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This is the greatest video essay of All Time




12 août 2019




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Commentaires 80
penguinz0 Il y a 10 mois
Animation by
Rose Wolf
Rose Wolf Il y a 27 jours
can you do one on shopco?
KooDz Il y a mois
all hail the last BlockBuster in Bend, Oregon
Aaron Barry
Aaron Barry Il y a mois
penguinz0 there is a blockbuster open not even a few miles away in indianapolis
Cartmanbrah Il y a 2 mois
Eric Cartman hey Eric, it’s Eric!
Cartmanbrah Il y a 2 mois
Hayden Roth
Hayden Roth Il y a jour
Bruh I live where the last blockbuster is and I’ve never thought anything of it until all these videos came out about it
Cornell Custom Trains
Piracy, Netflix, Kodi, Amazon Prime, Online Streaming, FRvid.... They were the "Newspaper" of their time.
invaderlean Il y a jour
dvd netflix is still a thing
Freyja Blackwood
Freyja Blackwood Il y a jour
Blockbuster was a large part of my childhood as well, every time a new pirates of the Caribbean film was coming out I'd go to the local blockbuster dressed as a pirate every single day and ask them if they had it yet.
Hallto .
Hallto . Il y a jour
S-N-G-B Il y a jour
What if all the shut down blockbusters became the block buster museum or something to give some people that nostalgic feeling
a Milling
a Milling Il y a jour
In denmark blockbuster is still renting out movies, just online.
spaceage_bagels Il y a 2 jours
I remember blockbuster for wii games and over the hedge
Eeee Rrrr
Eeee Rrrr Il y a 2 jours
Ah yes I remember the blockbuster v Netflix wars
mattyy101 Il y a 2 jours
great for video games because you could rent a bunch an never get shit games...
kenvin carnell
kenvin carnell Il y a 2 jours
i remember the ones in new jersey and pennsylvania stuck-up clickish need to take on a second mortgage just to pay the late fees, all their new releases cost an arm and a leg, long wait lines out the door and around the corner also must have astronomical credit but beloved by many until lots of lawsuits over said late fees and the willingness not to change over new developements (internet, live streraming,) etc... overpriced rentals at times and most managers were dicks!!!!!!!!
Louis Baldino
Louis Baldino Il y a 2 jours
Hell I thought Blockbuster died in year 2000
Jacob Anderson
Jacob Anderson Il y a 3 jours
Now we got redbox
Liam McKenna
Liam McKenna Il y a 3 jours
2:00 I had no idea Netflix was old enough to have an old looking commercial like that, I always thought they appeared out of nowhere in like 2004. I remember my family had Netflix (we actually still have one of their DVD's that we never returned) a while before the online streaming even existed and I remember having to clarify whether something was available from netflix as in "online" or "they can send it to your house".
zerrez Il y a 3 jours
it didn't help that Enron was a scam
jonathan garrett
jonathan garrett Il y a 3 jours
I seem to be the only one who remembers Hastings
Darius Barnard
Darius Barnard Il y a 3 jours
Blockbuster is still go8ng strong in South Africa for some reason
Alex91912 Il y a 4 jours
How do you save the business? Turn that last location into a museum of what movie rental used to be like. Advertise it as the last blockbuster ever and turn it into a tourist destination. Then put a redbox at the entrance to help set the mood.
Sull Il y a 4 jours
The partnership with Enron bit made me spit my water out. I had no idea. That is hilarious
Perp Il y a 4 jours
I remember specifically going to blockbuster to rent the movie 9 all the time
Jay570 Gaming
Jay570 Gaming Il y a 5 jours
Bruh I still have a rented copy of Shrek from there XD
Mario Anthony
Mario Anthony Il y a 5 jours
Yo I think I still have 3 tapes from out from blockbuster, ninja turtles the movie, equilibrium and sesame street...that's from about 18 years ago...I swear that late fee should be astronomical
hat face
hat face Il y a 5 jours
Yo I remember getting Indiana Jones the Lego Game for Xbox when I was at a block buster
Engineer Main
Engineer Main Il y a 5 jours
netflix needs to buy blockbuster and needs to revive it
R Il y a 6 jours
I still remember the smell of blockbuster
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Il y a 6 jours
How do you get a movie by mail, is it USB stick? (CDs are obsolete, like the floppy)
Alec Hinshaw
Alec Hinshaw Il y a 6 jours
Cr1tikal: you can’t throw a rock without hitting a Blocksbuster. Kelpshake resturant: hold our shakes
Mystic Zander
Mystic Zander Il y a 6 jours
I like the experience of a movie store. I’m a big movie guy in general. Nowadays, I just go to Family Video. Has a similar vibe to Blockbuster and it’s dirt cheap.
I Will Drink You
I Will Drink You Il y a 6 jours
do one about family video
Clayton Il y a 6 jours
BlockBuster was a giant part of my childhood, I still kinda miss them.
Trava Mag Dhuibhfhinn
Trava Mag Dhuibhfhinn Il y a 6 jours
Kids now will never have the disappointment of walking into a block buster on a Friday night excited as fuck to watch the new Leonardo DiCaprio flick with the fam and maybe pickup a game to play on your ps1 with your siblings, just to find out they are all rented out.... not a single new release to be seen and you get stuck watching your old shitty movies you already own. It was soul crushing and taught you what the world is really like at such an early age.
Evan Gillespie
Evan Gillespie Il y a 6 jours
I stole a roll of gum from a blockbuster once.
Bluemilk92 Il y a 6 jours
Bideo gaymes! Movies are for idiots, I bent all my autistic awesomeness towards the games. I remember when they resorted to something like $14 a month for unlimited game rentals. I was fairly young... Adolescent. Still, the idea of just getting a game, getting bored of it, and all I had to do is convince a sibling old enough to drive... I remember when I rented a sidescroller (Metal Slug 3) and my big sister (only around 13 years older. Though still an adult with kids) was side-eyeing me like, "Hey, let me play." It blew my mind. It was like one sentence that made me see her as a sibling, and not a pseudo parent figure. I remember thinking, "oh this game must look fun for her, 'cause she's old and used to these old games. She's not a crumby adult, but a me that has been alive longer." I hope that makes sense...
Eric Fouch
Eric Fouch Il y a 7 jours
I never realized Blockbuster was a year older than myself.
Johnny Il y a 7 jours
Block Buster had 2 things Netflix will never have social interaction in a public space and the actual ability to rent games.
leepinlepin wingadingdong
Ah yes.....Enron....Enron my friend just didn't go bankrupt, it exploded in a fucking glorious blaze of goddamn glory.
Anthony Tirelli
Anthony Tirelli Il y a 7 jours
Any plan that starts with Enron did not end well
Aziruf Il y a 7 jours
I like these animations 😂
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Il y a 8 jours
When I was 4 I got the phantom menace from blockbusters near my house. It closed down and I never got to return it. 6 years later I moved to bend Oregon which has the last blockbuster in the world. I finally got to return my phantom Menace.
jimbobbyrnes Il y a 8 jours
make 10 steam accounts play game for 1 hour on each account then copy the save files over to other account and refund the game. repeat.
jimbobbyrnes Il y a 8 jours
we had Popcorn Video instead. you could get popcorn or cotton candy and a slushy then go pick a movie to rent. and the late fees were the same price as renting it so i would just keep the same game for weeks until i fully completed it then just payed 5 bucks for each week.
Mark Moore
Mark Moore Il y a 8 jours
I remember getting my first Wii game from blockbuster, New Super Mario Bros Wii for me and my brother, and cooking mama for my sister. We'd gotten things before that but we came back often so I could try more games. I remember getting the first mario galaxy and the sequel from blockbuster. I think blockbuster is one of the reasons I became a gamer. Sad to see what happened to the company but it gave me lots of good times.
Cringy GuyX
Cringy GuyX Il y a 8 jours
I don't know what Blockbuster was like but from what I've heard hear, it sounds a lot like a library except without books. But I only get movies at the library.
Capn Smashem
Capn Smashem Il y a 8 jours
The downfall of Blockbuster also happened to coincide with a time that Libraries (at least where I lived) began to carry movies and music. I remember we had the 2 or 3 disc Netflix membership, and we would send out the old movies at the post office, on our way to the library, where we would pick up movies that we wanted to watch but weren't worthy of our Netflix queue. Netflix basically covered all the movies that were too new to be at the library already. It was a great system, and during that time I was taking a lot of broadcast media and film related classes in high school. It was a great resource.
TheRealBandito Il y a 8 jours
I saw a Blockbuster in Saint Croix (US territory)
banana boy
banana boy Il y a 8 jours
Why did people complain about late fees just bring the dvd back. I know lazy/procreaters existed but if you money is being suck right out of you that would be a motivation to take it back
Butthole Fart
Butthole Fart Il y a 8 jours
Ngl I miss going every Friday after a long week of school with the fam and seeing what new and cool movies there were
Jackaboi TV
Jackaboi TV Il y a 9 jours
I never been to blockbuster before. It sounds like a really cool place
rasin bran
rasin bran Il y a 9 jours
rasin bran
rasin bran Il y a 9 jours
rasin bran
rasin bran Il y a 9 jours
Ken Okoye
Ken Okoye Il y a 9 jours
4:52 hold the actual fuck up. Is that "Kevin Butler" the illustrious Playstation Vice President and patron saint of It Only Does Everything (TM) in that Netflix commercial? The fucking legend?
ExodusRiot Il y a 9 jours
everything was planned, this actually proves the multiverse theory the other blockbusters had to be erased from existance so that Bend, Oregons blockbuster could survive. Blockbuster-Prime.
David Moak
David Moak Il y a 9 jours
LOL I remember when they had SNES games and I rented Chrono Trigger after 3 or 4 visits of the 3 copies they had being rented out. They had a rule for 'high demand' games where you could only keep it for about a week, so after 3 weeks they were calling my house and telling my parents to have me return the game. So what I did was, naturally, found the exact screwdriver to open the SNES cartridge, swap Super Mario World and Chrono Triggers face cover, screw them back on (the verification and store ownership sticker was on back of cart) and then returned 'Chrono Trigger' to blockbuster. Back in the 90s they didn't track the carts too well at first. I still have the best copy of 'Super Mario World' that exists to this day. Winky face.
dumbunny8128 Il y a 9 jours
In 2000, the amount of bandwidth available made the Blockbuster Enron plans almost impossible to pull off. Most households had 14.4K bits per second modem connections (which would take a week to download an SD movie), and the available bandwidth that could be rented from affiliates from the non-visible scan lines off of cable was also quite limited. The infrastructure would not be there until more households upgraded to broadband, and broadband got several times faster.
Steef Pip
Steef Pip Il y a 10 jours
Love seeing the uptight guy from American Pie in the old ass Blockbuster commercial. I grew up in a small town, blockbuster was here, but there was a thriving private rental industry here that survived a lot longer than it had any right to be, even with Hollywood Video also trying to crush the market. Fun note, one of the private video rental locations is still open here. 1 soldier left holding the line, long after Blockbuster shit the bed.
Anthony Cortese
Anthony Cortese Il y a 10 jours
and too all the other local rental stores that never stood a chance. Mine was named Royal Video.
Aaron Il y a 10 jours
Blockbuster was the shit. Fuck Hollywood Video.
Billy Gibson
Billy Gibson Il y a 10 jours
Blockbusters should have partnered with Pizza Hut, where there was a blockbuster there was a pizza hut they could have offered coupons for each other like rent 3 movies get 1.00 off pizza or buy a 3 topping large pizza get a $1 off movie rental because we all know pizza and movies go well together. Oh well missed opportunities at least pizza hut is still doing ok.
Unknowned Leaf
Unknowned Leaf Il y a 10 jours
this is the best school project
Zero_Two_ Il y a 11 jours
Bruh I live right next to bend oregon, the blockbuster is right in front of a Fred Meyer
Chewie _
Chewie _ Il y a 11 jours
Petition for a character model that looks like Charlie in skate 4
SKO Il y a 12 jours
Jyrone Il y a 12 jours
Enron is the virtual boy of video streaming services
Fatal- Shelf_263
Fatal- Shelf_263 Il y a 12 jours
I was born in 2006 and I remember going to blockbuster with my dad until it closed down. I was sad
noizyme Il y a 13 jours
As a former manager who got to witness the "hail mary's" being thrown in '99 to save the company, BB made many horrible attempts at keeping customers. They partnered with entertainment competitor DishTV to try and get customers to casually make a quick buy in a DishTV service which cost hundreds of dollars to start...right there at the register, which was always a super awkward pitch. "Late Fees" were changed to "Extended Viewing Fees" after someone sued BB over the terminology semantics and won. And remember, the business model for BB wasn't new; mom-n-pop video rental places charged late fees as well, and most of their stores had a bigger selection of rarer, older movies. BB was essentially the Disneyfication of branding the video rental model towards family entertainment, complete with a moment in time where certain BB's would edit their movies to a "cleaner" version of a popular movie, like "Titanic." It was an interesting time, but a number of their decisions were very awkward, to me.
sp3ed killz
sp3ed killz Il y a 13 jours
i cant rember if it was a blockbuster or a store like it as a kid but i was walking with my mom and we went in and i fell in love with the wii game lego indania jones but we couldnt get it so i never bought it because they closed down not long after
UwU chan
UwU chan Il y a 13 jours
In Mexico a company bought blockbuster and basically they used the old locations and lasted till 2014
racoon killer 7
racoon killer 7 Il y a 13 jours
I miss block buster honestly I used to skate there for a movie and a bag of chips I still have my card and 1 block buster movie it was king kong movie
Skeptic2006 Il y a 13 jours
I've noticed that it's never a good sign if a company shits on their competition in an ad.
BeepySheep Il y a 13 jours
I rented transformers dark moon for the 3DS and I still have it present and didn’t pay my late fees the fuck I do?
JRZ- 111
JRZ- 111 Il y a 13 jours
800 million in late fees 💀. I haven't forgotten anything in 12 years.
SirSnail4877 ___
SirSnail4877 ___ Il y a 13 jours
what movie did you get in your dreams
Lighty Playzzz
Lighty Playzzz Il y a 13 jours
I just don't like Netflix because thay put the movies and then take them back
Jamie Ross
Jamie Ross Il y a 13 jours
I remember these
Fake Account
Fake Account Il y a 14 jours
Not sure why he completely ignores Redbox which probably was the first company to do huge damage to Blockbuster's model.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Il y a 14 jours
just realized that game stop is probably going out of business if they don't go digital soon
Alan Smithee
Alan Smithee Il y a 14 jours
No shit sherlock
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