DaBaby & Roddy Ricch Make Powerful Statement In “Rockstar” Performance | BET Awards 20

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DaBaby & Roddy Ricch perform “Rockstar” at the 2020 BET Awards. #DaBaby #RoddyRicch #BETAwards #BETAwards20


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28 juin 2020




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Commentaires 80
Melissa Owens
Melissa Owens Il y a 26 minutes
Ryan Mcgee
Ryan Mcgee Il y a 36 minutes
When the officer laid down his shield and baton and put his fist in the air powerful
Captain ramius
Captain ramius Il y a heure
Everyone watch the documentary called out of shadows It will change you're life Type in outofshadows < just like this because FRvid is trying to hide it.
arjun gutta
arjun gutta Il y a heure
the joey bada$$ “temptation” sample at 3:40 hits diff man
Chasing Carson
Chasing Carson Il y a heure
He’s so dope lyrically. 🔥 the flows are epic. I love these two artist together.
Shenia Slater
Shenia Slater Il y a 2 heures
🙏🙏🙏😘yessssss fire love the song keep it coming
iLaz On iPad
iLaz On iPad Il y a 2 heures
Not gonna lie the start of the song gave me so much goosbumps because of how amazing it is! Like if you agree
Low IQ
Low IQ Il y a 2 heures
I want to live in a time when racism isn’t even a thing and where the world has no problems wit each other
CS:GO Highlights
CS:GO Highlights Il y a 2 heures
BLM, pff if its whites vs blacks, whites will win, blacks better stay down!
Rodney Moore
Rodney Moore Il y a 3 heures
Back the blue
Rodney Moore
Rodney Moore Il y a 3 heures
Black lives matter
Reid Stricklett
Reid Stricklett Il y a 3 heures
They say black lives matter all lives matter
Luca Luis Fleps
Luca Luis Fleps Il y a 4 heures
The Song is nice
Julissa Garban
Julissa Garban Il y a 4 heures
Black lives matter. 🥺
Jada Tjen A Tak
Jada Tjen A Tak Il y a 4 heures
so much american truth in one video. Greetings from Suriname - South America
Kristopher Patrick
Kristopher Patrick Il y a 6 heures
The original video was better this is just a horseshit false narrative
melvin madisonj
melvin madisonj Il y a 6 heures
Black life's matter
Buba Camara Kone
Buba Camara Kone Il y a 6 heures
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd Il y a 6 heures
I am the Law.
Joahua Jaramillo
Joahua Jaramillo Il y a 7 heures
Were not driffrent we are the same skin is just a color buy every one is only diffrent bc every one gots somthing special the makes us diffrent at the same time the same.
Daniel Obaba
Daniel Obaba Il y a 7 heures
this is so true and so powerful we need police change and now
י Nuk י
י Nuk י Il y a 7 heures
archaic absol yt
archaic absol yt Il y a 8 heures
I like how people be like blm is racist because people not careing bout other people but black people have tormented from the beginning of time by white people and it’s always been whites over black lives but nah not anymore this is the time to make America truly free getting black people the respect to desirve and not just being killed for just being black
Dave Baum
Dave Baum Il y a 9 heures
This by far the best Rapsong i have heard for years
Lynette P
Lynette P Il y a 10 heures
Poor gorge floyd his daughter maid me cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Royal Vibes
Royal Vibes Il y a 10 heures
Dafuq iz tiktok? Some show/movie or music video about time? Or perhaps its about clocks&watches? Tiktok? Dafuq
Jinni Jamatia
Jinni Jamatia Il y a 11 heures
Please like my comment for no reason.
Matty B
Matty B Il y a 11 heures
Black,white,yellow, what ever f__ king color you are it doesn't matter, what matters is that we are all one consciousness 💗
Mario Eses
Mario Eses Il y a 11 heures
Muzyka fajna aczkolwiek ideologia do dupy xD niewinne murzyny bambo
Tawana Winfield
Tawana Winfield Il y a 11 heures
Slow it down on snapchat
B- Rabbit
B- Rabbit Il y a 11 heures
To be honest this version is better than the original cuz its video represents a messsage for racism.
Buanboyz Il y a 12 heures
People who didn't like this video is so racist
Best Noskin
Best Noskin Il y a 12 heures
I cried at the end I wish i would a police man and Arrest the guy that killed our brother Why i'm saying brother its because their humans too and we should fight together and not eachother R.I.P George floyd 😞
kevin Nicholls-ishmael
kevin Nicholls-ishmael Il y a 13 heures
breh why we goin over this again?? this should've ended in like.. 1960's jesus people.. jesus..
Javier Balcazar
Javier Balcazar Il y a 13 heures
This is power for any colored person Asian ,African Americans,and Hispanics. Love RM. Race matters. Never treat anyone disrespect or else your a monster.
Fatima Unidatu
Fatima Unidatu Il y a 14 heures
Rest in Heaven to all the lives lost to racism and police brutality 😢😢🙏🏿 we are Black people we need love than hate.
Dimas S
Dimas S Il y a 14 heures
1 thing Politics.
Hycie Il y a 14 heures
Can I get some support on my new videos plz
Micro_Thunder12 FN
Micro_Thunder12 FN Il y a 16 heures
police should be less violent
Matthew Angel
Matthew Angel Il y a 16 heures
Karma Corey
Karma Corey Il y a 18 heures
My 6 year old brother was crying 6 YEARS OLD 😡
Danny Murray
Danny Murray Il y a 20 heures
Charles E Schmidt
Charles E Schmidt Il y a 20 heures
why did they do that to someone that is just stuipd it is not black vs whites ........ its black and whites vs racist we are with you you arew not alone
Doug Cornelio
Doug Cornelio Il y a 20 heures
In your face and in your wallet government convincing everybody that there are a victim to further keep them in bondage.
Doug Cornelio
Doug Cornelio Il y a 20 heures
The algorithm didn't like my comment about them keeping everybody distracted while the Federal Reserve can print money into Oblivion destroying your purchasing power as you lose more rights and freedoms all in the name of social justice and equality. FRvid cannot silence the truth. To keep everybody distracted with violins as the Titanic goes down
Doug Cornelio
Doug Cornelio Il y a 20 heures
Look at all the small businesses get destroyed well big business gets to stay open. Why do you think Jeff Bezos donated money to BLM? Because this is helping his bottom line and Profits. Black people are being used like Pawns BLM is a fraud
day in life with dee
day in life with dee Il y a 22 heures
Why does it look like Roddy Ricch is scared 2:53
Officialsalad_ YT
Officialsalad_ YT Il y a 22 heures
We have to love black lives to
Blues Monkey
Blues Monkey Il y a 23 heures
People need to realize that BLM is not black vs. white it’s black vs. racism
Miranda Ashton
Miranda Ashton Il y a 23 heures
Even see. black lives matter We solo
Aiden Perea
Aiden Perea Il y a 23 heures
I don’t get y people are racist they don’t get to choose want color of skin it’s there fault but still people hold them accountable
Visakan Nanto Gopalan Krishnan
We all are same except the tradition that we for the culture BLACK LIFE MATTERS 🙏🙏💪💪🤞🤞🤝🤝
Js Peterson
Js Peterson Il y a jour
Ibrahim Ali
Ibrahim Ali Il y a jour
11 k dislikes from cops on this video
Lil Hypebeast
Lil Hypebeast Il y a jour
I freaking love how DaBaby included that little girls speech at the end
Lil Hypebeast
Lil Hypebeast Il y a jour
I am Mexican mixed with black and I am against all racist to whites blacks and Mexicans and all other cultures that have been ofended by racist acts
Zubair Mohamud
Zubair Mohamud Il y a jour
Dababy has to win
Amber Douglas
Amber Douglas Il y a jour
jung kookie
jung kookie Il y a jour
Kara Ruh
Kara Ruh Il y a jour
"More love" yet they always advocate for violence.
thatboyjmac Il y a jour
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Il y a jour
I wish the rap was longer about BLM.
Joseph Fiander
Joseph Fiander Il y a jour
We all bleed the same
Ronnie Kepler
Ronnie Kepler Il y a jour
Woooooooow dude sooooooo powerful 🙄
andres 911
andres 911 Il y a jour
lil sway
lil sway Il y a jour
joey hernandez
joey hernandez Il y a jour
More Edpro
More Edpro Il y a jour
Copyright Btw
Mark Bertholomey
Mark Bertholomey Il y a jour
Sometimes timing is everything..
Quetzali Preciado-Cruz
This song is fire 🔥
jeffy Il y a jour
i hate how they hate us bc of our skin and it scary when we go home and dont see our parent and they where killed by people who is racism
Alexgaming Il y a jour
I am not letting them kill me if they shoot at me there gonna die
Maori Flavour69
Maori Flavour69 Il y a jour
George Floyd is the greatest tragedy this year, because covid does not see race,ethnicity or colour. But that does not mean we should all turn on each other because of one person's actions towards another man, I believe we should stand together against unjust behaviour, I am half cast.. I am white and black, parents from both sides and something, I have no side. From this I have found pain is brought on from prospective. Just because someone is of different skin colour does not make them stronger or weaker than the person next too them. I believe BLM but also remember whites suffer too.. COVID, SUICIDE, TRAGEDY, DEPRESSION, PAIN and DEATH do not see colour. Stand together against unjust bullying behaviour. But behind all this pain there is a positive LOVE, PASSION, COMPASSION, HAPPINESS and LIFE also do not see colour.. it's all about prospective.
Woly Wol
Woly Wol Il y a jour
Gfdd1307 Il y a jour
I’m white I would burn a cop car and never bee racist
w1624440 Il y a jour
Nope i'm not crying, you're crying
Samara Wright
Samara Wright Il y a jour
No u are (😥)
Kanowsky Jacques
Kanowsky Jacques Il y a 2 jours
this song i like that the like button i hit that this comment i lie that
Noobiyyy Kid
Noobiyyy Kid Il y a 2 jours
I love this song ❤️
Usman Nadeem
Usman Nadeem Il y a 2 jours
Yesterday I nonstop listening to this I love it
Usman Nadeem
Usman Nadeem Il y a 2 jours
Rayan Douni
Rayan Douni Il y a 2 jours
And rapping about black on black murder🤷🏽‍♂️
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