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The World Health Organization has appealed for almost 700 million dollars to help fight the novel coronavirus global health emergency. It says the money is needed to help countries that do not have systems in place to combat the virus. Meanwhile, the death toll is approaching 600 and more than 28,000 people have been infected. China's capital Beijing is not at the center of the outbreak, which is in Wuhan, but correspondent Mathias Bölinger found its streets and squares deserted as the government attempts to bring the disease under control.
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Commentaires 80
Lasantha Madushan
Lasantha Madushan Il y a 5 jours
Chaina is make a new virus Corona
rexcrossnet Il y a 11 jours
Take a good look my friends. It’s an historic moment. You can tell your grandchildren about how all people stayed at home for a long time and cities was empty.
Mick Bryan
Mick Bryan Il y a 11 jours
who wants funds use money you get from china
Jordan Rivers
Jordan Rivers Il y a 12 jours
HOSEA 4:6 .
Jonathan Grabban
Jonathan Grabban Il y a 15 jours
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Lalkaji Bishwakarma
Lalkaji Bishwakarma Il y a 20 jours
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Wu Yaodan
Wu Yaodan Il y a 21 jour
China was a ghost town for a month, Germany is becoming a graveyard.
larryjohnny Il y a 22 jours
Poor reporter seemed bummed out :(... So sad!
will smith
will smith Il y a 23 jours
This is what we call the real EARTH DAY. Mother earth reminds us that she also need to be cleaned from pollution. She now reached her time to reboot.
Yanbo Liu
Yanbo Liu Il y a 23 jours
haha your country is going to be ghost towns. next time be careful of the wording
Jay Amarillo
Jay Amarillo Il y a 29 jours
Thank this country for containing the virus efficiently so instead of a billion getting infected there are only couple thousands outside of China. Those who are ignorant would only perceive every necessary and wise measures in a idiotic way, besides that they’d joke about other’s pain. We’ll see who they’ll laugh at, joke about, and blindly insult when their own countries have major outbreaks, without a capable government to save them. Better not cry for donations from China.
D JL Il y a mois
We wood support even stricter measures, that's 10 social credit points for you, I would appreciate the real figures and the real cause for the outbreak personally, the CCP has done this to the world
Sten-Åke Dahl
Sten-Åke Dahl Il y a mois
1978 China took a decision in ORDER TO reduce it´s enormous population of 800 mill. It was a serious decision and not sloppy because there were hard punishments if you broke the new one child rule. Now think for yourself how much have they succeded to fulfill the goal? They say we have fukfilled goal now which was a great reduction I estimate to 600 mill and there are 20% more men than women now. Now tell me if this seems rather well estimated it takes 2.1 child per woman for a fixed population.
Davian Nitz
Davian Nitz Il y a mois
Should I go there with no mask and sniff and lick everything hoping to catch the virus?
Ibrahim Alvi
Ibrahim Alvi Il y a mois
This is Time think what happening and what can we do come to Islam study the Holy Quran and get right Path please
Magnus Soevgaard
Magnus Soevgaard Il y a mois
The lies continue about the bioweapon
Joseph Abbott
Joseph Abbott Il y a mois
Looks like a bunch of Antifa people, doesn't it! Come on out Xi, let's play you putz!
Robert Jerome
Robert Jerome Il y a mois
This is going to get bad.......
Realistic Il y a mois
Corrona could kill Chinies politcians who are responsible for this world wide MURDER
Lillian Elliott
Lillian Elliott Il y a mois
Many people are dying, this is very serious!!! All in your Bible Matthew chapter 24. Jesus said, I am the Way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me. John 14:6 Ray asked Jesus to save you to come into your heart forgive you of your sins in the name of Jesus. Read your Bible tell others how to have eternal life
jahanzaib Dhillon
jahanzaib Dhillon Il y a mois
Love you china from pakistan .....may Allah bless you🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
Husna Imaan
Husna Imaan Il y a mois
Chinese government are sooo evil the civilians would never say if they had it & the Chinese people saying the strict measures are good but sadly they didn't tell the rest of the world the TRUTH when they should have...
Husna Imaan
Husna Imaan Il y a mois
That's sooo scary
randy tabron
randy tabron Il y a mois
WHO wants money why they no do nothing
Bisnis Alamy
Bisnis Alamy Il y a mois
Big city locked down..?
Matthew Edwards
Matthew Edwards Il y a mois
China created the virus!!
Miracles Happen
Miracles Happen Il y a mois
No eye protection, but a mask. Seriously?
Kunal Thakur
Kunal Thakur Il y a mois
Nice news information by DW News about Coronavirus turns bustling Beijing into a ghost town
Robert Jerome
Robert Jerome Il y a mois
Death is pretty serious.
Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson Il y a mois
This man has bigger ones than Bagdad Bob! He should be on CNN
Tony Uzi
Tony Uzi Il y a mois
The forbidden city is now covered with MASK ...
BUZZPL0X Il y a mois
natural selection is in place
Aequitas Il y a mois
God bless Wuhan. Hold those irresponsible officers/leaders accountable for concealing news and delaying action.
Kelly Charles
Kelly Charles Il y a mois
This is not SARS at all
Sten-Åke Dahl
Sten-Åke Dahl Il y a mois
The oceans of desinfection which is used on everything will damage the life of humans and animals and insects which is terrible and this will affect the drinking water and all water and the insects will die and the effects will be seen and then it´s to late .
Speak Life Garden Homestead & Permaculture
Because if they said they weren't happy with China, they'd disappear! Duh
Sten-Åke Dahl
Sten-Åke Dahl Il y a mois
Now we can understand why China is not to be found in the prophets works about the future!
pengy Il y a mois
his reporter is not to smart-bare-headed in the snow. real bright bulb
Lizziewithluv Il y a mois
I'm currently in Beijing and far away from the city but I haven't left my house in ages, my school has changed to e-learning and I honestly don't know when its ever gonna open again.
Busan Bitches
Busan Bitches Il y a 16 jours
Please stay safe..purple youu💜
Muyun牧雲 Il y a mois
Fight the Virus战胜
Handy Sandy
Handy Sandy Il y a mois
Screw WHO!!!!! Countries shouldn't give them a dime, after calling countries xenophobic against chinese people. Stating how countries shouldn't close their borders, stop flights in and out of china and to not stop trading. Yet they're discriminating against their own people. Which doesn't mention that. WHO, the UN always claim they need money to help other countries. Why don't they use the billions they receive in funds, just for something like this or have they already gave their reserves(to china) while they continue to beg for money.
parker bryan
parker bryan Il y a mois
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J S Wari Chennai
J S Wari Chennai Il y a mois
i beleive and trust nilavembu kashayam will cure any stage of CORONA VIRUS infection. Contact TAMILNADU GOVERNMENT, INDIA
tuan tranmanh
tuan tranmanh Il y a mois
Pang's Labyrinth
Pang's Labyrinth Il y a mois
*Its got bells on it.*
Pang's Labyrinth
Pang's Labyrinth Il y a mois
*Its got bells on it.*
godscop999 Il y a mois
Perfect day for walking the dog, and not much else.
mauricio echeverria
wow can you say fascism
Martin szmidt
Martin szmidt Il y a mois
just a flue bro
Aaron David
Aaron David Il y a mois
Whose maning all the cameras to keep the sheep in line?
Prespa Il y a mois
The snow maybe will kill the virus
khalid hasan
khalid hasan Il y a mois
I'm so sick of seeing people wearing those flimsy napkin operating room masks! THEY! DO! NOTHING! Get your hands on a N95, or P100, or an outright full grade gas mask! Even Darth Vader and Kylo Ren know the importance of a heavy-grade mask!
GeminieCricket Il y a mois
Wear glasses!
Toki Voki
Toki Voki Il y a mois
In this way GOD demostrate hes power to let you all know only he ist the allmighty!
Leo Pu
Leo Pu Il y a mois
It is called psychological weapons in modern Cyber warfare. This is a new idea from Social Engineering. Social Engineering is the act of influencing someone’s behavior through manipulating their emotions.
Leo Pu
Leo Pu Il y a mois
Don’t be brainwashed by anything, make your own judgment.
Leo Pu
Leo Pu Il y a mois
I am a Chinese who studied and worked in US, and now reside in Canada. When some of my colleagues in Ottawa took trips in China, especially in those big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, they were all stunned to tell me what a speeding and modernized environment and society it is. The same thing happened to me when I started my international student life many years ago in US, I was very surprised to acknowledge that how advanced and motivated this country and society is. Because I was educated that Chinese should be the pioneers to liberate them from the poverty.
Leo Pu
Leo Pu Il y a mois
I wish you guys can watch Mr. Nathan Rich’s video describing current Beijing situation under Coronavirus. The whole world is a complex system. One of its fundamental characteristics in sociology is it could be observed totally differently in different perspectives. This is non-linearity in mathematics, Chaos theory in physics, etc. It is better to judge in an objective and fact way.
Rene Otten
Rene Otten Il y a mois
Karma. For boiling dogs and cats alive.
NIKHIL SHAH Il y a mois
eat every thing including human
James Tan
James Tan Il y a mois
Taking temperature and impose restriction is not discrimination but precaution and preventive measures to control a pandemic from spreading.
Nick Baylis
Nick Baylis Il y a mois
There saying mask don't stop from getting virus but what they want is do just not try to protect our self's u never know if it help so I feel very upset when they saying that it don't help we got to try life is nice and we deserve to do what we want to protect our self's go jump off a mountain all who's saying damn
Malachi Seer Israel
Jeremiah chapter 30:11 kjv
girlgeniusNYC Il y a mois
Mr Reporter - please wear a hat when you are outside!!
Ana Mohd
Ana Mohd Il y a mois
Punishment from god when the people of China eating exotic foods coz the virus came from things you eat.. god bless the countries now. Hopefully it’s cure faster and people stop taking all exotic foods then.
Alex Mattie
Alex Mattie Il y a mois
Either you know you all eat some crazy food or you will believe anything anybody tells you.
science & technology
Coronavirus is SOMETHING new, absolutely healthy person dies in 11 seconds without the symptoms of the virus, being a carrier without symptoms for up to 14 days. No one knows what it is. Already in Moscow and other cities it is. The mask does not help, cough in the elbow, wash your hands for 1 minute with soap after the street.
no u
no u Il y a mois
1.5 million + more every day is the actual number of people infected in china. 250 million are quarantine. Wuhan 49 crematoriums are burning 1200 bodys daily. China 2 new hospitals and 11 conventional centers are overrun with infected people. There is no cure or medical treatment for the coronavirus so the patients are put into small rooms and locked inside with no food or water or phone calls. the hospital isn't the place where they take you to get better , it's the place where they will die and then be taken to the crematorium. China is under biosaftey level 4 quarantine
Deepak DeeJack
Deepak DeeJack Il y a mois
God bless China and entire human race!!! We never know, when we leave this world so be kind and happy💜🐈god bless you all !!
Delicia Estes
Delicia Estes Il y a mois
Deepak Deepak, 🙏
218philip Il y a mois
For a country whose leaders place little value on human life karma would be for this virus to make the rounds behind the palace walls.
Conversation Il y a mois
Those brainwashed chinese at the beginning “its good the goverment took those measures they should impose even stricter” should get their brains checked
Delicia Estes
Delicia Estes Il y a mois
Conversation , they're scared to say what they really feel for fear of retribution.
Panzerfanlol Il y a mois
I know its better than nothing at all, but surgical masks don't help basically at all. They're designed to stop spit and snot from going outside not stopping them from coming inside. Sure, they stop it, but when you breath in it might touch your lips depending on things. Also bruh if someone coughs or spits in your face with or without that mask and they're infected you're now infected. Simple as. But hey, better than nothing (maybe).
Berk Keskin
Berk Keskin Il y a mois
while town Jamaica
Berk Keskin
Berk Keskin Il y a mois
while town
Raquel Obiado
Raquel Obiado Il y a mois
it's ok they got what they want bat eater and dog punisher cruel people must be wife out from the surface of the planet 🌍 earth....
It is not discrimination but such plain COMMON SENSE.
Pallab Saha
Pallab Saha Il y a mois
It looks and feels like North Korea.
HGST Il y a mois
Don’t forget most of the population are back in their hometown for the Chinese New Year and some of those cities had been shutout and they can’t come back to the major cities
red vegiesoup
red vegiesoup Il y a mois
when u have over 30 million people what do u think will happen? over populated, no care for living life, but themselves.. and greed!! karma is paying back... no wisdom from the Chinese, anymore!!!
red vegiesoup
red vegiesoup Il y a mois
big joke. u support the govt!! wow.
All masks which appeared in this video are useless!!! n95 minimum, n99 even better!
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