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Mariah and I go thrift shopping and buy outfits for each other!!
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8 juil. 2019




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Commentaires 1 594
Ethaniel my dude
Ethaniel my dude Il y a jour
i have those exact pants and shoes 😳 this is awkward
FM Dee
FM Dee Il y a 2 jours
Hey Heath👋🏾👋🏾😁 Idk if you’ll see this but it’s worth a shot 🤷🏾‍♀️ you’ve inspired me tremendously. I’ve seen your growth and it makes me realize that it’s possible to grow against all odds. I have two sons (7 month old & 5 year old). I’m only 20 years old and I work everyday to make sure my kids are well taken care of. Due to unfortunate events I’m currently in the eviction process. I never wanted my children to experience not having a home to call their own. I’m literally trying my hardest not to make that happen but when my mother doesn’t want to support me because I’m a lesbian, there’s all these churches who help people but refuses to help me & everyone just thinks me and my kids being homeless is a laughing matter. I’m trying my best to have faith because I know anything is possible. That miracles can happen. I just wanna thank you for being you. You help me refocus and understand that tomorrow can always be a brighter day. Thank you so much for all the laughs🙏🏾 I send peace & blessings your way. Love you man ❤️❤️❤️
sonta borgdorff
sonta borgdorff Il y a 3 jours
So mariahs an e-girl....
Penny Truell
Penny Truell Il y a 5 jours
“Hey guys, it’s Penelope” That hits weird when MY NAME IS PENELOPE. And for the record that’s not how I would dress. Periodt. BUT NO, LMAO I DID LOVE THE VIDEO HEATH😂
NK - 07BD - Churchville PS (1436)
heath i sware to god you got so much skinner
Hailey Long
Hailey Long Il y a 5 jours
theyre throwing hints that hes gonna propose. i know it. im waiting
Nitika Webb
Nitika Webb Il y a 6 jours
“get off my truck” 😂😂😂
felicia xo
felicia xo Il y a 8 jours
Wow I’m gonna be honest but HEATH AND MARIAH ARE SOOOOO AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER!!!! I love their dynamic they just seem so unapologetically happy with one and other! Keep loving each other it’s so beautiful to watch made me smile 😊
FireLily8 Il y a 14 jours
why does heath look so damn guilty when the dress didn't fit her 11:05
Mary Dragonee
Mary Dragonee Il y a 14 jours
“she’s a little worn BUT its character!“
C Cope
C Cope Il y a 17 jours
Are you saying you threw away the drink and didn’t say that’s un-berry-bull
Matilda Coleman
Matilda Coleman Il y a 19 jours
Tbh that thrift store looks exactly like the goodwill in Washington
Itz Zammi
Itz Zammi Il y a 20 jours
3:48 I been to that ranch and use to ride there kdjcksuc! Chats was great I miss living there!
ava reynolds
ava reynolds Il y a 21 jour
heath and mariah are THE power couple
Soybeanss Il y a 22 jours
Nicole S
Nicole S Il y a 23 jours
waaaaait where can i get that little push trashcan for my car?
David 420
David 420 Il y a 24 jours
If I can find a relationship like the two of them have I’ll officially feel like I did something with my life
emily albertson
emily albertson Il y a 24 jours
I work at Goodwill and the statement you made about the women’s section being worse is hella true, they do not give a fuck just throwing shit everywhere lol
Ethan Devlin
Ethan Devlin Il y a 24 jours
Anyone know the song playing during the parts where they try on the outfits?
Taylor Fogelman
Taylor Fogelman Il y a 28 jours
Maria: who the f**** is taylor me: i’m taylor 😂😂😭😭😭
Saranell Skinner
Saranell Skinner Il y a mois
What do they call each other?!😭😭😭
Bella Seavey
Bella Seavey Il y a mois
Saranell Skinner bubba or bub
Indy Gumbe
Indy Gumbe Il y a mois
Savanna Hammond
Savanna Hammond Il y a mois
Yall are my hands down fav couple on FRvid EVER
Emely Cerna
Emely Cerna Il y a mois
I didn’t know you lived in chatsworth
Andreya Harford
Andreya Harford Il y a mois
Heattttth ask Mariah to move in
Yoce Mejia
Yoce Mejia Il y a mois
I Love them together (':
olivia Il y a mois
mariah is so pretty she could be a model. she’s also so fucking funny and intuitive i wanna be friends with her🥺
Maddi Penz
Maddi Penz Il y a mois
Are we just going to brush over the fact that at 9:27 the size says other
ausernameofsorts Il y a mois
6:19 does anyone know where I can find Heath's vans shirt? I've been on the hunt and I can't find it!
Kaitlyn Maurer
Kaitlyn Maurer Il y a mois
Mr A
Mr A Il y a mois
heath wtf did you buy her! Poor girl 😂😂😂
Reska Il y a mois
Honestly my favourite FRvid couple! Literally perfect for eachother
Martin Vasquez
Martin Vasquez Il y a mois
yo i have that same black and green underwear, i’m so high rn lmao
Sully Saints
Sully Saints Il y a mois
oh i was there at 626 that day too lmao i was so hungry i didnt realize the earthquake 😅
50hellkat2 Il y a mois
Heath not stupid he doesn’t want Mariah to be showing off too much of the goods.
Morgen Alysia
Morgen Alysia Il y a mois
Ummmm low key want the brown jacket
Samarah Pierre
Samarah Pierre Il y a mois
DEVIL MC Il y a mois
Baba means grandma in a language i forgot 😂🤔
Tea Dogan
Tea Dogan Il y a mois
Croatian 😁
Sugnightk 2
Sugnightk 2 Il y a mois
11:07 he looked so sad
Dakota Daniel
Dakota Daniel Il y a mois
Heath is so damn fine 😍😍😍 #GayProblems
Renitaa j
Renitaa j Il y a mois
“Bubba” I love that🥺
All about Paulina
All about Paulina Il y a mois
I love this relationship ✨💕🧘🏽‍♀️
Allie Soon
Allie Soon Il y a mois
I literally love Mariah’s energy!
MadPowers55 Il y a mois
This is heath’s hot girl summer
Amy Skye
Amy Skye Il y a mois
They’re so cute together
aliciathom1231 Il y a mois
Also. Yalls goodwill got fancy tags
aliciathom1231 Il y a mois
You and Mariah are my new favorite people ❤
B.Sundae Il y a mois
What camera do you use Heath?
Nina Hagen
Nina Hagen Il y a mois
You should marry her 😁😍
Lory Shear
Lory Shear Il y a 2 mois
Deadass mariah is one of a kind
Lory Shear
Lory Shear Il y a 2 mois
Oooommmmmgggggg heath is so skinny
kristen Il y a 2 mois
Ok how do heath and mariah have the most complimentary personalities? Seriously they are soulmates!! So cute #lowkeyjealous
Camille Martinez
Camille Martinez Il y a 2 mois
I'm so sad :( I just saw this video and u guys went to 626 night market the day before I did and some of my friends went that day. Ughh I been trying to meet y'all for the longest I'm so sad now:(
itsDabby Il y a 2 mois
Come forward keep coming get off my truck😂😂
Katy Ruiz
Katy Ruiz Il y a 2 mois
I love goodwill I always find stuff there
Sam Baller
Sam Baller Il y a 2 mois
These are all good outfits!!!
Epicstars Il y a 2 mois
Tbh like heath no homo but like he look good bro like he got fucking style he can rlly rock anything😂
Alivia Barlow
Alivia Barlow Il y a 2 mois
2:54 awww “you are the one bubba” why can’t someone talk about me like that😂😂
Renee Kemp
Renee Kemp Il y a 2 mois
You remind me of typical gamer 👀👀👀 anyone else?? Just me??? Alright
Jessica Hickey
Jessica Hickey Il y a 2 mois
Ugh I love their personalities
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