Courtesy of the Gentleman at the Bar w/ Brad Pitt

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Things escalate quickly when Jimmy bumps into Brad Pitt at a restaurant, and they begin to send complimentary food and drinks each other's way.
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Courtesy of the Gentleman at the Bar w/ Brad Pitt




19 sept. 2019




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Commentaires 80
Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt Il y a 7 jours
MY love Brad Pitt 😍😍😍
Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt Il y a 7 jours
I Love MY ídol Brad Pitt 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Pajo 17
Pajo 17 Il y a 11 jours
Can I order... Brad Pitt ?
7 Trumpets
7 Trumpets Il y a 20 jours
They are creeps- you will find out..
mariah •
mariah • Il y a 24 jours
Brad Pitt got sexier with age 😩
S. N
S. N Il y a 26 jours
Whole coconut with mini hammer. Rofl
Wendy Kim
Wendy Kim Il y a 27 jours
Pajo 17
Pajo 17 Il y a mois
Can I order ... Brad Pitt ?? 😍😍😍😍😂😂
A A Il y a mois
I love brad so much. He’s such a good sport as we say in Australia.
The Dude
The Dude Il y a mois
Idk how Jimmy fallon still has his position or hell even got it to begin with.
Lewis John
Lewis John Il y a mois
I see Jimmy, I stop watching 🤮
POWESS Il y a mois
the funny thing is that Brad could definitely afford that
Ricardo Andrade
Ricardo Andrade Il y a mois
Romana Gaborova
Romana Gaborova Il y a mois
Please watch
Rick Serrano
Rick Serrano Il y a mois
Lowell Calavera
Lowell Calavera Il y a mois
Glad to Brad drinking a coffee
Michał Tokarzewski
Tbh they can do better than that sketch
Biały Wilk
Biały Wilk Il y a mois
What a waste of food... I suppose this will be not shown in the recommended videos of a starving people.
megaplex2323 Il y a mois
Alright,ok.this was funny.
Mark Miller
Mark Miller Il y a mois
And this is funny why??
yannie sudarsono
yannie sudarsono Il y a mois
Brad Pitt is always Brad Pitt whatever he does is amazing.
Ivan Ram
Ivan Ram Il y a mois
A yiway
Kais Kanal
Kais Kanal Il y a mois
Where is Joey Chestnut😂😂😂😂
Mitchell Reid
Mitchell Reid Il y a mois
MLT Il y a mois
No Bloody Mary?...
Killer Of U again.
Killer Of U again. Il y a mois
Wjat are rough life. Enjoy the lies boys. Fake fake fake. But ha rich though. World is dead because of you fools. No person is normal if they arent as cool as you. All lies and jokes. Use your money to hide. While you can.
Juan Cruz Alarcón
Juan Cruz Alarcón Il y a mois
i wish Brad Pitt send me a pyramid of Ferrero Rocher ;_;
Ophelia Il y a mois
111 Add it.
Samuele Borella
Samuele Borella Il y a mois
minor major
minor major Il y a mois
What did they do with the food, eat it or throw it?
Samuel González Correa
Tooth paste and... orange juice. F***!
newl new
newl new Il y a mois
Despina Dimitriadi-Conger
Love you Brad
dantonliam Il y a mois
All I can think about now is tater tots
Bob Goodman
Bob Goodman Il y a mois
Fallon is an idiot
Malik Suleman Awan
Malik Suleman Awan Il y a mois
Courtesy of the #gentleman in the comments from #Lahore #Punjab #Pakistan ❤️😁🏋️💮
Chelsea washington
Chelsea washington Il y a mois
Mustafa Mark
Mustafa Mark Il y a mois
Well played 💪💪brad pitt
L Il y a mois
I'm not sure who's hotter Brad Pitt or Hrithik Roshan
your worst nightmare
First world problems!!
devilamir9 Il y a mois
Yo fallon, U not gonna do another dumbass sing-a-long with ur idiot hollywood phonies?? Worst late night host evahhhhh....
Billie Horne
Billie Horne Il y a mois
I needed a good laugh! THANK YOU🥰
Leo Gen
Leo Gen Il y a mois
Have you ever heard about "Potlatch"?
Maritza Martínez Rivera
Lindo,regio Brad.
Hey it's Me
Hey it's Me Il y a mois
No foods were harmed in this content
Atish Rath
Atish Rath Il y a mois
Toothpaste with orange juice
teresa smith
teresa smith Il y a mois
First time I saw this I laugh.
Mauricio Il y a mois
Such a funny sketch! Thank you for posting.
9 9
9 9 Il y a mois
I thought all bars and restaurants we're closed
scott matthew
scott matthew Il y a mois
Toothpaste with orange juice. Ha
LOC PHU Il y a mois
Keanu and Brad in a movie would be a blockbuster . Brad plays good guy and Keanu play bad guy. Who are with me?
mariama boumia
mariama boumia Il y a mois
Nul brad Pitt. Geste impoli à la fin
Md. J
Md. J Il y a mois
Miss Bee
Miss Bee Il y a mois
Thomas Fletcher
Thomas Fletcher Il y a mois
Jimmy just tries too hard . That joke lasted waaaay too long . It stopped being funny .
M. H.
M. H. Il y a mois
Thanks. I was looking for someone saying this. I agree, the video is not that funny. Brad Pitt is cool tho.
Elsa Martha Martínez Somohano
Jajajaja oh my God!!! What funny!!!
A Marie
A Marie Il y a mois
I'd like to be Brad Pitt's edible arrangement.
89 Alpha
89 Alpha Il y a mois
Tooth paste with orange juice LMAO
maurice burgess
maurice burgess Il y a mois
Chuck Norris should have walked in, given each man a roundhouse, and ended it with, "Courtesy of the man with the boot in your face."
Justice For All
Justice For All Il y a mois people problems. How cute. 😘
Manzana de la suerte
I love Brad Pitt's elegant comedy
Flavia Torres
Flavia Torres Il y a mois
Ronny Ron
Ronny Ron Il y a mois
amonavis73 Il y a mois
Not funny at all.
Ju Po
Ju Po Il y a mois
Erica Ferguson
Erica Ferguson Il y a mois
Angelina was sucking the life out of him!!
China Chew
China Chew Il y a mois
Brad Pitt is like fine wine.. my goodness 😋🥰😘
Anh Ngo
Anh Ngo Il y a mois
nigth elihan
nigth elihan Il y a mois
It’s a pity that there is no translation into Russian. I think it’s interesting. And fun. Brad Pitt💖
Charlotte Marie
Charlotte Marie Il y a mois
😁😂😂😂 Gorgeous🤣
Miguel Serafim
Miguel Serafim Il y a mois
Lisa Harmon
Lisa Harmon Il y a mois
Leyla Leyla
Leyla Leyla Il y a mois
Many seems 2 need glasses. Not see that Jimmy Fallon looks much better?! Compare 2 Brad Pitt 😅
LUIZ dos Santos
LUIZ dos Santos Il y a mois
Trinta hot dogs...kkkkk
Don Gonzalez
Don Gonzalez Il y a mois
Competición de a ver quien la tiene más grande
TOP interesting
TOP interesting Il y a mois *check it out this 👍👍👍 thanks 😊😊😊*
Helena Toriz Luna
Helena Toriz Luna Il y a mois
Lo que debes hacer cuando te invitan....... SALIR CORIENDOOO 💥💨
Jesus liebt dich so sehr wie es kein Mensch kann
marcos_rafael wolf
marcos_rafael wolf Il y a mois
Majid Arman
Majid Arman Il y a 2 mois
this was very funny 😂😂🤣🤣💞✌️💖😇
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