BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) - SNL

Saturday Night Live
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Musical guest BTS performs "Boy with Luv" on Saturday Night Live.
#SNL #EmmaStone #BTS #SNL44
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14 avril 2019




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Commentaires 75 165
Julianviee Kasmitaa
Julianviee Kasmitaa Il y a 2 minutes
vote BTS ARMY on now! WE NEED MORE VOTES. Make sure to follow @topmusicuniverse on instagram, facebook and twitter! Come on ARMY. This is our 2nd chance :") GENK VOTE BTS ARMY DI yuk! Tapi sebelumnya follow ig , facebook dan twitter @topmusicuniverse dulu! Kita udah ketinggalan 4ribu vote 😭😭 dan lagi ini kesempatan kedua 😭😭 AYO ARMY VOTE
onespeed Il y a 3 minutes
They're good, orange hair and turtleneck are the two best dancers imo but they're all good.
언제나 웃자아하하
언제나 웃자아하하 Il y a 15 minutes
Jimin ♡♡♡♡♡
Its Aaryn James
Its Aaryn James Il y a 15 minutes am i the only one who replayed the first 5 secs over an over to watch their faces ... kthen :3
Jamie_Jewel Il y a 16 minutes
JHope’s smile could end world wars.
oneoku crush
oneoku crush Il y a 30 minutes
I'm with loveeeeeee
ASTREA august D
ASTREA august D Il y a 39 minutes
aesthetically pleasing and entertaining love you boys....
Liza Johnson
Liza Johnson Il y a 41 minute
I cant take my eyes of Namjoon 😍
Wen Tae Tae
Wen Tae Tae Il y a 41 minute
Babys 😍💕 Jimin 💚 Tae 💚 Jin 💚 Kokiie 💚 RM 💚 Suga 💚 Hobii 💚
chiken nunget
chiken nunget Il y a heure
the more i read these comments the more i realize that bts' entire fandom is made up of a bunch of 11 year olds lmao
Ådëşşã Park
Ådëşşã Park Il y a 58 minutes
Then obviously you can't read😠😠
Shaina Santonil
Shaina Santonil Il y a heure
congrats now BTS has the #1 album in the US
Su S
Su S Il y a heure
Kaiser Ice
Kaiser Ice Il y a heure
Jimin sounds like a whale ✌🏻
grande moon
grande moon Il y a heure
V and Suga can nut in me
Pepe the Clown
Pepe the Clown Il y a heure
What is this aids that showed up in my fucking recommended
G TM Il y a 3 minutes
+Pepe the Clown wow! So angry. 😞 I hope you find peace and love. Jealousy is an ugly thing. You deserve to be a happy person.
Pepe the Clown
Pepe the Clown Il y a 11 minutes
+G TM so what if they're rich? That doesn't make them good. Money does not equal talent shit stick
G TM Il y a 22 minutes
I forgot. They're also super rich. Silly me how could I forget that.
G TM Il y a 24 minutes
+Pepe the Clown See you are angry. The root of you angry is jealousy. I can understand that. These men are georgous, talented, smart, and lived by millions of fans. You wish that you could be so fortunate. 😊
Pepe the Clown
Pepe the Clown Il y a 27 minutes
+G TM well even if I was, why shouldn't I be. This garbage is getting pushed like it's something special. It's the purest definition of garbage.
kcncjs grace
kcncjs grace Il y a heure
Yes, bts here ---->bts Dioysus
Tiffany Roth
Tiffany Roth Il y a 2 heures
BTS making me a girl with love
Aadya Awasthi
Aadya Awasthi Il y a 2 heures
2:30 the way Jin says boy with luv is so cute!
Sandy Winthrop
Sandy Winthrop Il y a 2 heures
Oh my my my BTS scored Third No. 1 Album on Billboard 200 Chart With 'Map of the Soul: Persona'. I’m screaming 😱 💜💜💜Congrats boys!
Danna Viviescas
Danna Viviescas Il y a 2 heures
Yassss😍😍😍😍🥺💘🔥 omg i loooooove this choreo and song
Amy McLaren
Amy McLaren Il y a 2 heures
I already loved the original versions, but this one is really worth the world. The band playing the instrumental, the 80s vibes and sounds, the set, the boys' and back up vocalists' voices... Really, I'm in love with this performance and this version of the song. It's all so soft and dreamlike. Absolutely perfect 👌 (also, to all the non-fans checking this out: thank you so much. I've seen nothing but positive comments, and as a fan of a little more than two years, I couldn't be more proud and grateful 💜)
Amirthalingam Vivo
Amirthalingam Vivo Il y a 3 heures
Maknae all in black shoe
Zoe Hart-Moore
Zoe Hart-Moore Il y a 3 heures
subscribe to pewdiepie
Ferminia Gutierres
Ferminia Gutierres Il y a 3 heures
JuliCarryon Il y a 3 heures
Damn it. Even though it wasn’t live, I liked it a lot
AR MY Il y a heure
And ur mom
Betz Castro
Betz Castro Il y a 2 heures
It was live.
Justin Tolentino
Justin Tolentino Il y a 3 heures
JuliCarryon how was it not live
Smurf Genocide
Smurf Genocide Il y a 3 heures
This is the same shit that came out here in the states in the early 2000s. It was bullshit then and its bullshit now.
Ådëşşã Park
Ådëşşã Park Il y a 56 minutes
Hater alert 😈
AR MY Il y a heure
No one asked😂😂😂😻😻gtfo
Aiiliin Kim
Aiiliin Kim Il y a 3 heures
1:36 I'M INLOVE ❤️❤️
Matthew Villanueva
Matthew Villanueva Il y a 3 heures
I always thought they were dope. But this performance is fully turning me into a believer. Man they actually sound great while they are pulling off the choreo. And the live band is real tight. I hope we see more of the band
It's funny that you say "dope" because BTS actually have a song called "Dope"! :D And yeah, they do sound great while also dancing!
Dorothy P
Dorothy P Il y a 3 heures
Randall Ketcher
Randall Ketcher Il y a 3 heures
John B127
John B127 Il y a 3 heures
Really? This is great?
Ådëşşã Park
Ådëşşã Park Il y a 55 minutes
Hater alert 😈
Yeah, it IS great! You don't think so? :(
Starrlynn Kissinger
Starrlynn Kissinger Il y a 3 heures
would watching this snl vid of BWL count towards 200 mil goal?
I don't think so, I believe you'd have to watch the official BWL music video
power j :v
power j :v Il y a 4 heures
La de tras era Halsey?
SpringDay93r Il y a 2 heures
No es ella , pero es la que participio en la composición de la canción .. ella creo que compartio una foto con los chicos y todo
Losersayswhat Il y a 4 heures
This song has got me so addicted to BTS. New to the family ❤️
I truly don't understand why this video has dislikes...
xyj x
xyj x Il y a 4 heures
The atmosphere was sooo nice! The live band version also sounds really great.
vilma eriksson
vilma eriksson Il y a 4 heures
0:50 you’re welcome
great one ko
great one ko Il y a 4 heures
Bts ~
kim Taetae
kim Taetae Il y a 4 heures
Ok maknae line wears blackshoes and the hyung will wear whiteshoes
Des Sky
Des Sky Il y a 4 heures
Damn they FINE AF.. never been so impressed by a boyband
kat r
kat r Il y a 4 heures
They are😉 they will be performing at bbmas with Halsey on May 1
Alexandria Angela
Alexandria Angela Il y a 4 heures
bts videos trending in indonesia
mm g
mm g Il y a 5 heures
XxMintyPastelzxX 00
XxMintyPastelzxX 00 Il y a 5 heures
They're so overrated
Ådëşşã Park
Ådëşşã Park Il y a 55 minutes
Hater alert 😈
AR MY Il y a heure
Then Gtfo😂😂
Justin Tolentino
Justin Tolentino Il y a 3 heures
PROMOTE ANTI-IMMORALITY,ANTI-VIOLENCE,&ANTI-RACISM she listens to billie eilish her opinion is invalid lmfao
kim Taetae
kim Taetae Il y a 5 heures
Im just happy watching them performing with smile on their faces
army jungkook
army jungkook Il y a 5 heures
A proud of all of then 👏👏👏
Dany TV
Dany TV Il y a 5 heures
3:37 TaeJin 💙
The Sweet Life
The Sweet Life Il y a 5 heures
I didn't want to like them.. I'm a grown a$$ 42 yr old woman... but I literally cannot help myself!
Well, did you know that there are people older than you who are fans of BTS? People who are in their 50s and 60s! Even 70s!
kat r
kat r Il y a 4 heures
I'm 35 y.o mom and an army😆 I first watched them when they performed at AMAs then down the rabbit hole. I'm not into kpop either, just BTS. They will be performing at bbmas on May 1 with Halsey 💜
Slomofogo Il y a 5 heures
I came here to give the band a chance and open my mind. Initial thought... it's nice to see that South Korea has refrained from killing homosexual men. Also, noted the ban on killing those who lip sync to recorded vocals. Well done South Korea!
I hope to one day see this video at at least 100M you-know-what and at least 15 million you-know-what
Kimmy Vlogs
Kimmy Vlogs Il y a 6 heures
i am a proud mom omg xD
Jungkook’s Kookie’s
Jungkook’s Kookie’s Il y a 6 heures
Their voices are so powerful it actually has me in tears
Jaisal K
Jaisal K Il y a 6 heures
im always so surprised when the rap part comes because it’s so low lmao
Cadence N
Cadence N Il y a 6 heures
Anyone else hear Jimin’s voice crack?😪
Candela O'brien Sangster
Candela O'brien Sangster Il y a 5 heures
I can only hear him killing it
Izzy Il y a 6 heures
0:21...Tae's expression is so beautiful and cheeky and gorgeous. I'm in love . . .
Tin Hamor
Tin Hamor Il y a 6 heures
Kim Taehyung why so fucking sexy😍😍
Tobore Yalaju
Tobore Yalaju Il y a 6 heures
I don't understand what they are saying, but I love their swag. Good job.
AlyssaMaeLovess Il y a 7 heures
3:08 that girl at the back is such a MOOD 😂
Sakja Il y a 7 heures
I can only pick out RM. His face is so distinctive to me.
RR SS Il y a 8 heures
horrible haircuts...
Persone my daddy
Persone my daddy Il y a 5 heures
Millions of people like it. Your opinion doesn’t matter. Move
Achelois Peitho
Achelois Peitho Il y a 8 heures
Respect to BTS. They were so brave and clever (!) to have their comeback on an international stage. If you are non ARMY, you probably wouldn’t know that this was their FIRST EVER performance of their new song. They did it live and on SNL! They totally nailed it.
Mathias Thomsen Schmidt
Mathias Thomsen Schmidt Il y a 8 heures
it works!!!
MM G Il y a 8 heures
These guys must do MMA training to keep the cardio up and not be out of breath while doing epicable footwork
channiieK Il y a 8 heures
wow here you can especially tell how much jin's vocals have improved 💓
Alexandra Gürkchen
Alexandra Gürkchen Il y a 8 heures
Jin performed so well in this show!!! His voice was great
Le Dai
Le Dai Il y a 8 heures
This girl band could really sing
Lilly Pad
Lilly Pad Il y a 6 heures
Shut up!
Sasku 1abfu
Sasku 1abfu Il y a 8 heures
Can’t wait them to perform BBAMAS
Belem Quintero Rivero
Belem Quintero Rivero Il y a 8 heures
esto es una joyita
AS Best Video Creation
AS Best Video Creation Il y a 8 heures live now all world
Shri Bharat
Shri Bharat Il y a 9 heures
I don't understand how can this snl hit the lowest rating of all time in snl existence I mean look at them can you believe they get only 1.5 ratings.
SWalkerTTU Il y a 7 heures
BTS is not that much of a draw in the demo...yet. Also, the writing has been getting weak.
La Schleisheuse
La Schleisheuse Il y a 9 heures
Soraya k
Soraya k Il y a 9 heures
Mary Selim
Mary Selim Il y a 9 heures
can we all just agree that the female backup singer is like every AMRY's reaction? cause that's a big mood sis 3:05
chun_li fury
chun_li fury Il y a 9 heures
The sound is poor.
WinWin Touchapong Piwsan
WinWin Touchapong Piwsan Il y a 7 heures
how was your life as a loser boy? XD
Adry Torres
Adry Torres Il y a 9 heures
Uff, fresh and the performance was amazing
Kelson Augusto
Kelson Augusto Il y a 9 heures
I love they ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
cathelya kathleen
cathelya kathleen Il y a 9 heures
Thank you for keeping your lense on Jimin most of the time. Your life will be blessed
Tater Thot
Tater Thot Il y a 9 heures
i think JHope is slowly starting to become my Bias Wrecker... He is ALWAYS smiling and so super charming on stage. Jeeeeeeeez.
Herlin Ratna
Herlin Ratna Il y a 9 heures
They seemed so relax and have fun 👍
omgjk Il y a 9 heures
Junhkook's stable voice and lovely hand sigh is no joke. Thank you for your presence.
heaven k.
heaven k. Il y a 9 heures
Jungkook always makes it as a main vocal. His stable vocal is my life.
Carlos Santibañez
Carlos Santibañez Il y a 10 heures
Lmao all these gay little Asian dudes 😂😂😂
Dooly King
Dooly King Il y a 2 heures
Don't be jealous that each member's outfit cost more than your tiny home.
Persone my daddy
Persone my daddy Il y a 5 heures
Bts are living their best life by being talented, handsome and rich while antis are being pressed and ugly😌
mango Il y a 7 heures
Lmao this jealous beta
Achelois Peitho
Achelois Peitho Il y a 8 heures
Magnificent, aren’t they? Be afraid, be very afraid. These guys are raising the bar for what women (and men also) want.super hot, talented and respectful.
monday2471 Il y a 8 heures
taco taco burrito burrito
TheGreatCatsby Il y a 10 heures
I'm usually not the person to leave thirst comments, hotness is on another scale.
liboside Il y a 10 heures
ching chong gay
Persone my daddy
Persone my daddy Il y a 5 heures
Bts are living their best life by being talented, handsome and rich while antis are being pressed and ugly😌
Achelois Peitho
Achelois Peitho Il y a 8 heures
liboside Awwww. You feeling threatened? I would if I were you. They’re literally GODs.
Decimo Il y a 10 heures
i'm not gay but heck i'm always get mesmerized by v's looks especially now with the blue hair. he's my bias too and been fanboying this group over a year ago.
Rocio Andino
Rocio Andino Il y a 10 heures
I keep coming back, they are so gooood!
علي روراوة
علي روراوة Il y a 11 heures
لي عربي يضغط لايك ويقول من اي بلد انا من الجزائر
Jenni Palm
Jenni Palm Il y a 11 heures
Hi armys! Big Hit Entertainment (the Korean label with the highest profit with BTS alone, already back in 2015) was a no name, a new small poor company with no money. They had no experience and BTS was their first real boy group, like testing animals but as it’s turned out the most successful ones who are now also conquering the world. With limited economy BTS lived together in a cheap, small, simple dorm all 7 boys cramped together sharing one bedroom, one toilet and one shower etc. There was no lavish living for them. BTS had to wear cheap clothes when debuting (no Gucci or such), had a small simple practice room, their staff were acting in their music videos because they had no money to hire real ones. Big Hit was unknown. BTS was unknown. They had no role models, no senior brother group to follow, to look up to, to give them advice or to learn from their mistakes. At their debut they had no idea if their choice of career would lead to any success. With their impressive powerful dance routines, somewhat tougher, hip-hop rap style and lyrics with meaningful stories behind, some were sceptical and anti. They really slayed their debute performance though, didn’t look like rookies at all but full experienced artists. BTS have had to fight and work so hard with blood sweat and tears for acceptance and on their way up to love, success, millions of fans both domestic and international, higher standard of living, followers on twitter, instagram and other social media. BTS have never taken anything for granted and never will. I can’t help by thinking of all the hardships and struggles that we know BTS have gone through, both individually in their past and as a group in their early years. Their tears on stage during their speeches at concerts and award shows are heartbreaking. Their gratitude to their armys who they care so much about and don’t want to disappoint, but they will never disappoint us because we love them for who they are. Honestly no other male group can compare to BTS. They are not like other boy groups we have seen before. They are no standard Kpop or International boy group, and have set the bar high. It’s truly admirable that BTS (unlike other boy groups historically) are producing and composing/co-composing their own songs that are so versatile. Their lyricism are on another level with well-written poetical, meaningful, intertwined (with their other songs and albums) connections, messages and stories behind. Their work is inspired by litterature, art, philosophy. Their albums are highly complex concept albums. BTS are multi-talented, not only are they producers and composers but ofc also incredible singers, rappers and dancers. They have broken records after records and have written history multiple times and keep doing. They were the first non-English artists to top no.1 place twice on the US Billboard album chart, and the first overall artist ever to reach no.1 with two different albums within 3 months. Even though BTS didn’t win the Grammy they deserved, they will go down in history as the 1st Kpop act to be invited, nominated and presenting an award at the Grammys 2019. They have without doubt with their bare hands deeply paved the way for future K-acts for success in America and internationally. BTS were the first, truly pioneers and deserve the cred. It is really a story from nobodys to legends. No matter what will happen, they will leave a deep scar in the whole Kpop industry, in the world and in our hearts. No amount of hate will change that fact. 7 shining stars who have been in the industry for 7 years, crazy talented singers, rappers and dancers and so hard working. At the same time normal, young, cute, funny, cool, great guys with wonderful personalities who love to hang around with eachother. They are humble, open-minded and speak out about subjects (sometimes taboos) that people can relate to such as mental health, depression, self-love, youth issues, social society pressures, same gender relationships (they are openly supporting gay rights), life, love, dreams etc. They and their achievments deserve nothing but love, praise and support. Btw, I will never get over masterpiece ”Love Yourself” era, but I’m so excited for this new era with ”Love Yourself: Speak Yourself”. Their album ”Map of the soul: Persona” was recorded during their busy Love Yourself world tour and end-year award ceremonies.
Kokie98 MB
Kokie98 MB Il y a 11 heures
Kokie98 MB
Kokie98 MB Il y a 11 heures
Sigo aquí después de días. INSUPERABLE
missha missha
missha missha Il y a 11 heures
V is always smiling 🤣 love him so much:)
A.スゴウ Il y a 11 heures
Mark Trump
Mark Trump Il y a 11 heures
A.スゴウ radioactive japan 👎👎👎👎
skj god
skj god Il y a 11 heures
я не могу остановиться пересматривать
Sri Ratna Sukaesih Sukaesih
Awesome BTS👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
X-tream'z26 _Demont's
X-tream'z26 _Demont's Il y a 11 heures
V and jimin 😍😍so cool
temeculajoe Il y a 12 heures
meme Stars
meme Stars Il y a 12 heures
bangtan's illegirl
bangtan's illegirl Il y a 12 heures
best decision ever to have the first comeback stage for this album on snl~! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 thank you bighit!
Patch B.
Patch B. Il y a 12 heures
Jimin pls i need to focus on other members. I'm not complaining but you're distracting me.
Fs Fs
Fs Fs Il y a 12 heures
MyrthexLatoya Il y a 12 heures
lol, when you write and ignorant and prejudiced comment, get corrected and actually delete that comment 🤣
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