Ben (My Husband) Does ASMR

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Another charity milestone!!!! Ben does ASMR! I'm loling. He wouldn't stop looking at me for affirmation. He did great!!! And the title makes me feel old omfg lol. He's spent so much time with ASMR people the last 3 years it came more naturally than I thought ha! He's got such a nice soft speaking voice so I made him do some of that around 3 min in, but most of it is whispered! I gave him some props and let him do what he wanted! AKA... asked me what to do LOL.
For all of yall wondering what Ben looks like. There you go! We are married and have been together for over 5 years :)
Our ~story~
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13 janv. 2020




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Gibi ASMR Il y a 6 mois
This is an extra video so please enjoy!!! Apartment Tour coming out tomorrow :))))
Betzabe Nazario
Betzabe Nazario Il y a 8 jours
@Abbi aAaAaAaAaaAaA x
Yaşar Musazadə
Yaşar Musazadə Il y a mois
Ha ha ha 😂😂😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😄😄😅😅😅👍👍😂😂🤣🤣😁😁😊😊
Eabha Lindsay
Eabha Lindsay Il y a mois
I’m watching your live stream while watching this video omg he’s so good
Noleen Majozi
Noleen Majozi Il y a 2 mois
Yow he's really good I would never tell its his first video doing asmr😉
Mattie Jo Dooley
Mattie Jo Dooley Il y a 2 mois
He’s so adorable 😍 you married a cool dude 😎
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Generic Chilean 2.0
Generic Chilean 2.0 Il y a 6 heures
Oh stepbro im stuck
Sara Otten
Sara Otten Il y a 7 heures
He's like a teddybear
Zaloxety Il y a 8 heures
Ben should do another same video like whispering like this one lol
The Shiny Skuntank
The Shiny Skuntank Il y a 10 heures
Notice how it's 11 minutes... he can't handle it. That's how everyone starts though. Better than I could do!!
Gamomatic Gaming!!
Gamomatic Gaming!! Il y a 10 heures
I GOT SO MUCH TINGLES FROM THIS! Ben has to start his own chanenel!!
I.donthave.a.namelol Il y a 11 heures
Hes a keeper girl. Hes a keeper
Tae Joon Park
Tae Joon Park Il y a 14 heures
He’s so sweet and funny
The Big savage
The Big savage Il y a 15 heures
Please make more video’s with him please he’s funny and he’s eyes are cute
Emilio Moreno
Emilio Moreno Il y a 16 heures
Reminds me of Marno a little
Shudan Luo
Shudan Luo Il y a 21 heure
he was not whispering.. he was just talking...
Valentina Silva
Valentina Silva Il y a jour
no one: absolutely nobody: a place in ben's shirt: 👁️👁️
Estrella Chales Perez
I like bens asmr
Noah Palon
Noah Palon Il y a jour
Been reminds me of a puppy, in a good way
Hannah Il y a jour
Ben = 🥺
Carlos Ochoa
Carlos Ochoa Il y a 2 jours
I hate that me and ben laughed in sink like we were talking to each other.
Fiery Friend
Fiery Friend Il y a 2 jours
Just watching this now and when Ben mentioned Luigi I just went “noooooo”
Xxx Nation
Xxx Nation Il y a 2 jours
When he got closer it tingled
Erning Traje III
Erning Traje III Il y a 2 jours
I didn’t know she had a husband. 🤣 Take note that this doesn’t mean anything, I literally didn’t know. 🤣
Peaceluvr18 Il y a 3 jours
would love more ben videos :3
WD Il y a 4 jours
The sounds of countless broken hearts breaking all at once is still reverberating throughout the world to this day.
LeSyco Il y a 4 jours
ben is the cutest thing person human creature omg
Kick Buttowsky
Kick Buttowsky Il y a 5 jours
Ohhhhh mate, I was falling asleep and laughing at the same time...
James Yeoh
James Yeoh Il y a 5 jours
The beard and hair color don't match
LukeWarm Il y a 6 jours
He looks like cal from fallen order
Ben Peters
Ben Peters Il y a 7 jours
Ben: *Accidentally makes better asmr* Gibi: * Never lets him makes a video again*
bedwarspro19 Il y a 6 jours
Caileb Anderson
Caileb Anderson Il y a 7 jours
I want his beard
Hollie Leon
Hollie Leon Il y a 7 jours
Oh my gosh he's so cute the way he keeps looking at you for support and advice. You guys are adorable
Hypixel YT Rank with No Vids !!!
Are we gonna ignore his *"Birds Aren't Real"* shirt?!?
Betzabe Nazario
Betzabe Nazario Il y a 8 jours
He is now OUR husband 💅
Potato Boi
Potato Boi Il y a 8 jours
I cant sleep because Im laughing too much! HAHAHA!
Preston Smith
Preston Smith Il y a 9 jours
He’s making a ASMR video so he’ll get the PS5
Emese Vad
Emese Vad Il y a 9 jours
0:08 0:08 0:08 0:08 0:08 0:08
Lucky Angel
Lucky Angel Il y a 10 jours
Lucky Angel
Lucky Angel Il y a 7 jours
Lucky Angel
Lucky Angel Il y a 10 jours
Ben is cool
Lucky Angel
Lucky Angel Il y a 7 jours
Thanks for liking me!🙂
Lucky Angel
Lucky Angel Il y a 10 jours
But Gibi is the best
bedwarspro19 Il y a 6 jours
ye I saw ur 1st comment lol
Lucky Angel
Lucky Angel Il y a 10 jours
He has one of the best asmr voices ever!
Lucky Angel
Lucky Angel Il y a 7 jours
pancakes are the best
pancakes are the best Il y a 10 jours
He sounds like Bob Ross (。☬0☬。)
Laís Piaz
Laís Piaz Il y a 11 jours
The cutest thing you'll see today: Ben trying asmr and looking so in love to Gibi
Rebecca Partridge
Rebecca Partridge Il y a 11 jours
clarkevander Il y a 12 jours
Amazing how he has a red beard 😂
DolphinsDontSwim Il y a 12 jours
He’s so fucking adorable wtf
Faithydoodle Studio
Faithydoodle Studio Il y a 12 jours
Ben’s soft speaking voice gave me more tingles , goodness Ben never lie again!!😂
lil peep is my husband
lil peep is my husband Il y a 13 jours
Um why does he look like u
zohair shafqat
zohair shafqat Il y a 13 jours
Hes good
I need a beard scratching asmr video...Gibi doing it on Ben's beard...wat say
Rana Yaseen
Rana Yaseen Il y a 13 jours
Husband 😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
ViewlooS Il y a 14 jours
He looks so friendly! He was laughing al the time.
Tucker R Collins
Tucker R Collins Il y a 14 jours
That was adorable!
Phoenix Spark
Phoenix Spark Il y a 14 jours
He is ben Kenobi
Max the handsome yorkie
Max the handsome yorkie Il y a 14 jours
Nobody Not anyone Not even gibi Ben in the thumbnail: ☺️
Pixel Thug
Pixel Thug Il y a 14 jours
He looks more feminine than you... how does that feel?
Kaylee Madison Lockyer Francis
@Pixel Thug yeah that doesn't matter either haha as long as they're both happy :)
Pixel Thug
Pixel Thug Il y a 13 jours
@Kaylee Madison Lockyer Francis nothing... it just means he is a beta
Kaylee Madison Lockyer Francis
What's wrong with a male being feminine?
cl0vvntiem Il y a 14 jours
Sweetyknife Il y a 14 jours
He's trying his best and he's doing great ❤️
Black Lightning Gaming
Black Lightning Gaming Il y a 14 jours
OMG I didn't know she was married
2TUF FORLIFE Il y a 15 jours
I want more ben
Kstar F.
Kstar F. Il y a 15 jours
LOL! I’m laughing with you guys
Ming lun Kong
Ming lun Kong Il y a 17 jours
GIBI is so lucky to marrie Ben awww you guys are a cute couple
Ming lun Kong
Ming lun Kong Il y a 17 jours
GIBI please make Ben do asmr again please I got a lot of tingles