Bronny James 1st 360 DUNK!! Bronny Gets HEATED vs Trae Young's Team! Blue Chips Put To The TEST!

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Bronny James and the North Coast Blue Chips faced off against Trae Young Elite in their second game of the Made Hoops "The Warmup Event". Bronny showed us his new dunk package during warm ups too!
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13 avril 2019

Bronny Jamesbronnyjamesblue chipsnorth coast blue chipsdunkbasketballhighlights




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Commentaires 1 161
YcN Sean
YcN Sean Il y a jour
They should not have won that game the ref was making unnecessary calls
YcN Sean
YcN Sean Il y a jour
They called a foul every time one of the bigs try to make an aggressive move to the basket on them little ass boys they got guarding them
seth drvar
seth drvar Il y a 10 jours
Gabe is the most underrated bucket there is
sam gee
sam gee Il y a 13 jours
DoughBoy #34 is so weak and has soft hands for his size!
Michael Sapp
Michael Sapp Il y a 13 jours
Number 34 get your fat ass off the team YOU SUCK !!!!!!
Michael Sapp
Michael Sapp Il y a 13 jours
Blue chips center is ass he just tall that’s it no skill what’s so ever
Ninja Channel
Ninja Channel Il y a 18 jours
Man #34 is big and garbage. I've watched like 5 Bronny vids and he misses every layup in each and gets beat inside on both ends by midgets
KingFin Il y a 19 jours
They put the caption like he actually does it in game smh
Thailan Clayton
Thailan Clayton Il y a 20 jours
So who won?
Julian Russell
Julian Russell Il y a 20 jours
Man these kids need to stop watching James Harden
Ben Fresh
Ben Fresh Il y a 22 jours
If #4 on Treys team can do this @ :40 all the time he gone be nice 👍🏾
Jack Maguire
Jack Maguire Il y a 24 jours
Where is mykey
Laz Killa
Laz Killa Il y a 24 jours
That's game was fucking trash and the black shirt team was trash just like there school
Steven Key
Steven Key Il y a 25 jours
Number 34 need to lose some weight
Irving Zamora
Irving Zamora Il y a 27 jours
1:11 No. 45 lowkey trolling the other team
Doğukan Aydoğdu
Doğukan Aydoğdu Il y a 27 jours
he looks 6'2" here
jenny melgoza
jenny melgoza Il y a mois
why the black team is so weak and they can’t stand up like they’re keep fall by blocker
The Prince That Was Promised
Bronny is gonna do great in the NBA, I can see it now
Артём Латышев
Where is 360???
Shouei Tempest
Shouei Tempest Il y a mois
Straight disrespect at 1:13
Preston Chandler
Preston Chandler Il y a mois
Refs at this age are garbage
Crusty Nugget
Crusty Nugget Il y a mois
Khoi has the best finishing I’ve seen in a while
Олеся Макарова
Whatttttt ?!?!? 😂 lmaoooooo it’s 360 dunk sir????
Irony Got The Juice
2:20 Not a foul in the NBA, he's in the restricted area.
Tyler Charles
Tyler Charles Il y a mois
These niggas in the 8th grade doing windmillls and shit
Charlie Christopher Lee
Westbrook moves
Danny Still Schooling
Just on the first couple plays, you see how sorry refs are nowadays. Pathetic!
Tyrell Smith
Tyrell Smith Il y a mois
Y’all need a weight room...sorry I play football
TRUTHxCJ Il y a mois
Bronny is going to be a fuckin beast
Robert Ann Flores
Robert Ann Flores Il y a mois
these boys already learning how to flop everytime blue chips bigman post up.
White Nova
White Nova Il y a mois
1:12 wtf lmao ha his not your team mate moment
STAK Il y a mois
That’s a 180 not 360
Notorious Nutter
Notorious Nutter Il y a mois
Gabe a walking bucket
warren Il y a mois
2.38-2.42 dope spin move
Dom W
Dom W Il y a mois
I really am not a Lebron fan at all. But his son is gonna be such a refined and talented player by the time he’s 18
Ismael Rivera
Ismael Rivera Il y a mois
That's 180 degrees.
Faze Banana!
Faze Banana! Il y a mois
The jump all isn’t even fair he could not even jump and win it. I think he is 6’10 btw and he is only 14
That's crazy, number 21 was pretty unhealthy the previous season and now he's hoopin
Samuel VERNON Il y a mois
AUTISTIC CONTROLL he reminds e of Chris Paul a little
CM GAMER Il y a mois
Bro how come they are called the Fulbright timberwolves but there wolf on he court is half bright half dark. Isn’t that half bright timber wolves
DredHed Kingpin
DredHed Kingpin Il y a mois
I normally don't post comments but these were the worst referees you could find. Absolutely horrible. It's like they don't even know the rules.
Gago TV
Gago TV Il y a mois
The refs are fcked up!
zackxmoritz Il y a mois
Is number 4 on the black team the same kid that did the arrow celebration at Lebron?
J Savage
J Savage Il y a mois
1:13 anybody else catch dude on the blue chips?😂
Ben Fresh
Ben Fresh Il y a 22 jours
Lmfao I was dead I’m thinkin what is he doin 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
Kenn Winn
Kenn Winn Il y a mois
Grown ass refs cheating some little kids.. sad bruh
Arian Lerry
Arian Lerry Il y a mois
2:39 damn 🚎🚎🚎
Eddie Gonzalez
Eddie Gonzalez Il y a mois
The bigs are so fucking garbage
danthegoat13 Il y a mois
So dude is just big tall trash
Stewyyy Il y a mois
2:19 not even an offensive foul kids just flopping
La Tortuga Picante
La Tortuga Picante Il y a mois
That dunk wasn’t even a 180
Ibrahim Alyamani
Ibrahim Alyamani Il y a mois
Ey lowkey where did #2, #22, and #9 go
E Tope has so much power it’s scary
Let’s not forget trae young team is a HS only team
Maymay Tantuan
Maymay Tantuan Il y a mois
LeBron James son is a bench
Parker Hesler
Parker Hesler Il y a mois
Big man for Blue Chips has a lot of work to do... no touch around the rim
Koda Hodge
Koda Hodge Il y a mois
Drey Howard
Drey Howard Il y a mois
Why aren’t the blue chips, you know... blue ?
dw the baller 35
dw the baller 35 Il y a mois
1:13 y the kid on the other team try to dap him up
Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy Il y a mois
Wait I’m confused... is Miley Williams still on blue chips??
Fergyfraud Il y a mois
those refs fucking sucked
Rohan Shinde
Rohan Shinde Il y a mois
Guys what is bronny's height right now ?
balaam dorian
balaam dorian Il y a mois
11:00 that kind of flop should be an automatic ejection with a 10 point deduction 🤣😂
lmaodogefx music
lmaodogefx music Il y a mois
100% 🤣
Balling On You
Balling On You Il y a mois
This team has really good ball movement
Crowns Gaming
Crowns Gaming Il y a mois
Refs weren’t just bad they were terrible who taught the refs the rule I’m not sure they know them with those bs ass calls
This is like me saying oh prince Charles took his first step nobody notices us regular people
CR7NEYMAR Il y a mois
That big kid really needs to drop basketball and just play football
Noel Williams
Noel Williams Il y a mois
He only a teenager dude baby fat that extra mass will be gone soon.
k n
k n Il y a mois
1:12 ?!?!
De’Angelo Williams
318 that boy is shaking the wrong teammate hands😩😆
IA EBAL REP Il y a mois
Нифига манстрюги играют
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Il y a mois
KamBam Il y a mois
3:46 "yea igh" blueface voice
Josh Hoyt
Josh Hoyt Il y a mois
Big man on blue chips not very good
get Dough
get Dough Il y a mois
5:23 bro was about to swing 😂😂😂😂😷 the ref small Like my comment cause you have to agree💯❗❗❓
Knuckles Aukuso
Knuckles Aukuso Il y a mois
These refs are straight up stupid with their calls
Wait Dlo has a son that plays on the same team as bronny. 2:09 Why has no one said this to me?
Robin Banks_
Robin Banks_ Il y a mois
8 is the realest nigga from brother hood no cap shoutout bro
Jacob Kian Resposo
Jacob Kian Resposo Il y a mois
In 1:13 the guy who’s number 7 didn’t mind the guy from the chips
Dj Johnson
Dj Johnson Il y a mois
jahzare lazy asf
Arslaan Il y a mois
They’re center is trash 💯
Pulseless Il y a mois
Bruh basketball has grown so mf soft it pisses me off. The amount of flops and forced calls there are are ridiculous
1999 Il y a mois
Ikr I wish you were allowed to punch niggas and choke slam them
Tyus Pierce
Tyus Pierce Il y a mois
The white kid needs more recognition
Man Man Falls
Man Man Falls Il y a mois
Refs was cheating dem boys
shagadelic3000 Il y a mois
He needs a better team than that
Half Fast
Half Fast Il y a mois
Yo how did fatboy become a blue chip
FA1A2 Il y a mois
He's gon a be the SF/PG Ben Simmons should be.
Dequaide Lopez
Dequaide Lopez Il y a mois
Those refs were terrible
Corey Cates
Corey Cates Il y a mois
Is mikey not playing within them anymore
Corey Cates
Corey Cates Il y a mois
Damn refs sucked the whole game
Corey Cates
Corey Cates Il y a mois
Refs killed big boy. He did not travel
Brant Campbell
Brant Campbell Il y a mois
_Don't zucc me_
_Don't zucc me_ Il y a mois
The dribbling is too soft
Shadow Gaming 145
Shadow Gaming 145 Il y a mois
Bronny James will be a future superstar
Greg Skinner
Greg Skinner Il y a mois
bronny gotta learn when to step up. hes got a handle 3 ball and nice drive.. he rode in the back seat this game
Saibo Hydara
Saibo Hydara Il y a mois
The chips need Mikey for this
Guck nicht auf mein Profilbild!
Is that jaythan bosch?
Kent Layar [OFFICIAL]
John LeBron
John LeBron Il y a mois
Number 23 Is my third favorite player on the team
Xpert Mo
Xpert Mo Il y a mois
Damn how tall is he?
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin Il y a mois
Where are the BBBall Brothers?
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin Il y a mois
EL Lamo Ball could dunk in his sophomore year while less than 6' 3" tall. Bron Jr got nothin on that kid
Fred Garvin are you retarded or are you retarded? Lamelo shoots 22% and is 2 years older than bron jr but bron jr dunked at 14 as for lamelo 16. Bronny>Lamelo
Joshua Gomez
Joshua Gomez Il y a mois
@ 1:07 this kid gets blocked, and then wants a hand shake at the end of that. Tell me something is wrong with this kid, you need to be heartless, if someone blocks your shot. Go back on defense and come back harder and stronger, not with a handshake.
Michael Green
Michael Green Il y a mois
Imagine Mikey W back on this team 🤧
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