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I heard this amazing song by Oh Wonder back in August, got hit by major inspiration that I had to make some sort of thing like this. I've always wanted to learn some After Effects, so it felt like it was time to try out a project! :)
I started right as I got off work that sweet August friday, worked all through the weekend and had a sort of storyboard after a week. Since then I've worked on and off evenings and weekends when I could to produce all the art for it. It was a great learning experience and I'm very proud of completing it! Hope you enjoy it!
Critical Role:
Song: My Friends by Oh Wonder
This is a complete fan work, no profit being made from it. Purely made out of love for the show and the song.




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Commentaires 80
The Unicorn Fan Club
The Unicorn Fan Club Il y a 31 minute
i feel like i cry every time i watch this.
PaPastacat Il y a 32 minutes
I can't stop watching it, and i can't stop crying eachtime. Great work man 👏
Kevlar online
Kevlar online Il y a jour
I saw this video shortly after I got into Critical Role and D&D in general. When a saw it back then it really brought me to tears because of the emotions and video. Now one year later, after I gained a deep affection for this hobby, and dozens of sessions with my friends... It just makes me happy that you can get so involved into shared storytelling. Thanks for editing this video! Great work!
R.I.P Katsuki Bakugo
Shine bright circus man,you will be remembered now and always,Rest in peace our dear Mr. Tealeaf
Funny Penguin
Funny Penguin Il y a 2 jours
I swear to god, not a single other video will stir the same sadness that this does. Good damn mollymauk, long may you reign
- m030e -
- m030e - Il y a 3 jours
it just started and I'm already crying
David Chick
David Chick Il y a 3 jours
Don't mind me, just here to stab myself in the gut repeatedly again.
jack Eh idk
jack Eh idk Il y a 4 jours
I'm not crying your crying T_T
Tony Scaletty
Tony Scaletty Il y a 5 jours
Don't be sad that it's over. Be happy that it happened. Shine bright circus man, long may he reign
Graphic Nerdity
Graphic Nerdity Il y a 5 jours
I swear to god, I was spoiled on Milly's death fairly early on and promised myself not to get attached. I did not keep that promise, in fact, he became my favourite character, I am 3 episodes past his death and I am still angry, sad and yet I still stand by what happened. Anyone who lashed out at the cast/guests for a split of the moment decision need/needed to chill.
Gadriel Van Orion
Gadriel Van Orion Il y a 6 jours
can somebody tell me what kind of coat he is wearing? like what type is it, if i wanted to look for the same kind of coat. looks rly comfy
Airaphael Boiii
Airaphael Boiii Il y a 7 jours
Great I'm crying . Over Molly. Again. In 2020.
Dei Bae
Dei Bae Il y a 7 jours
I saw this in my recommend long before I could reach episode 26 and hesitated to watch it already knowing what would happen next. I just finished 26 a couple of hours feeling numb as hell seeing him die in such a way but when I got to watch this animation it just went. Tears we're falling down my face as I watched this. I just wanna thank you for making this amazing video ùwú. And for making me feel things. 💓
Darkstander Il y a 7 jours
Molly as a character is so Inspiring, so Loving he knew how to make them hate him just enough to make them love him more. Such an endearing character
Riley T.
Riley T. Il y a 8 jours
it was already bound to be a hard hitting video and then you pulled an oh wonder on me
Jared Marley
Jared Marley Il y a 8 jours
Why does this keep making me cry?
Sharon Martin
Sharon Martin Il y a 10 jours
This made me cry it's so sad
Ailen Il y a 10 jours
Ow my feelings
David Thingstrup
David Thingstrup Il y a 11 jours
Well I recently began binging Critical role's 2nd campaign, and got to this part very very recently... holy fuck it hurts. Long may he reign
G MOney
G MOney Il y a 11 jours
If got right amount gold they can resurrect him .
blownfuse26 Il y a 11 jours
Just came across this today & with everything going on right now with "self quarantine" and other issues going on in my life... this is just so beautiful to find right now. Take care of each other, especially the ones you love in your life.
Wuundar Il y a 11 jours
"Eyes never closed"
Rook/CapColdblood Il y a 12 jours
“Molly said... not to steal from happy people.”
Ninja Cake :3
Ninja Cake :3 Il y a 12 jours
Shine bright, circus man.
Kendal McClure
Kendal McClure Il y a 14 jours
Long may he reign
Mister Dayne
Mister Dayne Il y a 15 jours
I'm sitting here, many months after *the episode*. As soon as the attack started, as soon as the music picked up and their faces turned to desperation, I felt it. All over my body, the hairs would rise, and I could feel my eyes well up ever so slightly. I still felt something for that loss, and this little video made me feel it again. I am absolutely stunned.
Stephen Gibson
Stephen Gibson Il y a 17 jours
I keep coming back to this as I progress through C2 and I realise the more I watch it, that Molly's time is running out as his story comes to a close, (Current point in the story - The Hour of Honor) :)(:
WoodElf Il y a 17 jours
I know little to nothing about Critical Role. But you manage to tell a story so beautifully with your art. So much talent and emotion has gone into this project, that I find myself crying over a character I have known for barley two minutes.
Gabby and Sabrina
Gabby and Sabrina Il y a 17 jours
I don't even follow Critical Roll and i'm weeping.
HazylittleCherry Il y a 18 jours
I just kept thinking "dont draw it, dont draw it" over and over while watching this....and I need to lay down now. 😭
IcePerry Il y a 18 jours
This hurts..
DJTorresandTheCrew Il y a 18 jours
This is always beautiful. I can’t never not tear up.
Acean HUN
Acean HUN Il y a 18 jours
I swear to God if this happenes again
Manax G
Manax G Il y a 20 jours
Sometimes I watch this to cry and remind myself that I'm a mortal being with emotions.
Sulfur Spark
Sulfur Spark Il y a 20 jours
Reth Bloodhand
Reth Bloodhand Il y a 20 jours
Still crying over this btw
Black StarAngel
Black StarAngel Il y a 20 jours
Long may he reign.... no longer alone.
zachcox94 Il y a 20 jours
If they were to make a campaign 2 cartoon series, I could see Molly being the narrator. ie. watching over his friends form the veil.
JB Cake
JB Cake Il y a 21 jour
I know I’m late but just watched the episode and dam man why did you have to hit me hard like That I’m not the emotional type but man this is beautiful work!
Ryi Il y a 21 jour
I'm still catching up on critical role and I'm about halfway through episode 26. I've known since I started watching that he'd die, but dear goodness it's hitting me hard right now knowing that he's not coming back. Long may he reign.
Sophia Banton
Sophia Banton Il y a 22 jours
The amount of times I've watched this and cried is unbelievable
AHarice Il y a 22 jours
Okay so hear me out The nien have go to one of the plain of the after life to find a artifact to save the world or something Matt tells tali that his character is the only one that can get the nien in and out of this plane with a one time spell. So he cant go with Tailsin tells everyone that he won't make it to next game. They go to the new plain in the next game and come across a purple tiefling lying against a rock who says "Took you long enough I've been waiting its been awhile"
illiJay Il y a 22 jours
We need this, but for Fjord now 😭😔😖
Dylan Hawkins
Dylan Hawkins Il y a 22 jours
Me: Ok it's been over a 2 years since his death. I can do this, I can make it through this video!!!!! (20 seconds into the video) Me: *An ugly crying, sobbing mess* DAMNIT!!!! 😥😥
Avi Sina
Avi Sina Il y a 22 jours
Time to update for Fjord boys
Cinnamon Roll
Cinnamon Roll Il y a 22 jours
I feel like this emphasizes a idea in dnd that is sometimes forgotten, that death can actually mean something for the group if it occurs to someone the group cared for. Think about it, if you got super into the game to the point where you were roleplaying the character, it would feel like, once that person died.... they died for real, and you just.... wouldnt see that person anymore in the story, they were just.... gone. People seem to forget that in dnd with how crazy and outlandish stories become, or even if your dm is just a jerk that kills people off left and right that death can mean something if you enjoyed a character and cared about them. Long may he reign, he did NOT die in vain.
Honey Drop the Unicorn
Honey Drop the Unicorn Il y a 22 jours
And this popped up on my recomdiations for C2E98 Dark Water......😢
sarah psuedonym
sarah psuedonym Il y a 22 jours
I didn't cry when he died because I knew it was coming but. This really made it hit home.
Adryan Scott
Adryan Scott Il y a 22 jours
Starting watching CR a while ago haven't reached this part yet but it was obvious cuz he wasn't in the new animated intro I'm sad now
bob Il y a 23 jours
I can usually hold it together with just some lightly wetted eyes but then 1:16 hits and I have to choke back a sob every time. I love these characters so much.
The_Lewd_Guy Il y a 23 jours
So I made a tiefking rouge named Tenebris and I ended up losing him by a bad idea and the guy we fought was a demons general that fucking stabbed me while I was down killing a character while just and I mean JUST saved a baby and was going to take care of it just do die like 1 hour later
Owen Willicome
Owen Willicome Il y a 24 jours
You know, I’m kinda glad that Molly died. Not because I didn’t like or thought he should. He was and is my favourite member of the Mighty Nein. The reason I’m glad is because if he hadn’t died we wouldn’t have so many great tributes. I haven’t seen nearly as many tributes to any other character, and I’m pretty sure the main reason for that is that he died
Alastrine :D
Alastrine :D Il y a 25 jours
Oh boy watching this after ep. 98 hits different again
Nice Il y a 26 jours
I'm crying.
Spencer Bettincourt
Spencer Bettincourt Il y a 26 jours
Long may he reign.
ASalty Em0
ASalty Em0 Il y a 27 jours
Wow I just started watching critical role recently and I found this and now I can’t stop watching it. This is so freaking beautiful and heart breaking. I love it. Gods bless you for making this
Clayton Becker
Clayton Becker Il y a 27 jours
I just watched this episode, sad times.
Zb productions
Zb productions Il y a 27 jours
damn havent gotten there but I cried
ErrorMachinimaProduc Il y a 27 jours
fuck me dident see the spoiler warning :(
IIOwlsII Il y a 27 jours
"this wont be so sad after." this video: dos
brem -
brem - Il y a 28 jours
long may he reign
Selim Tuncel
Selim Tuncel Il y a 28 jours
So... at lv 11 cant they bring him back to life?
Gaunjee Il y a 26 jours
No, Cad decomposed his body. It was the players way of saying he won't be coming back
ARandomFandomFan Il y a 28 jours
Madeleine of TARDIS
Madeleine of TARDIS Il y a 28 jours
Fuck! Now i'm crying all over again! I already cried an ocean, man! Why'd you have to do this to me?! (It's so good though!)
TheDoomedTraveler Il y a 28 jours
FRvid recommendations decided I was having too good of a day I guess.
Gahngis Il y a 29 jours
I wish I could see Molly's reaction to episode 97.
Fuko Kuroha
Fuko Kuroha Il y a 29 jours
Stay bright circus man and long may he reign! 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Thiamine Il y a mois
I'm super late to this but 1:02 is amazing. We only see half of Beau's face, but you can still feel her anguish at seeing her friend die. This video, man.
Dead Fish
Dead Fish Il y a mois
This still makes me cry a bit but I also can't stop hearing I can't forgetti
Dead Fish
Dead Fish Il y a mois
One of the sadder parts of this is Molly died not knowing if his friends would be okay.
Marlin Rando
Marlin Rando Il y a mois
God, the raw emotion in beaus face @ 1:02 is heart-wrenching
TigaLiga Il y a mois
He may not have worn a crown, yet a king he will forever be. Long may he reign.
Garrektt Il y a mois
Just remember, Kiri doesn't know Molly's dead.
droolmax Il y a mois
I found out that molly died 2 days before I listened to the actual episode. I was on episode 24 and didn’t know when it would happen. I was so sad, and more than that thought he would die later on, that a legend like molly would die a death in the final battle of the campaign. But he died trying to save his friends. Died going into a battle that was impossible to win. Died fighting someone who was the opposite of him. Someone who took away from the world. Everything molly did have to people, whether that was fake or not, he knew people wanted to feel good regardless of whether it was real. He was the best of them. He filled people with hope and love and joy and whimsy. The only thing he left empty was the hearts of his friends when he died
badinfo 7878
badinfo 7878 Il y a mois
God dammit I’m still on episode 34 or 35 part 1 of campaign one I really hate my friends for sending me this video............................. Why the fuck am I crying I don’t even know who Molly is yet fucking dammit. God dammit all.
Z&E Vlog's
Z&E Vlog's Il y a mois
Think of molly fighting the laughing hand and oban
Jacob Mejia
Jacob Mejia Il y a mois
I just watch this video and it gave me the chills it made me sad remembering Molly
Ring_Flame Il y a mois
😥 rip
Zack Geldhof
Zack Geldhof Il y a mois
*cries forever*
Javier Nocete
Javier Nocete Il y a mois
February 26, 2020. Still hurts
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