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Danny Duncan
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Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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11 juil. 2019




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Commentaires 5 505
Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan Il y a 5 jours
Tour tickets available at ❤️
Тимофей Саченко
Тимофей Саченко
👎👎👎 full
Тимофей Саченко
@Max X ты кто такой?Max X?тупиее оика я не видел,что касается тебя тупой малыш то ты никто в сравнении со мной м звать тебя никак и не тебе учить меня тупой пиндос а твой этот ютубер полное дно😆😆😆😤😝😝😝👎👿
Тимофей Саченко
@Max X Нахуй мне твой телевизор сдался малолетка Little boy
TH3 K1NG43
TH3 K1NG43 Il y a 5 heures
BRO YOU ARE A LITTLE BITCH. Ever since I saw you on lawhfs channel talking all that shit and acting like you’re the man I’ve had an issue with you. Then I see you at the park and you BITCHED OUT. You are the biggest pussy I’ve ever met bro. This kid was like “bro I’m sorry man I have to keep up my image on FRvid so sometimes I gotta act the part” bro you’re a fucking pussy. I would’ve kicked your ass and you knew it the you said “I’m a lover not a fighter man” HAHAHAHAHA YOU ARE A PUSSSYYY
Ej Il y a heure
Shit was nasty asf
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy Il y a heure
I was in mustang Oklahoma mf fml
matt grubowski
matt grubowski Il y a 3 heures
I ain’t playin wit you
Ayden Farrington
Ayden Farrington Il y a 3 heures
You should make a video of you buying a ninebot gokart and you whipping it around Walmart or any store. I would buy one but I can’t. I’m in the marines and would have no place for it I’m always moving around. Let me live through you 😂😂😂
GAGE PRINCE Il y a 3 heures
yooooooo pit viper
Nikki-FJ Il y a 3 heures
You not coming near Denmark, I'm disappointed daddy:(
MATTHEW MATTHEW Il y a 4 heures
Am i the only one who thinks that Danny could he a moddle for a gast food logo
srgtdonut Il y a 4 heures
that was a lot of frickin toothpaste at the start...
Landon Il y a 4 heures
if this gets 3k likes, danny has to buy me 3 tickets. deal? deal.
Max DeBonis
Max DeBonis Il y a 4 heures
Me and Danny have the Same birthday
S19 Pajua
S19 Pajua Il y a 5 heures
Damn he really did soccer like that... 😂
Nick Warmke
Nick Warmke Il y a 6 heures
were can i get a bike like that at 5:43
Eason Lymuel
Eason Lymuel Il y a 6 heures
love your videos man
Chief Handsome
Chief Handsome Il y a 7 heures
Nice heart!
Rowan Jensen
Rowan Jensen Il y a 9 heures
Love your content bro!❤️ My favorite video was the one with Matthew and your other cousin unboxing your skateboard with the two lawnmowers😂
Jacob L
Jacob L Il y a 9 heures
I’m the kid who’s head you shaved in ybor, also in the video. I’m due up for another one Danny slide to st. Pete
Nick Vlogs
Nick Vlogs Il y a 10 heures
I’m in Universal Studios today and just saw you (Danny Duncan). You dribbled the basketball right next to me at Men In Black. But of course... I didn’t have the courage to say hi. :( Keep up the good work! 7-15-19
Haiden Duke
Haiden Duke Il y a 10 heures
Are you going to be in California on July 19-21
The Half Slashing Slasher
The Half Slashing Slasher Il y a 11 heures
Danny Duncan is Florida Man.
Dr Fruitbag
Dr Fruitbag Il y a 12 heures
kevin quicker
kevin quicker Il y a 14 heures
Soccer is gay
Leopard Bra Brado
Leopard Bra Brado Il y a 15 heures
Danny put Houston TX on your tour fucking pussy
Flimz Il y a 18 heures
2:02 Isnt that the little asian kid who tried to steal Dannys safe or something? Haha good clip
Leopard Bra Brado
Leopard Bra Brado Il y a 15 heures
yo danny I am going to ur Dallas world tour got those VIP TICKETS
shawn coutts
shawn coutts Il y a 18 heures
Nothing to do with this video but is Danny bisexual and or into the ole long horn of another male or just simply has no time for a gf. It honestly does NOT matter and won't change at all on how I think or feel about him just curiouse to know
william kaden
william kaden Il y a 20 heures
ur sub count is 2 , 7 3 9 , 4 9 7
SCARFACE Il y a 22 heures
hey Danny im coming to california on the 24 i hope to see you
Cassie Il y a 20 heures
What the fuck you came to Tulsa bro why did I not know this
Joshua Leonard
Joshua Leonard Il y a jour
Wtf.... you don’t wet the toothpaste after you put it on your toothbrush?
Aiden Huskins
Aiden Huskins Il y a jour
How does mans only have 2.7 million subs?
NOTY4E Sauce
NOTY4E Sauce Il y a jour
Luve u Danny boy
less kiss
less kiss Il y a jour
upload more
Ti Nation
Ti Nation Il y a jour
Hey does anyone know why Cameron isn't in his videos anymore?
Alex Natyushyn
Alex Natyushyn Il y a 10 heures
They broke up
Vernierwarrior Il y a jour
who else thought the first couple sec of the vid was a ad lol
Christian s
Christian s Il y a jour
Worst Danny duncan video I’ve ever watched
Seth Broadwell
Seth Broadwell Il y a jour
Where is Donald at????
Twnty- 5
Twnty- 5 Il y a jour
Do a vid we’re you deliver pizza to the pizza delivery guy. It would be sooo funny!! Think of the views lol love you bro
Mario Urban
Mario Urban Il y a jour
I live in n.m. Albuquerque. I'm patiently waiting for that show
Mario Urban
Mario Urban Il y a jour
You should bring fuck around Fridays back.. I been rocking with u since before u were dropping Penny's....
Matthew Hannum
Matthew Hannum Il y a jour
Danny’s dead heel skin, I’ll pay 50?
Harrison Light
Harrison Light Il y a jour
yo danny I am going to ur Dallas world tour got those VIP TICKETS
HoustonMadeSavo Il y a jour
Danny put Houston TX on your tour fucking pussy
Luke Mas
Luke Mas Il y a jour
hes a size 9 wtf¿
Burr Il y a jour
Lmao Cameron wtf I played football w him
Bryce Z
Bryce Z Il y a jour
Danny is a very wholesome guy😎
Devin Grosso
Devin Grosso Il y a jour
Do an eating challenge with stevewilldoit
Joey Farina
Joey Farina Il y a jour
What the fuck you came to Tulsa bro why did I not know this
Marc G
Marc G Il y a jour
danny duncan is the proof that any man with an average IQ in USA can make become a millionaire
FRY TWINKIES Il y a jour
Danny Duncan vidoes saved my life, Really funny guy that puts a smile on my face I can't wait till the next vidoe. Depression is real
bryson holden
bryson holden Il y a jour
upload more
Artyom Kaydalin
Artyom Kaydalin Il y a jour
Who else thinks that Danny looks like young Arnold with a tad bit longer hair?
azul Il y a jour
1:01 gayyyy