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Brad Leone is the Bon Appetit test kitchen manager-turned-host of "It's Alive With Brad" and "It's Alive: Going Places," and he's one of FRvid's most beloved culinary stars. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as Brad enjoys a Thanksgiving feast consisting of the wings of death and a lobster chaser. Along the way he answers burning questions from Bon Appetit co-star Claire Saffitz, explains the joys of noodling with Matty Matheson, and teaches Sean Evans a few Turkey Day tricks. Happy Thanksgiving, spicelords!
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28 nov. 2019




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Commentaires 80
First We Feast
First We Feast Il y a 7 mois
Best and worst Thanksgiving sides? Go!
potato master 123
potato master 123 Il y a mois
Best Mac n cheese and mash potatoes worst green bean casserole
Sarah Cheslik
Sarah Cheslik Il y a mois
Best: green bean casserole Worst: sweet potato casserole with those marshmallows
Disgraced Ape
Disgraced Ape Il y a mois
Best: mashed potatoes and green bean casserole Worst: canned cranberry sauce and soggy stuffing
Lo R.
Lo R. Il y a mois
best: wourder worst: water
DAVE MISAL Il y a 2 mois
Best... mash potatoes w gravy Worst... yams or sweet potatoes Runners up for best... baked mac n cheese and filling w gravy
Camilo Garrido Maldonado
Camilo Garrido Maldonado Il y a 2 heures
Brad: "Wourder is a bad idea, isn't it?" Sean: "... water?" Brad: ... *ahem*
Smug Boi
Smug Boi Il y a 3 heures
I loved Bill’s awkward outro that was hilarious
catlisto Il y a 20 heures
Anyone else think Brad doesn't look like Brad without his hat?
Ethan Levy
Ethan Levy Il y a 3 jours
I want him on another show where he can swear
Gabriel Audette
Gabriel Audette Il y a 6 jours
Montreal bagel
Rubin Varghese
Rubin Varghese Il y a 8 jours
I wish hunzy did the closed caption
Shirley Dayne Vincoy
Shirley Dayne Vincoy Il y a 9 jours
Gabrielle mesmo
Gabrielle mesmo Il y a 9 jours
Ele já fala nada com nada quando tá de boas, agora com pimenta na cabeça... Ainda não dei o play e já tô rindo kkkkkkkkk
Shiny Magikarp
Shiny Magikarp Il y a 10 jours
he dodged the last dab :(
Ku TEKEN Il y a 10 jours
Brad : Who the hell eats mac n cheese on thanksgiving?? Chandler : am I a joke to you?
tapdancerman Il y a 11 jours
Brad is a great cook & innovator - but he really needs to stop with the blasphemy. It's common and offensive. I love you Brad.
Lissette Karen Hernandez
Lissette Karen Hernandez Il y a 11 jours
I love Brad but fuck John Claude, marry Sylvester, kill Arnold Pumpkin pie!!! yasss and no pecan yes lol
Engineer Lume is here!
Engineer Lume is here! Il y a 11 jours
11:03 Correction on the Water Loop de loop: While the kid didn't die getting stuck was such a recurring problem that they just installed a hatch at top for ease of access.
James Berryhill
James Berryhill Il y a 13 jours
You can tell Shawn really admires Brad
Bethany equestrian
Bethany equestrian Il y a 13 jours
This thumbnail did not do brad any justice did it.
max reitshamer
max reitshamer Il y a 14 jours
i love how his first instinct is to go to new jersey
Vicky Todorova
Vicky Todorova Il y a 14 jours
best person on the show ever
Kath Ish
Kath Ish Il y a 15 jours
Good to know that I, a lesbian, and Brad, a straight man, had the same fmk answers
Kath Ish
Kath Ish Il y a 15 jours
All this talk of exploding jars....i’m gonna go check my kombucha
Henry Faherty
Henry Faherty Il y a 15 jours
The way brad described how he used to eat pumpkin pie and it is the exact same way that I do. Maybe it’s a jersey thing
C S Il y a 15 jours
Such a great conversation to watch!
Belguutei Ariuntugs
Belguutei Ariuntugs Il y a 15 jours
I'm just gonna say it. Brad is such a DADDY 🤤
Bottomsup Il y a 16 jours
Lambrusco is delicious. It's worth the risk of becoming a projectile.
Maxx Burgess
Maxx Burgess Il y a 18 jours
Delaney: exist Brad: peace was never an option
Karl Solvang
Karl Solvang Il y a 20 jours
hot ones is such a good show. why ruin it with horrible, crappy and cheap music
Trapper50cal Il y a 20 jours
Abigail Lopez
Abigail Lopez Il y a 20 jours
Get claire on next pleaseee!!!
James Nuernberg
James Nuernberg Il y a 21 jour
Brad's the only reason I watch BA, so it's crazy that they've all lost their mind around their videos and getting paid. Pay them all! But get Brad a travel and cooking show some place else other than BA. They'll drag him down.
José Ignacio De Vries
José Ignacio De Vries Il y a 21 jour
Chris Morocco reminds me of Mordin Solus from Mass Effect.
Space Frankie
Space Frankie Il y a 21 jour
Shia LeBoof
olivia Il y a 21 jour
watching brad shotgun lobster is something i never knew i needed
Jake Gower
Jake Gower Il y a 22 jours
That’s not what I expected brads hair to look, big fan
Ally F
Ally F Il y a 23 jours
don't act like the smell of your trail mix doesnt make me want to vomit
Mayach Anderson
Mayach Anderson Il y a 23 jours
I don’t care how late this comment is MAC N’CHEESE IS A STAPLE IN TG DINNER!! Yes I’m yelling! Yes I don’t care! Brad... we were here 👁✌🏾👁
Elizabeth Vashro
Elizabeth Vashro Il y a 24 jours
best of both worlds *walrus noises*
Anthea Holmes
Anthea Holmes Il y a 24 jours
Did he just slam buzzfeed tasty lmaooo
Efe Eren
Efe Eren Il y a 24 jours
He fortgets English when apron is on lol
Andrea Andrea
Andrea Andrea Il y a 25 jours
They should have Claire Saffitz and Chris Morocco on this show!🙏🏼🙏🏼👍🏼 👇🏻
Andrea Andrea
Andrea Andrea Il y a 25 jours
OMG I saw Brad and I was like hey, I know you!! Then I clicked 😂😂
Diana Rico
Diana Rico Il y a 26 jours
Brad just insulted the entirety of the South. No Mac n cheese and hates pecan pie?!?!
Superdog360 Il y a 28 jours
My hero academia has really toxic shippers not saying or you will get curious
Superdog360 Il y a 28 jours
I like anime
Anna Baron
Anna Baron Il y a 29 jours
dude i feel like Britney Broski would DESTROY THIS
B Gzz
B Gzz Il y a 29 jours
Guys has anyone noticed that claire and gaby aren’t following eachother on insta 😳
Ryan Rood
Ryan Rood Il y a 29 jours
Wourder ..wourder
Joseph Kim
Joseph Kim Il y a mois
13:23 Sean repeating the pronunciation of Wourder instead of answering the question 😂
nitetimeradio Il y a mois
“my fucking ears hurt, Sean. I don’t even know why” lmao
Federico Navarro M
Federico Navarro M Il y a mois
Hunter Brown
Hunter Brown Il y a mois
Sean: “we call it the last dab because it’s tradition to put a little extra” Brad: “Im not doing that you can go fuck yourself” Dead😂
Allie Bourke
Allie Bourke Il y a mois
: “I was hit by a car...” Here we go AGAIN
suddenpenguin Il y a mois
shai le boof 26:01
Fiona Elisabet
Fiona Elisabet Il y a mois
Luv Brad!
lil_zu Il y a mois
shila buuf
TheCARROT life
TheCARROT life Il y a mois
Why is this the most articulate Brad has ever been?
Thomas Weeden
Thomas Weeden Il y a mois
19:32 19:50 16:16
MrNickkzie Il y a mois
Clair Saffitz should guest here
Lichen Mosswillow
Lichen Mosswillow Il y a mois
Hot ones should make da' bomb remix and ball it dab' omb
Lola Ke
Lola Ke Il y a mois
BRENTxBEAR Il y a mois
It's still weird when I see Brad on another show and there are no wourdur graphics everything he says it lol
Jenny Drye
Jenny Drye Il y a mois
After seeing Rambo Last Blood I agree with his opinion on the fuck marry kill.
sammybabi Il y a mois
I love the unfiltered chefs. I love them
Paige Rosner
Paige Rosner Il y a mois
Noodling video is 10/10!
Charles Sluder
Charles Sluder Il y a mois
It’s fungi
Tim Inniss
Tim Inniss Il y a mois
How TF have I not seen this
Amber R.
Amber R. Il y a mois
Brad really said he doesn't eat mac and cheese on Thanksgiving?? What the heck?
Ethan B
Ethan B Il y a mois
molly: what would be your final meal before being released from this mortal coil? brad: just gimme a nice tomato and let me die
Yasmin Solis
Yasmin Solis Il y a mois
Get Claire
Olive Il y a mois
Brad: "Water isn`t the best idea isn`t it?" Sean: "Water." Me: "Idea"
Dobhran Wilcoxen
Dobhran Wilcoxen Il y a mois
The heat took over this man's adhd.
Lily Korenstein
Lily Korenstein Il y a mois
Hey hey hey Sylvester is my cousin (once removed) so...
Schwick McJohnson
Schwick McJohnson Il y a mois
funny how ppl like Brad visibly tear up from the spicey, but A-list celebrities look like they ate a gram cracker. Rich ppl be cheatin
A. Bookmonkey
A. Bookmonkey Il y a mois
The way he says water is so Philly
yours truly
yours truly Il y a mois
He loves Claire.... That look when she popped up said it all
Pritesh Yadvendu
Pritesh Yadvendu Il y a mois
I love that brad left Sean hanging
K -Ray
K -Ray Il y a mois
I forgot how badly Brad got rocked in this
Aaron Collom
Aaron Collom Il y a mois
sean's mic is so good that it is confusing my brain. It is telling me it is a voiceover.
Cedrick Charest
Cedrick Charest Il y a mois
Bree Barfield
Bree Barfield Il y a mois
I love how hot ones just disarms people by assaulting their senses and activating their sympathetic nervous system defenses
Cucamonga Duke
Cucamonga Duke Il y a mois
Lol “Not yet, bud; yur tawkin too much...”