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In June of 1994 a dangerous storm caught dozens of cruising sailors by surprise as they voyaged north from New Zealand. 7 Boats were abandoned and 3 crew were sadly lost.
Credits to Ninox Television who no longer exist, and to all the people who made this documentary
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29 avril 2020




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Commentaires 100
Alistair McElwee
Alistair McElwee Il y a 11 jours
The Heart Light folks - which dimension do they come from? I’m glad they were saved and I’m sorry they, and the others, had to go through such an ordeal, but I kept wondering whether they were ambassadors for a planet around a distant star, or whether a mental illness was involved, or whether they were just pulling the legs of the tv producers. Still, maybe she’s the real thing. After all, her is actively channeling Farrah Fawcett. But, she did seem very pleasant.
Ikaika Maleko
Ikaika Maleko Il y a 11 jours
Whew damn, those ppl got their azzes kicked, the ocean was not in a good mood.
dagsbollox Il y a 14 jours
A clairvoyant and a geezer who cannot steer a sail boat without autopilot , in a force 10 , yeah well that’s as far as I got with this vid !
Ty Il y a 18 jours
46:08 Freak!
Pastor Jerry Kliner
Pastor Jerry Kliner Il y a 24 jours
"Low budget cruisers"...meaning no working radio? That's just crazy right there.
D. Cypher
D. Cypher Il y a 24 jours
Ok, just a regular day, in the southern Pacific Ocean, is no joke. Your mind simply cannot comprehend the power of large ocean waves. Especially when you're standing on a sunny dockside marina, building or preparing a sailboat. *once you get out there, you understand why everything is necessarily strong, over redundant, not designed for luxury but survival.*
TheMuse Il y a 25 jours
wow that hippy lady is woo af
ali Gator
ali Gator Il y a 27 jours
Kiwi style rescue 👍👏👌
stefano franzolini
stefano franzolini Il y a 28 jours
Do not miss minute 45/46!!!
Spear of Sagittarius
Spear of Sagittarius Il y a 28 jours
A sailor doing a crossing and has never piloted his boat in heavy seas? Not a good idea
Nicholas King
Nicholas King Il y a mois
intersting that the small craft lowered off the ships had inboards back then. Probably rare today. At least in America.
Sailing Mistral
Sailing Mistral Il y a 3 jours
also free-fall rescue boats have inboard engines.
Ok Can'tbelieveit
Ok Can'tbelieveit Il y a 22 jours
That RIB had an inboard engine driving a jet unit . No prop to get tangled up with ropes and other debris or injure swimmers.
onefodderunit Il y a mois
Where's the explanation for the mysterious light? The watch were so perplexed they roused up the captain. What was the light?
onefodderunit Il y a mois
The mysterious light then led searchers to the abandoned catamaran which was voluntarily towed back and returned to its crew. What was the light?
Paul Barton
Paul Barton Il y a mois
Got to say surprised some are so. affected by. the loss of their vessels vs how lucky they are to be alive
John Campbell
John Campbell Il y a 29 jours
You probably have to own a vessel , work on her , and get to love her , over some time .... and then lose her ..... , to get close to knowing the grief that that loss stirs .
hello there
hello there Il y a mois
What an amazing story.
MrPenguinsfan66 Il y a mois
Could have left the psychic out. They saw the danger coming and kept going? Sounds like nonsense to me.
kloppskalli Il y a mois
45:30 - what tha...? dang...
Alan Smollen
Alan Smollen Il y a mois
Real life... excellent
kloppskalli Il y a mois
this is why I won't sail around the world. I rather go by bicycle.
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony Il y a mois
Holey moley, and I was going to learn how to sail interesting upload
Simon Lusby
Simon Lusby Il y a mois
John Hebert
John Hebert Il y a mois
what a wake job
John Hebert
John Hebert Il y a mois
rhw lady is crazy i would have told her to shut the hell up she aks like she was so calm she was screaming her ass off
Smasher Blues
Smasher Blues Il y a mois
“The woman was screaming, which didn’t help much”
Smasher Blues
Smasher Blues Il y a mois
Diviana wtf?
BenjaminFranklin99 Il y a mois
I don't think an abandoned small to medium size yacht is any real hazard to navigation. My 34' boat weighted only nine tons, which was pretty heavy for its size. Abandoned, such a boat would have almost no way on, it's unlikely to come anywhere near another little boat, and a collision wouldn't even be noticed by a ship. I think sinking an abandoned yacht on the theory that it's a hazard is absurd.
van Dijk
van Dijk Il y a mois
Very impressive story but may I remark that I would've expected a clairvoyant to have avoided this mess??
David Connelly
David Connelly Il y a 19 jours
I went to see a clairvoyant once. I knocked on the door and she called “who is it?”I said “forget it”
Thomas LeMay
Thomas LeMay Il y a mois
We had a clairvoyant that rented one of the offices at the airport when people would come and ask us where she was all the pilots myself included would tell them don't worry she knows you're here.
Joao Cruz
Joao Cruz Il y a mois
BenjaminFranklin99 Il y a mois
In 1972 I was in 30 foot seas north of Hawaii. I had to steer by hand for a day and a half, to keep the 35 foot sloop headed downwind. If we had been hit sideways by a breaking wave, we probably would have been rolled, so I made sure we didn't end up sideways to a breaking wave. I was in my 34' junk schooner just off Tahiti in 1977, a cyclone came through. Visibility was just 100 feet, due to the gusts hitting the water so hard that it made dense spray. The wind was very gusty, and I had to constantly raise and lower the deeply reefed mainsail to keep way on without getting overwhelmed. We were just off of the reef. The wind was onshore, so I waited constantly to hit the reef, but we managed to work our way offshore. The next year, 1978, off of New Zealand an unexpected storm came along. It was pitch dark when my wife woke me and said, "I was just standing on the side of the pilothouse." We turned and ran under bare polls. My friend, Shawn Blanchford and his boat Tanya disappeared in that storm. We had no broadcasting radio, and it wouldn't have been useful to have one. IMHO, trying to get aboard a ship from a sailboat in high seas is more dangerous than staying on even a dismasted boat. You really are all alone out there, radio or not, so prepare for the worst. Blondie Hasler, who designed my boat's rig, made ocean crossings in his boat, Jester. He had no radio. People asked him, "What if you are in serious trouble and need help?" He replied, "Then I shall die like a gentleman!" He had been a commando in WWII, and had seen many men die. He knew what he was talking about. As the old Scottish toast goes, "Here's to us, there's none like us!"
Lloyd Holm
Lloyd Holm Il y a 4 heures
The ocean always wants to put you parallel to the waves, it is an evil position to be in.
theSaint 1964
theSaint 1964 Il y a 17 jours
Bruce McNee
Bruce McNee Il y a mois
In those conditions how could you despatch and board a liferaft?.
Orcinus1967 Il y a mois
1:20:00 Stupid fucks want to hold onto their boats more than they want their lives. Again. "Sir you are not going to survive on your boat. Come with me right now or stay on your boat and die". Glad the guy from the rescue boat cared enough to break him away from his boat. If you are going to go out there you must assume the very real risk that you will lose your boat and your life. To me you've already decided losing your boat may be a reality at some point, and you are OK with that. If not, better stay on land. I feel sorry for their loss, but others have endangered their lives for you to come to YOUR rescue. Don't prolong the danger. Now you are pressing your luck, and theirs. Even after the fact, that selfish prick felt sorry for himself, and was not thinking of his rescuers. Maybe he should have gone down with his boat.
Orcinus1967 Il y a mois
@ 1:08:20 Prompt people who may be in shock from physical injuries to ask for help? "If you want our help you have to ask for it". Is that so hard to ask? Does not setting off an EPIRB indicate that you have asked for assistance? Stupidest shit I've ever heard of in an emergency situation. Start writing on a plastic sheet of paper? You'll all be lucky to get back on the Monowaii or whatever alive. Get on the rescue boat without further injury or death. Then get back on the Monowaii without further injury or death. That is what should be foremost on your mind. Stop fucking around. There seems to be a huge disconnect here. If I come off my safe ship and jump off a tiny boat in 65 foot seas onto your dismasted sailboat, you are coming with me. NOW. And this is how we are going to do it. I'm not asking for your permission, or your opinion. The time to go is now, you can come with me or stay on your boat. But I'm leaving. NOW. PERIOD. That is how you effect a rescue in such conditions.
Orcinus1967 Il y a mois
So what is a good automated tool for cutting a mast in a submerged environment, at sea?
Craig Win
Craig Win Il y a mois
What was their heavy weather sailing strategy? Were they actually trying sail through this? Who heaved to with para anchor? The Forbes, “we’ve always taken the right precautions.” Sails out without radio or beacon.
Orcinus1967 Il y a mois
I caught a chill when the clairvoyant's husband said "We're heading towards a Vortex" "Huge".
wayne howard
wayne howard Il y a mois
Wow! Which part of any vortex is alright!?!
Jay Shuffield
Jay Shuffield Il y a mois
Robert Shaw got nothing on these sailors
Jay Shuffield
Jay Shuffield Il y a mois
sailor7312 Il y a mois
So many hero's. So many people did so many things right in the face of danger.
Johnnywhamo Il y a mois
Man oh man that Clairvoyant gal is a certified bag of squirrels wingnut.
Marcella Weiss
Marcella Weiss Il y a mois
The tired jennifer gradually dream because clarinet conformably cross per a xenophobic psychiatrist. guttural H habitual, graceful decimal
Longruffian Il y a mois
A tragedy worth learning from...thank you.
Nils Brown Music
Nils Brown Music Il y a mois
The 20mm would have been a noble way to go down, but isn’t it interesting that they both faced up and accepted that very painful outcome, and then a reprieve came. I found this gentleman’s attitude best deserving of this. Great.
Nath R
Nath R Il y a mois
that is the most hippy hippy that has ever hippied.
Kent Wood
Kent Wood Il y a mois
How many of the abandoned vessels survived just fine? hmmm. Is it the vessel in danger, or the sailors psyche...?
Me Me
Me Me Il y a mois
Good doc until those air heads come into it with his pituful cuckness and her vortex tea leaf reading woman nonsense Jeez what a pair of fudwits.
Antipodean33 Il y a mois
Oh man the couple in the boat Destiny, that story, the audio of the distress call and the animation of the pitch pole and then the role, makes me squirm
Matt Watson
Matt Watson Il y a mois
I remember as a 14yr old, listening on a shortwave radio to Kerikeri radio scheds during this storm, writing down positions and plotting them.
William Swanson
William Swanson Il y a mois
You should have fixed the boat
Geof Bigbear
Geof Bigbear Il y a 2 mois
It must be tough having a psychic spouse.
s Peteydog
s Peteydog Il y a 17 jours
😂 she sounded nutty
Michael Callan
Michael Callan Il y a 2 mois
NZ search & rescue is incredible!
Marcus Giddens
Marcus Giddens Il y a 2 mois
Respect to the sailors telling their stories....on their new boats! Hell yes I'm going back!
Lois Johnson
Lois Johnson Il y a 2 mois
Ahoy!!Enthralling documentary!!! May put my/any dream of sailing on the back burner though!! Love the ship to shore conversations...‘How’s it going?’.....had a few knock downs...hold on a sec just finishing my fish & chips....! Totally makes the ups & downs of land life seem a wee bit more manageable!
John Ryan
John Ryan Il y a 2 mois
Sounds very like a UFO
Diane Swingler
Diane Swingler Il y a 2 mois
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only son so whoever believes in him will have eternal life.
John Riley
John Riley Il y a 2 mois
Very well done, thank you.
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams Il y a 2 mois
I live on a small 22ft yacht. it was awesome to watch this and the dangers of the waters. It was very emotional to hear the tales of the sea and I would like to thank all the personal that it took to do the rescue. just awesome
jquest43 Il y a 2 mois
Anita Taylor
Anita Taylor Il y a 2 mois
Incredible work from the monowai team, it was do or die for sure
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider Il y a 2 mois
A true story of the fates of so many,the story of people who go to sea,and the story of those who would risk all to save those in peril.
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider Il y a 2 mois
I've spent many years at sea and know her beauties and her rages,yet nothing is more important to those who go to sea than to answer the call of a seaman in distress.
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider Il y a 2 mois
My heart felt thanks to that last group.
Gay cha
Gay cha Il y a 3 mois
I never fail to be impressed by the calmness of professional sailors acting under pressure in extreme conditions. Pure grace.
Gay cha
Gay cha Il y a 3 mois
Awe-inspiring story of fortitude in face of the extreme forces of nature mariners take on.
rorybone100 Il y a 3 mois
Big Figian hand! God love those islanders.
rorybone100 Il y a 3 mois
This is my second time watching this and it is utterly heart-wrenching.Paula is one capable woman, god bless her.
James Quinn
James Quinn Il y a 3 mois
rorybone100 Il y a 3 mois
Ooft, what a watch. Well done as is often he case, the Kiwis.
sam wright
sam wright Il y a 3 mois
My farther was in this storm on a 36ft steel yacht, his words “I don’t talk about it much because it’s to hard to get across what it was like”. His radio was not working and no body really knew they were there.
rorybone100 Il y a 3 mois
Good christ! This is a gripping yarn!
Muskietime Il y a 3 mois
Damn! That was EXCELLENT. Love sailing and racing big boats but Blue Water sailing offers special risks. My heart goes out to all who lost lives, boats, gear and dreams. Sailors are a special breed. The Hero’s are those who are willing to rescue sailors in distressed. Godspeed to all Mariners.
trafferazabu Il y a 3 mois
Fantastic show. Well, I guess unless you were on one of the boats.
Owen Mitchell
Owen Mitchell Il y a 3 mois
She's a nut job....
Mary Kok
Mary Kok Il y a 3 mois
We sailed 2x to New Zealand in 85 and 87, first time in a nasty gale , second time no weather. It’s common to find gales on the way to N.z. In 86 when we left no problem. In 88 got caught in a bad gale trying to leave, and shipped lots of water due to large waves. We hoveto in the fist gale going to NZ. But when leaving in 88 had to turn back & find shelter on the coast. Always challenging sailing in those waters!
Brad1711 Il y a 3 mois
Omg what is she on? I want some 😅
Julian Lawrence-Ball
Julian Lawrence-Ball Il y a 3 mois
This is why I love FRvid. Hours of rubbish is paid off with a gem like this
Mister Bee
Mister Bee Il y a 3 mois
That couple Devianna and Daryl...I know someone like her. They have whatever thoughts they have and they believe their thoughts to be absolutely true. No matter how strange the thought, if they want to believe it, then it's true. So strange... her poor husband. He held a straight face the whole time though!
Ok Can'tbelieveit
Ok Can'tbelieveit Il y a 22 jours
She’s probably the one with the purse strings.
Solo Skipper
Solo Skipper Il y a 3 mois
A must watch for any long distance cruiser BEFORE their voyage...but whenever is better than never. It CAN happen to you, new weather "rare" events are happening more and more often...rogue waves are happening right this second somewhere on the oceans constantly every second of every day....know the ocean your on...know all the weather variables and what better informed say about it...and know ypur boat and your own limitations.
Value Your Freedom
Value Your Freedom Il y a 3 mois
45:00 LOL
A Day
A Day Il y a 3 mois
Having been a former boat owner and need of rescue, the feeling of being safe again is nearly overwhelming. The safety of another vessel in such times is beyond measure. The recovery eventually builds the foundation for courage to go out again. The adventure may be hazardous but the calling is stronger.
Joanna Dudley
Joanna Dudley Il y a 3 mois
Anyone else pick up on the bit about how that sailboat “Destiny” pitchpoled, yet in their PonPon radio message they mentioned they had set a drogue? Doesn’t add up. Seems like they were bow into the waves bc they say the bow free falls over the top. Even the simulation video shows that. So did they improperly deploy their ‘drogue’ from the bow? Video leaves open many unanswered questions for the experienced mariner. Perhaps at that point they had ditched the drogue and were attempting another storm tactic.
Me Me
Me Me Il y a mois
Maybe drouge was damaged, Susie Goodall pitch poled in the last golden globe when using a drouge, it snapped I believe. The Knox-Johnson long rope tide to port and starboard in a "U"" shape is better imo.
jquest43 Il y a 2 mois
@Stanislav Kostarnov tornado
Stanislav Kostarnov
Stanislav Kostarnov Il y a 3 mois
different types of drogues do exist... plus they do say the boat was spinning prior to the pitchpole, I think they lost the drogue, and with it almost all control, then Pitchpoled... (I also have a feeling the original documentary was a 2-hour and some parts are missing, there do seem to be gaps…)
N W Il y a 3 mois
So you set to sea with no radio, no EPIRB, and some flares gifted to you . People risk life and limb to save you and the last thing you think about is scuttling your boat lest anyone find it floatIng. These two knobs should be automatic nominees for the Darwin Awards and winners of the “Most selfish sailors of the seven seas “ award. As for crystal lady and her husband, where do these people come from? He’s never steered his own boat in open water because he thinks auto pilot does a better job ? Seriously....???
Mahina Expeditions - Offshore Sail Training
Thanks for posting. We’ve showed this documentary for many years on our expeditions to demonstrate ultimate storm tactics. At the time we were sailing from Auckland to Tahiti on our first expedition together aboard Mahina Tiare II, our Hallberg-Rassy 42. with 5 expedition members.
J D Il y a 3 mois
“In 16000 miles I never steer the boat, the auto-pilot does a better job” WHAT??!!!
Ok Can'tbelieveit
Ok Can'tbelieveit Il y a 22 jours
@Gay cha . Sounds like the son was the only one with any common sense or ability.
Me Me
Me Me Il y a mois
@Gay cha They was too busy listening to her "female wisdom".
Gay cha
Gay cha Il y a 3 mois
Should have taught his son.
Smokey Veras
Smokey Veras Il y a 3 mois
Duh you gonna sail 16000 miles and steer it all? That’s what literally nobody does.
danjf1 Il y a 3 mois
I used to just point my bow east and go, but the wind is always changing and you won't be at peak efficiency (knots/hour)
Luke S
Luke S Il y a 3 mois
Moon beam is just plain odd. No way I would let her on my boat. Cult stuff right their.
Me Me
Me Me Il y a mois
She'd make a good anchor....
robert donaldson
robert donaldson Il y a 3 mois
Zoom Sails
Zoom Sails Il y a 3 mois
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Multihull Minion
Multihull Minion Il y a 3 mois
What Would Larry Pardey Do?
Brads Mgads
Brads Mgads Il y a 3 mois
James Hart
James Hart Il y a 3 mois
..".left Westhaven Marina with NO radio and NO locator beacon." Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.
Thomas LeMay
Thomas LeMay Il y a mois
@Alan Waterworth he failed to understand all of it !
Alan Waterworth
Alan Waterworth Il y a mois
@BenjaminFranklin99 which part of the people rescued by the cargo ship for the very fact they had a radio and distress beacon and were able to relay their position via spotter aircraft didn´t you understand?
BenjaminFranklin99 Il y a mois
What good would either do? A guy in an airplane can't do a thing for a yacht in distress.
Coach Guy
Coach Guy Il y a 3 mois
Incredible documentary. Thank you. What inspirational rescuers.
stuarth43 Il y a 3 mois
get this, there is NO such thing as a rogue storm or wave, they are there a part of sailing offshore, I do remember this event well As I remember white boats white decks, white everything, if the house was painted orange the searching aircraft would find boats easily, but oh no gotta be white Amazin' boats can survive, if their stability is good and they are watertight, they stay afloat no matter how big the seas
JAFO Il y a 3 mois
@Multihull Minion - I'm not a fan of chute drogues. To my mind you're far better off with a good Jordan Series Drogue instead.
Stanislav Kostarnov
Stanislav Kostarnov Il y a 3 mois
@Multihull Minion in a seas that confused, sometimes a drogue can actually make it worse, it seems like this was a case of a cyclone with multiple high speed rotations inside, in such weather the seas tend to form sort of whirlpools and violent subcurrents... I know that many people who sail in the far south seas do not like drogues for this reason...
Multihull Minion
Multihull Minion Il y a 3 mois
That’s some divine insight and advice captain, Underside of Epicurus was painted with red non skid. Next boat will definitely have at least some red on deck. I’m troubled that I only heard one mention of a drogue in this video, or heaving to. Can’t help but wonder if a full keel stout rigged hove to mono on a 45 degree drift bridled to an 8 foot chute would have faired? Or had any of the cats been bridled to an 18’+ chute with smaller chutes bridled port and starboard if any of them would have made it through with only scuffs and bruises.. really appreciate any further insight
evanofelipe Il y a 3 mois
A tremendous story of skill, tenacity and dogged will to survive. Bringing incredibly well trained and selfless people together pursuing one objective in the face of grave danger,. Thanks for sharing.a truly a gripping tale.
CC Zook
CC Zook Il y a 3 mois
One of the best documentaries I ever watched.
Solo Skipper
Solo Skipper Il y a 3 mois
Agree on both....throw in some sexy latinas and make it a night
Dan Ungureanu
Dan Ungureanu Il y a 3 mois
I recommend you The Fastnet Yacht race tragedy of 1979 and The deadly 1998 Sydney to Hobart
seti48 Il y a 3 mois
greg forbes and barbara parks left with no radio and no locator beacon because they are low budget sailors: in other words they're idiots. If no money then collect and cash in beer cans to have enough bread to buy those two items.
Basil Fawlty lll
Basil Fawlty lll Il y a 3 mois
"Rarely does the mariner who has experienced a fully developed tropical cyclone at sea wish to encounter a second one." From "The American Practical Navigator," aka, "Bowditch." Many professionally licensed mariners have committed that phrase to memory and anyone who forgets it, even temporarily, does so at their peril. That admonition applies equally to any properly trained mariner who never has experienced a hurricane at sea. The Southern Ocean is no place for amateurs and the waters around New Zealand are very much part of the Southern Ocean. The events chronicled in this video occurred in June, which corresponds with December in the northern hemisphere, not a good time for a pleasure cruise in a small boat. That's spoken as a long time professional mariner, both as sailboat captain and licensed deck officer on merchant ships. The famous old schooner "Nina" was lost with all aboard in these waters in June of 2012.
ralph holiman
ralph holiman Il y a 3 mois
The clairvoyant couple, LOL.
hello there
hello there Il y a mois
@Orcinus1967 always listen to your hackles. Always.
Orcinus1967 Il y a mois
@Willy Strange clairevoyant folks live everywhere... I'm getting a feeling now, something telling live east of the rocky mountains and have never been to California.
Willy Il y a mois
California I wonder?
Orcinus1967 Il y a mois
Sometimes you have to trust your intuition. Like the child on vacation before the 2004 tsunami hit. "Something bad is going to happen at the beach today mommy". In all I'd rather trust my instruments and the marine weather forecast. But I know when my spider senses are tingling, and how many times I've ignored them and been sorry.
Geof Bigbear
Geof Bigbear Il y a 2 mois
She sends him messages how to colour match his hair to hers
Robin Wells
Robin Wells Il y a 3 mois
People are capable of great acts of humanity and never more so than when they are Mariners.
libra justice
libra justice Il y a 23 jours
on water we are all family
Scott Rowlison
Scott Rowlison Il y a 4 mois
One of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen. Thank you thank you!!!
ToSeeThe Sea
ToSeeThe Sea Il y a 4 mois
The Thumbnail for this is a Photo I shot from HMNZS Monowai.
Gerald von Bargen
Gerald von Bargen Il y a 4 mois
Whatever it takes!!!
craig scott
craig scott Il y a 4 mois
Incredible story. The will of survival. Tragic loss of life.
Matt Justaddwata
Matt Justaddwata Il y a 4 mois
55:50 really shows the scale of these waves. Typically it is difficult to get a sense of scale but seeing the yacht go from 50ft below the ship to above the ship really shows what they were up against. Some brave people out there putting themselves in harms way to help others.
Lars Hansen
Lars Hansen Il y a 4 mois
I think that for sailors that had experienced that kind of weather thinks that the world's wildest roller coaster is totally overrated.
Don Laight
Don Laight Il y a 4 mois
Fascinating but tragic story, apart from the woman on heart light at 45:10, that's the last thing I'd want to hear in that situation
Me Me
Me Me Il y a mois
The only one I wish had f-ing drowned while watching.
Tom S
Tom S Il y a 2 mois
New age witch doctor
Michael Paine
Michael Paine Il y a 4 mois
Brilliant documentary
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