Il y a mois
Ethan: 13:48 Mark: 13:49 {Flashback} Mark: "Let's split up!" Me: "OK..." Mark: dies to some creature or I meet Dark
Pacvalham Il y a mois
Hardly anybody will see this comment, but if you find it, congratulations and thank you. Memento Mori. Unus Annus (minus quam nunc).
SeanMaxMyla Il y a mois
Going back and looking the first day of Quarantannus was in fact my birthday.
Big J
Big J Il y a mois
this was on my bday ive never been more disappointed
Billford _joe
Billford _joe Il y a mois
i cant believe this was 5 months ago...
Idk I just do stuff sometimes
ahh, an amazing birthday gift.. :)
RoRo Billy
RoRo Billy Il y a mois
I never wanted to touch my face more then when I watch this video
Josh Pearson
Josh Pearson Il y a mois
Ethan's teeth bother me
error 404. gender not found
Mark and ethan: stay inside me watching this in August about to go to school: 0_o
slenderkiller Svegeboe
how many times did they touch their faces during quarantine?
Xavier Washington
Xavier Washington Il y a mois
If Mark wanted to he could’ve easily put his headphones back on without touching his face. You stretch em out over ur head, and let go, they plop on ur ears
Art3mis Il y a mois
Swear to god I spent like ten minutes trying to figure out what the text was at 15:50 because Mark had just made a joke about Amy so I assumed it was an edit by her, only to realize it was just a glitch in ethan's footage after finally pausing at the right time
hjönk hjönk am GOOSE
Mark and EEfin: not touching for a few hours Me: chewing on rings, necklaces, and nails the whole time ;-;
astr0fear Il y a mois
mark: what's the capital of colorado? ethan: ...denver? me: sweats in colorado
The Purple Puppeteer
This was 5 months ago...
alexiis1o1 Il y a mois
Tali Leonard
Tali Leonard Il y a mois
There’s a new sickness that comes into being about every 4 years, not 25 years Mark. There’s no reason to be afraid of a sickness that has a 99% + survival rate.
Tali Leonard
Tali Leonard Il y a mois
This vid didn’t age well lol
Tali Leonard
Tali Leonard Il y a mois
A lovely reminder that California sucks and I will never live there ☺️
Cocytus Il y a mois
i like how if they touch their face they donate to charity and they are desperately trying not to donate to charity
MoonAlpha Il y a mois
Anyone else playing ball during the year you were born 😂 Throwing balls 60-70 mph
TheTruePotatoLord Il y a mois
"Until this quarantine is lifted' Several months later and going: It's nice of them to donate!
Kristie Marie
Kristie Marie Il y a mois
Mark sorry to say this but u did t edit good enough when u were using ur arm to adjust ur headphones I seen u use ur had and put it down lol. U should made sure u fully cut it out lol
Zanny s !
Zanny s ! Il y a mois
Ethan “1996 the year I was born, me and my dad were playing ball” Me : 🤨
What about pushing up your glasses?
Ethan Micallef
Ethan Micallef Il y a mois
"There are people even now who aren't taking it seriously" Nearly five months later and unfortunately that hasn't changed
legal IV
legal IV Il y a mois
Mark: what’s the capital of Colorado? Ethan: idk... Me (whispering): ...i’m a giraffe