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China has extended the Lunar New Year holiday to keep people at home and contain the spread of the new Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. The death toll has jumped to 80 people, with more than 2,000 others infected. The virus has appeared in all of China's provinces except one, and in at least 11 other countries. Travel bans and lockdowns of entire cities have put tens of millions of people under quarantine.
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Commentaires 80
Alex Jumangi
Alex Jumangi Il y a 3 jours
How many tractors are needed to do the job. Looks seriously staged.
Alex Jumangi
Alex Jumangi Il y a 3 jours
Jumps? From what number to what number?
Pickup Q
Pickup Q Il y a 12 jours
just compare the comments under this video and the ones relating to sad situation in Europe....sigh
Little Miss Travel
Little Miss Travel Il y a 13 jours
This is all being created by 5G technology. Look it up. Much love 💗
Jyoti Takne
Jyoti Takne Il y a 15 jours
Why people eat all kind of animals on this earth?
maubaouify Il y a 21 jour
Stop soon international traveling ok a lot money , but nesersas
Victor Yanez
Victor Yanez Il y a 21 jour
Still want to argue for open borders? If the Democrats would be in charge they would have the blood of millions of Americans on their hands. The same Democrats that resisted Trumps efforts to close are borders earlier are the same people that criticized him by asking what to him so long to do it.
Ruth Collins
Ruth Collins Il y a 26 jours
Why do businessmen need to travel to other countries? Skype, FaceTime, conference calls and other services should be used. Save the business money, save risk to employees and stop spreading the bug unnecessarily.
DOAMA Il y a mois
Oh, oh, and get this... The UN will *NOT* be placing travel and trade restrictions of China, like, at all - despite the fact this virus originated *IN CHINA!* No, instead, their citizens (AKA: Mobile disease spreaders) are allowed - by globally inacted law - to enter other countries, spreading the virus even further... Yay!!!
arthur zaoutsos
arthur zaoutsos Il y a mois
this guy sounds insane
TANAY BHOMIA Il y a mois
i hope it stays away from india Because china has some good financial aid but india lacks in it Hope no one dies ✌️
Lau Fiu
Lau Fiu Il y a mois
Jay R Carlos
Jay R Carlos Il y a mois
I am starting to imagine Healthcare Protective Equipment are being use Universally whether your outside/inside hospital. No exception if you are healthcare provider or not..
m raider
m raider Il y a mois
Ramped up birth pangs from prophesy in Thessolonians and revelations. Get right with Jesus before its too late.
dave roche
dave roche Il y a mois
This sounds like it might mean a massive die off for China and the rest of this world of course our media is barely mentioning it on broadcasts.
Dieter Soegemeier
Dieter Soegemeier Il y a mois
So why are they not using proven high voltage high frequency electro magnetic field technology that Russian and American goverments and military have available and been deceloping for 100 years now. Tesla had this working !@) years ago but has been hiden from the public due to the fact that big pharma and the AMA will not maje any money from it.
Arizona Native
Arizona Native Il y a mois
Who believes the Chinese government 👹🔥☠️🔥 They released the virus on their own people 👹🔥☠️🔥 WE KNOW IT’s A BIO WEAPON 👹🔥🔥 Sick evil monsters 👹🔥☠️🔥 lie lie lie
notshell hampie
notshell hampie Il y a mois
The saying goes, " How you treat animals is how one will treat people.". People over there are probably becoming far more severely abused than we will ever be allowed to see. Animal karma is in full swing.... Curse of the Pangolin Arises
randy tabron
randy tabron Il y a mois
What lock downs like ship that was south of Bangkok that had a bunch of China people on it and Thailand wood not let them off of it witch is very good
Ben Stroked
Ben Stroked Il y a mois
please don't panic, your government planed this, every thing is going just as planed. its fine people.
Timothy Calhoon
Timothy Calhoon Il y a mois
Well, the elitist got their biological way to depopulate a great part of the universe! Look out’s coming your way and all around the world...biological warfare at it’s finest...thanks China for your gift humanity never wanted!
David Stavros Onassis
They created this virus in a lab. They will let it kill and tell you there is no cure. When millions are dead they will SELL you the already existing cure. Reality.
TnA Plastic
TnA Plastic Il y a mois
υlтяα ιηsтιηcт υткαяsн
Thumbnail: Future trunks arrives in 2020 to fight Corona virus. Me: Click
Jacob Dight
Jacob Dight Il y a mois
Bru so can we not use stuff from china now?!
Juanita Flores
Juanita Flores Il y a mois
God bless China's people and help them.
Clint Vick
Clint Vick Il y a mois
If it has to be very close contact to spread, why is China spraying/fogging the streets?
Lenie Saint Loth
Lenie Saint Loth Il y a mois
Take a bunch of thym, it a kind of spices, makes an infusion with hot water, not boiling water and drink for 5 to 7 days two to 3 times a day. it is working.
Lion and Lamb
Lion and Lamb Il y a mois
They are NOT building hospitals. Tell the truth! These are quarantine with thousands of cots all in open where virus will be in the air. They will all die! They are put there only to wait to die. Tell truth! They do not have medical supplies or doctors to handle the number of ppl government is bringing in.
Steven Wolf
Steven Wolf Il y a mois
when coronavirus type II claims a half billion communist Chinese. close the borders!!!
Foxyroxy1961 Il y a mois
Whoever started this China gonna put them to death.
Lucky Charms
Lucky Charms Il y a mois
I watched videos of their market and karma hurts sometimes
Diane Shelley
Diane Shelley Il y a mois
So many people joking around about this. This surely is no joke. It is time to get serious about what is going on. It is time to pray for people to accept Jesus as their Savior. Time to pray for forgiveness for themselves and others. It's time to get right with Almighty GOD.
Liz Botica
Liz Botica Il y a mois
And now 1 week on, we have a crisis of international concern.....And how many cruise ships have disembarked and spread the virus around already?
Brendan Brown
Brendan Brown Il y a mois
THE W.H.O. are fakes in bed with china, suppressing the real numbers of dead
Velvet Remix
Velvet Remix Il y a mois
Y’all takin about the budlight disease
Ho Oh
Ho Oh Il y a mois
Pharmaceutical companies will make billions. Tax payers around the globe will fund the research out of fear. The biotechnology lab in Wuhan will begin roll out of the next virus for human trials.
Michelle Mitchell
Michelle Mitchell Il y a mois
Lies, thats what i say.They dont even have the tests for this virus and i dont believe anything they say. It could be biological warfare or some kind of fungus.
tony brooks
tony brooks Il y a mois
I find very odd when some one has the virus all ways news & doctors say doing well ????
Erastus Okotie
Erastus Okotie Il y a mois
Depopulation agenda!!!💯💯
Lillian Elliott
Lillian Elliott Il y a mois
It is all in the Bible Matthew 24. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father but by me. John 14:6 Ask Jesus To save you to come into your heart forgive you of your sins. You will have eternal life
Debra Trumbo
Debra Trumbo Il y a mois
And all I see on this particular site are SMARTASS, SNARLY COMMENTS. Come on people . Human beings are dying. Jesus.
Debra Trumbo
Debra Trumbo Il y a mois
We in America are praying for resolution. If we were in this situation, China would help us. I know they would . We are one world. Human beings.
Stevie Leeson
Stevie Leeson Il y a mois
Think of this. It spreads as fast a the flue can.
Mcr Red
Mcr Red Il y a mois
STOP eating cats &dogs
Canal Breegoso
Canal Breegoso Il y a mois
toma dipirona que passa
mr. JH
mr. JH Il y a mois
Dont worry people. Just live ur life and obviously if you see somone with a cold as what u might have done before this whole thing got blow out of portions, you stay away from them. People... do u really believe this is something new that human species never seen before... come on now...
Quran Now
Quran Now Il y a mois
This is a divine punishment like what happened to egypt during Pharaoh's era . God sent them nine different successive natural epidemic & disasters to stop torturing the Israelites . China should free the Uyghur people whom they isolate , humiliate , torture & exterminate for their religion ! Can't you see that you are now punished & isolated likewise . And the whole world isolated you !!!! What a similarity !!! Though The Uyghur have been quarantined for many years now . God can destroy you power if you wrong his worshippers . Sorry Chinese citizens . Repentence will save you . No hatred at all . By this we just want the ' modern ' world to know about this genocide . Please watch videos and documentaries . really depressing & horrible . China should stop the genocide otherwise they will experience more divine punishments .
Coronavirus Il y a mois
WHO is a chinese bootlicker organisation
Tolindra Collins
Tolindra Collins Il y a mois
What an act to check temperature of a asymptomatic virus
sam samte
sam samte Il y a mois
What if you were having fever because of some other issues on ya body but not anything related to the virus? Does it still means ya infected? Lol
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones Il y a 2 mois
Another Century of humiliation for China.
Nata N
Nata N Il y a 2 mois
Just bizarre Why not they just cremation all victims?
KeilaCelesT CM
KeilaCelesT CM Il y a 2 mois
Es por que consumen utds mucho perro y gato y ratones... Utds contaminan el mundo con esas comidas...
M Il y a 2 mois
Zekiahjey Hadzeah
Zekiahjey Hadzeah Il y a 2 mois
They couldn't control the protestor so they released a virus. Now they can't control that. Good job China
Captain Foley
Captain Foley Il y a 2 mois
Mainland China is such a disease
SMG Scorpion
SMG Scorpion Il y a 2 mois
Millions of people have already left the city before the first case was confirmed. One infected could spread to 4 ~ 14 other people around them if the virus mutates.
Dick Stephenson
Dick Stephenson Il y a 2 mois
China deserves the ostracism of the human race.
Michele Jordan
Michele Jordan Il y a 2 mois
And...It HAS spread person to person in the USA.
o o
o o Il y a 2 mois
Someone get me a beer. A Corona perhaps?
SuperAvocado Il y a 2 mois
Who would have thought that staying in mom's basement watching porn and playing games would keep you alive?
Johnny Hall
Johnny Hall Il y a 2 mois
Great update thx guys ❤️
NuNu Ding-Lam
NuNu Ding-Lam Il y a 2 mois
don't forget we can track travelers by airlines, AI is best tool to see ppl movement 14 days before and after to create prediction map even ppl contact ..etc
D Man
D Man Il y a 2 mois
I have seen videos where people are literally DROPPING DEAD on the streets. One minute standing, the next minute DEAD before they even hit the ground.
H L Il y a 2 mois
The new virus mortality rate is lower than the seasonal flu, take a hard look at cdc data, the current viral out break is common and consistent with the rest of viral infection.
Carla Grado
Carla Grado Il y a 2 mois
Lool " this virus does not seam to be spreading" Did he really say that?
Reg Watson
Reg Watson Il y a 2 mois
The reason is has spread everywhere because China and the rest of the world were too slow to slam the gates shut, happily allowing people to land on planes all over the world directly from Wuhan and disappear into the respective communities spreading the germs everywhere.
Berly Il y a 2 mois
Exactly, they should have shut down the border immediately.
Jesus From Eksarxia
Jesus From Eksarxia Il y a 2 mois
WORLD OF WAR Z 2 : the movie based on true story (PROPHECY )
En fet katt
En fet katt Il y a 2 mois
This virus isn’t dangerous because it’s made in China ;)
Budhy Dahler
Budhy Dahler Il y a 2 mois
💀 😷
Şifa Il y a 2 mois
您已经迫害了维吾尔族土耳其人Allahu Teala,您认为自己将把它留在身边!无论您怎么想,这个世界都将与您同在,被杀死的每个人的流血双手都会垂在脖子上... ... Nín yǐjīng pòhàile wéiwú'ěr zú tǔ'ěrqí rén Allahu Teala, nín rènwéi zìjǐ jiāng bǎ tā liú zài shēnbiān! Wúlùn nín zěnme xiǎng, zhège shìjiè dōu jiāng yǔ nín tóng zài, bèi shā sǐ de měi gèrén de liúxuè shuāngshǒu dūhuì chuí zài bózi shàng.
jakob sharp
jakob sharp Il y a 2 mois
I don't think checking for a fever is doing much good. I read a person can spread the virus without symptoms.
Name Surname
Name Surname Il y a 2 mois
First I learned is Corona Virus 🦠
Ahmed Kareem
Ahmed Kareem Il y a 2 mois
-WW3 -this virus -FireForest Australia -Taal Supervolcano Erupts What's next?
Titanium Born
Titanium Born Il y a 2 mois
In the meantime flu deaths are higher FOH
antonio butaru
antonio butaru Il y a 2 mois
Well we need to nuke anti-virus
Paloma Savaengcharoen
Paloma Savaengcharoen Il y a 2 mois
So the hospital is going to be underground? All I see is them digging away and no bricks!
Jim Kewley
Jim Kewley Il y a 2 mois
Incompetence on display
George Barker
George Barker Il y a 2 mois
Why haven't Chinese Officials been infected yet?
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