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David Dobrik, Casey Neistat and the Vlog Squad dropped by our offices to try on bras, crash remote control cars and put on lipstick - it was a wild ride. David tries a lot of stuff he’s never done before and was a surprisingly good sport about it BUT does the Nickelodeon and FRvid star have expensive taste? Um, check it out for yourself. PS: he is cute and we have a crush (minus that thing he does with his gum.) 😱

Tell us in the comments who we should invite to play with us next and watch America’s Most Musical Family on Nickelodeon!

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6 nov. 2019




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Commentaires 80
Vlog squad but we are in the 6th grade lmao David
I love David he’s so cute 😭❤️❤️❤️
Mariyam Een Saeed
Mariyam Een Saeed Il y a 11 heures
No one: David: this is eyelash is more furry
Shaggy58 Il y a jour
what brand is the expensive hoodie?
Crazy Ebou
Crazy Ebou Il y a 2 jours
He knows because they put it on the same side
Samina Quayyum
Samina Quayyum Il y a 6 jours
6:43 me tryna cover up my mistakes 😂😂
Amy Brown
Amy Brown Il y a 6 jours
I love how David does this trick in every interview😂
Marco Mattiuz
Marco Mattiuz Il y a 10 jours
6:35 does David buy baby’s?
A.W. S.O.M
A.W. S.O.M Il y a 11 jours
"This one is like a brand new baby" David Dobrik 2020
JuanDUB Il y a 14 jours
Carne asada mmm I’m ready for 4th of July for mi carne asada guey
daleeuh Il y a 14 jours
“Smells like a brand new baby” .. oh . Ok
Nur Najihah Farhanah
Nur Najihah Farhanah Il y a 19 jours
Jeffree Star would kill this challenge
Sofía Il y a 20 jours
4:51 there is no way he didn’t say Dasani
Selin Alkan
Selin Alkan Il y a 23 jours
“It smells like a brand new baby” lmao 😂 😭🤣🤣😅😅
Megan Hill
Megan Hill Il y a 24 jours
David: try’s to put on eyelash’s with his eyes wide open💀
Adedi 14
Adedi 14 Il y a 26 jours
0.0004$ per Gallon, Vs 16$ per gallon Why?😂😂😂
Mira Reese
Mira Reese Il y a 26 jours
Lysann Bock
Lysann Bock Il y a 28 jours
07:45 I love him for that 🥺❤️
Azra K
Azra K Il y a mois
Bruh, when he started eating, I got hungry dang
Francis Sutton
Francis Sutton Il y a mois
norway and sweden has the best tap water
aaisha laher
aaisha laher Il y a mois
Are these wet wipes
Nikki Murray
Nikki Murray Il y a mois
He said Dasani.
Hailee's Nirvana
Hailee's Nirvana Il y a mois
U guys should do TIMOTHEE chalamet
Diana Rodrigues
Diana Rodrigues Il y a mois
ok am I the only one surprised at the fact that he knew which water was which like what
Frankthetank91 Il y a mois
David can’t share a drink someone drank from, but will eat gum off the floor
Amiel Faker
Amiel Faker Il y a mois
Is that Dan Bilzerian's company hoodie?
Ashlee Adams
Ashlee Adams Il y a mois
“Smells like a brand new baby” - David
Vaggelis Kokonesis
Vaggelis Kokonesis Il y a mois
2:09 how did he knew that the other one was the more expensive one since he hadn’t tried it yet find it yet? 🤔🤔
Old Goodfella
Old Goodfella Il y a mois
4:40 he said dasani 100%
Madison Gipson
Madison Gipson Il y a mois
I was so serious the entire time likeee didn’t crack a laugh or nothing then David hit me with the “it feels like I’m baptizing her” and I lost MY SHIT 🤣
Anaa Boolaag
Anaa Boolaag Il y a mois
The girl saying ew got me dying💀💀💀💀💀💀
Luana Costa Melian
Luana Costa Melian Il y a mois
yeah this guy knows how to hate expensive stuff
Krystal Shines
Krystal Shines Il y a mois
Why does every one love him? I thought he was gay 🤷🏻
Suhjin Kim
Suhjin Kim Il y a mois
Cosmopolitan : “two red lipsticks” Also cosmopolitan: *gives david two pinkass lipsticks*
Greg Niedzwiecki
Greg Niedzwiecki Il y a mois
You guys/gals are the ones who decided to keep score. Bretman would have had a perfect score if this game was not rigged. So maybe you should just stop keeping score? Cheaters.
Greg Niedzwiecki
Greg Niedzwiecki Il y a mois
You guys/gals chilled only one of Bretman's glasses of water. On the first round of playing this rigged game. He then continued the entire game worried each round was a trick. For good reason. Because you people are cheaters. I hope all of you involved making these videos feel good about ruining any sense of consistency. You serve David two, room temperature, glasses of water. But you then serve Bretman one glass chilled (it does not matter which water at that point) and one not chilled. Why didn't David get one cold glass of water? This game is rigged and rude and I am officially not watching anymore of your stupid cheating.
Jenna Adriene Briones
David: If it tastes like blood, it’s- it’s tap water Me: “hOw Do yOu KnOw WhAt bLoOd TasTeS LiKe?!”
maggie r.
maggie r. Il y a mois
name a cuter man. you cant
lucía alaminos
lucía alaminos Il y a 2 mois
he's the funniest person in the world
Oscar Scout
Oscar Scout Il y a 2 mois
Lol he did good!
Brooke Gordon
Brooke Gordon Il y a 2 mois
David has expensive taste 😂
Lesbian Youtuber
Lesbian Youtuber Il y a 2 mois
NeW yOrK hAs tHE bEsT TaPwAteR -every single participant in this
Adrianne x
Adrianne x Il y a 2 mois
ok but like that's so cute :(
Jemimah Ngu
Jemimah Ngu Il y a 2 mois
lindsey marie
lindsey marie Il y a 2 mois
Lmfao smells like a brand new baby
Tinah Miyumo
Tinah Miyumo Il y a 2 mois
New York has the best tap water.... What's in it?
Tinah Miyumo
Tinah Miyumo Il y a 2 mois
He's so real and here to entertain... Like when he said its for the video
red_peony Il y a 2 mois
lmao love it when he chooses the wrong one and is like "then the industry is wrong" lol
Rebecca Douglass
Rebecca Douglass Il y a 2 mois
Is he from Boston because I feel like he has alittle Boston accent hiding under there.
R.K. SNEHA Il y a 2 mois
' smells like a brand new baby' 😂😂
Julia Amezcua
Julia Amezcua Il y a 2 mois
Okay but like what was the $9 lipstick
Amaya Wanigarathne
Amaya Wanigarathne Il y a 2 mois
How do you not love this guy🥺
Angie Nolasco
Angie Nolasco Il y a 3 mois
omg that lipstick suits him 😂😂😂
leigha c
leigha c Il y a 3 mois
no one: david: “are these wet wipes?”
Victoria Grewe
Victoria Grewe Il y a 3 mois
I wanna know what kind of water he said taste like blood! I'm picky about my water too
Brooke Marieann
Brooke Marieann Il y a 3 mois
*this is the cheaper one and if I’m wrong the industry is wrong*
Deepalidraws Il y a 3 mois
David putting eyelashes is so precious
ramirezlove Il y a 3 mois
😂 him trying to find the straw with his mouth... meeeeee
sonia avelar
sonia avelar Il y a 3 mois
he's so like normal ...... I LOVE IT 😂💙
Anuradha Arora
Anuradha Arora Il y a 3 mois
*new York has the best tap water* This is the most specified sentence of all actors.
Kyra Hartelmuller
Kyra Hartelmuller Il y a 3 mois
I love his humor😂
Misha L
Misha L Il y a 3 mois
You know this is a good segment when all the people want something in their comparison lol
Amamda Trevino
Amamda Trevino Il y a 3 mois
what was the brand of the expensive hoodie
Lauren K
Lauren K Il y a 3 mois
St. Louis has the best tap water💯
PunkinKween Il y a 3 mois
Lyra Crown
Lyra Crown Il y a 3 mois
NY does not have the best tap water
Renae Harrington
Renae Harrington Il y a 3 mois
I remember David saying he had a hard time finding soap and shampoo and stuff he can use. I am the same way. I thought I was even allergic to classic baby soap for awhile. I love Shea Moisture!!! And they have amazing ingredients. If you want to know more about the ingredients in shampoo. I recommend watching Curly penny. I love Shea Moisture!!!
Iman Khan
Iman Khan Il y a 3 mois
no one: David: "tHis smeLlS like A brAnd nEw BaBy"
Jazio Forever
Jazio Forever Il y a 3 mois
I did think it was a wall! Omw 🤣
JustCallMeBo Il y a 3 mois
*I work at Chipotle and knew which was which based on the photo. And that it was carne asada when he said "is this the steak?"* 😂
Deshayne Williams
Deshayne Williams Il y a 3 mois
Natalie just saying ew in the corner
Nimisha Keskar
Nimisha Keskar Il y a 3 mois
How could they not do a video with Casey fucking neistat????????
Connor B
Connor B Il y a 3 mois
Just get Jason Nash’s Mom and David to talk about David and Jason
Isabel Miron
Isabel Miron Il y a 3 mois
David should be in that true apple videos
Smol Beanos
Smol Beanos Il y a 3 mois
*girl come in to help David* Me:WHO TF IS SHE
Katie Stephon
Katie Stephon Il y a 3 mois
“Want me to decide which water is wet too?”
Ivy Blessed Gold
Ivy Blessed Gold Il y a 3 mois
When you literally thought that was a wall the whole time 🤦🏼‍♀️
wittlemochi Il y a 3 mois
Does anyone know where the expensive hoodie brand is from
Carissa Ulmer
Carissa Ulmer Il y a 3 mois
I am picky about water to
*bleach* Il y a 3 mois
All I want is David as my bf, is all I want to much to ask(ಥ ͜ʖಥ)
Tori's Stories
Tori's Stories Il y a 3 mois
David says "I would pay $30" when talking about the hoodie but he charges $44 for hoodies on his website lol
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