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30 juil. 2017





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Commentaires 1 784
Brenda Jones
Brenda Jones Il y a 17 heures
Donovan Primm
Donovan Primm Il y a jour
Hey tbis movie was listed as Nightflier on here......awwwww i realky wanted to see Nightflier
Xime GG
Xime GG Il y a 2 jours
I like it
Maranda McAlpin
Maranda McAlpin Il y a 3 jours
You truly need to put a description of movie at least, for rape victims. This movie can trigger PTSD.
Amirah Burford
Amirah Burford Il y a 4 jours
Very good movie worth watching😊😉
Marian da Silva Almeida
i've seen this 1 before....... strong woman. good movie. Watched it again.....
tenderbastard tenderbastard
the dog said, "some people have twisted motivations." ~ tenderbastard
bill man
bill man Il y a 5 jours
what channel was this on
Jack Brown
Jack Brown Il y a 6 jours
That was so fucked up, I 💗 it.
Penny4Bernie 2020
Penny4Bernie 2020 Il y a 7 jours
Excellent, I love women get even movies and Stephen King does it best! Thanks for the movie!
YaGirl Plow
YaGirl Plow Il y a 8 jours
What is the name of this Movie?
Doug Roberts
Doug Roberts Il y a 8 jours
Definitely a chick flick. Meh
Yo Name
Yo Name Il y a 8 jours
Good job to Joan Jett in this, she killed the acting as Betsy! As for all the survivors of sexual assault out there... there is a *trigger warning* in the beginning. Good watch after that
Juan Carlos Fonjul
Juan Carlos Fonjul Il y a 11 jours
She was acting like a real pretentious dick tease to ol Tiny. He seemed to enjoy himself though.
fanobennemsi Il y a 12 jours
Revenge movies are always satisfying.
Charlene White
Charlene White Il y a 12 jours
سجاد - Sejad
سجاد - Sejad Il y a 12 jours
Lester Deserved It He Thinks Killing & Raping People is Fun So He Deserved It And That's Not It He Will Have More Struggle in Hell.
G Fernández
G Fernández Il y a 13 jours
I seen this and had no clue Stephen King wrote it. How can he write so many damn stories and I can't think of any. Just seen he also wrote a sequel to The Shining..yeah I'm 6 years late on that one too haha.
Sonya West
Sonya West Il y a 13 jours
"Big Driver" is the name of the movie.
Zahed Shorif
Zahed Shorif Il y a 13 jours
Just another masterpiece ❤️from England
ERachel P
ERachel P Il y a 14 jours
This movie is great!
lydia woodard
lydia woodard Il y a 16 jours
Good Movie, Turnabout is Fair play... Authors persona in GPS Mind of Its Own... Lol
Susan Connelly
Susan Connelly Il y a 16 jours
Waste the whinny bitch
Warren Lightning
Warren Lightning Il y a 16 jours
So far, into movie 17 minutes and bored stiff.
Jaro Du
Jaro Du Il y a 17 jours
Stephen King is indeed the undisputed King, horror. Great storyline, fabulous cast. The murderous trio were finally put down.
El Ameena Bey
El Ameena Bey Il y a 17 jours
Damn. The GPS did everything for her except change the flat tire
Fuzzy Friends Rescue Volunteer
Great movie, I really enjoyed it. Good mystery!
Paul Rivers
Paul Rivers Il y a 19 jours
O bet he's n the house
Ronny Il y a 20 jours
P.s.----poor lady--how could man do that to an innocent person like that-awful and sad -it makes my heart hurt - I was beat and raped when I was 9 years old--had to live with that injustice my whole life--its a bummer-well wishes to all anyway
Ronny Il y a 20 jours
only trouble is --why would there be a street lamp in the middle of no where ?---But I like the movie-and the lady is a good actor--haven't figured what the name of this flick is--thanks
Priyanka Majumder
Priyanka Majumder Il y a 20 jours
Brilliant movie
๖Donnie๖ ๖Campbell๖
I can see by the threads that none of you have been awakened to the fact that when you see someone that doesn't look right, out of place, Not particularly HUMAN! Chances there Transgendered Many of the people playing in these movies & all movies especially the big budget ones are Full of these Blasphemous Abominations. Modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. They can go on for a long time But soner or later God will cut them down All at once. Washington /Government isn't the only swamp that needs draining, When God Told King David and his servants to kill all the people in the towns and the animals too, It's coming that day again, the blood is tainted with satans DNA and it has spread all over the earth once more, But this time it's Billions, Not a thousand or even hundreds. Come soon Lord JESUS.Amen
Sudhesh Panicker
Sudhesh Panicker Il y a 21 jour
Good movie. However I so wish I had a GPS with Tom on it!
RCH Murica
RCH Murica Il y a 21 jour
I am soooo confused, still a great movie though. I was just expecting a plot twist or something at the end
Varrsha Mathur
Varrsha Mathur Il y a 21 jour
The GPS talks more than what it's supposed to....
Roxy RodVen
Roxy RodVen Il y a 21 jour
What kind of Animal rapes someone ?
Nicole Collins
Nicole Collins Il y a 22 jours
Is thior real???
Mrs Dash
Mrs Dash Il y a 23 jours
Do not watch, it is crazy, waste of time 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Linda Hansen
Linda Hansen Il y a 23 jours
Rape scene. Don't watch alone.
Mister Marc
Mister Marc Il y a 24 jours
LISA SHOARE Il y a 25 jours
do you people have to spoil the movie for those of us that have not sean it >??????? geeer just say if its good of bad !!!!
Georgeta Pop
Georgeta Pop Il y a 26 jours
When a murder is not solved is it because cops are not good enough or criminals are too good?
Georgeta Pop
Georgeta Pop Il y a 26 jours
Why women always think is better to wave at strangers to change your tire then just putting some muscle and doing it yourself?
Liz Moore
Liz Moore Il y a 26 jours
Omg horrible disgusting sick evil trash. That fat guy is Gross. I am horrified!!!!
Pablo Cruise
Pablo Cruise Il y a 26 jours
And she was in payback ..
Jane Warner
Jane Warner Il y a 28 jours
Don’t mess with a mystery author bitch
Jane Warner
Jane Warner Il y a 28 jours
Jesus Christ that’s Joan Jett
robin williams
robin williams Il y a 28 jours
where do I get a GPS like that
Jaro Du
Jaro Du Il y a 29 jours
Stephen King never ceases to amaze and intrigue with just that little touch of horror.
Matthew Plevyak
Matthew Plevyak Il y a 29 jours
Awesome! Best Stephen King story since the Green Mile.