Derrick Jones Jr. 2nd Dunk 1st Round | 2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

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Commentaires 21
1leg 1pedal
1leg 1pedal Il y a mois
zion can to this dunk easily
alfafaka Il y a mois
Gordon got Robbed !!! Fuck D Wade and Black Panther !!!!!!! NBA where Injustice happens #HANDSDOWN 💯 #TheJudgesSuck
2lgOl2 Il y a mois
This and Gordons one were the best dunks
Mike Killagreen
Mike Killagreen Il y a mois
Aaron Gordon deserved to lose. This was sick!!
Jeffrey Keith Horne II
Cant ignore the fact that D Wade is rocking the Lawrence Taylor earrings. God Bless.
Den Harry
Den Harry Il y a mois
That won him the contest
teal blueish
teal blueish Il y a mois
bad judging that's what happens when they give any dunk a 10
liam koloke
liam koloke Il y a mois
Geeezzzz!!! this dunk is hard to beat
shakeback deon
shakeback deon Il y a mois
Who won
Haries John Canonigo
Just give him the trophy 🙌
Spida Il y a mois
Airplane mode
Mook Games
Mook Games Il y a mois
And he threw it down with force! WTH
Jimmie Reynolds III
Lol that's a 52 haha FACTS!!!
JC'S TV Il y a mois
50 too
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo Il y a mois
Datts tuff
Kareem Forde
Kareem Forde Il y a mois
Hyper Tornado... 🌪💙💛🌹
Reed savage
Reed savage Il y a mois
Reverse 360 Eastbay! Damn!!
Andrei Gusev
Andrei Gusev Il y a mois
Нихуя себе
Bemboy Brown
Bemboy Brown Il y a mois
"They don't do that in wakanda, nobody in wakanda can do that" LMAO
Ben Geoghegan
Ben Geoghegan Il y a mois
That rim need some milk
Daniel Berri
Daniel Berri Il y a mois
Trevor Tang
Trevor Tang Il y a mois
Best Dunks In NBA History
A New Chapter..
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