Boeing's China Problem

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Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
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Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
China Eastern 737 Takeoff Video Courtesy PDX Aviation



10 sept. 2019




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Commentaires 2 765
Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards Il y a 5 heures
tfw you haven't filled your China and airplane-related video quota
James Collins
James Collins Il y a 6 heures
Again .... a Chinese Communist mentality of stealing other people’s technology to make themselves successful.
Abhishek Sahu
Abhishek Sahu Il y a 6 heures
Please make a video on logistics of movie making..for example all aspects of avengers,from star cast to planning to VFX pipeline
shad manigat
shad manigat Il y a 6 heures
China is a separate planet, the want to build everything
Boruto Shippuden
Boruto Shippuden Il y a 6 heures
1:10 where is Asias graph
Ket Il y a 6 heures
China is a good market for Test and Computation PMA Replacement Articles.
Darth Plagueis
Darth Plagueis Il y a 7 heures
i hate China but i like that they challenge the US when it comes to power, The US always think they can get away with everything so someone needs to put them in their place
Ian Britton
Ian Britton Il y a 7 heures
You're wrong. The max is TOAST.
Ojoe2010 Il y a 8 heures
Too bad they misspelled 'probrem'
Don Ogoobo
Don Ogoobo Il y a 8 heures
The world used to listen and take clues from the US FAA in most matters having to do with aircraft operation. BUT, now after the 737 MAX debacle, they showed just how deep they were in Boeing's pocket. (By allowing Boeing to fix and regulate them self) The Chinese FAA will now be the world respected regulatory organization for aircraft.
Titus Kilonzo
Titus Kilonzo Il y a 8 heures
When you say Africa, you mean Kenya?
denis monnoyeur
denis monnoyeur Il y a 8 heures
Antoine Eric
Antoine Eric Il y a 8 heures
China is playing Boeing againt Airbus and Airbus against Boeing.
Jlassi Jlali
Jlassi Jlali Il y a 9 heures
Boeing doomed herlsef i mean i watch a documentary that People work with Boeing refuse flying in that plane! because they know how much it is not save! God i watch some documentary about Boeing plane accident! but what make WTF in contract with country they have No right to blame Boeing if the accident was because the plane not the pilote! LOL
Panagiotis Kardaras
Panagiotis Kardaras Il y a 11 heures
Interesting to see that now COMAC as 3 orders of 35 frames from Air China, China Eastern and China Southern
KendrickMan Il y a 13 heures
At what point did wendover exclusively become an aviation channel?
xiaobin zhao
xiaobin zhao Il y a 13 heures
abc def
abc def Il y a 14 heures
boeing is dead, since boeing lied about 737 max's safety and blamed it on other inncocent countries. just buy airbus's.
Jlassi Jlali
Jlassi Jlali Il y a 9 heures
i watch a show about egypte Boeing plane accident they Blame copilote when in the end it was problem with the Tail that Boeing admit years later and fix it later!
William Limarjo
William Limarjo Il y a 15 heures
Boeing has worked with US Military and gets so many contracts so far. So does Huawei, get so many contract both from PLA and Chinese Government. US plays Huawei Card. China plays Boeing Card. What us the different?
David Geldberg
David Geldberg Il y a 16 heures
Nothing says safety and quality like a chinese made jet LMAO
pink penzu
pink penzu Il y a 14 heures
You mean boeing?
imam nurhidayat
imam nurhidayat Il y a 17 heures
China has the great ability to do a reverse engineering.. I admit that
Jesse Politis
Jesse Politis Il y a 18 heures
12:20 I want to be in that class.
anthony li
anthony li Il y a 18 heures
souris verte
souris verte Il y a 20 heures
overpopulation is obviously a problem...but nobody is doing a thing about it
Johnny Ho
Johnny Ho Il y a 21 heure
Besides computer parts like chips , its all over soon for US made planes like Boeing , the Chinese C919 and Russia China C929 are coming out soon. China Air Force is also buying more Russian renewed and improved SU57 after the initial deliveries were found to be fantastic by the Chines air force pilots.
Laura O'Chamney
Laura O'Chamney Il y a 21 heure
Nah, Chinese made aircrafts are the worst. They're noisy, unreliable and unsafe. Similarly, other countries like Russia have built their own planes, but they have gone nowhere. Despite some accidents here and there, Boeing aircrafts are still the safest on the planet. According to the latest reports, the average person living in the United States has a 1 in 102 chance of dying in a car crash, compared to a 1 in 205,552 chance of dying as a passenger on an airplane.
Libero Arkangelos
Libero Arkangelos Il y a 21 heure
Stop trading with china
Laura Wieng
Laura Wieng Il y a 21 heure
Wait! Did this video just say $35 billion worth of [Boeing] aircraft sales to China? Clueless Wendover Productions is totally out of touch with reality. Since last year, China has paid the US over $65 billion for the tariffs on Chinese goods. Next year, the money is going to reach over $100 billion as a result of new tariffs. You do the math. Does the US need more aircraft sales to China? Probably NOT!
Laura Wieng
Laura Wieng Il y a 21 heure
Wait! Did this video just say $35 billion worth of [Boeing] aircraft sales to China? Clueless Wendover Productions is totally out of touch with reality. Since last year, China has paid the US over $65 billion for the tariffs on Chinese goods. Next year, the money is going to reach over $100 billion as a result of new tariffs. You do the math. Does the US need more aircraft sales to China? Probably NOT!
BigphilyB Il y a 22 heures
Airbus über Allen ÜBER ALLEN IM DEM WELT
Papa Dollar
Papa Dollar Il y a 23 heures
Boeing is in Seattle, lived there for a decade and they only are good for the Washington state population, not the rest of country. Sooo maybe it’s time we get another airplane company in American soil 👍
Joe Burns
Joe Burns Il y a 23 heures
Be kind of scary to fly on a made in China aircraft. No thanks.
TYLO Il y a 16 heures
could not be worse than Boeing aircrafts.
digigarb Il y a jour
Even Chinese planes are knockoffs!!!
AYL1688 Il y a jour
737 Max? No, thanks !
ian narita
ian narita Il y a jour
I am kind of curious why COMAC is having problems with the ARJ21. It is essentially a DC-9. And the DC-9 is a fairly simple aircraft as commercial aircraft go. Cables not hydraulics(or fly-by-wire), a relatively simple flap and slat wing. The main change was a new engine. Douglas did not have a lot of problems back in the 1960's developing the plane.
the1onlynoob Il y a jour
? Boeing made a faulty product, they need to compensate their customers regardless of who it is, government or private. How is it a symbolic move from the chinese government point of view when the losses of not running a X number of planes on Y number of flights over Z number of days literally calculable?
worddunlap Il y a jour
They deserve each other. China probably copied them....
Dysputant Il y a jour
Cooperate with company > Steal tech > Build your own copy > Profit
Fırat Turk
Fırat Turk Il y a jour
Just a whif of bias, but a bias still: FAA not being the "worlds" sole aviation authority is not a "problem", but a god-sent gift to global aviation safety. Especially after the scandal that is FAA allowing Boeing certify it's own products under the pretense of defending Boeing in global competition. When you admit to taking your own side, you can't claim to represent everybody. That's just not going to happen.
zhli Il y a jour
That's a good example of trade war casualties: Boeing will permanently lose China market. Because, American companies like Boeing are seen as unreliable. When trade relationship goes sour, everything can be weaponized. When trade war further deepens, China will cutoff rare earth supplies to the US and that'd be devastating to tech industries and economy.
Tyler Aschen
Tyler Aschen Il y a jour
USA*, not America.
Matteo Mariano
Matteo Mariano Il y a jour
Amazing video as always. You say the C919 has the same engines as the neo and MAX (CFM Leap1A/ PW1000G on some neos) but you say the C919 will operate GE engines. Do you know which ones?
kapachangos Il y a jour
You forgot Embraer..
Wolfgang Gartner
Wolfgang Gartner Il y a jour
Honestly fuck Boeing. Surrender your safety testing to Europe, Then yes Boeing. When you’re serving a Global market you shouldn’t be the only one allowed to investigate yourself regarding safety implications.
ulfpe Il y a jour
China could swap Huawei against Boeing "safety concerns"
Jiefu Zhang
Jiefu Zhang Il y a jour
Boeing, can you just make a good plane? You will be out of the Chinese market, not because of China, it is because Boeing cannot make a good plane.
Bob Deckx
Bob Deckx Il y a jour
Boeing China Probrem
Gary Davis
Gary Davis Il y a jour
Boeing Boeing, Gone just a matter of time
Mark Snyder
Mark Snyder Il y a jour
So wrong. The Max will get recertified - and the Chinese will take delivery. The wait for A320’s is too long.; all airlines will get some compensation from Boeing. The Trade War is hammering the already poor economy much, much more than the US - please start getting your business news from a source that isn’t far Left and anti-Trump. And the 3rd issue - COMAC - is as much Airbus’ as Boeing. Yes, the Chinese will be buying their own planes. Some poorer Asian countries might to - but not that many. Usually like your videos but this is very poor, with no basis in reality.
THEEND123321 Il y a jour
so planes made in China suck and are bad! nothing new here folks......
Mar Blox
Mar Blox Il y a jour
I hope COMAC succeeds. I love all the high quality low priced things I buy from Walmart. For all you high priced labor workers - FU.!!!
Mike B
Mike B Il y a jour
Hong Kong as a Communists China problem.
Mark Fischer
Mark Fischer Il y a jour
Boeing will fix the problem that caused the two crashes. There's no doubt of that. The trade war with China would have caused China to cancel its future purchases anyway. The US can retaliate by not certifying the Chinese plane and not granting it landing rights in the US or its territories. It can also pressure its local allies like South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, and Japan to do the same.I don't think it will take too much persuasion. The EU will continue to rely on Airbus as its number one supplier. I doubt China will make many inroads in that market. Russia is also developing its own new passenger plane and so is not likely to allow China to compete effectively there either. The FAA has already given China a large number of defects in design and construction to fix. Perhaps the list will grow longer indefinitely. Boeing will rely to a large degree on the US domestic market and on its military products for its customers. Many outside the US not directly involved with the US China trade war will continue to purchase Boeing civilian aircraft for their fleets.
Jlassi Jlali
Jlassi Jlali Il y a 9 heures
Carlo B
Carlo B Il y a jour
the FAA allowed Boeing to self regulate on some things Wow what a monumental F...up! how typical of an America Inc. Corporation eyeing the potential dollars first before completing the job with aplomb .
Jlassi Jlali
Jlassi Jlali Il y a 9 heures
USA give FAA less and less Money! it is true corruption
DavidisDawei Il y a jour
ottavva Il y a jour
I hate AIRBUS and it just can't be helped
YG LEO Il y a jour
warning Taiwan is part of china
Eris Young
Eris Young Il y a jour
So this video is actually about boeing's 737 Max problem
Jim Dighton
Jim Dighton Il y a jour
The future is chinese, Chinese companies will make even the best American companies obsolete
EpicPlayer Il y a jour
Sinopec has entered the chatroom.
Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze Il y a jour
Im sure Boeings technology was stolen long ago...cmon if they steal fighter tech, why not commercial planes?
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