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What is a hit point? And more importantly, is it possible to know the hit points of your pet? Brian David Gilbert has figured it out, with the help of a scientist and his roommate's cat, Zuko.
Want to calculate your pet's HP? You can find the necessary tools here:
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9 sept. 2019




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Commentaires 5 150
Polygon Il y a 7 jours
Want to bond with your pet by calculating their HP? You can find all the resources here:
dragonmaster 100
dragonmaster 100 Il y a jour
You know the ironic thing is that a Pokemon can have in nature that affects the growth has your Pokemon stats but the one stat Nature's do not interact with is HP.
Atamosk1221 Il y a 2 jours
i swear to god that better be a real moustache you had in the video.
Megan Elbel
Megan Elbel Il y a 3 jours
My dog Parker is a Lvl 44 Paladin with 141 HP. Thank you, Brian.
Maximilian Cooke
Maximilian Cooke Il y a 3 jours
:C why not put the table and the blank form all on one PDF. I'm not a ranger. This is a lot of work!
T h I c C B u R g E r
T h I c C B u R g E r Il y a 3 jours
You include Millennial plants, but not the Gen Z pet rocks? AGEIST! AGEIST! AGEIST!
W Bizzell
W Bizzell Il y a 9 heures
The people need to know, Brian: Which Final Fantasy protag/main character is the most dateable?
hannah cook
hannah cook Il y a 9 heures
my 20 pound chiweenie is a barbarian. she is a tank and has no manners wow i never knew i needed this
Ethan McBride
Ethan McBride Il y a 11 heures
Homeboy just wanted an excuse to put that putty tat on Camera
Fozzy Bear
Fozzy Bear Il y a 11 heures
A tabaxi barbarian? Interesting
Anime Logic
Anime Logic Il y a 11 heures
My pet rock feels left out
Tom Jones
Tom Jones Il y a 11 heures
we also learned that important lesson about not holding a cat too close to your face
rickyx cimax
rickyx cimax Il y a 12 heures
so, like, nobody noticed that HP = bum? no? well, now you know :D
Nick Il y a 12 heures
Where is my pokemon ranked by edibility bdg, I need the knowledge please
Chris Davis
Chris Davis Il y a 13 heures
Idk why bit i really wanna an unravelled where the whole thing is written to make like shuckel or some other meme pokemon to be mathematically the best out of all 900
marella; Il y a 13 heures
i think i am a paladin..
Conor Cadigan
Conor Cadigan Il y a 14 heures
i’d just like to point out that BDG decided Arceus is a horse
Conor Cadigan
Conor Cadigan Il y a 14 heures
i’d just like to point out that BDG decided Arceus is a horse
George Calma
George Calma Il y a 15 heures
Do a research about pokemon edibility.
Marty Herrick
Marty Herrick Il y a 15 heures
Definitely calculating the HP of the spider that makes its web in front of my door every night.
Kylie Ross
Kylie Ross Il y a 15 heures
Where's the cat's scar?
Savage_Sandvich Il y a 16 heures
Every pokemon ranked from least to most edble
Francesca Arco
Francesca Arco Il y a 17 heures
What the hell is in his mug in the beginning?
Eleanor Smith
Eleanor Smith Il y a 17 heures
Finally another cat that makes the same ungodly noises as mine
Derpion the Derpy
Derpion the Derpy Il y a 18 heures
Ya done messed up double on Bug, Brian. Not only is the text wrong, Yanmega isn't the Bug type with the highest HP! It's Buzzwole!
Joshua Colpron
Joshua Colpron Il y a 19 heures
im so attracted to Brian
The Void Priest
The Void Priest Il y a 19 heures
He never actually found / gave the number / HP of his cat?
AShiftingofFate Il y a 17 heures
Redlegendz Il y a 21 heure
My cat is a fricken ranger
Evelynn Il y a 23 heures
I feel so attracted to this guy right now. Can he marry me?
Mekarus Il y a jour
You've got John Mulaney aesthetic. Like you look like I could throw you back to the 1950s and you'd fit right in. Except. The nail polish. It's really throwin me.
John Skeff
John Skeff Il y a jour
Good concept but haven’t played Pokémon in 5 years so I don’t understand the scale or reference
Melissa Andreas
Melissa Andreas Il y a jour
How does BDG's hair get more magnificent with every one of these videos
Mathieu C
Mathieu C Il y a jour
That meow caught me off-guard. Oh my god.
Cleodel Il y a jour
The name Zuko seems to suit the cat.
Owen Il y a jour
what compelled you to put diglett into the small mammals category
Darth Hecc
Darth Hecc Il y a jour
directions unclear my cats only personality traits are that he’s fat and likes to suck toes
Hummingbird Hooligan
have you thought about doing a pokerap style rap with all 206 bones
Ilyric Il y a jour
In my heart I know my frog is a level 100 ranger but he doesnt Do enough
kutty superfast
kutty superfast Il y a jour
Bian David Gilbert is like a really good Bob's Burgers character
Snipper Joey
Snipper Joey Il y a jour
What's the name of the song at 0:36?
Theletsplaypickle Il y a jour
You should find the best pokemon of all time
Lia Sider
Lia Sider Il y a jour
please brian how many calories has kirby consumed (including the caloric value of the smash characters he's brought to untimely deaths)
Pru Bug
Pru Bug Il y a jour
Brian saying he loves bugs made me SQUEAL IN DELIGHT ME TOO BRIAN ME TOO
Fatal Burnz
Fatal Burnz Il y a jour
Chunky, Milky, Horny: the 3 most used adjectives on Polygon's Jackbox videos.
theCouyfish Il y a jour
What do you do to your hair? It's amazing. I was distracted from the video by your bouncy, glossy locks. I mean, WTH.
Mathmatic Warrior
Mathmatic Warrior Il y a jour
Pls let him just do that, nothing else. This is Comedic Gold!
Julia Burge
Julia Burge Il y a jour
A level 126 cat with 327 hit points *Thank you Brian, very cool*
D Egan
D Egan Il y a jour
You remind me of Nick Robinson, only you don't fly to Japan every video.
Supreme Spark
Supreme Spark Il y a jour
“I need to remind myself why its here by quantifying it’s value”
leo rawnblade
leo rawnblade Il y a jour
Pokémon Edibility: everyone wants it, and I figured out how to do it. Might be best to stick to the Kanto Pokes for feasibility’s sake, but knowing body that won’t happen. all you need is a simple axis: Gross - delicious on the x Unethical - ethical on the y Ethical ness would not be based on the philosophical implications of eating a living creature, but instead be based on rarity, danger, and intelligence, amongst other things. For example, legendaries would be unethical to eat Bc they are endangered (literally only one of them), ones like dugtrio can cause massive life threatening earthquakes, so eating them arguably does the world a favor, and for intelligence alakazam is smarter than a person, so that’s pretty unethical. Maybe bring in a guest expert to help w determinations. For deliciousness, it’s easier, just find correlation: in life best you can, the guesstimate. Charmander is a spicy lizard? Sure. Klinklang is gears? Gross. Combusken is a chicken? Yum. It’s doable. I’ve shown it here. Go forth, and enact the people’s will mr. BDG. It is what was written, and what must be.
Scarleto Il y a jour
My cat Spook tries really hard to be a ranger but accidentally stumbles constantly into rogueish behaviours by breaking both my entire house and his own self on a semi-regular basis. His most recent casualty was my mom's TV. His brother, Rogue, is the cleric.
Courtney G
Courtney G Il y a jour
So proud of my level 4 chihuahua bard! She’s got 46 hp so watch out world!
Ranidia Il y a jour
Oh no, my cat's a 1 HP NPC. D :
inkie yang
inkie yang Il y a jour
dinosaurs aren't reptiles
inkie yang
inkie yang Il y a jour
and whales aren't fish but I know you said that just referred to any aquatic life generally also bug is far more specific than like arthropod
Mallory McGill
Mallory McGill Il y a jour
Brian u ok? I know none of us r but u ok?
Jeffrey Waterman
Jeffrey Waterman Il y a jour
love this guy, great energy
MMR EEA Il y a jour
and the other is a *F-ING WHALE*
IndigMu Il y a jour
I swear to god this only makes me more thirsty for a video on the most to the least edible pokemon. I can only wait for so long. Or at least until sword and shield drops, because by then I will have to know which pokemon meat is in my curry. Shed the cowardice and quench the thirst, bdg.
AuroraCelery Il y a jour
my hamster Lazlo is a level 13 ranger with 162 health I'm proud of my boy
Lautay 20
Lautay 20 Il y a jour
what the hell would a snail be
Luffy Il y a jour
So what happened with the monster hunter world...
Glenn Matthews
Glenn Matthews Il y a jour
I wonder how many 14 inch shells my chihuahua can take
SockenSoldaten Il y a jour
I have said it once and I will say it again, the pain you would feel, by breaking down the NieR Storyline will be the greatest pleasure you might ever feel. Please do NieR next, it would mean a lot to me, is what i´m trying to say.
Yash Nanda
Yash Nanda Il y a jour
“Every living creature is 1 hit point” Yo that’s deep
Dusty Fox
Dusty Fox Il y a jour
The pacing on this video is just terrible. Good content but really needed editing.