David Dobrik Does the Grossest Thing With Gum | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmopolitan

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David Dobrik, Casey Neistat and the Vlog Squad dropped by our offices to try on bras, crash remote control cars and put on lipstick - it was a wild ride. David tries a lot of stuff he’s never done before and was a surprisingly good sport about it BUT does the Nickelodeon and FRvid star have expensive taste? Um, check it out for yourself. PS: he is cute and we have a crush (minus that thing he does with his gum.) 😱

Tell us in the comments who we should invite to play with us next and watch America’s Most Musical Family on Nickelodeon!
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6 nov. 2019




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Commentaires 898
lerning to draww
lerning to draww Il y a 4 heures
I might jerk off to the lip stick scene
K M Il y a 18 heures
i read the title wrong
OG Walk
OG Walk Il y a jour
No one at all : David: I know how to do tricks with gum
Abidur Il y a jour
Suave should really sponsor him by now, incoming #Sponsored video
Fatma Shakarchi
Fatma Shakarchi Il y a jour
Now I really wanna know which lipstick the $8 one was? Just take my money
Michaela Hooks
Michaela Hooks Il y a 2 jours
Like your some sorta gift
ANNIE DREA Il y a 2 jours
I have a feeling Natalie was sitting to the left.
vanessa k
vanessa k Il y a 2 jours
2:05 i thought that was a wall the whole time
Regan Garman
Regan Garman Il y a 3 jours
Anyone else sat here watching thinking NINETY DOLLARS FOR LIPSTICK!?
MomLifewithKay Il y a 3 jours
This was such a good video lol 😂😂😂
Salvadori Popadillo
Salvadori Popadillo Il y a 3 jours
What lipstick is it?
Kellie McCann't
Kellie McCann't Il y a 4 jours
paris quick
paris quick Il y a 4 jours
yeah david is a solid double d
baterdene ganbat
baterdene ganbat Il y a 4 jours
Can we get kylie or cardi b on this pls?
dung thach
dung thach Il y a 5 jours
Suave needs to sponsor this man
Bridgette Ross
Bridgette Ross Il y a 5 jours
they did give you the best drugstore lipstick tho.. maybelline killin it
Amara Mast
Amara Mast Il y a 5 jours
Why do you guys keep adding more diamonds? You just make it impossible for anyone to beat Iggy cuz she got 6/6
Mono Coccyx
Mono Coccyx Il y a 5 jours
Brassière is bra in French.
Maggie Aldridge
Maggie Aldridge Il y a 6 jours
David: won’t drink after anyone Also David: eats his gum from off the floor
Marisia Simpson
Marisia Simpson Il y a 6 jours
I love how Dave is getting more and more comfortable filming with Cosmo lol
Kayteekinzz Il y a 6 jours
Ouuuu another point for Liza 🥴
cherry pop
cherry pop Il y a 6 jours
ali asjdkdk
ali asjdkdk Il y a 6 jours
I just wanna know what water brand got bleeped
ItsNellDariane Il y a 6 jours
This one smells like a brand new baby -david dobrik, 2019
Loving You
Loving You Il y a 6 jours
Jazmin Wright
Jazmin Wright Il y a 6 jours
David takes bite out of burito: What is this, its not steak is it? recorders freaking out thinking he cant eat it or something : David: no no i can eat it
Salvadori Popadillo
Salvadori Popadillo Il y a 3 jours
except carne asada is literally steak.
Marjolein X
Marjolein X Il y a 6 jours
"This smells like a brand new baby." - David Dobrik 2019
meet me in the hallway oopies
there is nothing more scary than David trying to apply lashes with his eyes wide open
Ena L
Ena L Il y a 6 jours
6:35 It sounds like the type of thing Liza would say lmao
•Alondra Beltran•
•Alondra Beltran• Il y a 6 jours
3:38 props to him for putting them on with his eyes open
shay reece
shay reece Il y a 7 jours
david saying new york has the best tap water made my kentucky self (with the cleanest tap water) cRY
yours truly
yours truly Il y a 3 jours
shay reece 😂😂😂
Megan Hewitt
Megan Hewitt Il y a 7 jours
i want this with jackie aina
Nicole S
Nicole S Il y a 7 jours
“A brand new baby” 😂
Xx_Beunique_xX Il y a 7 jours
How do you know what blood taste like David..........
Anna Holst
Anna Holst Il y a 7 jours
Please have Mariah Carey do this!
Jason Angeles
Jason Angeles Il y a 7 jours
David's everywhere recently
Large Chorge
Large Chorge Il y a 7 jours
Both rc cars were crap oof
Sunandita Misra
Sunandita Misra Il y a 7 jours
DAVID DOBRIK a fucking millionare finds a 75 dollar t-shirt expensive!!!!!
Brittany Alyssa
Brittany Alyssa Il y a 7 jours
he is such a cutie!!!
svpreme frank
svpreme frank Il y a 7 jours
This channel's other videos dont even reach 1 million views and this video is the only one that does 😂
jesykahope Il y a 7 jours
$75 is crazy for a Tshirt but buying multiple Teslas is no problem 😂😂
1101011000101 Il y a 7 jours
Hey Cosmo, who is going to have the best bulge of the japan Olympics? Really wondering. Also men are evil and disgusting
Surmay Sofia
Surmay Sofia Il y a 7 jours
6:22 -there is two is one for a friend?😂😂😂😂
Vanish MG
Vanish MG Il y a 7 jours
6:35 Well yes David, babies do tend to be new
Habiba Alshinawi
Habiba Alshinawi Il y a 7 jours
David exudes so much adorable chaotic energy I’m in love🥺🥺💓💓💓💖💞💕💘💝💝🎀🧸🧸💓🎀
Applehead. Il y a 8 jours
Why on earth everyone who do this says that New York has the best tap water? it makes me really wanna taste it
IG: clarafeltes.z
IG: clarafeltes.z Il y a 8 jours
He asking for paper straw when he drinks water bottles every day
Jayda Nicolee
Jayda Nicolee Il y a 8 jours
It’s funny how I get an ad with Liza before the video starts
T A Il y a 8 jours
Things I learnt with Expensive Taste Test: NeW yOrK hAs ThE bEsT tAp WaTeR
Emmah Lee
Emmah Lee Il y a 8 jours
David: “I’ll pay $30 for a hoodie” Clickbait hoodies: $45
Cheyanne Hein
Cheyanne Hein Il y a 8 jours
Nobody: David: *tries to put fake eyelashes on with his eyes WIDE OPEN*
Gannah Sherif
Gannah Sherif Il y a 6 jours
Cheyanne Hein i flinched when he did that i hate things that are close to my eyes
J I Il y a 8 jours
This smells like a brand new baby 😂😂
Alexis hipp
Alexis hipp Il y a 8 jours
Smells like a new baby _ David dobrik
Nai 94
Nai 94 Il y a 8 jours
The more expensive lipstick will probably stay on your lips all day. The cheap one might be more fun to apply but it probs comes off very easily
Kiyah Randall
Kiyah Randall Il y a 8 jours
David putting on eyelashes😭😭
Yazeed Alsalim
Yazeed Alsalim Il y a 8 jours
2:28 What was the other one like 1.99
Christina Kr
Christina Kr Il y a 8 jours
Please go listen to DUDUDU !!!!
Jessica Lattes
Jessica Lattes Il y a 8 jours
he so weird on and off camera
Deep hug
Deep hug Il y a 8 jours
Casey standing there helping David looking like a dad is everything
mer Il y a 8 jours
Nobody : Guest on expensive taste test : *umm this one is tricky i heard new york has like the best tap water*