Blog Post - Me and my new BFF Mr Nigel NG!!

Hersha Patel
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To all my new friends/haters MrNigelNg and I have just had a lovely afternoon discussing my 'crimes' against rice... watch this space.. collab coming soon, give me a follow!

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24 juil. 2020




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khenji bumbre
khenji bumbre Il y a 4 minutes
Good partner
louise presley
louise presley Il y a heure
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Reya Il y a 4 heures
Shes cute and you are too! :)
M B Il y a 5 heures
Well played
Jerwin Sion
Jerwin Sion Il y a 7 heures
I love the collab!!
treesrNB Il y a 9 heures
She's such a good sport 😂😊
Latoya Clarke
Latoya Clarke Il y a 9 heures
You guys are hella funny
Talik Il y a 9 heures
I absolutely love the two of you together, and I would love to see more colabs! XD Take care!
Diego and Food
Diego and Food Il y a 11 heures
Just saw the video of you two cooking too funny!!! Loved it should totally do more things together.
MR. N.O.T Il y a 11 heures
Bff = b**** fake friend I'm just Joking
Jerry Wong
Jerry Wong Il y a 11 heures
Came to Ur channel just so u can read my comment. You have such beautiful eyes and smiles!!!
Raya Raya
Raya Raya Il y a 12 heures
Clubstep Gaming
Clubstep Gaming Il y a 12 heures
I never knew Uncle Roger can speak good english langguage and damn after hearing his american accent feels a bit wierd hahah
C King
C King Il y a 13 heures
She's such a good person
hiuwo Il y a 13 heures
0:27 *watches new video* she still doesnt know how to cook rice for chinese fried rice...
Cutie bumpkin
Cutie bumpkin Il y a 14 heures
wow 1m views
betty rizzo
betty rizzo Il y a 14 heures
You two make a cute couple tbh
Y H Il y a 14 heures
Uncle Roger family
YAMAKISHI PLAYS Il y a 14 heures
Im hearing the drums already JKJK
Raven Andrew Ricamora
Raven Andrew Ricamora Il y a 14 heures
Hersgha Patel, Future Uncle Roger Wife. ahahaah
Christian Anthony Generoso
They'll make a could couple
sp4rtacus Il y a 14 heures
BFF = Boy Friend Forever....haiyaa
Philip Samuel
Philip Samuel Il y a 15 heures
Good sport!!
NOapology 4WHOiam
NOapology 4WHOiam Il y a 15 heures
Uncle roger brought me here 🤣😂🤣❤
Alexander Brandenburg
Alexander Brandenburg Il y a 15 heures
Do they not let you cook rice correctly on BBC, or do they also not know how to cook rice. .................. hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Goro Isas
Goro Isas Il y a 16 heures
I saw the so Funny hahah you two have good chemistry
BlackGrover69 Il y a 16 heures
you're egg fried rice got me good but not the one from bbc that got me furious. i can tell that you got an indian decent so i know that you know how to do rice the asian way but just going along with bbc. so you got a new sub from me much love from Philippines
harumioncomment Il y a 16 heures
I saw somewhere in youtube that Indian people really strain their rice. I mean maybe it only works for particular type of rice, like basmati rice maybe?! Is it right?
KingGaming393 Il y a 16 heures
You look like maze in lucifer
Anna Mariana
Anna Mariana Il y a 17 heures
So, is he mr nigel or uncle roger?
AAyush DESHpande
AAyush DESHpande Il y a 17 heures
Uncle Roger: * uses FRvid to get a "friend". Tinder: "Am I a joke to you?"
AAyush DESHpande
AAyush DESHpande Il y a 17 heures
Honestly, I think they would fare much better in my sight as "leetil quarreleeeng seeblings".
Ros Kahuna
Ros Kahuna Il y a 17 heures
Hmmm does collab mean "dating" now? Uncle Roger was on Tinder.... lol
Jess Baldoza
Jess Baldoza Il y a 17 heures
I really heart this duo 😊😂
Mark Dolendo
Mark Dolendo Il y a 18 heures
Loving Auntie Hersha. So sweet, positive, and humble heart. ❤
earhl bartolome
earhl bartolome Il y a 19 heures
Love Auntie Hershel
cyfkilla Il y a 19 heures
I ship them both. 🚢 🛳
Chris Areglo
Chris Areglo Il y a 19 heures
You are sooo cool on your collab with uncle roj. 😆 sorry I judged you when I watched your vid with BBC but you have such a cool personality I love you now 😍
Jansen Reolada
Jansen Reolada Il y a 20 heures
Because of uncle roger's egg friend rice, I discovered her channel. Let's subscribe and love them both shall we.
YERINNIE JUNG Il y a 20 heures
Hersha patel is gorgeous And the way she talks.
no homo
no homo Il y a 21 heure
English audio book
English audio book Il y a 22 heures
You are great! Amazing to see how you deal with this so positively.
mrianmichael Il y a 22 heures
Hersha, I love that we get to see your personality on your channel. You're so funny and positive! You could have boiled rice in tuna water and I'd still be a fan! 🤣❤
Tou Lee
Tou Lee Il y a 23 heures
Came here because of uncle Roger lol
Adrian Maglalang
Adrian Maglalang Il y a jour
So uncle roger really speaks english without asian accent
Jonh Joseph Perez
Jonh Joseph Perez Il y a jour
nice Collab good job guys
Mia Il y a jour
Hersha you're an amazing person ilysm
Lucille Aluning
Lucille Aluning Il y a jour
You’re a great sport, Hersha. Love your personality. Keep up the great work
Incandescentiron Il y a jour
Your collaboration was really fun. You're a good sport about the whole thing!
Orrin Ransfield
Orrin Ransfield Il y a jour
:) Your a good sport Hersha!
Majed Aleisa
Majed Aleisa Il y a jour
You are a good sport lady👍
corn cob
corn cob Il y a jour
People are shipping y'all in the comment section, but honestly, it's just nice to see people not take the internet so seriously.
Gwanny18 Il y a jour
Next month : New BFF into New BF :P They have such a good chemistry !
SugarHoneyKisses Il y a jour
More collabs please!! 😻👍👍👍👍👍watching both of you at the same time is so refreshing and super entertaining
Schubert06 Sebastian
Sub, you are very funny and such a good sport. Mabuhay Hersha! Remember: Rice is Life.
thesavvyfilipino Il y a jour
Honestly, there's chemistry between the two. This could be the biggest love team up of 2020.
Elizabeth Il y a jour
honestly surprised you guys live in the same country lol
yesmanhk Il y a jour
Mark Z Ciarleglio
Mark Z Ciarleglio Il y a jour
I ship this couple
Aléxios Akhilleusz
Next thing you know they are on magazines for having an affair. Pls stop the reports
your geeky fangirl
your geeky fangirl Il y a jour
His smile is sssooooooooo charming y'all
your geeky fangirl
your geeky fangirl Il y a jour
Uncle Roger is actually is cute yo. And they are good together omg
Kalia Lee
Kalia Lee Il y a jour
You're so awesome and positive for doing this after he just trolled your friend rice. We need more fun positive ppl like you in this world right now. Love the collab
yogi steph
yogi steph Il y a jour
How funny, the egg rice cooking video just popped up in my news feed. Now I'm subbing then both. Love them, they are hilarious and gorgeous! I say he buys her a cute ass colander set, a pretty indoor fountain, and a beautiful indoor mini flowering, the little tiny roses perhaps, and do it fast!She's hot, can cook, is hilarious, and has that killer accent!!! Bro!!!
Sarthak Raut
Sarthak Raut Il y a jour
There's a tradition of throwing raw rice at weddings in Maharashtra, India, if they're gonna get married I wanna see it XD
I Love All Of You
I Love All Of You Il y a jour
She doesn’t start a twitter drama, I like her
MyBigAzzPimple Il y a jour
Coles Asap
Coles Asap Il y a jour
Be together! You 2!
saeefa Il y a jour
NGL I ship them
Joel Ramos
Joel Ramos Il y a jour
Mss Hersha what are beautiful woman you are. First time seeing you channel, thanks to uncle Roger. Good luck.
James Chen
James Chen Il y a jour
Hello from Taiwan. I love you guys meet up. Soooooo funny.
chua lawrance
chua lawrance Il y a jour
Why Uncle Roger speaks like a normal person??? Where’s the cina beng uncle roger???
Kimkouy Il y a jour
Tvspelsgalen Il y a jour
man. shes pretty :D
Random Guy
Random Guy Il y a jour
I think you two will end up being a couple 😁
Seiha Thong
Seiha Thong Il y a jour
Saw the collab video, pretty funny. Thumbs up for being a good sport, wish the best for you.
john wilfred lao
john wilfred lao Il y a jour
Very nice👍🏻
Karthik T
Karthik T Il y a jour
For the longest time I could not believe Nigel and Uncle Roger are the same person.. mainly cuz of the hair style.. this was confusing..
Ful Dark
Ful Dark Il y a jour
idk but ive been liking her now how she just handle haters hehehe i just love her hehehe
polymathecian Il y a jour
When's the wedding?
IWillCook Il y a jour
subbed. you were really great on the 2nd fried rice video!!
wakajumba Il y a jour
no mask. no social distancing. why you so stupid?
Jade Mar Baladad
Jade Mar Baladad Il y a jour
I love their collab... I am now one of your fans... heheheh
Zeal Gomulia
Zeal Gomulia Il y a jour
Are they saying?
Mr PoPo twitch mr_popo__
Aunty hersha you are a great sport and have an awesome sense of humour
megalexantros Il y a jour
Many people: Infinity war is the greatest crossover ever. Me: This...
Jilly F
Jilly F Il y a jour
I don't know ppl. But they look absolutely lovely together 😍. If there's gonna be an actual date, I'll be hooked!!!
Genie Denver Joven
Genie Denver Joven Il y a jour
SHE IS SUCH A SPORT!!! I love her NOW!!!
Jasper G
Jasper G Il y a jour
Aldrin Valdez
Aldrin Valdez Il y a jour
At their wedding... People throwing them fried rice! 😂🍚 HOPING UNCLE ROGER WILL BE HAPPY HAHAHAHA 😋
Nipulkrad Msinatagras
''I'm not shipping them.'' - Donald Trump
Wenzel Washington
Wenzel Washington Il y a jour
Shes funny,... Hahaaha
Johan Sopiee
Johan Sopiee Il y a jour
new BFF! hehe. can't wait to see where you take it from here, Hersha! you go, Girl!!
Suisse J. D. J
Suisse J. D. J Il y a jour
coffin dancer
coffin dancer Il y a jour
He’s a different person off camera lmao.
coffin dancer
coffin dancer Il y a 12 heures
mframemusicdtp well not for some ppl. some of them acts just like how they r off camera and on
mframemusicdtp Il y a 18 heures
Aren’t we all? 🤣😂
Yi Ching
Yi Ching Il y a jour
where your colander
Jeth Mangubat _
Jeth Mangubat _ Il y a jour
I just watched your latest collab and it’s HILARIOUS! Also realised that you guys look great together! Chemistry in making rice is real! 😍😅
Banana Bonanza
Banana Bonanza Il y a jour
She looks like Lucifer's Mazikeen.
Earl Lotiv Plohiju
Earl Lotiv Plohiju Il y a 2 jours
I ship these two 🥰
林鮮生 Il y a 2 jours
Auntie Hersha you are the best !
Nueva Era
Nueva Era Il y a 2 jours
That cooking bbc will be there for life, aaaaiiiyaaa. Its nice to see at least their are getting along well.