Can We Handle CAROLINA REAPER Wings?

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Scorch your tongue with a powder made from the Carolina Reaper, the hottest pepper on planet earth. Warning: This stuff is only for the very brave.
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Each packet includes a half-ounce of the pepper which has been meticulously refined and dried to be “enjoyed” anytime. Sprinkle a little on your next meal (a miniscule pinch goes a loooong way!) to add some serious heat to your wings, chilli sauce, scrambled eggs, stir fry, BBQ, and much, much more.
The Carolina Reaper clocks in with a Scoville heat unit rating of 2.2 million making it 220 times hotter than a jalapeno! A mere sniff of it is enough to make your eyes water and nose run. No joke.
Carolina Reaper Powder is serious stuff, and not for children. And don't forget to wash your hands after coming into contact with it. You've been warned. Now go forth and embrace the heat!
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22 déc. 2015




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Commentaires 22 063
Vat19 Il y a 8 mois
What would you combine Carolina Reaper Powder with? See more spicy torture here:
Becky Lane
Becky Lane Il y a jour
Meatballs are the best I wish I could have them but I'm allergic
yaytheabcs Il y a 3 jours
With more Carolina reaper powder.
Gavin Abernathy
Gavin Abernathy Il y a 5 jours
We didn't get to see the gumbo why
Soup Time
Soup Time Il y a 13 jours
Raw liver
NS Clan Fortnite
NS Clan Fortnite Il y a 13 jours
ice cream
Nilbert Javiet
Nilbert Javiet Il y a jour
I ate Carolina reaper and it's not spicy
Body Jasmine
Body Jasmine Il y a jour
I what to do this challend I like spicy 🌶
CurlyQ Win
CurlyQ Win Il y a 2 jours
Yall should bathe in Carolina reaper
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez Il y a 2 jours
Mexicans be like: your a pussy
Connie Piercy
Connie Piercy Il y a 2 jours
I looks like he has had way to much fun with his guy friends in the thumbnail
I love foxes Xoxo
I love foxes Xoxo Il y a 2 jours
Can we get a like for John at the end for his pain for eating straight up powder?
David Wu
David Wu Il y a 3 jours
No one: Literally no one: Sheldon Cooper: Real chili has no beans in it.
88 nion
88 nion Il y a 4 jours
That thumbnail nail some PH SHIT
Cloudy Vibes
Cloudy Vibes Il y a 4 jours
When your mom says we can go to McDonald’s 4:50
BM studios
BM studios Il y a 4 jours
Im so hungry right now. Cuz i love spicy food
LeJunny Il y a 4 jours
No one's gonna talk about the thumbnail... how it looks like he just took a cumshot to the face
Axel Il y a 5 jours
*I wanna work here*
Troy NgUyen
Troy NgUyen Il y a 5 jours
Imagine eating the one chip with this
Ayđø Pøtatœ
Ayđø Pøtatœ Il y a 5 jours
The Thumbnail tells a different story
TreyTheGamer Il y a 6 jours
What is that thumbnail and why am I the only one talking about it?
Julie Jiang
Julie Jiang Il y a 6 jours
can i snort it
Jaidenz stufff
Jaidenz stufff Il y a 6 jours
zzDolphinLegendzz 2nd channel
4 years of goodness
Joey Howard
Joey Howard Il y a 6 jours
Do it what i say okay
Joey Howard
Joey Howard Il y a 6 jours
Hey Jamie, i challenge Joey(not me) to eat a full of hottest choclate bar!
crazy gt
crazy gt Il y a 6 jours
i hear that carolina (reap)er :)
roblox fanguy 2020
roblox fanguy 2020 Il y a 7 jours
Buttholes after the video: BURN MY FRIENS
RainbowDashPie Il y a 7 jours
“A sweet relief should just be a room I go into to cry” Vat19, 2015
Wet Cheetos
Wet Cheetos Il y a 7 jours
Is no one realizing that every person is getting the same thing every time.
Wet Cheetos
Wet Cheetos Il y a 6 jours
Baxter Kauffman
Baxter Kauffman Il y a 6 jours
They just edit it together
Tragiic Duck
Tragiic Duck Il y a 7 jours
Aw shit y’all are weak
SSFortNiteTurtle Il y a 8 jours
Me: watches people die from spice Vat19: buy Carolina reaper powder now!
•Tommy _Saturn•
•Tommy _Saturn• Il y a 8 jours
I just noticed that the spinner had bloody Mary >-> why is that there
Anime and Games Fan
Anime and Games Fan Il y a 6 jours
•Tommy _Saturn• Because it involves spice?
Daniel Skylee
Daniel Skylee Il y a 8 jours
Its hot in here
Corrupted_R6 Il y a 8 jours
Bruh this looks easy fr tho
Bxn&yt Dbz
Bxn&yt Dbz Il y a 9 jours
Who wants the meatballs
Metadragon Il y a 9 jours
I’m so impressed nobody swore in this
TOOMUCHDOG 47 Il y a 9 jours
3:36 My girl’s hooters when I’m about to nut
Skarlet Gedeon
Skarlet Gedeon Il y a 9 jours
Black Rose
Black Rose Il y a 9 jours
I really wanna do this challenge tho who else?
buzz gamer
buzz gamer Il y a 10 jours
Thy land on the same thing evrytime
Mega Serperior
Mega Serperior Il y a 10 jours
Did anyone else get the Bruno Mars reference to his song up town funk made at 3:39
Sasha Headley
Sasha Headley Il y a 10 jours
This was one of the first ever Vat19 video I ever watched and I’ve been watching ever sense! Love u guys
maria jones
maria jones Il y a 10 jours
Me:reads title Also me: picturing Jon dieing Holy shit so many likes thanks for the highlight and 2likes that the most I ever got
Soroush Teyfouri
Soroush Teyfouri Il y a 10 jours
Me at 4:02 He got lucky there WHAT THE F### ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?
Alana N.
Alana N. Il y a 10 jours
my cousin thought it would be cool to bring a pack of that to school. i dipped my finger in the powder, tried it, it had a good taste and my tongue went numb. unfortunately for her, she got the powder in her eye and had to get milk poured on her face and got sent home early.
The Sacred Skeleton
The Sacred Skeleton Il y a 11 jours
"I'm physically shaking" Keeps eating wings
B1ind MrBeanZ
B1ind MrBeanZ Il y a 11 jours
4:50 be like in kinder when nap time comes and it also represents when you go play at the playground at recess
Dont Sub to me
Dont Sub to me Il y a 11 jours
Get ready for the toilet XD
Viktor Rakic
Viktor Rakic Il y a 11 jours
How they all get same
PuttyGirlCooking24 Il y a 12 jours
Joey: I want to go into a room and cry Jamie: hiccups and smears yoghurt everywhere Jon: cry’s and rubs icecream in his eyes Danny: compares it to the other products Erica: Oh ItS sPiCy
YATI Cohen
YATI Cohen Il y a 12 jours
Vat 19: Worlds spiciest pepper Me: snorts it
iiFrxya Il y a 12 jours
Man, I would love those wings. Spice is GREAT. Like, siracha?! Not spicy. I LOVE spicy stuff.
Milena Mihov
Milena Mihov Il y a 13 jours
Tip: Don’t let the powder come in your tounge
Enrique Garcia Romero
Enrique Garcia Romero Il y a 14 jours
JAMIE: Eating hot wings Hiccups: I’m about to End this man’s whole career
UnusuallyAsian Il y a 14 jours
Is that ice cream, IN PORTIONED CUPS?!?!? WHERE DO I GET THEM?? or is that a container
Coffee Llama
Coffee Llama Il y a 15 jours
Dorothy would finish this and maybe add more powder *Change my mind*
Shortyyy Il y a 15 jours
That thumbnail tho 💀
Oliure Rahman
Oliure Rahman Il y a 15 jours
3:16 this dude is a nerd.go back and check
Jenna Kee
Jenna Kee Il y a 15 jours
I love how Jamie days yay like a two year old kid
Jake Paul’s A pussy
Jake Paul’s A pussy Il y a 15 jours
So it shows us a shit load of ice cream and they get the smallest bit ever 😂
Maddyx Vermillion
Maddyx Vermillion Il y a 15 jours
Netflix: Are You Still Watching Someone’s daughter: The Thumbnail
Zainab Khambati
Zainab Khambati Il y a 15 jours
4:50 you know youve done good as a parent if your kid is so happy for yoghurt.
galaxyme Il y a 16 jours
4:29 turn on captions xD
galaxyme Il y a 16 jours
Tbh I would eat ALL of these btw I’m Asian I can stand any spice but not all😖