COUPLE REACTS - Falling In Reverse "The Drug In Me Is Reimagined" - REACTION / REVIEW

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METALBABE and I will be reacting and reviewing to Falling In Reverse - "The Drug In Me Is Reimagined". Do you guys agree or disagree with our thoughts?
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Commentaires 80
METALBIRB Il y a mois
Polaris video is coming soon dudes, don’t worry. But there’s another band that we reacted and reviewed to coming even sooner. Can you take a guess?
Conrad Watson
Conrad Watson Il y a mois
@William Dixon their Linkin Park cover is okay, I really like their original stuff more though, like Lighthouse!
iMarcV Il y a mois
Listen to headcave!!!
tom ken
tom ken Il y a mois
Crystal Lake Sanctuary?
edward Sheridan
edward Sheridan Il y a mois
Silent planet - trilogy
Nazyair sengikar
Nazyair sengikar Il y a mois
So all we need is to see Ronnie Radke doing this live playing the piano.
TheHarlequin801 Il y a 8 heures
I love this version more than the original.
joseph bedoya
joseph bedoya Il y a 20 jours
You guys should react to cellar door by escape the fate it was ronnie radkes original band before he went to prison
Ree Weaver
Ree Weaver Il y a 25 jours
Our dogs look exactly alike
Johnny & Jaycee
Johnny & Jaycee Il y a 28 jours
Hey, what is the guitar riff at the beginning of your intro?? Sounds amazing.
timo bozeman
timo bozeman Il y a 28 jours
there's a dog passing 😂😂😂😂 watching from philippines
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith Il y a mois
this shit is a masterpiece. Much improved
Capty Il y a mois
I fell friendly
Scanners Il y a mois
Kathy Lukancic
Kathy Lukancic Il y a mois
Again, I've found a new favorite so thank you! The video was aesthetically pleasing and was perfect with this song. Superb! Ps. Loved seeing the doggy, lol. Hi puppy!
Nate Oehring
Nate Oehring Il y a mois
Background doggo cameo ftw 💯
King AJM
King AJM Il y a mois
Watch Lose My Life Falling in reverse
Esmeralda Munoz
Esmeralda Munoz Il y a mois
React to Hollow Front- Don't Fall Asleep
TheDaendric Il y a mois
What's your dog's name?
Corinne Nirdlinger
Corinne Nirdlinger Il y a mois
He was playing piano and he can play piano
Martha Rogers
Martha Rogers Il y a mois
This song is so amazing, i’m playing it on repeat for 2nd day ❤️❤️ 🇫🇷
Ernesto Salazar
Ernesto Salazar Il y a mois
The original isn't heavy it's more like catchy/poppy. It's what people would call scene core. I loved it. It was the 2nd single ever out in 2010. He has an album with his original band escape the date called dying is your latest fashion. Two songs have videos and are really good are "situations" and "not good enough for the truth is cliche" and from this band check out I'm not a vampire, the original DIMIY , Alone and good girls bad guys
Rizz H
Rizz H Il y a mois
The dog was like hold on you humans listening to a banger let me listen
Earth D C137
Earth D C137 Il y a mois
I've never thought the word "fuckin" could be sang so beautifully...
Aeryk Egnor
Aeryk Egnor Il y a mois
Silent Theory - Fragile Minds
lee whitesell
lee whitesell Il y a mois
i think this song hit her a little deep and the puppy sensed it.
I_Am_Dragoon Il y a mois
Now I want an entire album that recreates the original album in this way! :0
Zanarkand102 Il y a mois
The dog felt your emotions and the goosebumps and wanted to come over to console you...
Striffee Il y a mois
The original is more punk-metal than heavy. If that makes any sense.
XGN xLONEWOLFx Il y a mois
You are supposed to react not judge
XGN xLONEWOLFx Il y a mois
Do a research before u judge
XGN xLONEWOLFx Il y a mois
He plays piano, always had
Girl With The Plumbob Tattoo
You two are so cute lol great video
Sculpin Il y a mois
You should have listened to the other song first. Be more professional. Thanks
Kendra Boudreau
Kendra Boudreau Il y a mois
When he does the piano solo, the guitar solo still plays in my head 😊❤
Guitar noodle
Guitar noodle Il y a mois
Yes, Tim Burton vibes but in the Edward scissor hands way.
CD Il y a mois
Im glad my first time seeing this was with someone else. I had same reaction. Wow
Jason Field
Jason Field Il y a mois
I say you should react to Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliché and The Drug In Me Is You
Katelyn Byrnes
Katelyn Byrnes Il y a mois
Your puppy is good. Mine would have jumped up on my lap and been like "THIS IS ABOUT ME DAMN IT" hahaha
2horny2function Il y a mois
Yall should have reviewed the original in this video. But i wish that for Every video that reviews this song.
mt12450 Il y a mois
Been asking for Coldrain - January 1st. Beautiful slow song.
Matt Davis
Matt Davis Il y a mois
React to murder mitten by I see stars
Chaos and Duality
Chaos and Duality Il y a mois
Ronnie isn't just a singer
EagleAL3 Il y a mois
If i ever go to an opera i want it performed by falling in reverse they are awesomeness reimagined.
Noe Ramirez
Noe Ramirez Il y a mois
The original has such a fun vibe, its like a mixture between glam metal and emo, but its so fun sounding that I never paid attention to the lyrics until now. I didn't realize how dark the lyrics actually were.
JJ Coetzer
JJ Coetzer Il y a mois
Why have you guys stopped saying fucking? Any particular reason?
Shane Creamer
Shane Creamer Il y a mois
yall did a pretty good rating on this video but yeah the older run were a lil bit more punkish emosih style but if yall want to check out a good song by them from back in the day check out " its not over when its over"
Dud3 itsj3ff
Dud3 itsj3ff Il y a mois
He can’t even play piano Me: bet Okay he can Me: Mhmmmm that’s better 😅 🤟
Amanda Havens
Amanda Havens Il y a mois
I love the fact the big puppy came in like "hi guy show me some attention now" I loved that.
The Film Effect
The Film Effect Il y a mois
Code Orange - Swallowing The Rabbit Whole This is their NEW song!
Ryan Burrier
Ryan Burrier Il y a mois
Hahaha man I couldn’t agree more...definitely looks like something out of a Tim Burton movie
lady gaga
lady gaga Il y a mois
try listening to brother
Jonathan Bouthillette
Falling In Reverse - Chemical Prisoner
Romeo Oscar Bravo
Romeo Oscar Bravo Il y a mois
For me, the difference between the original version and this version is that this version almost makes you want to curl up in a ball a cry. But the original is a song you can rock out and party to.
Ioannis Mallis
Ioannis Mallis Il y a mois
He can play the piano! Lol
zoudain Il y a mois
Please do Code Orange - Swallowing the Rabbit Whole or Plini - Inhale next!
Brian Torrez Jr
Brian Torrez Jr Il y a mois
Yeah, if you haven’t heard the original react channels in general shouldn’t do this one first.
Hans Christian Thuv
React to Coming Home by Falling In Reverse
Samuroth Il y a mois
I don't know, I might be wrong, but a shiver behind your neck is a "chill"
D a v i D
D a v i D Il y a mois
Loved this version. Loved your reaction 👍🏻
Taskz73 Il y a mois
Great reaction. Since you are new to Slipknot can we get a "Spit it out" Live version at download? Been reacted to a ton of times but definitely your turn Haha. Great performance and crowd control by slipknot.
999 FINE
999 FINE Il y a mois
Yeah..... Ronnie Radke plays the piano. He wrote the music. It may have been another person playing the music he wrote while recording the song and video in studio, but the music is his. I can personally play 3 instruments well, and 2 not so well. One of them is piano so i can assure you it's possible for people that like music to be good at playing instruments, even multiple instruments.....
Emmet McNamee
Emmet McNamee Il y a mois
Yooo, Brand of sacrifice - God Hand! Thank dudes
ken martin
ken martin Il y a mois
I was on a Couuuch
Luke S
Luke S Il y a mois
As The Structure Fails-The Surface; awesome song and hilarious video
Frnnd Grm
Frnnd Grm Il y a mois
First reaction from you guys and I really liked it, already suscribed
Danio Putzlacher
Danio Putzlacher Il y a mois
Darlings, React to the new Polaris song called Landmine, plz. It's hell of the banger!
undeadfbgew Il y a mois
He can play the piano he can play a lot of diff instruments. The original song is such a diff vibe - 100% check it out
StranGaming Il y a mois
She thought he couldnt play piano. Lmao!!!! 🤣🤣 hes such an amazing artist lmao
The Fisco Killer
The Fisco Killer Il y a mois
Couple years? Nah more like a decade 😂
Jeff Lee Bass
Jeff Lee Bass Il y a mois
Poss the Boss
Poss the Boss Il y a mois
requesting alt. - Insubordinate
Rooster Kerr
Rooster Kerr Il y a mois
Gotta do some Butcher Babies and some Pantera just to see what you youngsters think about the beast from Texas.
Alex Ryken
Alex Ryken Il y a mois
Listening to this version before the original is a huge disservice to yourselves. This new version is beautiful but the original has a whole other tone and feeling. Hope you guys enjoy the original!
jc50gt Il y a mois
He cant play piano “i can tell” pfff. You don’t know shiiit
Jonni IInferno
Jonni IInferno Il y a mois
great reaction !! correct me if i am wrong - but - from METALBABE's reaction - it seemed she was connecting emotionally with the song - and your dog - picked up on the change in energy and came over to make sure she was ok and to comfort her. That's a really great dog.
Nacho Libre
Nacho Libre Il y a mois
Oh definitely watch the original drug in me is you by falling in reverse if you haven't already... then compare
Nacho Libre
Nacho Libre Il y a mois
Falling in reverse- coming home
justin stephenson
justin stephenson Il y a mois
Do the orginal 1st..
justin stephenson
justin stephenson Il y a mois
Its an older song drug in me is you.
LICHT888 Il y a mois
Like and Suscribe for the doggy, good video
Walt Howell
Walt Howell Il y a mois
BadOmens-DEthrone and burning out good songs
Galactic Acorn
Galactic Acorn Il y a mois
you should try reacting to the band I See Stars
edward Sheridan
edward Sheridan Il y a mois
Silent planet - trilogy is huge. Also can’t wait for your reaction to land mines
300Heretics Il y a mois
Skyharbor - miracle
Reacting To Quarantine