BRENT AND EVA EXPOSE EACH OTHER?!?! ft. MyLifeasEva and Brent Rivera | Brent vs Eva

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Brent and Eva play the newlywed game to see how well they know each other and you are not prepared to hear who they think is the most romantic person between them OR who is the better driver OR who is the better kisser!!! Get ready to sip the tea!!! Are you team #BrentRivera OR are you team #Mylifeaseava? You don't want to miss this new season airing EVERY WEEK on #AwesomenessTV! Be sure to like, comment and subscribe!!!
The show where AwesomenessTV influencers play fun internet challenges against each other!
Brent's surprise vacation with his friends!:éo-NYziiJ-fkw8.html
Eva learns how to survive a breakup 😭:éo-Cccnw1TuOKQ.html&
More Brent Vs Eva!:éo-L1A-XI549wM.html
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Brent Rivera @BrentRivera
Eva Gutowski @MyLifeasEva
EP/Director: Christopher Babers
DP: Marshall Douglis
PD: Victoria Slate
Editor: Jacob Gehnert
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2 sept. 2019




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Commentaires 1 009
Kyra Il y a 3 jours
Still cant wait for the shoe-game at their wedding💖😍😍🤭
Han nah
Han nah Il y a 5 jours
Why is Eva so ugly
Aditi Abburu
Aditi Abburu Il y a 6 jours
So they've obviously kissed multiple times
Parsin Kaur
Parsin Kaur Il y a 6 jours
I sHiP yOu gUyS!! hEhEHheHehehHehEheHE!! dOn’T lEt mE dOwN!!
Diana Cazares
Diana Cazares Il y a 7 jours
Nah Eva deserves way better bc if Brent Rlly wanted her he would of been had her wit no hesitation.
Sarah Browatzkii
Sarah Browatzkii Il y a 7 jours
Omg Tom Holland is my celebrety crush too❤
Brianne Julian
Brianne Julian Il y a 9 jours
Get. Neacked
Analise Colwill
Analise Colwill Il y a 11 jours
Brent unable to believe that Eva could have a crush on someone else
Daylen Daniels
Daylen Daniels Il y a 11 jours
Daylen Daniels
Daylen Daniels Il y a 11 jours
I just relized brent is 20 somthing and still living in his moms house
Kameelah Mustafa
Kameelah Mustafa Il y a 12 jours
Eva making all those moves “all could be solved if we just you know” like if u know what she was about to say
Kameelah Mustafa
Kameelah Mustafa Il y a 12 jours
Brent: how many times have we kissed Brent: I think like three Eva: Snort* no Eva: sips plant
Opeyemi Ogunsakin
Opeyemi Ogunsakin Il y a 14 jours
Like if Eva is laughing alot
MollyMoo7122 Il y a 15 jours
Xx Gamer Girl _420 Xx
Xx Gamer Girl _420 Xx Il y a 16 jours
Brent definitely loves Eva. Like it’s obv lmfao
BetterThenYou Il y a 16 jours
what secret video
SS Juice
SS Juice Il y a 19 jours
Alexis Vineyard
Alexis Vineyard Il y a 19 jours
6:00 What did you need to tell us Brent WHAT VIDEO?!?!
Shelby Thibodeaux
Shelby Thibodeaux Il y a 20 jours
They know nothing about each other lmfaooooo. That was painful to watch. Eva: says anything about the relationship. Brent: noooo. I remember it differently. Eva: well yeah, you’re right BUT (goes on to say something to seem totally compatible)
Aratrika Hiya
Aratrika Hiya Il y a 20 jours
In India we use our hands to eat its our culture😍😍❤
Mia Pioquinto
Mia Pioquinto Il y a 24 jours
Cool can I come !?
FunWithShivani Il y a 24 jours
C'mon you guys just get together already
Maranda Midouin élève
Maranda Midouin élève Il y a 25 jours
I like me some good old juicy tea from one of my favorite FRvid's
Thonia Il y a 26 jours
I love them together😢😢❤❤
Kaylee Lick
Kaylee Lick Il y a 27 jours
Nobody Eva: EASY
Pets 101
Pets 101 Il y a 29 jours
9:11 yesssss hahahahah
FifthCurve Il y a mois
4:31 dont worry Brent (っ◔◡◔)っ my Pop waited outside of the toilet to marry my Nan!
SHELSY MERAZ Il y a mois
it was funny when they argue about their answers :):)
what ever
what ever Il y a mois
Brent : we kissed 2 times I think Eva's mind : you liar we kissed more than 100 times
what ever
what ever Il y a mois
Nshhdhdhxbbajsjsjbshsjsjgdgfffsvvzvzccccajsjd *me drinking the tea🍵 * spill more tea sis
Alisson Gomez
Alisson Gomez Il y a mois
You guys sleep to get
miso Il y a mois
when she said "something I like about you" brent went "ooh"
Kattie Clark
Kattie Clark Il y a mois
Are you to daneing
Roxie Valentine
Roxie Valentine Il y a mois
Spill the tea brent send it
Ellie Parker
Ellie Parker Il y a mois
Question 2: who’s funnier? Ava: Ava Brent: Ava Also Brent: I only said that because I knew you would pick yourself Question 3: who’s the better driver? Ava: Oooh Brent's gonna get salty about this one Brent: “Oooh salty” your funny Yes Brent Anyone watching in 2020? 😂
Jaydin Jackson
Jaydin Jackson Il y a mois
I need this secret videooo
Analise Colwill
Analise Colwill Il y a mois
Anyone else watch this video and realize they have kissed more than 4 times on camera
Island Unicorn
Island Unicorn Il y a mois
Shan Shan
Shan Shan Il y a mois
Eva obviously likes brent.... but im happy that brent friendzoned her... i mean look at her she is so ugly... no offense but she kinda look like an ape (imagine without her hair)
Chelsea Lowe
Chelsea Lowe Il y a mois
Shan Shan yea that’s what I thought
Blake Blue
Blake Blue Il y a mois
Release the secret vid
Lance Andrew
Lance Andrew Il y a mois
Brent should release the "secret video" Like this if you agree
Reham adam
Reham adam Il y a mois
I am sorry eva but brent dresses up faster boys these days dress up in like 10 minutes so yea sorry 😅😅
Erick Salazar
Erick Salazar Il y a mois
Just date already
Samantha-Jane Samaai
5:43 brent lying he left out the part of them making out in his room remember in "exposing our relationship" LMFAOOOOOO
Samantha-Jane Samaai
hmmmmm.... Eva face timing Brent IN THE BATH...? SOME {{}} and 8===> u know what im sayin...? ; ]
Louise Weatherhead
Louise Weatherhead Il y a mois
Clint Ashcraft
Clint Ashcraft Il y a mois
eva is funnier
Arianna Cocroft
Arianna Cocroft Il y a mois
No Brent don’t move on spill the tea on u and Eva kissing ☕️☕️☕️
Sabinaxlove X
Sabinaxlove X Il y a mois
Luv cats
Sabinaxlove X
Sabinaxlove X Il y a mois
Luv these two
Patty03 Guzman
Patty03 Guzman Il y a mois
I think they both funny and I love them together they so adorable they should go out with each other they would make a great couple and I love them both 😘❤️😍🥰
Creative Cobbs
Creative Cobbs Il y a mois
Plz Date
Beverly Johnson
Beverly Johnson Il y a mois
get a room already
Erika Serrata
Erika Serrata Il y a mois
Eva: Brent has jealousy issues , but all of this could be solved if... Me: IF what ?! You guys start dating ?
Tulley Stevens
Tulley Stevens Il y a 2 mois
They better get together in 2020 otherwise it’s another year of waiting
Nevaeh Weina
Nevaeh Weina Il y a 2 mois
upload the "secret video" you kind of have to now that we all know about it
Gacha Roses
Gacha Roses Il y a 2 mois
How would they know who the better kisser is
Marley Perez
Marley Perez Il y a 2 mois
I just love Eva not listening to Brent and spilling all the tea ☕️☕️
Hillary Ramon
Hillary Ramon Il y a 2 mois
She is funnyer
Reyann Maali
Reyann Maali Il y a 2 mois
Eva: Your jealousy problems can be solve if we just.... Brent: If we just what Me: IF YOU GUYS WERE DATING!!!!