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On Saturday, May 30, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launched Crew Dragon’s second demonstration (Demo-2) mission from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and the next day Crew Dragon autonomously docked to the International Space Station. This test flight with NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley aboard the Dragon spacecraft returned human spaceflight to the United States. SpaceX and NASA are now targeting 7:34 p.m. EDT on Saturday, August 1 for Crew Dragon to autonomously undock from the Space Station, with the two astronauts aboard the spacecraft, and return to Earth. Approximately 19 hours later, after jettisoning its trunk and re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, Dragon will splash down at one of seven targeted water landing sites off the coast of Florida at 2:42 p.m. EDT on Sunday, August 2. The Demo-2 mission is the final major milestone for SpaceX’s human spaceflight system to be certified by NASA for operational crew missions to and from the International Space Station. Once the Demo-2 mission is complete, and the SpaceX and NASA teams have reviewed all the data for certification, NASA astronauts Victor Glover, Mike Hopkins, Shannon Walker, and JAXA astronaut Soichi Noguchi will fly on Dragon’s first six-month operational mission (Crew-1) targeted for late September.

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2 août 2020




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Mars Il y a 2 heures
Elon can you hurry it’s lonely up here
igor newmann
igor newmann Il y a 6 heures
What's going on, Russia gonna be a superpower now? youtube dot com/watch?v=8wDFcPo8xw8
igor newmann
igor newmann Il y a 6 heures
By Fä
By Fä Il y a jour
Very cool gm
big chungus
big chungus Il y a 3 jours
Thank you for flying with spacex. Your bill will be just 55 million
Rithik Samanthula
Rithik Samanthula Il y a 4 jours
Super cool
SDtoby123 Il y a 4 jours
Why do they seem unconches when they get out...
Noob Bey
Noob Bey Il y a 6 jours
Lan Senmi MTGK Nin Kanalını Çaldın Şerefsiz!!!
ракета rocket
ракета rocket Il y a 7 jours
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Samyfox69 Il y a 7 jours :)
JotaBilly_911 Il y a 7 jours
Vine x por Dalas.
Jyothish Babu
Jyothish Babu Il y a 7 jours
6:56:26 Real time humor, was he listening to her? and 7:54:00 heart touching
Ahmet Cinni
Ahmet Cinni Il y a 8 jours
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HARRIS LE Il y a 8 jours
1. Drogue deploy 2. Mains deploy 3. Splashdown 4. Hatch open 5. Astronauts get out
Dulan fu
Dulan fu Il y a 8 jours
When is the next launch? Thank you?
meyvelerin dili
meyvelerin dili Il y a 9 jours
Ibootje Cap
Ibootje Cap Il y a 9 jours
Dale Sajdak
Dale Sajdak Il y a jour
And you’re a damn big idiot
stubi_ Il y a 8 jours
GODZİLLA Il y a 9 jours
Olm kanalı niye çaldın MTGK yi niye çaldın mal salak gerizekalı MTGK yi niye çaldın lan
JustSaiyanSteve Il y a 9 jours
Ive completely missed this, 2020 for ya.
ALMADIGATO Il y a 9 jours
SHOWWW 👏👏👏👏✌️
Jess Lyn
Jess Lyn Il y a 10 jours
مستر هيكل عضمي
i want hous in mars
roboticey gaming
roboticey gaming Il y a 11 jours
If you guys want to get a space walk on Mars you need bio fuel
Soumya dip patra
Soumya dip patra Il y a 11 jours
Mr. Elon Musk. I have a plan that is very beneficial for the present earth and Mars in the future so that we can live on Mars in the future so that we can take care of our earth equally. Every day we are throwing tons of plastic into the sea The chances of a tsunami coming up are increasing. If the rays continue, it may not be possible for people to build habitats on earth in the future. So in my opinion, we will combine all the class of plastic in the world and make a huge plastic shed. We will send that seat to Mars by rocket and place it on the North and South Pole ice in the shape of an umbrella. As a result, I will try to melt the ice of Mars in the same way that the ice of the earth is melting. It may take time, but as a result, the loss of the earth will be less. From INDIA 🇮🇳🙏
Ahmetilker Dogan
Ahmetilker Dogan Il y a 11 jours
Are you embarrassed ? The Child hardly came to play MTGK's channel
Ahmetilker Dogan
Ahmetilker Dogan Il y a 11 jours
Doritos Il y a 11 jours
Why did you hack the MTGK?!!
Jack Hoffman
Jack Hoffman Il y a 12 jours
Wondering how long till the west coast (Vandenberg or such) will have towers to launch crew...either dragon &/or starship.
كيريتو تشان
كيريتو تشان Il y a 12 jours
Please help IRAQ
Tyhg1231 YT
Tyhg1231 YT Il y a 10 jours
You want spacex... A american *Space company* to help Iraq?
arjun athvik
arjun athvik Il y a 13 jours
DM 2 e
MrProjective Il y a 14 jours
SpaceX Launch and Landing Compilation
Miloslav Charvát
Miloslav Charvát Il y a 15 jours
Everything is great but i don't understand the video quality!?
Matthew Romanillos
Matthew Romanillos Il y a 15 jours
This day is really Historical. I hope to meet them one day... Crew Demo-2 will end so it will then become Crew-1 due to the first crew un-demonstrational, but really real so this as Crew Demo-1 is just Demonstrating if its okay to send more humans to space or the ISS! Godspeed, Bob and Doug!
Chrystal Munoz
Chrystal Munoz Il y a 16 jours
Now I just ration
Alex G
Alex G Il y a 17 jours
What's the piece of music that plays at the very end over the agency logos? It's so optimistic and fitting.
Usha Patel
Usha Patel Il y a 17 jours
Lady at end; cri NASA dude: hehe
Mythical or Mystical
Mythical or Mystical Il y a 17 jours
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Егор Грищенко
Когда зделаете электрический экрано план))) вам бы пригодился))
Mythical or Mystical
Mythical or Mystical Il y a 18 jours
Mythical or Mystical
Mythical or Mystical Il y a 19 jours
Can you change capsule shape look earth magnatic field how it shap control solar radiation solar wind 180° ) carbon fiber can longer survive in ozone layer earth orbit!
Alex G
Alex G Il y a 16 jours
@Mythical or Mystical Holy shit, thank you for demonstrating why the third world will never be part of space exploration.
Mythical or Mystical
Mythical or Mystical Il y a 16 jours
@Alex G what are you saying you spooking with son of darkness black hole!
Mythical or Mystical
Mythical or Mystical Il y a 17 jours
@Alex G ya you smarter than me accept you have answer why earth can't fall down in space? But not me!
Alex G
Alex G Il y a 17 jours
@Mythical or Mystical Stop trying to tell people a hundred times smarter than you how to do their job.
Mythical or Mystical
Mythical or Mystical Il y a 17 jours
@Alex G learn aerodynamic it is much important for you tiles shape look earth magnetic field shap it protect you solar wind Strom!
black heart
black heart Il y a 19 jours
I wish born in2100 to get the best thing from humanity
Mythical or Mystical
Mythical or Mystical Il y a 20 jours
Hello sir can you deal with me I want scientists for space astroid mining preparation! Take more time I will share with you my project! Coming soon!
فؤاد النداوي
فؤاد النداوي Il y a 20 jours
Hello Starlink, please launch the service in Iraq. We are suffering from 400kbps internet speed and its price is very expensive. 40 $ Please save us 💔
Abhilash `Nox` Baruah
Abhilash `Nox` Baruah Il y a 20 jours
Muhammed Mehdi
Muhammed Mehdi Il y a 21 jour
Umarım ABD'nin denetimi altındasınızdır. Denetim altında olduğunuzu varsayarak sizi destekliyorum.
Ben Jamin
Ben Jamin Il y a 22 jours
NASA’s entire existence is to cover up and conceal the true earth, in order to condition people to believe the satanic lie of a spinning orbiting earth where man is an insignificant part of an infinite godless universe. Sounds crazy right? Think about the capabilities of Lucifer, who in the Bible is the god of the world. Doesn’t sound too crazy when you realize what a fallen angel is capable of. This will tell you everything, this is one of the best documentaries I’ve seen as to “WHY” the deception. It will blow your mind. And here’s an explanation of water being the medium of space More proof of NASA fakery!!
Dale Sajdak
Dale Sajdak Il y a jour
Guilherme Eduardo Carvalho Lol I’m Christian but to get this guy to shut up I agree. Hail Satan
Tyhg1231 YT
Tyhg1231 YT Il y a 10 jours
@Guilherme Eduardo Carvalho Satan's lit
Guilherme Eduardo Carvalho
@Ben Jamin hail satan
Ben Jamin
Ben Jamin Il y a 17 jours
Guilherme Eduardo Carvalho thats actually a buddy of mine LOL cause he was trippin when this photo was taken. Good call
Guilherme Eduardo Carvalho
Bruh get a haircut and quit trippin
study centre
study centre Il y a 22 jours
Elon musk I support you keep it up bro 🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜 I'm also a young inventer
halim ay
halim ay Il y a 22 jours
What if they have to take a shit in the capsule?
Fish Il y a 22 jours
Does corona survive in space?
Александр Иванов
Elon, take me to your work. Take me out of Russia, life passes me by. I am an engineer.
Александр Иванов
@Alex G in my country an honest man is a beggar
Alex G
Alex G Il y a 18 jours
That isn't his job. Do it yourself.
pedro labo
pedro labo Il y a 23 jours
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Gurpreet Singh Mahal
Gurpreet Singh Mahal Il y a 23 jours
Must watch information ...about the new Project of so called Mr Iron Man ( Elon Musk) #SpaceX #ElonMusk #Starlink #NASA #internet
루디타하 Il y a 23 jours
TIM Bong
TIM Bong Il y a 24 jours
Does the trunk that got jettisoned return to the earth's atmosphere and burns up, or does it just linger around space?
Yoo Bia
Yoo Bia Il y a 24 jours
welcome 老王😄💐
Andrey Infinity
Andrey Infinity Il y a 25 jours
In every video of SpaceX i dont see any ads even it has 4M sub 😮
Col.henchicken Vanpopbutton
Hey Elon Rather then wasting your time going to mars and find nothing. Why don't you move mars here into the habitable zone so it could actually support life. And while you're at it move mercury and Venus into the habitable zones too, mercury and Venus on the 90 degree marks and mars on the 180...
Cornelius Yalamu /Dati
Cornelius Yalamu /Dati Il y a 26 jours
i really want to see it go
Lossy Lossnitzer
Lossy Lossnitzer Il y a 26 jours
I take it this is a SCAM Channel trying to get money out of people that support SpaceX - Need to be shutdown for live streaming if so with Cryptocurrency request.
SDtoby123 Il y a 26 jours
Zenny Penny
Zenny Penny Il y a 27 jours
Fox Fews
Fox Fews Il y a 27 jours
im tempted to give a dislike for the facediapers of those cunts. what is wrong with u?
Tyhg1231 YT
Tyhg1231 YT Il y a 10 jours
Bitch you mean masks?
rok potrc
rok potrc Il y a 28 jours
Pri J
Pri J Il y a 28 jours
*Best on the internet* Made a beautiful video from Space Xs launch of Falcon 9 - Crew Demo 2 ...sit back and enjoy the experience!
Rebecca Black
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Isaac Boi
Isaac Boi Il y a 28 jours
Me: Builds Rockets in roblox
Gonew Il y a 28 jours
Hej elon what happens when Tesla is on fire. How to put it out
José David de León Q.
José David de León Q. Il y a 29 jours
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Mythical or Mystical
Mythical or Mystical Il y a 29 jours
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Mythical or Mystical
Mythical or Mystical Il y a 29 jours
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Pratyush Lenka
Pratyush Lenka Il y a 29 jours
I am from future 😃 and Elon Musk is a scientist in the Area 51 They have successfully befriended with the aliens and found a planet where all life forms exists Whats your view about this🤣🤣
Faraaz Allie
Faraaz Allie Il y a mois
Mr. Rabbit
Mr. Rabbit Il y a mois
Stop Clouding our skies!
pop5678eye Il y a mois
Which part of 'stay back, you are creating a hazard to both the recovery and yourselves' was confusing to all those Floridians in the boats around?
Tyler Il y a mois
Elon.....AKYAPAK USA is looking to partner with you in Turkey on a facility......utilize our equipment and we have 500K sqft available we want to partner with you in some capacity. I'm sure you would never ready this, but if someone is that is close to Elon, please reach out.
Mustafa Caglayan
Mustafa Caglayan Il y a mois
Allah belanızı versin
Ric Man
Ric Man Il y a mois
Bravo en tout cas aux equipes au sol, aux astronautes et à SpaceX qui nous refait rever ....par ces temps d 'incertitudes, l'aventure continue ...And The Road To Sucess Is Always Under Construction Bravo à Toutes et à tous
Zamroni Roni
Zamroni Roni Il y a mois
LIVE: Delta IV Heavy launches mega spy sat NROL-44 is fail now
MrRahja666 Il y a mois
Hey Elon did We play a duel today ???
Snadah Official
Snadah Official Il y a mois
P. Ö. H HSYN Il y a mois
Smart Gaming
Smart Gaming Il y a mois
Am only waiting waiting for 1 thing, "that starlink can work in your country "
GT R Il y a mois
Помогите этому каналу развиться
Md Mahim
Md Mahim Il y a mois
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Jellybeantiger Il y a mois
I blubbed at the end when the lass blubbed,USA did the World proud,gday from Melbourne,Australia,go NASA and SpaceX!
Андрей Юрчак
Help contact Elon Musk
Kimora Fulgham (Student)
i got sent here from school 😂😂
CØASTLINE Il y a mois
Check out our new single 'Mars', where we let Elon know what we think of his extraterrestrial trip!
bolaymrong bolay
bolaymrong bolay Il y a mois
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Eric Meuser
Eric Meuser Il y a mois
It pisses me off they take money from my pay check and spend it on this crap.
Tyhg1231 YT
Tyhg1231 YT Il y a 10 jours
This is SpaceX, a privately owned business, no tax $
Zane Diezel Juan
Zane Diezel Juan Il y a mois
Lmao nasa don’t even get as much as 20 Billion compared to the us military near 1 trillion . Also if you dont want to be able to go to other planets and become for futuristic then don’t pay taxes lmao
The Anders4710
The Anders4710 Il y a mois
Can’t wait to see mars with people living on it in 2030
Jai Ram
Jai Ram Il y a mois
7:46:36 successful sesarian has been done and bought the astra babies out
RAMBO -Brawl Stars
RAMBO -Brawl Stars Il y a mois
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Farook Aziz
Farook Aziz Il y a mois
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Пиф Паф
Пиф Паф Il y a mois
Илон Макс привет, я классный парень, возьми меня на работу!)😀
Ricky Davis
Ricky Davis Il y a mois
Aleksandr Pas
Aleksandr Pas Il y a mois
Спасибо за то что вы есть !
cynth0984 Il y a mois
4:45:33 3500 F is 1926.67 C
Aaron Priestley
Aaron Priestley Il y a mois
Imagine how incredible this would have been if they had 100's of screaming spaceX employees... Damn Coronavirus!
Shawn Il y a mois
I can't wait until I can watch these launches on "STAR LINK" Elon you truly are a Super Hero!!!!!!!!!!
*JÃÂZ* Jazir
*JÃÂZ* Jazir Il y a mois
Why there is no soft landing rockets it looks more cinimatic....
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