Brewstew - Turning 30

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Back in my day, you were supposed to be kind and rewind.
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14 oct. 2020




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Commentaires 100
brewstewfilms Il y a 17 jours
say happy birthday by following my dumbass twitter
Jena Boggess
Jena Boggess Il y a 4 heures
We love you
Wrel Rel
Wrel Rel Il y a jour
🍕sea gull 😁🎂
Vuxvux879 Il y a jour
I drank hot sauce
Harper Ed
Harper Ed Il y a jour
ok boomer
Joan The Wad Music
Joan The Wad Music Il y a jour
Random Il y a 30 minutes
Happy birthday idiot
Puffy :3
Puffy :3 Il y a heure
holy shit when you said "its my party and ill cry if i want to" its a song :/
BOB O CLOCK Il y a 2 heures
That's cool that you visited my home town and I didn't even know it. I live in St. Ignace, the actual city that is north of the Mackinaw bridge (not the Island) Glad you met Derek the seagull too. Lol. We call seagulls "dumpster chickens"
tyler fernandez
tyler fernandez Il y a 3 heures
Jena Boggess
Jena Boggess Il y a 4 heures
Happy birthday 🎊🥳🎂😊🤩
XnightR R6
XnightR R6 Il y a 7 heures
You should do a podcast, it would be sick
Nick Anderson
Nick Anderson Il y a 7 heures
Happy birthday:D
In3pired Il y a 8 heures
Grady Richie
Grady Richie Il y a 8 heures
Ewwww ur 30
Marco Carrillo
Marco Carrillo Il y a 10 heures
Happy birthday 🎂
Everyone's Favorite Karebear
Im from Michigan!! 😁😁 I think more people should come visit our beautiful state! Especially during autumn. Its breathtaking, but our winters are brutal sometimes getting as cold as -40°f. Of course us Michiganders love the cold weather and I wish more people could see how beautiful it is here covered in snow! Happy belated Birthday! I'm glad you enjoyed most of your trip here!!!! 😁😁😁😁
shizudozuke D
shizudozuke D Il y a 17 heures
I'm cold and hungry
vCozmic Il y a 17 heures
Anyone else notice that Eric was serving the bar? No only me……
Trevor Brown
Trevor Brown Il y a 18 heures
Happy birthday brestew
Ryder Il y a 18 heures
I turn 20 a month ago n feel like shit
Flyingsandwiches1999 Il y a 20 heures
Lmao bruhh 😂😂😂😂😂
Carter Williams
Carter Williams Il y a 20 heures
I love your vids they always make me laugh thanks, keep it up :)
Romeka Gaston
Romeka Gaston Il y a 20 heures
Happy belated birthday 🥳🎂🎁
Rachel Strang
Rachel Strang Il y a 21 heure
I love your videos your so freaking funny
fortnite KiNg
fortnite KiNg Il y a 21 heure
I went to mackinaw it's buatafull we went to the dixie saloon
CADYN CARLSON Il y a 22 heures
I live in michgan
Parrot Dude369
Parrot Dude369 Il y a 22 heures
Happy birthday and I’m sorry for not watching the vid on time I was doing school work
Dominion Of Steel And Iron
Bet, new gradeAUnderA
Alexander Brasseur
Alexander Brasseur Il y a 22 heures
I live in Michigan
Pie Crust
Pie Crust Il y a 22 heures
I live in Michigan lol
Nancy James
Nancy James Il y a 22 heures
I offishly murderd a baby hodin a AK-47
Julio Martinez
Julio Martinez Il y a 22 heures
I’m drunk watching these videos and it’s fucking hilarious !!!
Jamal Fakih
Jamal Fakih Il y a jour
You gotta crossover the mighty Mac. That's God's country up there.
Luka Nikitovic
Luka Nikitovic Il y a jour
Natalie Sanders
Natalie Sanders Il y a jour
I’m 30
Trace The Gaming Prince
Hey Brewstew love your vidoes I am 11 I don’t give a rats ass
Aaron P
Aaron P Il y a jour
I swear ive seen Dereck on that Island
Springtrap gaming
Springtrap gaming Il y a jour
i want to talk to brewer
Ian Ketcheson
Ian Ketcheson Il y a jour
Does your wife watch the vids?
Jordan Felix
Jordan Felix Il y a jour
Welcome to Michigan.
Frankie Rzucek Jr
Frankie Rzucek Jr Il y a jour
Happy birthday bro. Fuckin hilarious video. Whats weird is I got the same telescope but I didn't get a bag with mine lol. You just got move the ginormous thing around so it becomes part of the room now. I'll put a lamp shade on it. Lmao. I'll be 35 Nov 8th and im not lookin forward to it. I laughed my ass off when you were talking about "back in my day we only had 150 Pokémon" lmfao. You're videos are the best man. Really makes my day.
GlitchBugStudio Il y a jour
The slayer
The slayer Il y a jour
We're tf pumpkin pach go?
Vuxvux879 Il y a jour
Happy late birthday
Tony Lopez
Tony Lopez Il y a jour
LoLbit review
LoLbit review Il y a jour
Should have said hi to me
PlanB Il y a jour
Duck Relaxing
Duck Relaxing Il y a jour
On je jebeni manijak! vidi ga kako ide!!
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Il y a jour
the fact that we are closer to 2050 than 1990 scares me
Joshua Pinskiy
Joshua Pinskiy Il y a jour
@brewstewfilms show us a year book or picture of ur child hood friends
icew allow
icew allow Il y a jour
someone is pretending to be you
Eric M
Eric M Il y a jour
Bruh. Mackinac.
sonic gamer 69
sonic gamer 69 Il y a jour
Can you show michel
coming soon
coming soon Il y a jour
Have u ever had a school fundraisers because your looking at a video idea
WILDFIRE Il y a jour
1:27 I've been to that exact same hotel
Parrapa gots a Gun
Parrapa gots a Gun Il y a jour
Congrats turning 30! 😊
KIRITO Kirigaya
KIRITO Kirigaya Il y a jour
Nobody: How Derek the seagull says what’s up 1:47
Original Garcia / O.G. Family
Ok boomer
Kelvin Huggins jr
Kelvin Huggins jr Il y a jour
Tell us your story about your first airsoft war
Kelvin Huggins jr
Kelvin Huggins jr Il y a jour
Wait did that happen...
its skinner
its skinner Il y a jour
My grampa just told me about the internet dial
Flynn The Flame
Flynn The Flame Il y a jour
Your my favourite FRvidr
gamer boy 1632
gamer boy 1632 Il y a jour
Hey wat is ur dads name anyway
Alvaro Palazuelos
Alvaro Palazuelos Il y a 2 jours
Do videogames that i grew up with
Angel Silva
Angel Silva Il y a 2 jours
Is Michael still your friend??
UgAnDaKing Wassup
UgAnDaKing Wassup Il y a 2 jours
Brewstew films are the fucking best right fucking onnnnn
Dylan Comick
Dylan Comick Il y a 2 jours
Dana sent me . Best thing ever.
ßççæ ß
ßççæ ß Il y a 2 jours
Hey I have a dog that's named Micheal and he a big wuss like your friend when u were growing up with
Celeste Wheatfill
Celeste Wheatfill Il y a 2 jours
Bird shits on you on your birthday ....... Yay
Sonny nairn
Sonny nairn Il y a 2 jours
Hey Tyler I ordered the Michael stepdad plushy and I'm a big fan
Nah I get it bro, I'm only 15 and already I dread every birthday
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez Il y a 2 jours
What happened to micheal parants?
Johnny B.
Johnny B. Il y a 2 jours
The south park inspiration is heavy. And I love it.
Ivan Huang
Ivan Huang Il y a 2 jours
I remember one of the battery smells like my ear wax (no joke)
YouMadBro9115 Il y a 2 jours
me: introducing the new show Ten Across The Ass
Ayaan Sharma
Ayaan Sharma Il y a 2 jours
Polish WotB Boi
Polish WotB Boi Il y a 2 jours
Getting a walking stick now.... Get ready for 31 you will need a wheelchair
Ariel Encinas
Ariel Encinas Il y a 2 jours
This is how you vlog a trip.
DefyYourLogic Il y a 2 jours
When you realize you only got a little over 8 years until you're officially old.
obama prism
obama prism Il y a 2 jours
I go to mackinaw almost every year
Snowphie cruz
Snowphie cruz Il y a 2 jours
my dad is 40 and I’m 11
Keaven Ferrel
Keaven Ferrel Il y a 2 jours
Your my favorite FRvidr can you please reply
Cristle Jarvis
Cristle Jarvis Il y a 2 jours
P p p p p p o p my l
Aeld Allkushi
Aeld Allkushi Il y a 2 jours
Tyler, I grew up in Cleveland and still live there to this day, the stuff you say is very relatable, I still can’t believe how FRvid hasn’t demonitized you, keep making great content, Aeld.
Ricki Il y a 2 jours
1:30 “It’s like Home Alone 2 in this bitch”
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic Il y a 2 jours
URGAL _LEARN2DEY Il y a 2 jours
Among the unknown Fn
Among the unknown Fn Il y a 2 jours
Hi tillerrandorsorosrex
Ed West
Ed West Il y a 2 jours
So you're from Defiance, OH?
Sora Hanaishi
Sora Hanaishi Il y a 2 jours
AY I THINK I SAW DERICK WHEN I WENT LAST MONTH. And holy shit was the water cold. I think ur room was like 4 or 5 away from mine.
erijklol 134679
erijklol 134679 Il y a 3 jours
Bro if you watch a video from him from like 7 years ago you can't tell the difference in quality of his animation
Tryto FN
Tryto FN Il y a 3 jours
Post more pls
- Suueyy -
- Suueyy - Il y a 3 jours
That fuxkin dial up noise. That shit never registers when ppl say it but when u hear that shit its like u living the nightmare all over again. Aint nobody using the gotdam house phone & all that. Kids dunno
YO PEEPS Il y a 3 jours
I love the taist of Duracell battery as well
Kevin Franco
Kevin Franco Il y a 3 jours
PavPete Il y a 3 jours
If you add the time since when you were 10 to now you would be 50.
Marvin Nava
Marvin Nava Il y a 3 jours
Why did you not upload for 1 month
Alex Florack
Alex Florack Il y a 3 jours
It's ok I turn 27 tomorrow lol.
Gamer D
Gamer D Il y a 3 jours
I started watching your channel 6 yeArs ago
Pate Riot
Pate Riot Il y a 3 jours
Michigan Gang💪
Cynthia Martinez
Cynthia Martinez Il y a 3 jours
If you have a holographic Charizard perfect condition you will get $220,000 more than that probably you get more money if it's super perfect
Kronos999 Il y a 3 jours
you should’ve celebrated 30 with micheal.
awesome Il y a 3 jours
Get kids.
Minty Monkey
Minty Monkey Il y a 3 jours
yo what happened to your branded harold lawn mower on fire on a cake
Luke Steinmetz
Luke Steinmetz Il y a 3 jours
@acidabs7 on TikTok is stealing your content and not giving you any credit
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