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"Inspired by James Cameron’s Avatar, Cirque du Soleil transports you to the world of Pandora in a visually stunning live setting. Experience a storytelling odyssey through a new world of imagination, discovery and possibility."




21 nov. 2016




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Rushitha Akkineni(Student)
i is an awesome performence in my life
AVALON - The Musical
AVALON - The Musical Il y a 8 mois
Wonderfull! Love it very much!
Julio C. Ochoa LL.
Julio C. Ochoa LL. Il y a 9 mois
wow me encantó esta presentación
장미Rosé owo
장미Rosé owo Il y a 9 mois
I was there and boi i was blonee away like it was soo coollll
TYTY Méta Il y a 9 mois
C'est affreux 🤪
Sheila Travieso
Sheila Travieso Il y a an
Venid a Fuerteventura porfavor
Aubrey Victoria
Aubrey Victoria Il y a an
Dammit I wish this was still touring!!
Pamela Safronoff
great design of concept/props etc but not much "content" in terms of amazing acrobatics, etc.
KHT Starclan
KHT Starclan Il y a an
Ööööööö... Näin ton ja siel kiellettiin ehdottomasti ettei saa videoida tätä
Went to see this today and was speechless during the whole show.
Сергей Мжельский
Представление вообще не оправдало ожиданий,красивая музыка,хорошие спец эффекты,но в плане акробатических элементов,уж извините но на передаче лучше всех с детьми я видел и получше,как шоу более менее,но как цирк очень плохо!
Vashek Il y a an
Completely missing the circus acrobatics in the second half, very few in the first one. I can go watch a movie if I want stunning visuals and audio. Story was just the typical planet saving cliche. Expected more.
Edward Joiner
Edward Joiner Il y a an
Saw it yesterday - a very dull show. None of my friends liked it, and my daughter (7 yrs) in an hour asked me when it's going to end. The visual effects are nice, but they start annoying in half an hour. No cool tricks at all. They just run and jump around. It's not a circus show. It looks more like an acrobatic ballet with poor choreography. Visual effects and music - 10 (out of 10), dancing and choreography - 4.
Татьяна -
Очень скучное шоу. Акробатика слабенькая. По сравнению с цирком, например Запашных, вообще отстой. Не советую тратить время и деньги.
CrazeyCasey 2000
To było zaje*te
Naomi Steemans
Naomi Steemans Il y a an
I saw it yesterday in Belgium and it’s the most beautiful effing show ever! Go see it!
team ginnastica pazza e fatta a caso
Sono andata tu eri dietro di me
Dominik Cernay
Dominik Cernay Il y a an
Ja som bol na tom
Bea Géczi Tóth
I was at the Toruk today in Bratislava, Slovakia. It was amazing ❤️❤️ i love them so so much they are the best❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍
Karina Szambelan
Nice, but what about their skill and circus tricks? In this video there is just a few of them. But of course, Cirque du Soleil is still the most beautiful circus in the world
Maika Alonso Perez
Espectacular ! Lo vi ayer en el Navarra Arena en Pamplona .
Guille S S
Guille S S Il y a an
Hola Maika, desde qué fila lo viste? Estoy pensando comprar para la fila Q (17) y me gustaría saber si se vería bien, ya que es para un regalo. Gracias!
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez Il y a an
I would love to see this if I ever had a chance to.
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez Il y a an
Anybody can tell me the best seats to see this show?, I'm thinkking that probably the first seats in the front have less perspective... recomendations please!!!
No Name
No Name Il y a an
Ich war in Frankfurt in der Show. Langweilig und enttäuschend. Hab mir mehr erhofft, um einiges mehr. Kann ich niemandem empfehlen.
reuploads MrRage
@No Name ich war am Donnerstag da und es war wirklich enttäuschend
No Name
No Name Il y a an
Samstag, Frankfurt 16 Uhr, 1.12.2018
reuploads MrRage
am Donnerstag?
Valentina Cuoghi
It's good
Nicole Ciccolo
Nicole Ciccolo Il y a an
Thomas Bucher
Thomas Bucher Il y a an
PLEASE: MAKE A BEHIND THE SCENES - VIDEO!!!! It was AMAZING and I tried to find only a homepage with some names and reallife faces behind all these fantastic artists.
Fernando Robalo de Sousa
An unforgettable show! Memorable, fantastic, wonderful... a dream became true!
matej steinhauser
Avatar is like Unreal, because they have floating islands. In Unreal the Kauai Na Pali haven, In Avatar, the alien iknimaya haven Unreal game and Avatar are just beautiful
Karasaph Exonar
Karasaph Exonar Il y a 2 ans
actually. Even after I have watched it on tv, I'm not really convinced if I want to see it. There isn't so much artistic in there as in other Cirque shows. And the stunts are okayish. The visuals are great, the music is great, the storyline is awesome. A great show, but for me it's lacking in the basics. Just like when going to a Musical, you expect music and songs, and not 50% exposition and storytelling. But please convince me otherwise. What stunts are in the show?
Maria Nieves Miguel Bravo
Liliana Rodriguez
Liliana Rodriguez Il y a 2 ans
Maravilloso !!! Sin palabras hoy están acá en Rosario Argentina !!! Igual que Avatar !!
Anyamanee A
Anyamanee A Il y a 2 ans
Mr Whiskers
Mr Whiskers Il y a 2 ans
I remember I went to go see this
Elda Estalle
Elda Estalle Il y a an
@Mike Butler e e
Mike Butler
Mike Butler Il y a 2 ans
J bevy juniors
The best
Catherine Breitfeller
Beautiful !!
Wanda Massa
Wanda Massa Il y a 2 ans
I when to see toruk was my first time been in the circus on my life I love it
Армани Арман
uh Il y a 2 ans
I saw this in person
TOMMY U Il y a 2 ans
tell me music name pls.
Gabriela Rios
Gabriela Rios Il y a 2 ans
Que flojera! Necesitan volver a lo básico. Ya no gustan.
Marta Peterson Womack
Wow! Very cool. Think of all the planning, work and creativity that went into this. Making sets, lighting, just all of it.
Celiko Watermelon
Celiko Watermelon Il y a 2 ans
You are to far
Hyperskreem 82
Hyperskreem 82 Il y a 2 ans
Is this supposed to be Avatar? I’m so confused 🤷🏽‍♂️
Rose Crystals
Rose Crystals Il y a 3 mois
THEREALGAMER Il y a 4 mois
Hyperskreem 82 YES
Nivan Il y a an
NOn Playable character it‘s inspired by avatar
Ana Abasto
Ana Abasto Il y a 2 ans
Agustina Il y a 2 ans
nachobis Il y a 2 ans
I saw this one, it wasnt what i was expecting. It is visually a top show, but not the acrobatics we love about cirque de soleil.
Peter Krchnak
Peter Krchnak Il y a an
Exactly what I thought when I was watching this. I would be very disappointed if I went to see this show.
Judith Kolkman
Judith Kolkman Il y a an
that's why i loved it much, acrobatic is not so importend to me, the visuals, the story, the creativity in this show.. it was amazing 😀
ThunderStorms 211
ThunderStorms 211 Il y a 2 ans
Love the music
Aeureus Il y a 2 ans
it was the bloody best show i have ever seen. God bless Toruk: First flight and the Avatar Franchise. Im in love with this. Best Cirque De Soleil ever. The VIP Box wasn't ludicrously close to the show, but we got an excellent view and amazing food and drinks. Will never forget this absolutely stunning display of skill, music, and Na'Vi :D
Firefly 17
Firefly 17 Il y a 2 ans
Dani Namorato
Dani Namorato Il y a 2 ans
Firefly 17 i
Junal Gerlach
Junal Gerlach Il y a 2 ans
I never will see such magnificent portrayal of dream like effects. I'm in a small cultured back in time town. Too poor to even think I could take my family too see such wonders so I'm grateful
Simon Rodgers
Simon Rodgers Il y a 2 ans
did you film this with a telescope?
marian san
marian san Il y a 2 ans
Es impresionante lo que logra cirque du soleil sobre el escenario. Os felicito una gran fan desde hace muchísimos años. Seguir así.
Nasty Boi
Nasty Boi Il y a 2 ans
i loved this show i went and saw it in person
joe woodchuck
joe woodchuck Il y a 2 ans
I saw their show in Orlando some years ago. Being a techie I took notice of the equipment and all the mechanical engineering that went into the custom stage design. The show was simply amazing and for me I feel like I paid for one show but got two shows out of it by watching the technical things going on as well as the artistry.
ᎯᏰᏣ ʔoᐢi
ᎯᏰᏣ ʔoᐢi Il y a 2 ans
visqueraient Il y a 2 ans
joe woodchuck yes!! Totally agree, I loved all the stagecraft and the technicians that were visible in the shadows. The puppeteers were amazing too!
francis dizon
francis dizon Il y a 2 ans
People who says that this is their worst show are stupid! Ive seen it and it is amazing!
Natascha Jongsma
I'll admit I haven't personally seen this show, but I saw them when I was really young. From this video alone all I can say is, where are the circus tricks? It's more like a simple show of Avatar rather than circus related which I would find boring if I'm coming to a circus.
TheAmazingTC Il y a an
Legendary answer from @D.1.0.084
D.1.0.084 Il y a 2 ans
Allan Jay That was beautiful! I have right to call people whatever I like, it's freedom of speech. Only difference is that morally some people might disagree with me but guess what, fuck em.
anonymus anonymus
anonymus anonymus Il y a 2 ans
I agree this was awesome 😍👍🖖
Allan Jay That was beautiful!
francis dizon but thats YOUR opinion and those that say they didnt like it, it's their opinion! YOU have no right to call someone stupid because their opinion differs from yours!!!. Its FREEDOM of choice and taste!!!!
Светлана Алексеевна
LORD Ledi R Il y a 2 ans
Слов нет одни эмоции ❤️😍🙌🙌🙌🙌
Carlos Henrique
Carlos Henrique Il y a 2 ans
Muito lindo! ❤️
J GILC Il y a 2 ans
Granted, the video is only 5 minutes but, it looks like a typical stage show at Disneyworld. All effects, no real talent.
ᎯᏰᏣ ʔoᐢi
ᎯᏰᏣ ʔoᐢi Il y a 2 ans
ICE BLADE yeah sure. Infacts people sometimes dies to do this amazing job. Do you know how many things and stuff and WORK there is behind this shorted video? Shut your shitty mouth and think before talking.
Alejandro Garcia Pascual
me gusta la pelicula en final
miss•azure Il y a 2 ans
I was at this show on friday it was amazing i loved it with the acrobats and laughed meh head off coz they said something really weird and funny...........
Mid D
Mid D Il y a 2 ans
Perfeitos, lindosssss
even avatar porn is funnier and "intersetingier"
Jaehee Hwang
Jaehee Hwang Il y a 2 ans
GamingWithJen Fan
GamingWithJen Fan Il y a 2 ans
I saw this it was AMAZING I love the ending part with all the spirit things coming down !!
Sergio Bravo
Sergio Bravo Il y a 2 ans
GamingWithJen Fan wow you are very stunning
BatRoulette Il y a 2 ans
I'd rather watch the live version of Lion King, this is just crap
chris198004 Il y a 2 ans
this was a boring show compared to some of their others. Visually it was great but i lacked that excitement that ive seen in their other shows.
•_BuNnY_• ε: •_CΗιCΗι_• ε:
I saw this preformance and it was amazing!!
miss•azure Il y a 2 ans
Same! XD
LenixExtreme Il y a 3 ans
I mean, it was cool but i have never watched an avatar film or video so i didnt really follow the show.. i didnt get it but yeah.. i went to the one in New Zealand
D A C Il y a 3 ans
Where's this at?
MPSpaintball Il y a 3 ans
This was in Auckland, New Zealand. I was there. Amazing show, would certainly recommend watching.
Mia Mya
Mia Mya Il y a 3 ans
worst Cirque show
ᎯᏰᏣ ʔoᐢi
ᎯᏰᏣ ʔoᐢi Il y a 2 ans
Mia Mya BEST.
James Stonley
James Stonley Il y a 3 ans
I'm glad you enjoyed watching the show through your mobile phone. Why pay all that money just to film it and not enjoy it.
Riley Van Weenen
Riley Van Weenen Il y a 2 ans
It Was Shit All Together Though
Suicide Kiwi
Suicide Kiwi Il y a 3 ans
It was only a 5-minute clip though...
Steve Crook
Steve Crook Il y a 3 ans
I don't know how anyone can say they fell asleep at this show. I have seen 5 different Cirque shows in the last few years and this one easily has the best actual storyline and some of the best performers. It is probably my second favourite show after Ka.
steven ale
steven ale Il y a an
@Justyna Rusin he liked ká ive heard enough to make my decision 😂
Justyna Rusin
Justyna Rusin Il y a an
Your life must be boring. :)
sean Il y a 2 ans
It had an actual storyline unlike others but the acrobatics were poor (in comparison to other shows) in my opinion.
ARMDIGITAL Il y a 3 ans
KegPatcha Il y a 3 ans
I didn't like this show as much as other cirque du soleil shows.
Hanna Zaskorska
Hanna Zaskorska Il y a an
??? Which one?
백남진 Il y a 3 ans
놀랄만한 묘기에 감탄! 감탄!
Mike Lim
Mike Lim Il y a 3 ans
i felt asleep....twice
ᎯᏰᏣ ʔoᐢi
ᎯᏰᏣ ʔoᐢi Il y a 2 ans
Pat Crossley EXACTLY
Pat Crossley
Pat Crossley Il y a 2 ans
Lin Mike fell asleep get off your back side and try this stuff it is hard work I know because I have done it .
ARMDIGITAL Il y a 3 ans👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🔝🔝🔝🔝
Арсений Канаев
Great show!👍🏻