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Call of Duty
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Answer the call and get battle-ready in the Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Open Beta. Early access begins September 12 on PS4, other platforms to follow.
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9 sept. 2019




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Call of Duty
Call of Duty Il y a 7 jours
If you pre-ordered a physical PS4 copy, check your email tomorrow for a Beta Code and head to If you pre-ordered a digital PS4 copy, you can pre-load the Beta tomorrow directly from the Playstation Store. More Info:
Pablo Abraldes
Pablo Abraldes Il y a jour
@JOSE CARLOS ESPINOSA its not out yet in Spain
AK47 Shroud
AK47 Shroud Il y a jour
Is this mw4 or is it like remastered???plz answer
der Polymechaniker
der Polymechaniker Il y a jour
Weapons in lootboxes will come dear community. Pay2win incoming!
Arx Il y a 3 heures
Anyone know the name of this song?
Warfighter life
Warfighter life Il y a 4 heures
Everyone on console with 500 gigabytes of storage which game you deleting to make space for this one?
The BountyHunter
The BountyHunter Il y a 9 heures
NØKK crossing into COD 🤔
Lukey LOO
Lukey LOO Il y a 10 heures
50,000 people use to live here, now it's a ghost town
xPurge-TiME x
xPurge-TiME x Il y a 11 heures
I’m position #4 on the PS4 all time career leaderboards on WW2 Add me! Psn: xPuRGE-TiMEx
itsyaboi matt
itsyaboi matt Il y a 11 heures
Just give us a campaign trailer.
Don’t Hug Me. I’m A Gangsta
Just cancelled pre order for battlefield camp 6
LITTLEBEAST_O Il y a 12 heures
Need a server in middle east asia... freakin lose gun fight everytime..
Cameron Garcia
Cameron Garcia Il y a 12 heures
Buff mp7
swamp fox
swamp fox Il y a 13 heures
Had a great time playing the beta this past weekend! Thanks for bringing strategy, critical thinking, and a tactical feel to COD!
Stephen Fox
Stephen Fox Il y a 15 heures
89 per cent of xbox users will bay playing on he base xbox at 20 fps lol . Only 6 percent bought a one x lol
FuriousDiffusor TV
FuriousDiffusor TV Il y a 15 heures
exsrs3 Il y a 16 heures
Кто из Кастовии?
maddog 1043
maddog 1043 Il y a 16 heures
I just can't stop watching this
Smellzke 209
Smellzke 209 Il y a 18 heures
Get real men to make a war game and not snowflakes you might have a chance
Михаил Кычанов
please make more HP, and the cards would have been smaller in mode 6 by 6. On a helicopter more than kills, at least 15. And then a big advantage towards campers
Mr. Potatoes Head
Mr. Potatoes Head Il y a 23 heures
Going to play this with my 5 year old sons. I'm 22, been playing since I was 8.
Mr. Potatoes Head
Mr. Potatoes Head Il y a 23 heures
I farted so loud after watching this
KING VEGETA Il y a 23 heures
Yoda Gaming
Yoda Gaming Il y a jour
Time to reunite with the boys that logged off 4 years ago.
Cyber Flame
Cyber Flame Il y a jour
Who are those hooded guys?
MARTIN Il y a jour
SanAnMan 1
SanAnMan 1 Il y a jour
Hey can we get the Chain SAW from Call of Duty Ghost in the new Modern Wafare, please and thanks.
PsycheCell88 Il y a jour
Is anyone else turning in their Xbox 1 for ps4 to play the free open beta?
Habibii Il y a jour
Call of duty is back
KrakenZs Il y a jour
COD Forever🔥
• Ariel128_5 •
• Ariel128_5 • Il y a jour
Mister Bubbel
Mister Bubbel Il y a jour
Supply drops already got leaked and I’m already upset about it yet I can’t say I’m surprised.
TinyTurtl3 GD
TinyTurtl3 GD Il y a jour
I got it :D
Agent Andrew Milton Pinkerton detective Agency
i want to beat this on platinum but in order to do so make it only sp trophys
Raul Iniesta
Raul Iniesta Il y a jour
I wont preorder. In the end it wont be finished...
Твоя Мама
Твоя Мама Il y a jour
Кто русский?)))
xBlack -_-PR
xBlack -_-PR Il y a jour
How i get my money back ? This game is like Ghosts. But more bad
Blasted Il y a jour
xBlack -_-PR preach
Bumbling hero
Bumbling hero Il y a jour
Song: TheUnder Ride Or Die
Tony Larieux
Tony Larieux Il y a jour
excuse me the name of the song please
Christian Il y a jour
If the mini map is back on I'm not buying you need to keep off so its breaks even for Everyone. Right now you just want to keep the Mini map Cry Babies happy but how about everyone else. You guys aren't thinking. You guys think you have so many people in every game mode and like it doesn't take so long to join a game you like . You changed it I'm not buying it I'm sure I wont be the only one.
The one and only Jäger
Nokk what are you doing here
creeperSocreeper Il y a jour
IW,I'm begging you,bring scorestreaks back instead of killstreaks
Леха Белый
В России запретили Call of Duty... Сволочи
enzo bdz
enzo bdz Il y a jour
Call of duty mobile and android
donaldtheditto Il y a jour
xMrImaZ Il y a jour
Espero que pongas el mini mapa como siempre como el de mw3
。レハン Il y a jour
Jarek Bilski
Jarek Bilski Il y a jour
All you guys ever need to do is make the first modem warfare continue on and add maps and weapons or ww2 that’s all even mw2 was for kids
Jarek Bilski
Jarek Bilski Il y a jour
Are pistols even weapons !!!!
Jarek Bilski
Jarek Bilski Il y a jour
This game looks like battlefield with mw2 weapons it’s so sluggish they should of put me into these games when it first came out they hyped this game like crazy it’s like a camping ground nothing but sit on roof tops
Wesley Vianen // WesleyPlaysGames
Drivable vehicles: *CONFIRMED*
舅羚鬖 Il y a jour
California Dreaming
Call of duty: Camp Fest Warfare
Try Again
Try Again Il y a jour
Miszory Il y a jour
Just tell me there is going to be challenges and vamos exactly like black ops 2 because this game gives me black ops 2 vibes
der Polymechaniker
der Polymechaniker Il y a jour
Weapons in lootboxes will come dear community. Pay2win incoming!
over majec
over majec Il y a jour
Unfortunately it’s bad.
chlebik Doge2
chlebik Doge2 Il y a jour
Whi ghosth died dom mw2 :(
TheProdigal Scrub
TheProdigal Scrub Il y a jour
The song is Ride or Die by theunder
WcHDICE Il y a 2 jours
Activision has confirmed that Modern Warfare will have loot boxes
StreakerGore Il y a 2 jours
I just love how No one is talking about the rb6 characters like Nokk and Glaz being there
cris Il y a 2 jours
BKK FATBOY Il y a 2 jours
Everyone boycott this game there still including microtransactions!!!!!!! fkn scums