CRAZIEST Coincidences You Wont Believe

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CRAZIEST COINCIDENCES YOU WONT BELIEVE! What do you think of these amazing and strange coincidences? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! I'm SSSniperWolf! You can call me Lia, Sniper Wolf, whatever! I upload videos every single day! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack
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11 juin 2019




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Commentaires 6 329
Justice Mimi
Justice Mimi Il y a 21 heure
My cousin and I were wearing the same thing and same socks and same hair style it was funny and weird
Deepshikha Sharma
Deepshikha Sharma Il y a jour
Barbie fashionista is a line of barbie’s in different skin colours....
Hella Mega
Hella Mega Il y a 4 jours
I have a very unique look. I never ever seen anyone ever who looks anything like me.
Soft_Box Il y a 5 jours
I would catch the albino fly in a bottle and let it free outside
Adriana Biados
Adriana Biados Il y a 5 jours
When my grandma was smaller, she had the EXACT details I have now!!!👧👧-👵👧
Katie Webber
Katie Webber Il y a 6 jours
Why would you not "Snitch" that's literally a missing child....
Yasar Hawkins
Yasar Hawkins Il y a 6 jours
Fantasy Gacha 91
Fantasy Gacha 91 Il y a 9 jours
I have a friend named Emma we LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME and all my teachers at school call me Emma and call Emma abi and when I walk around the store with my mom I will see kids with the same clothes
Bella Hendrix
Bella Hendrix Il y a 10 jours
My gir Just introduced me to you far as video's go and you are so funny. I am a department manager at McDonald's And you make a good point about the ice cream machine and we have done it that way during the day but it takes 4 hours to get it completely clean it.
Alora Russell
Alora Russell Il y a 12 jours
I have brown eyes comment if you have brown eyes And make this blue if you have different colored eyes 👇🏿
The Boss
The Boss Il y a 13 jours
Got my hair done yesterday
The Boss
The Boss Il y a 13 jours
My brother eats Coco Puffs
spill the tea sis
spill the tea sis Il y a 14 jours
0:11 tho her face 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Marvel Fanatic
Marvel Fanatic Il y a 16 jours
The amber alert. I would have just held down the horn and be like POLICE! THERE BE A PERSON HERE!
oasis plays roblox
oasis plays roblox Il y a 18 jours
Lol I just got my hair did lol
Fun Furniture and ideas
Fun Furniture and ideas Il y a 18 jours
Kill it
Preethi Preethi
Preethi Preethi Il y a 18 jours
Someone got 21 4 leaf clovers in their backyard . LUCKY
Maria Kokosoulis
Maria Kokosoulis Il y a 23 jours
I once met a girl with the same name as me and we both have the same birthday.year day and month,wtfffffff
P W Il y a 23 jours
3:45 Why that man look like Gabrielle Agrest from miraculous ladybug
dabbing hippos
dabbing hippos Il y a 23 jours
When I was 7 a tree actually hit my car one like ecuals one prayer for my mom😗😗😗
Failing Life
Failing Life Il y a 24 jours
I'd destroy the Nissan
Rozen Il y a 25 jours
Oo la la mah names there at the first one COOL
Galia Tsabary
Galia Tsabary Il y a 25 jours
I wouldn't spare a fly just because it's albino. We shouldn't kill any insects unless we really have too. If your having too much insects in your house it makes sense to spray it but when it's not necessary please don't kill a bug that did nothing but exist. So what if a fly buzzes in your ear and annoys you? How would you like it if someone squished YOU?
groovyidragon Il y a 26 jours
2:29 i'm not eating that cereal ever again. thanks sssniperwolf. you really had to.
Callum Morgan
Callum Morgan Il y a 27 jours
8:20 onetime at band camp Like if yall get it
Ivona Marincic
Ivona Marincic Il y a 27 jours
my sis did
Orbee Butterfly Girl
Orbee Butterfly Girl Il y a 28 jours
SSSniperwolt you like my hair Me yes I do SSSniperwolt gee thanks just bought it Me you have to sing Ariana grunge SSSniperwolt hahahahaha
Cayla Marshall
Cayla Marshall Il y a 29 jours
Sandy Murshed Redwan
One time I called my friend and asked her what she ate and she was eating the exact same thing I was
Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts Il y a mois
Cookies with a side Of Gacha
A friend of my uncle was almost squished in between two trucks and was severely injured and then sent to the hospital...Don't drive between trucks is the lesson of that picture(AKA don't listen to the whipped cream truck
Charity Shumba
Charity Shumba Il y a mois
Who likes when she goes "hello there. It me! " No... Just me? OK😉
FoxyMatt PlaysGames
*GRAMMAR POLICE* * I just got my hair did. *correction* i just wen’t to the hair dresser to get my hair done No hate...
Boyoung Kim
Boyoung Kim Il y a mois
i'll kill it because i hate bugs
Boyoung Kim
Boyoung Kim Il y a mois
I have to snitch on that white car
anime weeaboo
anime weeaboo Il y a mois
7:03 wife swap episode 125 Karsons/Greysons
Caitlin Barter
Caitlin Barter Il y a mois
Ssniperwolf: Hello friends, it’s me! I just got my hair did! Me: I just got my nails did!
Lotus W
Lotus W Il y a mois
hehehe i live in md
Jade Blade
Jade Blade Il y a mois
Edvard Sandström
Edvard Sandström Il y a mois
8:54 that is Swedish number plates
sunlight flower
sunlight flower Il y a mois
My dad calls and text when his driveing he has the thing to hold the phone but hes like nahhh ima use both of my hands then *uses feet to drive only
Lexi Squad
Lexi Squad Il y a mois
No but I’m always being called my aunt daughter bc we have the same personality and look alike
Alley Westrick
Alley Westrick Il y a mois
Same I will kill it
wolf pup
wolf pup Il y a mois
Edris Sadik
Edris Sadik Il y a mois
Guys if your eyes turn a little bit blue that's mean you are in love or have crush
Sara Peters
Sara Peters Il y a mois
I have blue eyes with a brown outline
Galaxy _ Lana
Galaxy _ Lana Il y a mois
Omg i was eating nesquick when watching it lol it was really weird 😅😂
Anna Il y a mois
I would kill a fly
Jackson P
Jackson P Il y a mois
7:53 The poor Man's DigitalNex
joelkimba Il y a mois
I saw a albino honey bee!
Glitter _Starsss
Glitter _Starsss Il y a mois
you like my hair jee thanks just bought it I see I like I want I got it yeah
Abdi Ahmed
Abdi Ahmed Il y a mois
I’m not being rude but that she already fell because you can kind of see like this whatever I can grab paper wrapping the cops use just look again
Nikki Halstead
Nikki Halstead Il y a mois
I iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiìïœjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijiiiiiiiijiiiiiiiij
Deidre Norris
Deidre Norris Il y a mois
5:05 Insert 2 Fast To Furious clip of the Mustang getting flatten and killing the driver
CuteCubs Il y a mois
I tell the police
Addison Stanfill
Addison Stanfill Il y a mois
the girl in da pic looks like u
Hollys Journey
Hollys Journey Il y a mois
I saw a girl in woolies and she had the same hair do and almost the same hair colour and had the same outfit and she followed me!!!!
Elydia fernandez
Elydia fernandez Il y a mois
Laura B
Laura B Il y a mois
0:22 i would slam that car to get the cops attention
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