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[BBC] 'Ban kids from loot box gambling in games'
[Games Industry dot biz] French gambling regulator criticizes loot boxes, stops short of regulation
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2 oct. 2019




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Commentaires 80
darktennisball Il y a 8 mois
I’m not gonna lie, this sponsor is kinda cool
Zack ñø
Zack ñø Il y a 8 mois
Value :(
Super Dad
Super Dad Il y a 9 mois
We must collectively tell lootboxes and microtransactions to go away, but that probably won't happen. It won't. Nope.
Leinad Reign
Leinad Reign Il y a 9 mois
Valve is the Activision and Ea who gots acceptance by all players out there. Thats why I left steam aside. It is just garbage. Im not throwing money anymore into Gabes stomm-hole. He is fat and lazy enough already. And the "the boxes arent random anymore" isnt that true. The items are, with the xray proven, clearly already generated as soon as you get a box. And if we all recall that one patent of Activision, to individualize lootstuff to every player, we have another interesting thing in the face of valve, the better accepted EA/ Activision. Nobody should think, that the payout would be fair. Valve controls the entire market in CS Go, they can twist every screw on it without notifying. And I bet they clearly do, for maximizing profit.
krazyy Il y a 9 mois
This is just sad, really really sad and awful. Just one more reason to hate and not support those lazy fuckers over there at valve. Do u guys remember good old times when they made games like halflife, just to make us customers happy? ...yeah me neither. Its kinda blurry in my mind >.
wabsol Il y a 9 mois
belgium bans lootboxes, as a belgian player i was perfectly able to buy runescape keys and open treasure chests with them, you see a loot table scrolling by at the bottom but aint nobody got time for that and also it was there before belgium so called banning lootboxes
wabsol Il y a 9 mois
why did the toy industry never get mystery bags banned?
Sage Channel
Sage Channel Il y a 9 mois
I both like, and hate, the rocket league solution. I like the idea of the random reward you can buy at the end of the match, but still am not to keen on having to spend real money on that. If one is to spend $$, just give me a store front a reasonable (sub 1$) prices.
Sage Channel
Sage Channel Il y a 9 mois
That x-ray system is just opening the loot box- but you don't get to keep what's inside, until you spend money. Then, it's back to spending money to open the next one.
skyler brown
skyler brown Il y a 9 mois
How are lootboxes gambling, but trading cards not gambling? A pack of baseball cards are a physical interpretation of a lootbox.
David’s Prod
David’s Prod Il y a 9 mois
Sooooo a loot drop without “box” in it?
Yasac Il y a 9 mois
In MN there's a law prohibiting a Distillery from directly serving their own spirits at their own location like a brewery would with beer they have to sell you a whole bottle and you need to drink it elsewhere...or you can just ask for a private tasting and they serve you the spirits for free in their manufacturing part of their establishment so you actually know what you would be buying. Silly loopholes for silly things.
Tristan Mestroni
Tristan Mestroni Il y a 9 mois
Genuine question. What replaces lootboxes in the county's where they are banned? Like how do you get cosmetics in something like overwatch where there is no other progress?
CholoHD Il y a 9 mois
gambling is gambling & the CS scanner just turns it even more into gambling. Dont forget casinos has already impemented features like this, buying bonuses or features so that the next spins goes in a certain direction .. because its still gambling & you can still loose.
scitechian Il y a 9 mois
And now, for more "Everyday French" with Pierre Escargot! "Who broke the pickle pump?"
THE FUSION Il y a 9 mois
Gaben ..nobody can tell what you are trying to are a genious
Robhellspawn Il y a 9 mois
Are you gonna give Anomaly credit for using his vide
namcapX Il y a 9 mois
How is this any different than the system already in place? I mean, yeah, you get to see what's inside first, but you still have to claim it, AFTER PAYING, if you want to use the x-ray thing again. It basically makes the whole mechanic useless.
jonmg82 Il y a 9 mois
How on Earth did they miss that fortnite been doing this for a long time with their x-ray llamas
Ultragian Il y a 9 mois
Create multiple accounts to preview multiple cases and not pay for a key.
Porg Il y a 9 mois
In Poland cs go and league of legends are a lootbox plauge. People are spending loads of money on these. And the payoff is not that good. In cs go it doesn't change a fucking thing about gameplay, just skins
Sponge Bobby
Sponge Bobby Il y a 9 mois
My child has debt. Again, my 10 year old child has debt...
jonnygogo bravo
jonnygogo bravo Il y a 9 mois
I have know idea what you guys just
Chaxz Il y a 9 mois
Rocket League's new Blueprint system that they are adopting to get rid of crates is the perfect type of system for the consumer.
Nick Welch
Nick Welch Il y a 9 mois
Seems that soon even more games will feature gambling things.
CinderSquall Il y a 9 mois
huh... kinda sounds like the selector summon in a certain gacha game I play...
Pierce Love
Pierce Love Il y a 9 mois
Imagine getting mad at paying for cosmetics. The game is just as enjoyable without skins.
TheScinja Il y a 9 mois
As long as the loot box is cosmetic, I don't care how much idiots want to spend on loot boxes. If you fall for their marketing ploy that is on you. Next legislatures will try to ban the kid's toy where you pull the crank and it lands on a random animal because they are highly addictive to children and the adrenaline they get from the random outcome is making them all gambling addicts!
DasVERMiT Il y a 9 mois
So instead of gambling on what item you're going to get in THIS box, you're gambling on what item you're going to get in the NEXT box! LOL
James Meeks
James Meeks Il y a 9 mois
Nice skeleton trumpet at 1:16 ;)
Bell Drop
Bell Drop Il y a 9 mois
What, you have an option to see what's inside before opening it AFTER buying it? So, what happens if you don't open it cause it contains shit? Refund it?
Clyde Phalanx
Clyde Phalanx Il y a 9 mois
Pierre Escargot taught me very meaningful things
Shanty Town
Shanty Town Il y a 9 mois
Ya casinos can rig roulette, which is pretty bs imo
RubberBubbleWrap Il y a 9 mois
What if you paid a subscription to be able to get loot drops from finishing games, and like in borderlands, the loot is random? Technically is that gambling? It just seems too muddy to call random rewards in video games gambling, if there is no monetary gain. Still, a micro transaction is a micro transaction, and I’d rather not have any....
sir georgio alastrata
sir georgio alastrata Il y a 9 mois
So it's the exact same but with the useless cray thing, that's cool....
Brownie Il y a 9 mois
i dont get this dumb obsessions with skins xD the only one i REALLY REALLY wanted was "Definetly Not Blitzcrank" in LoL
George Hennen
George Hennen Il y a 9 mois
Not really dodging it when it's still big loot box time for valve since it's still a random chance and you are forced to buy the item you get out of the crate. You essentially are still just buying keys.
Martin Christensen
Martin Christensen Il y a 9 mois
I didn’t know that CS had sunken so low, it’s so stupid that it’s funny 🤣
James Barnes
James Barnes Il y a 9 mois
Still trying to see how lootboxes are anybit different than pokemon cards or magic cards. Same principle of randomness and the possibility of repeats. I hate lootboxes but dont see the point of Government intervention. Seems worrisome for card games and possibly other hobbies.
azterk2000 Il y a 9 mois
When talking about Gamblers Fallacy all I could think about was Gavin trying to convince RTPodcast? that flipping a coin isn't 50/50 chances of heads or tails.
The Satisfying Tire
The Satisfying Tire Il y a 9 mois
Bros I need your help! PLEASE check out the channel!! It’s ASMR! I need that bread bruhsss
S. M.
S. M. Il y a 9 mois
Did anyone relay this message to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint?
Daksh Pat
Daksh Pat Il y a 9 mois
*I blame mobile gamers for infecting us with this virus*
Dilandau88 Il y a 9 mois
If the mobile peasants just voted with their wallets and stopped actually buying these there wouldn’t be a problem in the first place.
Deontay Ginger
Deontay Ginger Il y a 9 mois
I got it, the lootboxes with have a clear case so that no matter what you get you already know before you buy it.
David Il y a 9 mois
Flipping a quarter is actually heads 51-49 tails
SleepingElite4 Il y a 9 mois
Remember when Valve actually made video games rather than pursue these shady business practices? Pepperidge Farm remembers....
DigitalBerserk Il y a 9 mois
thats why i love risk of rain 2....the loots ar einside the game free.
free2dayaccount Il y a 9 mois
X-ray is still gambling. You are still picking a random box to use it on
TheOdd101 Il y a 9 mois
I bet Valve will make it so there's high odds of getting a good item the first time you use the xray purely to get people hooked.
InvaderMEEN Il y a 9 mois
Valve is testing this in France probably as a precautionary measure, since recently the French court ruled that you have to be able to sell “used” Steam games. Valve probably wants to prevent France from aiming it’s sights on lootboxes as well, because their legislature does greatly influence the rest of the EU.
Kazuma - kun
Kazuma - kun Il y a 9 mois
Hump once for every weekday 1 on monday, 2 on tuesday, etc. Nice Doot reference. So Counter-Strike's loophole for anti-lootbox problem is... adding one extra step... but changing nothing. That's a pretty weak counter-strike.
Levi Il y a 9 mois
Using Papa Anomaly's videos. lol . Claim it
Jordan Fite
Jordan Fite Il y a 9 mois
only thing I know in French is “Omelette du Fromage”
Daniel Gilchrist
Daniel Gilchrist Il y a 9 mois
Yeah, one of the best Dexter's Laboratory episodes.
somniaK- Il y a 9 mois
Omelette au fromage* ;D
Travelling Gamer
Travelling Gamer Il y a 9 mois
Best way to regulate lootboxes is by NOT BUYING THEM!!! They will disappear very quick if nobody buys them. So why are people so dumb???
sketti boi
sketti boi Il y a 9 mois
On the 27th time its still a 50% chance itll be black
Mang Moe
Mang Moe Il y a 9 mois
Could they not implement something like drop rates for rarity items like gatcha games do? Cus if they see the rate of the drops for the highest to lowest people would consider rolling it, for example the highest rarity is like 3% or something they would consider rolling and risking not getting the item. If they don't get it well, the rate is there and you knew that the chances of getting the rarity is low. So thats your fault for rolling and taking the chance of getting it.
Kevin S.
Kevin S. Il y a 9 mois
You can say anything you want. This is a really smart move by Valve.
xpacerx Il y a 9 mois
I'm surprised you guys didn't compare the csgo x-ray lootbox to fortnite save the world lama loot boxes. Fortnite added x-ray to loot boxes almost immediately after lootboxs became a hot topic. Looks like Valve is copying them.
dann756 Il y a 9 mois
The last game I bought was forza horizon UK which was just beautiful. BTW it seems every video I watch now wants to play an ad while I'm typing a comment. I'd rather have the video play while I type rather than making everyone hate FRvid. I'm sure it's not legally OK to sell an AD while you never asked for it?
garrick97 Il y a 9 mois
rocket league is also converting all crates to blueprints and all keys to credits
OmnipotentPeaceMan Il y a 9 mois
WTF this is worse, its like micro transaction the loot box, You have to pay a little bit of money to spin the xray again till you get what you want then you can buy it. This is 100% UNDENIABLE GAMBLING! hahahha what idiot came up with this?
King Kool Kattz
King Kool Kattz Il y a 9 mois
CSGO imo is less lucrative considering u can tradr up garbage, sell garbage, on the market, and trading so people more or less have opportunity to break even, make profit, or just have other option to get what u want by trading up or trading with other players so u dont have to gamble for everything, this is pretty much what valve has gotten right with their games that have economies, not to mention sites like marketplace . tf and scrap .tf give u other options such as actually getting some real money back instead of lose all of it because u got garbage from a case or crate
Danny A
Danny A Il y a 9 mois
I remember not being as bothered by the loot boxes in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer because every item you got was removed from the pool for future boxes once it was max rank.
Steven Russell
Steven Russell Il y a 9 mois
They care more about the lootboxes than the game being full of cheaters lol
User Name
User Name Il y a 9 mois
Hey fat boy your sweater is too tight. Love ya
Paragon Bytes
Paragon Bytes Il y a 9 mois
First the gamble was to open up and see what's inside the loot box. And if you use the X-ray scanner and must claim the revealed item, the gamble now is wether to use the scanner or not? So nothing changes basically. They've only added an extra step. Wow, made by morons for morons
Shortbread Head
Shortbread Head Il y a 9 mois
it's funny how a US representative compared a gambling mechanic to a chocolate treat which is banned in the US.
KRob811 Il y a 9 mois
Shortbread Head as it’s a choking hazard, not because it’s gambling. I mean we grew up on literal gatcha machines for gumballs and stickers
Velean Il y a 9 mois
Just ban loot boxes under grounds of gambling.
killernat1234 Il y a 9 mois
Cosmetic lootboxes like in Overwatch are perfectly fine but games like fifa and call of duty which gives players a advantage over those who don’t pay more
Fabled Exile
Fabled Exile Il y a 9 mois
US. Kids/people get killed by easily acquired weapons. *shrugs* Kids spend money, people play games "LEGISLATION! GAMES CAUSE VIOLENCE"
Andrew Wilkins
Andrew Wilkins Il y a 9 mois
Just ban loot boxes, also microtransactions, they ruin games and as long as they exist producers will keep trying to increase monetisation. Young children don't understand odds and it's stil gambling and contains addictive gambling mechanics.
Lucas Tissera
Lucas Tissera Il y a 9 mois
Hey Lawrence, you know that bombas means bombs in spanish? It's a weird name for a sock company 🤷🏻‍♂️. Do they donate bombs to homeless shelters(?. I know you can't acknowledge this because it's a sponsor and it would be wrong to laugh at the name but it's a pretty unfortunate name regardless. What an oversight!
Nob the Knave
Nob the Knave Il y a 9 mois
How is this any different whatsoever? You still have to buy something so nothing changed!
DrBald Il y a 9 mois
And so nothing has changed at all. You can see that you lose and can’t check what’s in another box until you claim the other one. What’s the point.
DrBald Il y a 9 mois
I have spent $500+ on CS and have never a knife. That shouldn’t be a thing lol
Hypnos Il y a 9 mois
this is already a thing for few months in fortnite save the world lootboxes
okcrc Il y a 9 mois
Still gambling
kurushiiv Il y a 9 mois
Its still a lootbox
AlexGoesNoob Il y a 9 mois
Sooooo..... they basically just changed the animation that plays when opening the lootbox but you have to spend money after you saw you get an utter trash skin which basically means you still get the same outcome through switched means. This are advanced levels of 2000 IQ changes jesus christ.
COD man Out
COD man Out Il y a 9 mois
Give 2-3 free passes on the x-ray per day. Then it might at least be beginning to be acceptable
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