Cardi B Look-A-Like, Mayor Allison Madison, Speaks Out About The Viral Meme | I Went Viral

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After she became the first African-American and first female mayor of Mound City, IL, Allison Madison took the internet by storm thanks to her resemblance to Cardi B.
#IWentViral #AllisonMadison #CardiB #CardiBLookalike
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13 mars 2019

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Commentaires 3 418
The Vishman Family
The Vishman Family Il y a jour
she gives me jackie christie vibes
Janet Gem
Janet Gem Il y a jour
Omg Almost Identical!
Angelic TroubleMaker
Angelic TroubleMaker Il y a 2 jours
Nasty Yazzy yasmyne Lucas
RUJEKO NYAMANDE Il y a 3 jours
wait.....isnt tht cardi b's mother
Undertale Il y a 5 jours
Cardi b is beautiful if your hater Nicki Minaj is ugly
slayer 1
slayer 1 Il y a 10 jours
More like Alice the Goon meets cardi B
David S.
David S. Il y a 13 jours
Glad we got to see her. She's a wife, mother, grandmother. She ran for public office at not a young age and won! She's a great example to black young women. She's sweet and got a great laugh too.
Nicole Jones
Nicole Jones Il y a 25 jours
Looks like Cardi. Sounds like Jackie from Bsaketball Wives.
Ariah Cisneros
Ariah Cisneros Il y a mois
"A Cinderella story Went to RAGS TO RICH" TRU DAT CARDI B!!!!💖💖💖💖💖
Its Me
Its Me Il y a mois
Thats not a compliment at all
SuperMissnene Il y a mois
But if yall listen to carly b at the end she say she could look like her soon
TyDreads Il y a mois
It's amazing that retarded can be famous
KingSkyLord Il y a mois
Unlike Cardi B, she doesn't drug her "clients".
j. angel
j. angel Il y a mois
Ghetto mayor
Jay El
Jay El Il y a mois
Cardi b got blk women looking like straight clowns. Facts
Jay El
Jay El Il y a mois
Cardi b got blk women looking like straight clowns. Facts
Khadija Mayow
Khadija Mayow Il y a 26 jours
She is not black
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Il y a mois
Yes you do both look alike- UGLY
Black White
Black White Il y a mois
I bet she dosnt like the comparison now......
Trill Nugz
Trill Nugz Il y a mois
That offset and cardi b joke was mad clever
Tlahuicole XIII
Tlahuicole XIII Il y a mois
Yeah they both look like muppets.
Its Yeety
Its Yeety Il y a mois
Black don't crack
WorstCriticEver Il y a mois
I rather have her being famous than cardi b anytime 👍
mr butcher
mr butcher Il y a mois
What did you put in my drink?!
Ayla S.
Ayla S. Il y a mois
Carli will never be like that wonderful woman!!
Lil Meme
Lil Meme Il y a mois
Next time you take a shit look in the toilet and you’ll see a Bill Cardi look alike.
Gilbert Roman
Gilbert Roman Il y a mois
She'd do anything for money
BRoderick Arthurian
She like to drug men and rob them. Great role model
proud introvert
proud introvert Il y a mois
Cardi b's attitude stinks the mayor lady has a nice personality I wish she would teach her manners
Eve Palazzolo
Eve Palazzolo Il y a mois
I thoght it was her mom
amanda Derp
amanda Derp Il y a mois
Then cardi just admitted she drugged men and robbed them so
m o
m o Il y a mois
Yeah....they don't look alike at all
maire 14
maire 14 Il y a mois
She do look like cardi with out makeup
Ellen Dallas
Ellen Dallas Il y a mois
Wow Cardi looks alot like her Omggggg 🖤 And I love her personality and vibe she's so sweet and positive 🖤
HAPPY PANDA Il y a mois
at least she doesnt wear makeup
HekX Fav
HekX Fav Il y a mois
Cardi B is a Doppelgänger #Us
Tahj Sambaki
Tahj Sambaki Il y a mois
Genealogical Disaster
The mayor is adorable omggggg I just wanna hug her
It might be Kaxsky
It might be Kaxsky Il y a mois
Sharon G
Sharon G Il y a mois
Wow this is a compliment Cardi 😁😍😎
Corey Moyer
Corey Moyer Il y a mois
She looks more like Orlando Brown than Cardi B.
TukkyHD Il y a mois
BET is so damn disrespectful. Cant even get the title right. No wonder their awards shows are straight doo doo butter
Victor Ortega
Victor Ortega Il y a mois
Thats gunna happen to her nose??????
R M Il y a mois
3:59 the dad looks like snoop dogg
Carter W
Carter W Il y a mois
Is this cardi b after the drugs and fame?
Alayna Leighh
Alayna Leighh Il y a mois
yo wtf I thought it was photoshopped lmfao
Tianna Monroe
Tianna Monroe Il y a mois
50 years god bless 💗
Unicorn Fairy1265
Unicorn Fairy1265 Il y a mois
"That's offset after Cardi took him back for the tenth time" 😂😂
Nutellaboytv Il y a mois
She is cardi b tween
jay supa
jay supa Il y a mois
i see no similarities at all..
J 23
J 23 Il y a mois
Video lost my interests when they made it about race/women lol 😂
Vegan Quesadilla
Vegan Quesadilla Il y a mois
For all those that say Cardi b ain’t black and doesn’t “look” black. 🤦‍♂️
Lori Mollette
Lori Mollette Il y a mois
Could you please show us some of your pictures when you was Cardi B age?
Kira 08
Kira 08 Il y a mois
40 years later. Cardio becomes a mayor
Beauty H.
Beauty H. Il y a mois
She’s cool 🤣💕
Kuchi Kopi
Kuchi Kopi Il y a mois
Macy Ali
Macy Ali Il y a mois
Bruh what was she saying
Gee V
Gee V Il y a mois
Wtf this is real how do people get cardi b from this old mayor eeww lets see a younger picture
Travis Badal
Travis Badal Il y a mois
Cardi B For Mayor
matthew guidotti
matthew guidotti Il y a mois
Lol she so doesn't even resemble Cardi b
Herik Lopez
Herik Lopez Il y a mois
First time Ever hearing cardi b speaking, wtf is she saying 🤣🤣🤣🤣
The supreme Big daddy
She actually 70? I thought she was like 40 something
xNique Plays
xNique Plays Il y a mois
The embodiment of a beautiful black queen right here. Idk wtf cardi B is
Lala Gyan
Lala Gyan Il y a mois
She doesnt look anything like her what the hell...?
1xrxaxrxex1 Il y a 2 mois
good editing
Chaketa Nicholson
Chaketa Nicholson Il y a 2 mois
Librarian Nya
Librarian Nya Il y a 2 mois
she’s so gorgeous
Alexis 15
Alexis 15 Il y a 2 mois
This woman was so positive about Cardi but Cardi didn’t seem to have the same respect to her
jennifer williams
jennifer williams Il y a 2 mois
And cardi b acts retarded.....and yes the resemblence is seen cardi b is tan like satan eh? Cardi b is your lesser clone utilizing plastic surgery to not look like you..guess you gave ypur daughter to satan to promote yourself eh?
YA Boy Ty Ty 22
YA Boy Ty Ty 22 Il y a 2 mois
Cardi B looks like her because she is younger, that’s just facts PERIOD 🤭🤭
itskadence obviously
itskadence obviously Il y a 2 mois
Why they do cardi like this 😐
Transformation Il y a 2 mois
Anonymous girl
Anonymous girl Il y a 2 mois
I would be honoured if someone compared me to such an accomplished woman.
Skeletons in my closet.
Lmfao she’s so funny
so cxc
so cxc Il y a 2 mois
Wen ur famous everyone thinks dey look like u
nicole peoples
nicole peoples Il y a 2 mois
I would love for them to meet
0nly. Jala
0nly. Jala Il y a 2 mois
Conspiracy..... clone....jk
Lisa Blamfort
Lisa Blamfort Il y a 2 mois
Cardi b is her clone people that's not a coincidence and offset is a clone of her husband too
ToxicHobo ME!
ToxicHobo ME! Il y a 2 mois
Her husband is moto moto
The peanut butter baby
Laugh : *like cardi b * Attitude :* like cardi b * Face : * like cardi b * Anything else
elastic_luv Il y a 2 mois
Cardi b in 50 years? More like in 15 with no make up on.
Joselyn Ortiz
Joselyn Ortiz Il y a 2 mois
She's amazing, cardi is trash
animeclub unknow
animeclub unknow Il y a 2 mois
She's so lovely
Jay Il y a 2 mois
Now can we find a Nicki Minaj look alike ? 😂😂😂
treybusiness Il y a 2 mois
y'all have one she's on facebook don't remember her name at all..
Shirley KuuN
Shirley KuuN Il y a 2 mois
wish cardi b behavior just like this piss off with cardi b react ....she so fakes.. ..
spidesol Il y a 2 mois
Garbage should be burned
spidesol Il y a 2 mois
Please kill cardi B
Screen Share
Screen Share Il y a 2 mois
Hit like if you hate Cardi B
No Name
No Name Il y a mois
You need help. Hating someone you don't even know....😂😂 Let the hate eat your up honey, I'm sure it won't affect her in any way.
FlubNub Il y a 2 mois
"That's Offset and Cardi after she done took him back the 15th time" 😂😂
MOE Aranda
MOE Aranda Il y a 2 mois
Cardi B in 50 years... no. This lady has class. Cardi has none.
iiNDiie1 Il y a 2 mois
Im sorry I have to be that one.. But why did she call herself a housewife if she's the Mayor of a freaking city. Give yourself more credit than that. You're not a housewife you're a BOSS! Period.
Brooke Linton
Brooke Linton Il y a 2 mois
I want to be friends with this woman
David Walsh
David Walsh Il y a 2 mois
She is so chill. 🙃
Tony Ellen
Tony Ellen Il y a 2 mois
0:55 "The First time I seen my face all over the internet, I was excited." Bless your pure heart, Mayor Allison. You must not know how lucky you are that your meme was one of the more positive ones! Some people are permanently butthurt over becoming a meme for the internet and the world to see.
rina Bea
rina Bea Il y a 2 mois
Cardi this is exactly how you look without makeup.
Robin Puente
Robin Puente Il y a 2 mois
2:12 😂😂she said i like to make kids!?!??
Geneva Jackson
Geneva Jackson Il y a 2 mois
Only if Cardi acted like her
Erica M
Erica M Il y a 2 mois
Oh my goshhhh someone please encourage her to dress up as cardi b for halloween it’d be a fun experience
Gemstar 382
Gemstar 382 Il y a 2 mois
The biggest similarity is that they're both likeable.
Joj Cena
Joj Cena Il y a 2 mois
At least we know how cardi will look when she gets older. Not bad at all if I do say so myself.
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