Billie Eilish Gives Us A Look Inside Her Tour Closet

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It may feel like Billie Eilish came out of nowhere, but the truth is the enigmatic 17-year-old singer’s stardom has been on a steady climb since she released her 2016 song “Ocean Eyes.” She has been praised by peers like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, earned the respect of greats like Dave Grohl and Thom Yorke, and has managed to achieve both commercial and critical success. And while fans can’t get enough of her ethereal yet edgy music, her distinctive sense of style has played a huge role in her meteoric rise to success.
On a recent tour stop in Canada, Billie invited HYPEBAE backstage before her sold-out show at Toronto’s Budweiser Stage to give us a look at her tour closet. She shared with us her favorite pieces to wear on and off stage, told us why she only wears shorts when performing, and showed off her interesting storage solution for her trademark jewelry collection.
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Vie pratique et style



10 juil. 2019




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Commentaires 2 727
ALIREZA moghimi
ALIREZA moghimi Il y a jour
"bitches shorts" 👏👏👏
Ben 321
Ben 321 Il y a jour
Wear some black leggings and a hoodie and some vans and a beanie. This baggy clothing shit needs to go. Dressing like a little kid.
TYL4027 Hi
TYL4027 Hi Il y a 2 jours
“I always wear shorts” Same here
Melanny Roman
Melanny Roman Il y a 3 jours
Alguien sabe español aqui? Like si sabes :v
julian crespo
julian crespo Il y a 4 jours
My closet is just one of those lil sections
c ch
c ch Il y a 7 jours
my clothing is exercise attire
Ava_love_Zoe101 Il y a 7 jours
Billie is the only one who could get away with wearing stuff like this 😂
Jane Rodr
Jane Rodr Il y a 8 jours
I thought she had a massive wardrobe. She truly doesn't have any clothes. All that bragging🤥🤤 I bath corps and I own were I do it. I have 5 walking closet. 8 dressers. 6 barrels full of clothes u name it I have it and I dress baggie as well. She has nothing. She probably pays 150 250 4 a shirt. One of my shirts alone 400 500. Nope she has nothing. Stop showing off sugar.
Hlhi Hlhi
Hlhi Hlhi Il y a 10 jours
weird how she´s all up our culture´s styles
Cookie_kittens13 -cookies
Celia Lairana
Celia Lairana Il y a 17 jours
Eu amo os sapatos e as roupa dela manooo
Lilla 12
Lilla 12 Il y a 21 jour
Here ish -Billie 2019
Queen Frog
Queen Frog Il y a 25 jours
When her closet was literally the size of my house 😮
Xinyi Zhu
Xinyi Zhu Il y a 28 jours
they are not like bitches shorts hhhhhhhhhhh im dead hhhhhh
PRO-TONE Il y a 29 jours
She's so beautiful and cute.
Flavinha Oliveira
Flavinha Oliveira Il y a mois
Algum Br?
Kishore Tewari
Kishore Tewari Il y a mois
1000000$ stuff in a 0.5$ bag( WOW)
papia nasrin
papia nasrin Il y a mois
My sister says bitches t shirt 😂 We both wear over sized t shirts!
Louis Taylor
Louis Taylor Il y a mois
her tour closet and all them brand called me broke in every language
The Greenthaners
The Greenthaners Il y a mois
I loooove her nails
Sumeyra S.
Sumeyra S. Il y a mois
Bitches short sdafdshgkjhlkşlki
hanna YT
hanna YT Il y a mois
her tour closet is bigger then my room😂
Eunice Chia
Eunice Chia Il y a mois
Wow. Just wow.
Itzgg4ever Gacha
Itzgg4ever Gacha Il y a mois
I love her so muchhhh!!!!❤️❤️😭😭❤️❤️🕷🕷🕷
Dennis Vidot
Dennis Vidot Il y a mois
I love and respect you Billie
Ocean Eyes
Ocean Eyes Il y a mois
Oh my gosh yessss!!
Eileen Saavedra
Eileen Saavedra Il y a mois
Usual A
Usual A Il y a mois
Who pays for all that shit if she doesn’t? 😅😅
TheRealDavieLondon Il y a mois
Everybody pull up a chair and grab your popcorn. We’re going to witness one of the biggest stars turned dark we’ve ever seen. This girl is only 17 and already burnt out. It’s only a matter of time till she tries drugs and goes crazy. I’m calling it right now. 5 years from now she’ll be covered in tattoos and worshipping the devil more then she already is
Helen Veyonce Jordan
i'm distracted by her nails,lmao
I’m not Iron Man
I’m not Iron Man Il y a mois
*went to complex to buy shirts* Billie: *Duh this shirt is only 5$ lol* Me: *OH MY JESUS THIS IS TOO EXPENSIVE*
• n ø øne •
• n ø øne • Il y a mois
I hope she doesn't ever change ♡
Omone Ojior
Omone Ojior Il y a mois
Cool 😎
Honey Comb
Honey Comb Il y a mois
Her tour clothes is more than my whole closet
Ashley Parker
Ashley Parker Il y a mois
How does she even pick which one
Arashdeep Kaur
Arashdeep Kaur Il y a mois
That wardrobe just called me "broke" in 100 different languages-
21Ohiane Il y a mois
Fuuuccck! 😍 *I adore that she is feminine with her beautiful nails and hair and that at the same time all her clothes in the closet are of tomboy* 🔥❤️🔥 I really like her to go as she likes👑 💪🏼
21Ohiane Il y a mois
*Clarification* like it because *I also like putting on makeup, getting manicured and my hair, but I hate female clothes, necklines, shorts, heels etc.* I always go with boy clothes and I hate how *people assume that I am a lesbian or criticize only for my clothes* 😠 there are straight girls who simply want to go wide and relaxed without looking at their body first .... *I'm sorry for writing, I'm Spanish and I don't know how to write well* 😔
Sakshi Pardeshi
Sakshi Pardeshi Il y a mois
Caramel Kanken
Caramel Kanken Il y a mois
1:30 did she really say “bitches shorts” first of all don’t be calling girls bitches and second wearing shorts doesn’t make you a bitch so stop being so disrespectful
Giacobbe Donnarumma
I want her closet😢😍
EMreacts Il y a mois
That’s my baby!!!!!!
Brielle Aaberg
Brielle Aaberg Il y a mois
She doesn't have the biggest closet i have seen 100x bigger she has a small closet for a celebrity
jonni jonna
jonni jonna Il y a mois
Who doesn't love chocolate i mean her closet costs 100x times more than a celebrity’s bet
Blanka Andric
Blanka Andric Il y a mois
I love her style 😍😍😍
Brooklyn maryon
Brooklyn maryon Il y a mois
I want to dress like her the stylish baggy clothing but I don't know where to get clothing that's baggy but still stylish
Young Views
Young Views Il y a mois
“Not like bitches shorts” 😂😭 I love her
She look soo tired
Alina Il y a mois
Hanshika human
Hanshika human Il y a mois
Her closet is way more expensive than my existence
Jhasmin :3
Jhasmin :3 Il y a mois
Soy la unica latina?
Luisa Podlesny
Luisa Podlesny Il y a mois
"Bitches shorts" 😂
Ghost Town Cinema
Ghost Town Cinema Il y a mois
Why would she have a closet? She said she only wears an outfit once.
PscyllehrToka Il y a mois
her Green Day shirt though *heart eyes*
Natasja Pronk
Natasja Pronk Il y a mois
I want her closet -v-
Blue Trash
Blue Trash Il y a mois
Does anyone know what kinda rings like the silver ones she wears are called?
Jossiri Yamileth Jimenez Carretero
No hablo ingles pero solo se una cosa eres increible y veas o no este comentario te queria decir que me encanta tu ropa has creado algo unico tu ropa es genial y eres extremadamente hermosa esos ojos hermosos y tu cabello es un cabello adsolutamente increible
Fernanda Huerta
Fernanda Huerta Il y a mois
Hermoso tu estilo y tu igual
bilsamils Il y a mois
she has such good style wtffff
What ?
What ? Il y a mois
But they're not shorts "like bitches' shorts"😂
Bergen Buschmeyer
Bergen Buschmeyer Il y a 2 mois
*cries in poor*
Billie Is the best person on earth
I love her