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It's my birthday tomorrow, so I'm offering FREE SHIPPING specials (details below) today through Feb 17th for both Tati Beauty & Halo Beauty! xo's ~ Tati

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Hi I'm Tati from GlamLifeGuru, thank you for watching my video, please be sure to check out my collection of makeup videos where you'll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you're looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.

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13 févr. 2020




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Commentaires 3 114
Ashley Rodriguez
Ashley Rodriguez Il y a jour
I thought this was a drugstore video..🤔
Amanda Brook
Amanda Brook Il y a jour
I've been trying to wait to buy your vitamins but I finally just bought a bundle. I had nightmares last night about my hair falling out and then I see you're doing free shipping. Seems like the time! Happy birthday btw!
evelyn Il y a jour
tati i love u so much but u just spent almost TEN MINUTES talking about ur expensive products as an intro for ur best under 5 and im a bit frustrated. please put a timestamp next time so we can jump right in.
jessica scolastico
jessica scolastico Il y a jour
Katherine Chicoine
Katherine Chicoine Il y a jour
So happy for you, Tati! Very inspiring ✨
HOLLYBEAR32 Il y a jour
I clicked on this for the title to quickly find out the first 5+ mins was her promoting her own products ugggghhhh!!
Connie Luka
Connie Luka Il y a jour
Tati could you do a full review on thrive cosmetics.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Il y a jour
9:10 when she starts talking about the products. You're welcome
Mama Chris
Mama Chris Il y a jour
Happy birthday Tati 😘 my birthday was on the 11th
Andrea Yanochko
Andrea Yanochko Il y a jour
Happy Happy 🎂!
sewmuchdrama Il y a jour
I can’t wait to get a blend & pallet when I’m less poor
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Il y a jour
I think Roberts point was that you don't need nose contour because your nose is beautiful🥰
Lorinda Howard
Lorinda Howard Il y a jour
Happy Birthday Tati!!!
Megan Brown
Megan Brown Il y a jour
PSA: first half of the video is Tati promoting her own products, you’re welcome
v e r a
v e r a Il y a jour
I'd love for you to see my makeup looks I've created with textured neutrals vol 1 ❤️❤️🙌🙌🙌 happy birthday gorgeous 🥰🥰
Fucakes Cupcakes
Fucakes Cupcakes Il y a jour
Where do you get your mirrors? They’re so cute!
Tabitha Crouse
Tabitha Crouse Il y a jour
9:10 to skip the branding
Emma Olivares
Emma Olivares Il y a jour
hah i forgot bout
Soso Sasa
Soso Sasa Il y a jour
Is she pregnant?
Aliciaアリシア Il y a jour
9:10 for the drugstore makeup actual video
Nailya Saifulina
Nailya Saifulina Il y a jour
Tati really?! boring till minute 9:12 where you start talking about the makeup under 5 bucks. stop it please...
Selena Davis
Selena Davis Il y a jour
Happy birthday!! 🎂 I love Halo(all of them). Love your pallet and the Blendiful! Love all you do! Thank you 😊. Keep on doing what you do!!
Chantal Jepps
Chantal Jepps Il y a jour
Love your channel 💕
Taylor Plourde
Taylor Plourde Il y a jour
9:10 is when she starts with the drugstore products. Nothing against her self promoting, I’m just personally aware of it all already and just tryna help the others in the same boat.
Dwayne Davies
Dwayne Davies Il y a jour
You’re 38? Shut the front door! I thought you were way younger than that! I would have said 32 ❤️❤️
Sarah Stutzman
Sarah Stutzman Il y a jour
I got my palette last week and finally had time to play with it last night and OMG Tati!!! This palette is amazing and has become my favorite out of all the palettes I own.
Christiana C
Christiana C Il y a jour
I think Roberts point was that you don't need nose contour because your nose is beautiful🥰
Suzanna Danna
Suzanna Danna Il y a jour
Happiest of Birthdays to you, Tati!
Monica C.
Monica C. Il y a jour
Almost half of the video is self promotion
annamotiepipay Il y a jour
Happy birthday sweetie! 2020 will be a better year and we must claim it! Btw, love you gave a shout out to Robert. Try to watch his brother too. He has a lot of great skin tips too! ❤️
FF sake
FF sake Il y a jour
OMG thats a first. Iv actually tried something here in NZ befor Tati reviewed it (essence melted chromes shadows). They are fire.
Amanda Hernandez
Amanda Hernandez Il y a jour
Geeezusss....i can't deal with the whole promo gig..
Lizzette Alexis
Lizzette Alexis Il y a jour
Happy Bday to you. Thank you for the free shipping. That helps alot. I will look up his channel. Love ya!!
Michelle Bragdon
Michelle Bragdon Il y a jour
Happy belated birthday....mine was on the 12th!!
Faith 🍒
Faith 🍒 Il y a jour
Everyone on FRvid who owns a brand talks about their own products in videos. She is having a promotional sale, tati always goes into depth about what’s going on. She has two great brands and she’s proud of them, as she should be!! And y’all are mad? Over 10 mins? Lmaooo I’ll never understand some of y’all 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
REDorsey Il y a jour
Your birthday is VALENTINE'S DAY? So appropriate. Have a great week!
Carrie Fisher
Carrie Fisher Il y a jour
I literally shouted YES when you mentioned Kiss Muse lashes 😭 they're the only lashes I buy, I've been WAITING for someone to shout these out! AHHHHH 😭💞🙏🏻
Amanda Choses
Amanda Choses Il y a jour
"Brown!" .. hahahaha that was so funny!!! hihihi
Beauty Captivates
Beauty Captivates Il y a jour
Happy Birthday 🎊🎂 Tati!!! We love you 😘
Amanda Choses
Amanda Choses Il y a jour
5 products AFTER Min 9 !! come on darling,,, less selling and more honoring the headline... we are busy too! nine minutes talking to get to the point is a bit too much!!
Hennzy Johnson
Hennzy Johnson Il y a jour
Happy Birthday, i bet it's so fun having a valentines birthday, i would trade easter for that any day, wasn't fun growing up but now i am like, hey, CHOCOLATE! :)
Alyni Crespilho
Alyni Crespilho Il y a jour
Im very happy that you ship 😇 to New Zealand, I almost get nothing shipped here haha
Rachel Lett
Rachel Lett Il y a jour
Ok what is the lipstick you are wearing tho!? 😍
Sarah Schreiber
Sarah Schreiber Il y a jour
Ive been using that essence blender for a while! I have 4 of them for buffing! I also LOVE my jalapeno elf shadow. It was SO GOOD for $3. That gold foil is pretty good.
Megan Ambler
Megan Ambler Il y a jour
I dont mind when you talk about yourself at all, its necessary, but this video was a bit over the top, the video is 21 minutes long and you only get started 9 minutes in; that's almost half the video, so in the future maybe just increase the speed for that section of the video to like 1.5 so it shaves off a couple seconds
Bettina Schweiger Soprano
10 min of self promotion ... sorry Tati ... that’s too much
codi shumaker
codi shumaker Il y a jour
♥️♥️ Love ALL of your brands!
Cesilia R
Cesilia R Il y a jour
For all my oily qweeenss! Maybeline has a shine free oil control powder and that will make your makeup last longer! AND it’s only $5 in Walmart! I highly recommend it💕
Gemma Ramos
Gemma Ramos Il y a jour
I love melted Chrome shadows from Essence too! Kisses from Spain 😘
jessica viar
jessica viar Il y a jour
PLEASEEE do a video of a full face of SHEIN makeup! ❤️ Love ya!!
gabbysway2 Il y a jour
I love that you mentioned Robert!!! He's the sweetest and super helpful. I found him fairly recently and I already feel like he's one of my best friends. 😁 His vibe is just that great.🥰 Also, when he critiques, it's about the theory of makeup. He's not saying you can't do nose contouring, he said you don't need it. 😉
kealey windle
kealey windle Il y a jour
Can I take both together xx
Roving Streets
Roving Streets Il y a jour
21:31 started the review. Before that she talks about her own products.
Charming nowhere to hide
with Elton?
Kim Baker
Kim Baker Il y a jour
I love that you are loudly proud of your accomplishments!! You and Taylor Swift are my woman heroes this year 👯‍♀️
Brynn Boston
Brynn Boston Il y a jour
Watching this while doing my makeup for a valentines wedding today using poet from the Tati beauty palette and just blended my Fiona styles matte foundation with the blendiful! AMAZING happy birthday💕
Charming nowhere to hide
LOVE Robert!!! I’m so glad you mentioned him!!! I’m a huge fan of yours too! Best eyeshadow palette of 2019 for sure!! I use it and the Blendiful everyday!!!
Grace Devaney
Grace Devaney Il y a jour
pls do a glossier review!!!!!!
Megan Lee
Megan Lee Il y a jour
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATI❤️❤️❤️ congrats on all your successes, so excited to see where your brand goes next
lana stanberry
lana stanberry Il y a jour
Happy belated birthday Tati.
Tanya AD
Tanya AD Il y a jour
Timestamp: 9:13. I dunno how to make the link. Sorry.
Sydney Holden
Sydney Holden Il y a jour
She rambled for so long at the beginning of the video