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Dive into 2020’s new champions and reworks with Reav3. Prepare to meet Sett, the newest juggernaut, and discover the secret behind his Calling Card. Then get reacquainted with Fiddlesticks and Volibear-and learn about two upcoming champions for next summer.
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14 janv. 2020




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Commentaires 100
jefrance vlogs
jefrance vlogs Il y a 16 jours
Im waiting for neekoo😥
yasser yasser
yasser yasser Il y a mois
Lu CriS
Lu CriS Il y a mois
ily Il y a mois
Where do i vote for Skarner?
leroy jenkins
leroy jenkins Il y a mois
skarner needs it the most, he has lowest play rate
Marco Alessandro Lang
Audio Calls
Audio Calls Il y a mois
Pretty sure if they updated noc to be the terror champ, it'l be first pick or ban. Or complete troll to pick and lose.
G G Il y a mois
Pedro Provanosk
Pedro Provanosk Il y a mois
where can i access this poll to vote?
RodexYTP Il y a mois
Skarner should get the rework
Freya Lux
Freya Lux Il y a mois
Lux needs an update... like seriously. She’s looked the same pretty much since the start.
MaySun Il y a mois
Nothing wrong with her
Keith Dominic
Keith Dominic Il y a mois
How do we vote
Nicolae Il y a mois
Ok, seriously? Udyr's VGU shouldnt even come down to a vote. His should be a priority. Yall know he deserved it more than the other 4 by a looooooong shot.
Domasiukas Il y a mois
Vote for Skarner in the new poll to make his Q less brainless and more interactive !
PSUEDO META Il y a mois
Did they just hint another Ryze rework. LOL.
Megapyro SFM
Megapyro SFM Il y a 2 mois
He was talking about yone All along and we didin't even knew And that is amazing
JanBrilliant Arcala
JanBrilliant Arcala Il y a 4 mois
I suggest for levels 1-30 Pls give us blue essence after every game we make because its really hard to play with just miss fortune and master yi they are soooo boring pls pls pls make an update about this
AA_07 7
AA_07 7 Il y a 6 mois
Сергей Иванов
в целом игра красивая, интересная, но на ру сервере, игра параша полная, ты вдонатишь туда тысяч 50 тебя забанит какой то шкет из техподдержки, доната просят не меренно, удовольствия при этом не предлагают, ты получаешь по полной за кажду херь которая не понравится пидарасу из какой то там техподдержки, мусор игра правда не дает того что ты хочешь в итоге
José Leite
José Leite Il y a 6 mois
Hey I’ve been thinking if you could buff kennen
devin carson
devin carson Il y a 6 mois
Rewatching this realizing his words. "Fawn over"
edoardo caccia
edoardo caccia Il y a 6 mois
"Did we *shy* away from the decision?" "Some demons must remain in the past" (If I recall correctly it's a quote from Yasuo but also references Yone's demon) the foreshadowing is real Edit: I didn't recall correctly at all lol but it still works
Minh Đặng Ngọc
Minh Đặng Ngọc Il y a 6 mois
ok, i'm from the future and... No, lilia is more suitable as a top laner than being a jungler
Apostolis Kokkoris
Apostolis Kokkoris Il y a 7 mois
I am coming from the future: the masked champ yone
Ivan Carvalho
Ivan Carvalho Il y a 7 mois
Oh the puns and references to lillia and yonne.
oiico Il y a 7 mois
4:18 a new jungler to "fawn" over. d e e r
robert coman
robert coman Il y a 7 mois
Xistential Il y a 7 mois
Here from the future and new to league I see what they did with lilia ;)
ShadowIStyle Il y a 7 mois
Guys Yone is coming
FumeInHiding Il y a 7 mois
Who's here after the Yone announcement?
Blushing Foxy
Blushing Foxy Il y a 7 mois
4:19 "The event will blossom with a new Jungler to fawn over..." which is "Lillia" And 4:22 "followed by a masked Champion who refuse to die" which is Yone... Yasuo Brother... And i was right and hype about this
Blushing Foxy
Blushing Foxy Il y a 7 mois
@KaiSu yeah i forgot that it has no "N" my bad
KaiSu Il y a 7 mois
Matt Yoshimoto
Matt Yoshimoto Il y a 7 mois
Andrew Wan
Andrew Wan Il y a 7 mois
So Yone is gonna be some ghost samurai?
Blushing Foxy
Blushing Foxy Il y a 7 mois
yeah the champion who refuse to died... until the upcoming event
Scaramouche Il y a 7 mois
They say that yone is the next hero after lillia, also im here because i wanna see the description of the devs of yone if its connects necrits leaks/theories
ׂ Il y a 7 mois
Where's the Teemo rework. He's weak. Objectively Weak.
Reece Town XD
Reece Town XD Il y a 7 mois
Sett is copied from revamped gatokata 😂🤦🏿‍♂️, mlbb copied y'all now y'all copied them back.
Social Justice
Social Justice Il y a 8 mois
"Remember me, Eddy? When I killed your brother I talked just like this!"
Reyden Ignacio
Reyden Ignacio Il y a 8 mois
Fake fact: Faye or Faey is on Eternals Photo. I mean maybe that face is her face lol
Rude Fatty
Rude Fatty Il y a 8 mois
North star
North star Il y a 8 mois
I vote nocturn
K E K O I Il y a 8 mois
Who ever that cute babe beside sett on his splash art, imma *lewd* you
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Kindred rework?
Kakyoin Il y a 8 mois
Please nerf sett XD
Just a gay Nigga
Just a gay Nigga Il y a 9 mois
Dont rework Yasuo please
Brooky Il y a 9 mois
Norra and Raum
po prostu Łukasz
po prostu Łukasz Il y a 9 mois
Tarheels MyTeam
Tarheels MyTeam Il y a 9 mois
I want them to make a movie
Noble Gaming
Noble Gaming Il y a 9 mois
Stay consistent & keep on uploading unique content & you'll grow quick on FRvid! i believe in you fam
Rosťa Tešnar
Rosťa Tešnar Il y a 9 mois
Lolazkurvajo8 ksonly
Lolazkurvajo8 ksonly Il y a 9 mois
''Expect to see other familiar face this year'' Yone confirmed, now 2 of them...
Schorle Schorsch
Schorle Schorsch Il y a 9 mois
Rework Kindred now !
Gabe Lakvold
Gabe Lakvold Il y a 9 mois
Where is the voting poll?
Sun adhi
Sun adhi Il y a 9 mois
Im calling that the 2 new champs are actually just one champ
gtHulkhij Il y a 9 mois
2:08 udyr?
tokophthpita morningstar
pls rework aurelion sol you made a space dragon but in the game he is not pls fix it !!!!
OB1KaToby Il y a 9 mois
Fix Aurelion Sol please. He forged the cosmos and he just feels so boring and two dimensional to play. There are multiple people who have come up with better asol kits.
Cheeki Beeki Lyk
Cheeki Beeki Lyk Il y a 9 mois
oblong hedd boi
Zeke Andrews
Zeke Andrews Il y a 9 mois
musicsoundsification Il y a 9 mois
so only sett and reworked champs...??
Nendous Chin
Nendous Chin Il y a 9 mois
why sett look like yama from tog
Victor Il y a 9 mois
he seems dead inside
Félix Séguin
Félix Séguin Il y a 9 mois
What about a Veigar remake ?
yonne 4
yonne 4 Il y a 9 mois
Please puttttttttttttt yone to league
Daniel Braga
Daniel Braga Il y a 9 mois
I'm just gonna say... Kai'Sa has a nice booty.
jether Tumapang
jether Tumapang Il y a 9 mois
How about the LoL Wild Rift
Cullen Cessna
Cullen Cessna Il y a 10 mois
The guy talking is really boring
Dark Lord
Dark Lord Il y a 10 mois
Yeah it is most definitely Yone the lore champ!!
mqurh Il y a 10 mois
4:20 this sounds like ledros too me
BIDA GAMING Il y a 10 mois
League of legends is kancer
This Guy
This Guy Il y a 10 mois
So udyr's animation is still the same
Tarkan Hamza
Tarkan Hamza Il y a 10 mois
We need a new Tryndamere
Brandon Martinez
Brandon Martinez Il y a 10 mois
his head looks like an egg
Klone Ink
Klone Ink Il y a 10 mois
4:19 keywords "blossom" "fawn" "dreamed up " "split on what to make" "meet it head-on" all describes charateristics of the champ
jon khristian levi ramiro
Klone Ink
Klone Ink Il y a 10 mois
4:19 u guys completely disregard "new jungler to FAWN over" FAWN = FAUN = DEER characteristics and by the looks of the art he's very earthy,..
GameingRoman Il y a 10 mois
4:22 you can see Yone's Sword
JayDeeLux Is sleeping
JayDeeLux Is sleeping Il y a 10 mois
Son of SKT Faker
Son of SKT Faker Il y a 9 mois
@Hady Saeed It's going to be around the end of summer because pool party is earlier
Hady Saeed
Hady Saeed Il y a 10 mois
@JayDeeLux Is sleeping WHEN SUMMER FESTIVAL STARTS?????????????
JayDeeLux Is sleeping
JayDeeLux Is sleeping Il y a 10 mois
SUMMER FESTIVAL!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
CallOfCthulhu Il y a 10 mois
Anyone here that wont vote for udyr???
Elijah Alexander
Elijah Alexander Il y a 10 mois
A masked champion who refuses to die Zed: master kusho? Shen: father? Riot I’m just playing. I just want our next darkin
Iton Sohigh
Iton Sohigh Il y a 10 mois
how abouut u make a plan to focus on lol and not others games riot ? what about that. jesus christ. look at the way the guy reads. Like a bot r eadign a script, no passion no nothing
Heartfelt Il y a 10 mois
Is it just me or does this guys head look like Wilson from Cast Away
lewdens xoxo
lewdens xoxo Il y a 10 mois
I love how enthusiastic he is.
Neohaggen Il y a 10 mois
Espero el proximo campeon conocido sea Boram Darkwill,el emperador de Noxus por linaje...y no Swain que lo hizo politicamente.
Nicolás Guerrero
Nicolás Guerrero Il y a 10 mois
What about kennen
Xiang Gao
Xiang Gao Il y a 10 mois
too many new cham
Simon Ede
Simon Ede Il y a 10 mois
I'm very curious if it is Master Kusho. He died in the last comic but he drank some demon-looking juice. I can't wait until the summer fest.
Hady Saeed
Hady Saeed Il y a 10 mois
when actually summer fest?
Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton Il y a 10 mois
Words cannot explain how much I need a shyvanna update... her dragon just looks awful like The Witcher Netflix dragon awful
พชร กลิ่นฟุ้ง
บอลเชิญยิ้มรึป่าวครับ นั้น...
Chris Budden
Chris Budden Il y a 10 mois
I swear of Ledros isn't the familiar face i am gonna lose it
Hady Saeed
Hady Saeed Il y a 10 mois
it's Yone, some rioter said the champ will be liked by the weebs
Daniel Filizola-Ruiz
Daniel Filizola-Ruiz Il y a 10 mois
Salman Yakub
Salman Yakub Il y a 10 mois
Hady S.
Hady S. Il y a 10 mois
The real egg man
Mert Asci
Mert Asci Il y a 10 mois
Blitzcrank looks really bad in game
huntea Il y a 10 mois
lmao his hair
Twisted Potatoes
Twisted Potatoes Il y a 10 mois
this guy doesnt even blink
Soloman Il y a 10 mois
this guy looks like an EGG LOL 0:13
Hulk Man
Hulk Man Il y a 10 mois
Mundo next
Dinh Bach
Dinh Bach Il y a 10 mois
no more ranged top laners thats all i need
Levi. Il y a 10 mois
who spotted the onion?
Scary Time
Scary Time Il y a 10 mois
1.7k down votes I was one of them sorry riot, as a Volibear main he was fine you just saw the champion that sat the bench that we Voliebear mains all saw potential to 1v9 with and now you are running him into the dirt with a garbage rework like mordekaiser :( Rip Old Volibear.
Emergency Cone!
Emergency Cone! Il y a 10 mois
Still waiting the new Champion Update Poll...
The Trigen
The Trigen Il y a 10 mois
sett is bad boy everyone punishes him by bans maybe you should punish him too and just delete it thanks