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From writer/director Gaspar Noé and starring Sofia Boutella. Climax - Now playing.
DIRECTOR: Gaspar Noé
CAST: Sofia Boutella
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14 août 2018




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Commentaires 1 393
chistitan Il y a jour
That was scary
JerichaG92 Il y a 3 jours
I’m trying to watch every a24 movie out there somehow I’ve never heard of this one I could t finish enter the void so idk if I’ll watch this one
jeonlyxoxo Il y a 4 jours
I was super excited about this movie. Director, sound track, etc... I just fell that if you are not a druggy, or never taken an acid (bad) trip. You probably won’t u understand. I was disappointed...
wiinterflowers Il y a 5 jours
Black Swan on drugs and it looks so damn sexy!
Marzhio Il y a 6 jours
mi pelicula favorita
Created By Seere
Created By Seere Il y a 9 jours
Is Paris really this blacked? Jesus Christ, there's only two white people in this whole movie.
Jsjxjx Jxjxj
Jsjxjx Jxjxj Il y a 7 jours
DAMN!!you people if there's too much white people they criticizes and if there's few white people they also criticized
Christian Hernandez
Christian Hernandez Il y a 11 jours
didn't love, kinda sucked, i envy those who understand what the film is trying to show/tell.
Brizey Il y a 12 jours
jülide Il y a 12 jours
what is there dance called?
Silenton Il y a 10 jours
Mix of contortion, krump, and vogue.
İsa Erdal Ergun
İsa Erdal Ergun Il y a 14 jours
What is the main philosophy of the film? Dante's divine comedy? the crisis of existence that cioran speaks of? if Noe only wants to tell about the chaos under the influence of drugs, next!
Bread Harrity
Bread Harrity Il y a 18 jours
Supernature by Cerrone at the end there. Nice.
John Smith
John Smith Il y a 19 jours
I'm a big fan of the Step Up movies and other lighthearted dancing flicks. Is this good for me?
Nathanial Woods
Nathanial Woods Il y a 19 jours
Ok, I now know the world is full of idiots. The choreography was ABSOLUTELY garbage, timing, execution, and literally majority of hand flinging and squating in position and bouncing 2-4 inches from the floor. And apparently alot of folks have never done acid. But the worst part was the entire acting.... dialogue in particular and cinematography. Appreciate watching the entire last 30 mins of the movie upside down. This will be the first and last film I watch produced by the French.
altar7 Il y a 20 jours
"what doesn't kill me makes me stronger" I'd like to think that the movie exposes the stupidity of that cliche quote
altar7 Il y a 14 jours
@Fleisch Berg Reminds me of one of the best grafiti I saw on a wall in Paris. "God is dead" signed Nietzsche Someone wrote under it: "Nietzsche is dead" signed God Ironically, Nietzsche died mad and miserable, not stronger. Grow the F up..
Fleisch Berg
Fleisch Berg Il y a 14 jours
Theres NOTHING stupid and even less cliche about that quote, it's the way life works. It's from Nietzsche, the same guy who announced "god is dead", and THIS is what this movie is really about. We are the last humans, too tired and weak to even die out of our own will. We are not bridges to the over-man, the super-man, the Über-Mensch, because we don't know how to play and dance with the seriousness and determination of a child. When heavens have collapsed, what will you strive for, what are your values in a world where you have no choice but to become your own god, unless you wanna voluntarily delude yourself?
LeeseMedia Il y a 23 jours
This apocolypse.. A Clinton/Epstein production...
alex guerrero
alex guerrero Il y a 23 jours
saw it a few months ago, many of the high tense moments are stuck in my head forever. it was a RIDE.
Ágatha Rhull
Ágatha Rhull Il y a 24 jours
I love
outSider Cain
outSider Cain Il y a 26 jours
How to kill a party: >Play any Gaspard Noe movie. How to trip ball with PCP: >Play any Gaspard Noe movie. How to get Xanax prescription: >You know what to do
Ignacio Cuevas
Ignacio Cuevas Il y a 28 jours
So many beauties... but Gazelle, ufff. Giselle Palmer, I searched for her on Google but only found the pornostar with the same name. Keep searching
kretasabbatical Il y a 29 jours
One of the best trailer i have seen in my life. Watched the movie today on Netflix. Can't stop watching the trailer after this again and again.
Rin Wesley
Rin Wesley Il y a mois
Noe's films always make me feel violated and miserable. They're superbly done, visually stunning, but I always walk away from the experience thinking I was better off without it.
Rin Wesley
Rin Wesley Il y a mois
Set and Setting indeed.
Spharion Il y a mois
Another progressivist non-sense movie.
Lma Rk
Lma Rk Il y a 29 jours
You didn't see the movie, it's a critique
Neil Alan Gaskin
Neil Alan Gaskin Il y a mois
One of the worst movies I have ever seen ..... EVER! 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
hodor Il y a mois
Recently added to Netflix in my country, should I watch it?
J Il y a mois
Thomas Dillard
Thomas Dillard Il y a mois
Victor Daniel Ruelas Almada
hodor yas
Phillip Cohen
Phillip Cohen Il y a mois
This shit scared tf outta me lmao
Zir Zot
Zir Zot Il y a mois
3/10..the trailer is better than the movie
David 8th Generation Synthetic
This movie is literally happiness and sadness.
DJGamingSmash Il y a mois
I thought I remembered a shot in the trailer of Sofia running and busting open the door into the snow. Why do I keep remembering cool movie moments that didn't happen?
UsagiWhiteNight Il y a mois
I got here because Vanessa said it was her favourite film...
Fast Zombies
Fast Zombies Il y a mois
What a waste of one hour and thirty-seven minutes
xu xi
xu xi Il y a mois
I watched it last week and to me it's a 4/10.......SPOILERS: there are like just 3 good scenes with good acting and there are distubring scenes that are really good too but the rest? a lot of skips and if it made sense or not doesn't really matter cause you are going to be worried about one thing more than the rest and at the end everything will be so sad and idek how to describe this movie but it is too long and boring.... THE DANCE ROUTINE SAVED THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Madonna's former dancer ate her character
jay willingham
jay willingham Il y a mois
God this was an awful movie. Completely pretentious, narccissistic, and boring. One of the worst ive ever seen.
Jhania Smith
Jhania Smith Il y a mois
Good luck if you plan on watching this movie while not sober. Jesus Christ.
tom milkshake
tom milkshake Il y a mois
Manooo, hasta el tráiler es arrechisimo xd
Catalina Peque
Catalina Peque Il y a mois
T amoooooo
bruck teen
bruck teen Il y a mois
Vean EMA el trailer
Far Sean
Far Sean Il y a mois
What does a bad trip feel like? Me : watch the climax !
Shaq GasEngine
Shaq GasEngine Il y a mois
A.K.A. Showgirls: Reckoning
Z Reviews
Z Reviews Il y a mois
I hope Jay Bauman has seen this.
sayid tan
sayid tan Il y a mois
İzle ve yaşa 😉
Stephen Jones
Stephen Jones Il y a mois
Um, so, I watched it, and I feel like dropping out
XWolven Il y a mois
Movie was also terrible because I've never seen anyone act this way on acid. Sure they were worse off because of the liquor in the punch but still.. nobody could be this dumb. Models are dumb as rocks and these were close to that being dancers, but not even models are this dumb. Just the worst people on the planet happened to get fucked up together and nobody in that group had any experience tripping? I don't believe it. This could only happen if inmates in an insane asylum were dosed. I only watched to the end to see who the fool was that spiked the punch and it kinda shows but doesn't really make much sense other than an experiment maybe?
XWolven Il y a mois
BTW cocaine actually helps to control the acid. It just allows more focus on the many things going on in your mind at one time. Allows better parsing. Also weed is good for taking off the harsh edges, making you relax more and not freak out as much on things. The only Bad thing they mixed is alcohol and hard liquor does the opposite of the Cocaine, taking away ability to focus on things or parse your thoughts.
XWolven Il y a mois
@Edward Tigersoul I know full well how varieties of people react on LSD. This movie was still ridiculous. What are the odds of having an entire 50 or so people that all have nightmare trips. If it was anything like this then things like Raves would not exist because they would all be full on disasters. Even those having nightmare experience can usually hold out fine just being a little reasonable, and also others will help them through it. It doesn't make everyone a narcissist selfish asshole. Many become even more caring and empathetic.
Edward Tigersoul
Edward Tigersoul Il y a mois
LSD affects people in multiple different ways. Some people become happy and smile, and generally have a funt time. But then for others LSD trip can be a literal nightmare, where they don't know where they are, or they see things that scare the shit out of them. And I think aggression is also one of the possible mood changes while on LSD. I haven't had experience with LSD, but I follow a certain youtuber who has had experience with it (and other bad trips from other kinds of drugs), and to him it was quite realistic depiction of real life bad trips. And if you watched the movie, you'd know that many of the characters don't do any drugs, so of course they don't have experience with that kind of stuff. There are characters that do use drugs, but not LSD, like cocaine. And I think it goes without saying that cocaine and LSD are pretty different in terms of effect.
XWolven Il y a mois
The sound really pissed me off in this movie. It could have had an amazing soundtrack bringing back electronic hits from the 90s and they did have great songs but Gaspar, was too lazy to edit the sound into the movie directly, instead it just plays with the usual distortion that comes from recording music played in the background through a PA system. WHY?!! Didn' t he record the music played and then re-edit it back into the film scenes? Or hell use different music, anything but recording the crappy background music. Really shitty b-movie quality production.
Kevin Dalton
Kevin Dalton Il y a mois
Fav movie in a long time
Jeremy Trager
Jeremy Trager Il y a mois
This is the best movie of the year.
蔡俊賢 Il y a mois
Mr Mac Lipstick
Mr Mac Lipstick Il y a mois
Two types of trailers: 1. shows you the whole movie 2. have no f**king clue wtf is going on
Aleksandra Olegova
Aleksandra Olegova Il y a 2 mois
This is so stupid and unrealistic! LSD can't cause that kind of agressive behaviour :)
P3RRI Il y a 2 mois
Spoilers All fucked up, but the thing that really got me was the mom and her kid
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy Il y a 2 mois
I love this movie...
Jacory Cook
Jacory Cook Il y a 2 mois
This movie was amazing , I love the camera angles in this , at first I was like o it's a party then it was hard to watch disturbing
Kutsal Kurt
Kutsal Kurt Il y a 2 mois
Jacory Cook true
Suni :3
Suni :3 Il y a 2 mois
A pasado un año exactamente después de este trailer:)
Diego Prods
Diego Prods Il y a 2 mois
Seen it today, my head is still hurting. Were these people dancers / friends? Or just a bunch of fucking animals? Hated those loooong static boring shots.. THis movie sucks
weepingguitars Il y a 2 mois
Does a drug like this exist IRL?
Hareesh Nair
Hareesh Nair Il y a 2 mois
A24 is doing what Disney should. 🖤
Matze T.
Matze T. Il y a 2 mois
aweful trailer. still dont know what its about. guess im not gonna watch it then
Kutsal Kurt
Kutsal Kurt Il y a 2 mois
Matze T. Watch it
Edgar Rodríguez
Edgar Rodríguez Il y a 2 mois
Gaspar Noé how can you be such a genius? This movie is so full of meaning.
J Il y a mois
Whats the meaning?
Dubs Mashes
Dubs Mashes Il y a 2 mois
Very Bad movie 👎
Diego Rivera Fuentes
Diego Rivera Fuentes Il y a 2 mois
Picture is perfect on this movie. Maybe 40 minutes without stopping the recording. AMAZING!
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