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Hi. My name is Darek and in this video I'll show you how I did The ROCKET STOVE HEATER to my workshop.
If you have not heard about the rocket stove, be sure to look for information on the Internet. The wellmade rocket stove can heat up very strongly, burning a little wood.
I'm very pleased with the end result, It works very well!

The main materials which I used:
- A square tube 120x120x3 mm
- A pipe 120x5 mm
- A pipe 150x0,5 mm
- An old water tank 300x2mm
Videos that are worth seeing before you start making your own ROCKET STOVE:
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13 nov. 2017




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Made in Poland
Made in Poland Il y a an
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David Lango
David Lango Il y a 22 jours
Someone buy this guy a porta band saw.
kanethornwyrd Il y a 25 jours
35 from France, I'll totally make 2 variant of your design, I'll try to document the experience. One with a copper tubing running inside the perlite, if I'm not wrong, to thermosyphon and heat the water of a hot water tank, and another, shorter maybe, to pyrolyse a stere of wood at once with a proper continuous fractional distillation process for the creosote vapours and maybe a compressor to store the syngas in gas tanks… THANK YOU for the idea !
Heinrich Knierim
Heinrich Knierim Il y a 7 mois
What welder do you use ?
Magnified Il y a 8 mois
I am layman in this but wanna ask you, Is it possible to build a less wood (fuel) consuming but a more heat producing rocket mass heating system to run an effecient Stirling Engine genset for producing power in hot/tropical/sub tropical places and countries where heating is not required ? For the purpose of this should only be to run only the Stirling effectively and nothing else 😊 Can it be done ??
Magnified Il y a 8 mois
Now fit an effective Stirling Engine genset to it.
Ben S Larsen
Ben S Larsen Il y a 14 jours
What's the burn time typically? I built a somewhat conventional wood stove and average 4hrs between stoking, it is a small bugger for our caravan. Puts out great heat, but does require some retrofitting as all builds do after some pondering. Great work, sure do enjoy seeing backyard engineering!
AttentionJunkie Il y a 15 jours
So is it better to have a larger intake than riser, smaller or the same? I'm trying to make one strictly with materials I already have: A old 55 gal propane tank, about 12 feet of 4 inch sch 10 pipe, a old oil tank to cut up for flat plate material and 10 feet of 6" chimney pipe with a 90 elbow. Not sure if I really need the chimney pipe or not but I have it. I was thinking about making the vertical feed tube a large box around 10 inches or so so I can throw whole bags of trash or thick brush in there and tapering it down into a chute to mate up with the 4" air intake pipe. Would making the J tube riser out of the 6" chimney pipe instead of the 4" have any advantages?
Hal Kael
Hal Kael Il y a 20 jours
Couldn’t watch because of the ANNOYING noise (“music”?)... I will go find a less annoying video
Trollololol Il y a 22 jours
After seeing this I cut my rocket stove apart and will now be using this design.
thetracker1100 Il y a 25 jours
Your video blinded me, I will take one rocket stove for compensation please!
James Martin
James Martin Il y a 27 jours
Have you see those frequency emitter's being used in hydropnic system's to oxygenate the water? Idea, useca frequency emitter in a tank able to hold some presure that you fill with denatured alcohol and the frequency emitter causes the alcohol to vaporize and build presure. Presurized alcohol then is fed to three 32 micro jet HHO burners set at an angle to focus the hot spot and offset to generate a vortex. Place a magnetic cushioned fan below the burn chamber with air intake vents along the bottom forca nice jet stove. Design a titanium insert with a reflective dish for a radiant heater. Throw in some nintinol high output thermal electric generator's with Wireless energy transfer technology for an emergency denatured alcohol jet stove heater electrical power generator. Add in a absorption refrigeration unit module and you can have refrigeration and even air conditioning if needed. 😁👍
Sparkie Kosten
Sparkie Kosten Il y a 28 jours
Looks like a "Dalek" prototype.....Exterminate....Exterminate!
Flashahol Il y a 28 jours
Crazy build! I want a camping version of this...
Raul St
Raul St Il y a mois
terrible trabajo👏👏👏👍🇦🇷
zpoedog Il y a mois
How did it hold up after using it for a while?
Іван Ощипок
Hello! What does it call it? Time 8.56
Mauro Baiardi
Mauro Baiardi Il y a mois
Why did you isolated it? Isn't it supossed to give tempereature to the air that sorrounds it? if you want it to warm the room you should get better surface area to make mor heat change, not isolate it.
ElektRoMan M
ElektRoMan M Il y a mois
Без рукавиць
Raul Martinez
Raul Martinez Il y a mois
Alguien tiene los planos..??!!
Moni Damon Lolomanaia
This is awesome
Felix E.
Felix E. Il y a mois
Darek, yours is the best rocket stove I've seen. Love to have the plans, but your "join" doesn't word so I can't download.
Rae Namet
Rae Namet Il y a mois
I suppose if you like to reconstruct the plans from watching a video, it's useful
Kamal Khan
Kamal Khan Il y a mois
There is no "JOIN" button 😀
Adam Klukowski
Adam Klukowski Il y a mois
Czy wykonał byś mi taki piec i ile by kosztował
Made in Poland
Made in Poland Il y a mois
Nie wykonuję ich na zamówienie :)
jason lee
jason lee Il y a mois
but how it works, the video did not explain the fire
theshuman100 Il y a mois
the first video that pops up when you search mass stove explains it pretty well
Jerry Collin
Jerry Collin Il y a mois
Safety first.....??? What about wearing gloves when grinding and cuting steel....???
Joshua Joshua.
Joshua Joshua. Il y a mois
How's the metal holding up on this after a couple years?
Dzięki za kolejne doskonałe wideo. Mam prośbę - czy mógłbyś zaktualizować linki z opisu? Ponadto, masz gdzieś plany czy robiłeś z głowy? Pozdrawiam - Tomek
Kranf Navolog
Kranf Navolog Il y a 2 mois
Why does everyone try to make money using ancient technology and free downloads? It's a good build, that goes without saying, but make the copies free, like you got them. Okay?
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin Il y a 2 mois
more of a rocket mass heater and stove combo it seems. awesome build.
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin Il y a 2 mois
wish he had a bit more detail or explanation on the various openings and doors and longer video of final product. still a great build though
Bookborn Il y a 2 mois
Any male who watches this and doesn't wish he possessed such skills - I question his masculinity... Just. WOW. Amazing craftsmanship and meticulous care to detail with no apparent inattention or oversight. Simply brilliant. THANK YOU.
John Bsys
John Bsys Il y a 2 mois
Ugliest welds I've seen yet brother lol
Juarez silva
Juarez silva Il y a 2 mois
TVᄀ재용임미당 Il y a 3 mois
용접을 맨손으로 하네 이 브로 ;;;;
Алексей Шпилевой
Nice work and super weld!
AttentionJunkie Il y a 3 mois
I see so many people cut out parts with a grinder on YT. I usually go great lengths to avoid grinding.
ty nechee
ty nechee Il y a 3 mois
Wow. The amount of exposure. They say many Ironworkers do not live long enough. You are very brave.
Da Os
Da Os Il y a 3 mois
maybe this would be better named ’heaviest and most labour intensive’ rocket stove. what makes it better than any other of the hundreds on yt?
Bristol Daffern
Bristol Daffern Il y a 3 mois
Where the h*** is your PPE personal protective equipment hahaha lol
elangeltinieblas Il y a 3 mois
algún latino lo vio?
amy wahlang
amy wahlang Il y a 4 mois
Damn good looking vortex.all that hard work paid off aftet all.
Steve Gatiss
Steve Gatiss Il y a 4 mois
Hello I would like to use your plans to build one but cannot find them. Can you tell me how to get them please.
Martin Rivero
Martin Rivero Il y a 4 mois
very nice that stove, could you put the measurements and plans of it?
Boogie Loo
Boogie Loo Il y a 4 mois
Great rocket stove. This is one of the handful of legit builds on YT. So many don't get it right. Love it.
강석재 Il y a 5 mois
다시 봐도 한번 도전해 보고 싶은 영상!!!
M M Il y a 5 mois
works well on kindling dry wood only- will not work efficiently on large chunks of wood like every rocket stove. this type stove works only on full power, as it needs a serious flame to provide enough draught. BEEN THERE- BULLERIAN IS MUCH BETTER.
강석재 Il y a 5 mois
손 다쳐요 장갑 끼고 하세요..^^
Evan Frost
Evan Frost Il y a 5 mois
Absolutely amazing build, I only wish that you would have listed the stuff you used to build it. Would love to build one for my family and I from your specifications.
Diffraction Il y a 5 mois
anybody gotta love poland. greetings from germany!
Nick Rangel
Nick Rangel Il y a 5 mois
Many Americans used to be this resourceful; it's a lot more rare today.
Gašper Ajdnik
Gašper Ajdnik Il y a 6 mois
My and my friends wach your videos ewry Day
DANIEL WAITE Il y a 6 mois
That thing makes my $4,000.00 Vermont castings look like a Stone Age piece of crap. Hats off to you and your engineering and fabrication skills.
DANIEL WAITE Il y a 6 mois
I really wish I could understand the reason and function of all those little doors and the leaver. Are you selling the plans?
Alexander Sverdlov
Alexander Sverdlov Il y a 6 mois
The purchase link is no longer available, please provide other payment options as a reply to this comment
Marcos S. Reyes
Marcos S. Reyes Il y a 6 mois
One of the best on the entire internet!
Curly Il y a 6 mois
John WURST Il y a 6 mois
Very cool project! You are very clever and creative! Have you considered buying a MIG welder? Your weld seams would come up a lot nicer!
Dawid Mormol
Dawid Mormol Il y a 6 mois
Woooooow super robota😃
Troy Curtis
Troy Curtis Il y a 6 mois
Awesome....may take 27 views to get it right...good job ...
Alê Franco
Alê Franco Il y a 6 mois
OMG! The best ever!
Roger Bulley Jr.
Roger Bulley Jr. Il y a 7 mois
Can I get a blue print?
Евгений Селютин
Руки золотые,но что за дичь он сварил?)))
Northcountry Hermit
Northcountry Hermit Il y a 7 mois
This musak sucks!!