Coronavirus cases have risen sharply in China

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China has recorded a sharp rise in the number of corona-virus cases, with 242 deaths today in the province at the centre of the outbreak - after officials started using a broader definition to diagnose people. It's taken the total number of people affected across China to almost 60,000.


And in the UK, a woman who turned up at a hospital in south London has become the latest person in the UK confirmed to have the virus.


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Commentaires 80
eses han
eses han Il y a 19 jours
The punishment of torture you made for the Uyghur Muslim people is just a virus sent by God.
vozypensamiento Il y a 22 jours
El porque han inoculado el coronavirus. Entrevista de audio grabada en enero de 2010
TheZodiacz Il y a 23 jours
MSM fearmongering
Pinchers Badu
Pinchers Badu Il y a 26 jours
And God the most powerful is in sky sleeping while people believed he created are dying. Here i say "There Is No God" How living things etc came about is still unknown, and it's a top secret.
Victorious One
Victorious One Il y a mois
Lo rd Jesus. Please. Halt his virus right now in the mighty name of Jesus amen thank u Lord for you will do this for us amen
Pekabaran Akhir Zaman
7 plagues was circulating in this world ? 7 kutuk sedang dicurahkan ke bumi?
Karışık İçerik
關於我頻道上的COV。我有康復之源。 Guānyú wǒ píndào shàng de COV. Wǒ yǒu kāngfù zhī yuán.
Andrew Lordson
Andrew Lordson Il y a mois
I was able to get face masks from Dr Hasan he was able to supply with over 400,000 pcs so i will do advice you all to do kindly get to him at +90 543 585 38 92 on whatsapp
Ilham Rahayu
Ilham Rahayu Il y a mois
bebaskan sodara muslim kami yg di china kalo lu gga mau diserang virus corona
Vivian Wu
Vivian Wu Il y a mois
I don't know where the media found this artist. He is not famous in China at all. Believe me, we Chinese people know more about the operation of our government than other people who don't live in China, and many people hate such concealment, but it's not only China that conceals the information, many countries will do the same, because most of the people are stupid, and panic will cause more serious attacks than virus. Some of his ideas are out of date, but he is right that the West has never really understood China and has always relied on their guesses, as it is now. Finally, he really won't disappear, because no Chinese care about him, except you guys😑.
Scullex Il y a mois
Who Is bullshit also renaming corona virus to covid19 to stem awareness is awful. The WHO is useless.
Entropic Il y a mois
"a few hundred people" 😐 They're burning 10s of thousands of bodies rn.
Tomo Il y a mois
Welp, bye bye UK
Tamara King
Tamara King Il y a mois
Like I said before China needs to be held responsible for their action against crimes against humanity
Jaystarz2000 gaming
USSR of China still lives.
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B
So, we underestimate China way too much.
Oshin Miller
Oshin Miller Il y a mois
This is a wake up call to all nations,kindred,tongues, the lord is at hand all these signs are birthpain for our lord jesus to reclaim for his saints. Get ready and be ready. If the lord returns and see us sleeping were all in big trouble. The lord is at hand. May God be will you all . Who have an ear let them hear!!!!!!!!
Lonely Noodle
Lonely Noodle Il y a mois
They're burning hundreds of bodies every day... Yet they tell you not to panic. The only thing they care about is the economy, not the lives lost.
Richard Hernandez
Richard Hernandez Il y a mois
Is it possible that coronavirus-19 could be transmitted by a cities water system including sewer ?
Hanan Alamiir
Hanan Alamiir Il y a mois
We advice you, as islamic prophet Muhammad (peace upon him) adviced as... That honey traeat all diseases except death..
username Il y a mois 😷🤒😔
Irene Ho
Irene Ho Il y a mois
Enough is enough of lying! Time come for the whole world to "deal with this evil,China",using whatever means available!!!
Othen Business Services
The Coronavirus when it becomes a pandemic, will wreck the worlds economies!
Othen Business Services
Hard to comprehend when journalists are arrested for not following the CCP restrictions, so many in the Western Media repeat their statistics as fact!
Robert LESS
Robert LESS Il y a mois
Unfortunately health workers worldwide are using insufficient respiration protection, putting there own lives at risk. The only reliable protection against airborne viruses like COVID-19, Ebola etc. is a full face over-pressure mask:
Frank Leung
Frank Leung Il y a mois
Ebay Coronavirus Proof 3M Face masks on sale: ​ N95/FFP2 StandardN95/FFP2 Standard
Fat Nut
Fat Nut Il y a mois
I'm going to disappear soon, he knows hes going to be killed
Rodrigo Il y a mois
The only reliable source of information about china is SERPENTZA's channel, here on youtube. Check it out.
hola me
hola me Il y a mois
I need heed help... I have symptoms fever and cough... I'am Lituahianian residing in hong kong... So worrried and scared 😭😭😭😭
Bush Ape2019
Bush Ape2019 Il y a mois
it can take up to 24 days yo incubate,,and this isn't over with yet,,,so i wouldn't go cheering to much yet
Julian Nyagahima
Julian Nyagahima Il y a mois
How could she be so thoughtless if the uber driver's life as well as all the other passengers he would pick after her. She could have called a friend and asked them to gp to the hospital ie she could have called 911 instead and explained her situation, she could even have written her message in a white bed sheet and plastered it on her wall!!! This is why sometimes too much freedom is a licence to Kill!
towels towels
towels towels Il y a mois
This is communism’s fault
Ward M
Ward M Il y a mois
I find this man to be very wise. "China's gov like a big mafia" W. Bush literally SOLD the West to China in exchange for promises. What a dope he was/is - Eight years is not enough time for Trump to 'beat' China. We lost. Walmart & HomeDeport won. Americans lost.
ko napi
ko napi Il y a mois
Donations may be used to pay for the Mafia. I think most of the time people are really in need of money when they think about what they need, but I don't think there is a donation used to pay for the workforce . Supplies can be wasted. Some people want to work but are not hired for various reasons. Can you create a system that allows those people to pay for donations for short and easy self-selectable jobs? Some people cannot go to the hospital. The mafia easily eliminates people. 寄付金がマフィアの戦費として使われてしまう場合がある。 本当に困っている人には何が必要なのか考えた時にほとんどの場合、物資としてお金が使われることが多いと思うが、私は労働力の代金として使われる寄付金があってもいいと思う。 物資は無駄にあまってしまうことがある。 労働したいけれど、色々な条件で雇われない人達がいる。そういう人達にできるような短時間で簡単な自分で選べる仕事に賃金が寄付金で払えるようなシステムは作れないだろうか? 病院に行けない人もいる。 マフィアは簡単に人を排除してしまう。 However, if it becomes very difficult for all human beings to survive on equal terms, we must reach each other quickly and without waste to better wisdom. I believe that the future will end quickly and shortly unless we change to a world full of ways. I think it is necessary to improve the donation law. It doesn't mean you have to make money. To reduce those who misuse donations. Donated money is not money that can be used freely, but donated money with a sense of purpose = money used by people in need. I think it's time to change the system worldwide. しかし、もし平等に全ての人間が生きていくのがとても難しい条件になった時はお互いに早く無駄のないより良い知恵に辿り着かなければならない。 色々な方法であふれた世界に変えないと、未来が早く、短く終わってしまうと私は考える。 寄付金の法の整備が必要だと思う。強制的にお金をとるという意味ではないです。寄付金を悪用する人を減らす為。 寄付するお金=自由に使えるお金ではなく、目的意識を持った寄付金=困っている人が使うお金。 このようにシステムを世界全体で変えていく時期だと考えます。 h/why=yhwh=360° eddiee55
Sean Pan
Sean Pan Il y a mois
Not really.
Rick Lee
Rick Lee Il y a mois
Why such a big deal when normal flu kills over 60k 70k maybe 80,000 people according to 2018 data? I dont get it? Why now so much media when this virus only killed 1,700 plus people? Is the media so bored they need to invent news? How about reporting and lock up the crooked politicians? Now there's a good idea and we are all waiting for that news...
Loic Gao
Loic Gao Il y a mois
Chinese government is taking the best way to deal with coronavirus, and the situation is going better, and will be under control perhaps by the end of Feb. As my understanding, communist vs democracy, it s not ez to find out which one is better, communist is much more efficient society, and democracy is more freedom, if you want to get rich quickly from a poor family, then go to communist, if you are already rich, and don't need too much money, then go to democracy.
Elaine Jackson
Elaine Jackson Il y a mois
important to control rumors to prevent panics
Randy Ledford
Randy Ledford Il y a mois
Something doesn't add up....
Azur D
Azur D Il y a mois
Quit bringing the infection home. A nightmare now in Nebraska and other states. Stupid.
joy renae Blessed
joy renae Blessed Il y a mois
I dont know why I think this is a man made disease. Because of the overcrowding in China. Now it got out of hand.
Kaddy leigh
Kaddy leigh Il y a mois
@joy renae blessed I definitely think it's a man made disease but for what reason, I don't know. I definitely agree with you.
Hans Matthew Nierves
Revenge for all the animals who have died in china's hands
Luke Wilmot
Luke Wilmot Il y a mois
Channel 4 reporter: The Corona Virus is the biggest crisis for China, since Perhaps 1949... Yea nah, Who wrote your history books, the Chinese?
Unreliable Narrator 66
Wow, politicizing COVIS-19 wit Ah Wei Wei?
Brett Pechatsko
Brett Pechatsko Il y a mois
China is doing this bc they care about there people lol
Brett Pechatsko
Brett Pechatsko Il y a mois
You really think they dont know how to stop this .
Ms. Leah so Adorable
They keep reporting on this ship to steer our attention away from what’s really happening in China 😫😫😫
Hassan Omar
Hassan Omar Il y a mois
Tell china to treat there people with black seed oil. That seed is very effective on any flu like diseases. Its even used to treat TB
Jophy Joe
Jophy Joe Il y a mois
Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Jones Il y a mois
Spitting on
kenneth Oros
kenneth Oros Il y a mois
How self centered that hag that called uber. Possibly effecting him who else this dumb person possible effect.
Mrs. Amy Campbell
Mrs. Amy Campbell Il y a mois
Quit eating bats 🦇
James Ford
James Ford Il y a mois
donald fee
donald fee Il y a mois this is very bad
donald fee
donald fee Il y a mois this is very bad
Oliver Grumitt
Oliver Grumitt Il y a mois
However bad the outbreak of this virus turns out to be, it does show that if humans can not control their own numbers nature will eventually do the job for them. With its vast population, resulting in So many people packed together in buildings - a tall block of flats could contain 50, 60 thousand people or more - and with their unhygienic habits and lust for wildlife products which mostly don’t have the benefits that people in China think, then China is the perfect incubating ground for Deadly viruses. It can’t be any coincidence that many of these potentially deadly viruses, like the SARS virus some years ago, originate in China.
Apostle Shada Mishe
Bless the LORD Dr Hansen. In 2002 I was divinely given Ambush, the cure for HIV/AIDS. Ambush is a uranium isotope extracted from a palm plant found in Florida. In the 1920's the Govt dumped nuclear waste from their nuclear program into the swampy Everglades. The palm plant has picked up this waste and transformed it into Ambush, the cure for HIV/AIDS. As a Pharmacist, I have given it to hundreds of AIDS patients and after 5 months they have seroreverted to HIV NEGATIVE. The Govt. has my file on this and I have 34 videos on FRvid. Could it be possible that since Ambush KILLS the HIV virus the it could be beneficial to people with the Coronavirus ?? On Sunday 2/16/20 the LORD said that the scientific community will start listening to HIS servants when the death toll has reached 50 MILLION. Please contact me for a more expanded discussion and PROOF.
Thayne Tuason
Thayne Tuason Il y a mois
For no greater God is there than to kill religion itself.
James Simpson
James Simpson Il y a mois
CARNIVAL CRUISE LINE's Diamond Princess, you mean.
Niylah JayPheonix
Niylah JayPheonix Il y a mois
Aww why he say I'm a disappear soon? I hope not 😟
S M R Il y a mois
western propaganda..all rubbish
Xrry Il y a mois
Even the doctor don''t know how to use a mask, hahahahahahh
Scriptures and Signs of the End
Are the Chinese blaming the west for the coronavirus?
tiffsaver Il y a mois
Bill Gates will be THRILLED with this news...
Alruda Charlton
Alruda Charlton Il y a mois
Ben Wong
Ben Wong Il y a mois
Mr. Ai is 100% correct. CCP is clearly one big marfia!!! Never trust them. Take back the supply chain from China!!!!!
Dim D
Dim D Il y a mois
Firstly I don’t support the racism or discrimination. Iguess it is to do with their diet too. They eat everything that moves . Bat soup snake soup and all sort of dead animals (causing the virus. Because these insects and other things that you are not suppose to it which give you the virus. and animal torture for their fur being tortured and sold and the pure dogs that they kill and eat. So I think people are scared in general and a public too. also taking everything into consideration.
Moon Noggin
Moon Noggin Il y a mois
The perfect man to interview. He is so wise.
DR Paul
DR Paul Il y a mois
China very secretive of the origins.
William Bodie
William Bodie Il y a mois
that artist is a complete bellend
Henri Pheenachaikul
What about that Uber driver eh?
Aje Shaluba
Aje Shaluba Il y a mois
S Type
S Type Il y a mois
Before I screwed up my life I went to see Wei Wei's exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. I was out there seeking women to no success. Should have been focusing on my art.
S Type
S Type Il y a mois
Who sounds biased against China
Creator of Conclusion
Buy a OxyBreathPRO mask to protect ownself from the video description link:
Han Solo
Han Solo Il y a mois
typical Chinese blames the west. China had sars and didnt learn from it like we did with the plague and the spanish flue.
Matthew Mckean
Matthew Mckean Il y a mois
0:45 why is there an old soviet hammer and sickle flag flying?
Appalachian Restoration
30ppm Colloidal Silver is what we all need. I sell it and will offer a major discount to subscribers here. Message me if interested. Ptiwms at gmail dot com
Hari Seldon
Hari Seldon Il y a mois
I guess the important thing is China is not going to run a big deficit.
Pakob Aksone
Pakob Aksone Il y a mois
Yes, China situation now was and is created by the West. If the West have let China b communist for as longer as it can b or never distirt China. China will be easy to contain, and China will never be able to compit with the West. But some idiots of the West who can only see China as 1billions and plus comsumers now, have free the monster, and the monster yes have to suck some blood, and now we r worry. Same as all republicans representatives and Senators in the USA can only see that a check from the NRA is more important than the safety of their kids in the USA schools, theaters, public places, or even their cousins homes.
Addicted to TAKIS
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