Catching Flights AND Feelings

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Met a girl at Los Angeles baggage claim on a chance encounter and things developed into a classic case of 'this could be us but you playin'.

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25 mars 2020




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Commentaires 100
luis whiley
luis whiley Il y a 6 mois
Finally, a swoozie art style I can recreate
IM THAT BOY Il y a mois
puppy_master23! I’m not stupid I know that link
Chriscraft6190 Il y a mois
@Zenigundam that’s awful
B1AKOuT Il y a mois
Lil Marker
Lil Marker Il y a mois
Tufts Il y a mois
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Il y a 22 heures
I love his style.
anime anime
anime anime Il y a 2 jours
Roses are red the airplane girl a little baddie swoozie bend her over and she's call you daddy
Victoria Font
Victoria Font Il y a 6 jours
My name is Victoria
Sterling_and Donut
Sterling_and Donut Il y a 11 jours
You change your art style every vid
Rooki3Co0kie_ Il y a 11 jours
these animators are just....
Kellen Muir
Kellen Muir Il y a 12 jours
Ah... I still got more girl friend (friends that are girls not girlfriends) than you
Favour Echendu
Favour Echendu Il y a 12 jours
your video is the Best men mae more bro
Loomly Loom
Loomly Loom Il y a 13 jours
6:58 I can see sweat stains 😅😂
J Se
J Se Il y a 17 jours
I just realized this animation is ON POINT BRO
Leriam Pelaez
Leriam Pelaez Il y a 17 jours
And that is one of the reasons don't like models they are dangerous.
Trippie Free
Trippie Free Il y a 19 jours
I’m literally half of his views on this video
the God 123
the God 123 Il y a 20 jours
What up
Jamese Battle
Jamese Battle Il y a 21 jour
I have that same exact saying on my phone case y’all don’t understand how excited I am
Krispy Il y a 22 jours
Wth is organically?
Xavier Morla
Xavier Morla Il y a 24 jours
It's funny how unfollowing someone tells so much
chris delira
chris delira Il y a 24 jours
4:9 phone randomly dissapers
Jahmir Il y a 26 jours
Its so hard to hate this man
Jet Dah Shark
Jet Dah Shark Il y a 26 jours
It's okay buddy, it's just because you're not 6ft+ tall
first name
first name Il y a 27 jours
Dude, my time is more useless than Ellen giving Bill gates $30,000
artemis Il y a 27 jours
I’d be loyal😍
the weekend gamer
the weekend gamer Il y a 27 jours
0:04 if u know u know
Esteban Gonzalez
Esteban Gonzalez Il y a 27 jours
Nice all might
LuxaryJagt Gaming
LuxaryJagt Gaming Il y a 27 jours
A what’s going on and I heyyy heyyyy I said hey what’s going on
• d e v i l t o w n •
If it's not Kraft's mac and cheese I don't want it
XAVIER MENDEZ Il y a 29 jours
Yo. Are you okay bro I know that’s not a Fashion statement Let me know if I can help. Your unknown friend Javi. Ps I know your better then that.
XAVIER MENDEZ Il y a 29 jours
The facts are all on the wrist.
DJB Il y a 29 jours
Mans come a long way
NatesGamingWorld Il y a mois
I wonder who the a list celebrity was 👀
Jennetteish -
Jennetteish - Il y a 27 jours
Right lmaooo
Space Mob
Space Mob Il y a mois
So now we know where our ad revenue goes... flying air port chicks to LA...
tiny taylor
tiny taylor Il y a mois
Newb Il y a mois
Rip phone 4:09
Big Iroh.
Big Iroh. Il y a mois
@ swoozie detectives. who was baddie #2
Jimia G.
Jimia G. Il y a mois
I need to know who’s not treating this man like a king! Y’all playing with him like he’s a game🤦🏾‍♀️
sassafras ;-;
sassafras ;-; Il y a mois
damn bro all his friends are hot chicks. Me: I'm suffering
Im_tripng_balls Il y a mois
Damn well atleast you have model friends
Komics Ink
Komics Ink Il y a mois
I love the all might in the back
vilius pranauskas
vilius pranauskas Il y a mois
"None of my buisness, Not my concern" -Swoozie
Kid Mythic
Kid Mythic Il y a mois
Entanglement before it was a thing
James Ull
James Ull Il y a mois
am sorry why r all your friends models bro like whats your secret
Chelsea Heartman
Chelsea Heartman Il y a mois
Daniel Muñoz
Daniel Muñoz Il y a mois
Where are you getting all yo fine friends from???
Lexie Lopez
Lexie Lopez Il y a mois
Chisme 😂
Nemo Ciau
Nemo Ciau Il y a mois
omg i feel so bad for you...not
Jennetteish -
Jennetteish - Il y a 27 jours
What do you expect to happen
Tyler Thomas
Tyler Thomas Il y a mois
Wait.. You're Trinidadian?! 🙌👏
harrriet mc
harrriet mc Il y a mois
Dennis Almodovar
Dennis Almodovar Il y a mois
Guys even tho this vid is kinda old, we need to figure out who a list celebrity is all we know is that he’s famous, he went out with swoozies British friend, the British girl is probably following a list celebrity in snap , then if we find out who that is, we know who he is. Swoozie maybe tag her on his insta and if there was a vid of a British accent, we probably nailed it. Just a hunch thin
Dennis Almodovar
Dennis Almodovar Il y a 24 jours
Jennetteish - ummm stfu
Jennetteish -
Jennetteish - Il y a 27 jours
@Dennis Almodovar um no
Dennis Almodovar
Dennis Almodovar Il y a mois
There are like fewer than a hundred a list celebrities, some are dead and some are married, that leaves us with a few, let me do my research
Dennis Almodovar
Dennis Almodovar Il y a mois
Chriscraft6190 Il y a mois
Animation style has improved greatly
Michelle Kyereh
Michelle Kyereh Il y a mois
u wouldve thought he learned by now😔🤧😂
SuperArianna88 Il y a mois
I wonder what would've happend if he picked baddie #1
Jabril Belle-Walker
This literally just happened to me
Ghøst Il y a mois
Linkin park reference at the end
Jetflight Sparks
Jetflight Sparks Il y a mois
i love linkin park too
BMOB Il y a mois
We so need to be friends
H R G Il y a mois
That’s song on right now lol
dookhoa heereshraj
dookhoa heereshraj Il y a mois
I just how 1 question.. How do you watch this video... Scroll down... And press the dislike button??? Man theres some scary people out in the world..
Matt Michel
Matt Michel Il y a mois
man people keep hating on la for all the flakes but lots of these flakes are all transplants from other places trying to 'make it' and many of these people will drop you if it means they get a shot at some fame in any way this is not the fault of la. its the industry
K3 Breezy
K3 Breezy Il y a mois
So we just going to ignore the fact that swoozie has so many hot female friends here 😅
Jaime Medrano
Jaime Medrano Il y a mois
Them fine ass friends you got
Emily Davis
Emily Davis Il y a mois
The British accent 😭
Wesley Freeman
Wesley Freeman Il y a mois
“My friends, my friend, this friend” bro these are some baddies where tf you findin these fine ass girls you call friends swooz 😭💀
Benjamin Chapman
Benjamin Chapman Il y a mois
Shoulda gone w Baddie #1
Mad Max
Mad Max Il y a mois
Hey swoozie is that all might on ur back shelf?
Bob and Co.
Bob and Co. Il y a mois
When you gotta number your baddies
Alleycats101 Il y a mois
Can someone get me pancakes 0-0
Kate McConkie
Kate McConkie Il y a mois
Tell us her name! I so need to know
FUUZZY 3k Il y a mois
whyz ze draeing ugly mate I no liky
Artsy Nate
Artsy Nate Il y a mois
Bro i feel your pain
Darkcross 2474
Darkcross 2474 Il y a mois
0:03 welcome to the land of fame xx
Mahamed Abdi
Mahamed Abdi Il y a mois
Man why do good guys finish last
Xilent Mystic
Xilent Mystic Il y a mois
Raven Hill
Raven Hill Il y a mois
Nice use of Linkin Park at the end
Alexi Felton
Alexi Felton Il y a mois
I wonder what would’ve happened if you chose baddie #1
Jerome Ellis
Jerome Ellis Il y a mois
Fuck I thought you was going to get your bag
PotahtoeGamingYt Il y a mois
I love the drawings
Maddox HQ
Maddox HQ Il y a mois
Rip that phone
Chris Ross
Chris Ross Il y a mois
Hey soowiez can you tell who the a list is
Ferret Il y a mois
Rainful Animations
Rainful Animations Il y a mois
swoozie = pimp
Ur Mom
Ur Mom Il y a mois
4 months or 4 years old? Which one
Anthony Guzman
Anthony Guzman Il y a mois
Hey swoozie I’m new to the channel , luv it bro it’s hilarious! But I just wanna know like what you do seems like you live lavish hah
Ariyon Ferber
Ariyon Ferber Il y a mois
Miz and Maurice maybe
Jacob Mcbride
Jacob Mcbride Il y a mois
Love that linking park reference
Brandon AzN
Brandon AzN Il y a mois
Plot twist it was Kylie Jenner
boobookitty987 Il y a mois
swoozie. Swoozie, my mans. my peeps. my DAWG... let women chase YOU. We like a chase but high key we kind of like a chase. we like a lil tease.
Justin LeMaster
Justin LeMaster Il y a mois
I got so Far and work so hard but in the end it doesn't even matter. who knows the song?
Justin LeMaster
Justin LeMaster Il y a mois
Bestman Douarnynney III
I really appreciate that Linkin Park reference. Nice to know that the early 2000's middle school students were doing the right things. Keep up the good 👍work brother.
alextamago Il y a mois
How the hell do you not have a wife with 2 kids yet?
ABIGAIL McMillan Il y a mois
Hopped off the plane at LAX with the dream is my heart again welcome to the land of Fam execs whoa are you gonna fit in
Number_0 Il y a mois
In the end, it doesn’t even matter I had to fall, to lose it all...
AnimeFred Il y a mois
what with the art style?
Danny Sleepy
Danny Sleepy Il y a mois
I got the same shirt as you lmao
I'm a weeb Is that okay
Yo is that all might in the background
Antonio Rivas
Antonio Rivas Il y a mois
V Valentine
V Valentine Il y a mois
Swoozie and I are the same talks to a lot of girls but no girl
abdallah Nasan
abdallah Nasan Il y a mois
Mans talking about he not good for the la x girl. Man you can tell u kids, "When i was your age i was hanging out with la x girl" but you playing
What if sWooZie one day end up on TMZ and it’s all over the world
Another One
Another One Il y a mois
Maybe consider dating regular girls instead of baddies exclusively?
E.t.A A.
E.t.A A. Il y a mois
Why do you wear shoes in your home?
Nicholas Wilson
Nicholas Wilson Il y a mois
I’m wearing his shirt to school
GDA Productions758
GDA Productions758 Il y a mois
@swoozie You out here winnimg bro! Better must come!
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