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30 juil. 2017




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Commentaires 2 057
Lavina Bowman
Lavina Bowman Il y a jour
I thought this was rose madder.....
Nick Fortina
Nick Fortina Il y a 2 jours
I cannot handle watching women getting raped by guys; it gives real men like myself a bad name. Then, the entire world thinks "all men are creeps and pigs" which is only true for the ones brainwashed by television - i.e. calling women "bitches" etc. etc.
Frances Stapley
Frances Stapley Il y a 5 jours
really good movie at first i thought differnt but its good
Tony Tafoya
Tony Tafoya Il y a 7 jours
Shit no.
shivani kumeri
shivani kumeri Il y a 8 jours
Loved this movie .
Brenda Lopez
Brenda Lopez Il y a 10 jours
great movie
emy bautista
emy bautista Il y a 12 jours
I'm watching this because of the comments. 😂😂
Julie Meloury
Julie Meloury Il y a 12 jours
susan druce
susan druce Il y a 12 jours
oooo scary....good tho....thanks
ARNAUD Fichet Il y a 14 jours
This movie in french pleas. Vf movie. Merci
ARNAUD Fichet Il y a 14 jours
Pleas this movi in french. Merci
Olimpia Sîrbu
Olimpia Sîrbu Il y a 14 jours
Crystal Richeson
Crystal Richeson Il y a 15 jours
Off work today in my pajamas on the couch curled up with my baby dogg ;It's storming and this is a great mystery!Thank you!
Michael Holloway
Michael Holloway Il y a 16 jours
Big Driver is a 2014 crime thriller TV film based on the novella of the same name by Stephen King published in his collection Full Dark, No Stars (2010). It was directed by Mikael Salomon from a screenplay by Richard Christian Matheson.
Nikki Harris
Nikki Harris Il y a 16 jours
This movie brought me back to when I was raped ptsd 🙏🏾but god is in control of things
reba pepper
reba pepper Il y a 17 jours
Loved it!
TIM RAMM Il y a 18 jours
Totally hooked so far what brilliant acting great film
Johanne Blouin Bourque
Johanne Blouin Bourque Il y a 19 jours
Hugo Brown
Hugo Brown Il y a 20 jours
Who took pictures of all the rapes? He took a picture but he was behind her. Totally different angle. Also her DNA would be everywhere. Blood, hair, earrings? Her DNA is at the mother's house, plus his fingerprints are all over her car. A bit dumb.
Beverley Odendal
Beverley Odendal Il y a 20 jours
wat in die naam van vok!! eers is dit brutal verkragting vir 10 minute lank, en dan praat die vrou met haarself vir die res van die tyd
Jason Wade
Jason Wade Il y a 21 jour
I promise, I am not lying as soon as she pulled up and turned off the GPS , and that woman come over asking, which road way she had talking and she could get her home on a quicker route. I thought in my mind there and then, she was being set up for something and then when I see you I was right it's sort of peed off, but it was a good movie when you think deeper into it the metaphoric side of it like when she could see herself being abused in her reflection representations of four books good film
loveisthething Il y a 22 jours
Bad acting
Mary jacob
Mary jacob Il y a 26 jours
She is a dumb ass thinking about her reputation rather than calling the cops or 911 first for help.over all a very good movie
alison s
alison s Il y a 28 jours
Great movie! Thanks :)
Tianna Andrea
Tianna Andrea Il y a 28 jours
Good ass movie ....That sick mf just makes me sick
KTOL Louis
KTOL Louis Il y a 28 jours
Good movie but really hard to watch!!!
Débora Soares
Débora Soares Il y a 29 jours
Nadia Bardani
Nadia Bardani Il y a 29 jours
Non è possibile vedere il film in italiano?grazie
Shanan Alexander
Shanan Alexander Il y a mois
This is a good movie.
Shanan Alexander
Shanan Alexander Il y a mois
I remember it now. I have seen this but I had forgotten it. Once I saw the gas station I remembered.
Marcie 47
Marcie 47 Il y a mois
This 1 is a goodie--
Bre's Natural Life
Bre's Natural Life Il y a mois
Great Movie
Teresa Barnes
Teresa Barnes Il y a mois
Can someone help me out? Near the end of the movie when Tess went back to that old building where she was raped and went out the screen door, she bent over and picked something up and said something. I replayed that part over and over never could figure out either one. I even put captions on but it only said ha.
Teresa Barnes
Teresa Barnes Il y a 29 jours
@R.R thank you!
R.R Il y a 29 jours
Teresa Barnes she picked up her phone and said “don’t get caught”
RRFK Il y a mois
Movie Name: Big Driver
Eman Name
Eman Name Il y a mois
He really slacked on this one..
dorafvela Il y a mois
honestly, I seriously doubt you have the skills to even come close to a Stephen King story much less a movie...
Mike Bastoni
Mike Bastoni Il y a mois
Stephen king so brilliant it's scary
Pamela Cobb
Pamela Cobb Il y a mois
Stephen King is a very sick demented man, but wrote the absolutely best reason to buy a gun to protect yourself. EVERYONE should watch this. Much better than cops solving and then long trials. Who really wants to pay for sick f's to spend all their lives in prison. You GO, Girl!
megon gon
megon gon Il y a mois
Funny as heck, loved it!
Rimar Ramautar
Rimar Ramautar Il y a mois
Yup... she is right the worlds get a little better😆
Rimar Ramautar
Rimar Ramautar Il y a mois
I think the woman is in it too she sent her there in first place😬😬😬
Tzeff NL
Tzeff NL Il y a mois
You call this the best??? :-\ This is awful!
a kelly
a kelly Il y a mois
Excellent !!
Daddys lil gal
Daddys lil gal Il y a mois
Omg I can't even imagine the pain she felt
Dennis Skinner
Dennis Skinner Il y a mois
Turn off the damn flashlight dumbass.
velona moses
velona moses Il y a mois
Great movie 🍿😆😆👍👍
Shadow and Renee
Shadow and Renee Il y a mois
This is why every woman should always know the basics of their car. Especially how to change a tire.
Butterflymustfly_123 H.
How horrific!!!!!! 🤢😫
Marcelo Ciarro
Marcelo Ciarro Il y a mois
Que terrorifico!!!! I Translated your comment into Spanish. What do you think?
Kelvin Wambugu
Kelvin Wambugu Il y a mois
Great movie
Cinema Lisboa
Cinema Lisboa Il y a mois
I want that GPS.💛💙
Iza Iza
Iza Iza Il y a mois
Watch it.
Maxine F
Maxine F Il y a mois
Good movie. Won’t be taking anyone’s short cut directions that’s for sure. The way I came is the way I go.
Johanne Blouin Bourque
Vegan Vocalist
Vegan Vocalist Il y a mois
WARNING ! ! ! Horrific realistic grossly long RAPE scenes and other EXTREME violence, this is advertised as a Thriller which is misleading . RAPE is not thrilling to watch and other forms of the worst violence !. This film is truthfully HORROR, I typed in thriller movie and this came up , in the description above it states clearly thriller ! you need to change that lie !
Jane Clare
Jane Clare Il y a mois
Excellent 👍👍👍👍🇬🇧❤️
Charles E. Barkwell
I'm 36 minutes into this darn thing. An Author doesn't go in the presence of the Motorcycle Club : Smart , using wisdom. Walks a short piece to a Store : Full of people , talk on a phone while inside, but too Stupid to call the Police Department_____Her Driver picks her up and she's too crazy to let him take her to a Hospital, instead just take me Home and Arm the Security Alarm. Yep, this is a Stephen King Movie but it annoys me to no end to see wimen pull stupid moves..The Rascal that did this Mess to her needs his head Chopped off with a Woods Pick Ax......And_____And this is what she should have done : 1) Talk to the Police about her situation, then tell them all about those DEAD Women, then the Hospital...Oh no , now you're gonna show me a 95 lb. Woman who wasn't prepared for the Monster she encountered knows how to get Revenge on the 6'-6" 400 lb. Man !
litz MP
litz MP Il y a mois
Nice movie and nice payback
kadeee55 Il y a mois
Steve Wynne
Steve Wynne Il y a mois
FeatheryBird Il y a mois
She reminds me of Chelsea Handler
Demetrius Jacobs
Demetrius Jacobs Il y a mois
I'm about to watch, sounds like she might spit on their graves and get herself a dragon tattoo..yes/no?
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