Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions Drum Cover

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Chop Suey Drum Cover:éo-T8CaOHn4QxQ.html
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Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it hereéo-JPtNBwMIQ9Q.html




8 oct. 2019




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Commentaires 27 554
jacksepticeye Il y a 10 jours
So Avenged Sevenfold actually ackowledged this cover and put it on their channel, I'M FREAKING OUT!!!
Ashlyn Fitzgerald
Ashlyn Fitzgerald Il y a 4 jours
jacksepticeye THATS SO AWESOME JACK!!!!!!
aiden zadorecky
aiden zadorecky Il y a 6 jours
jacksepticeye finnaly
Brandon38659 Il y a 6 jours
scout p
scout p Il y a 6 jours
You are a drum god
JBRUV EGG Il y a 6 jours
Thats badass
Kris Greenfield
Kris Greenfield Il y a 2 minutes
I haven’t watched this channel for a long time and this just brought me back, go Jack! As a fellow drummer this is amazing!
Marcus M
Marcus M Il y a 4 minutes
See you back on the kit in another couple of years
ThisIsMyName Il y a 39 minutes
I've loved A7X for as long as I can remember. And to see one of my childhood hero's play A7X is a dream come true...💖
Nice Danim
Nice Danim Il y a heure
Evelyn Cortus
Evelyn Cortus Il y a heure
A7X is one of my favorite bands ever so I freaked when I saw this
Angel E. Perez
Angel E. Perez Il y a heure
If he could learn G.O.A.T., O.D., or Look But Don't Touch by Polyphia, that'd be amazing 👍👌
brain damage
brain damage Il y a 2 heures
You are a badass
migs xaxa
migs xaxa Il y a 2 heures
not bad.
OrasBry play
OrasBry play Il y a 3 heures
Baguette Il y a 3 heures
omg you're so good
Brayton Cowell
Brayton Cowell Il y a 4 heures
B.Y.O.B drum cover :D
NotJack_78 Il y a 6 heures
Jack should do Almost easy
Idjit Fidget
Idjit Fidget Il y a 6 heures
cexarboon Il y a 7 heures
fuck yeah, you should try Natural Born Killer by Avenged Sevenfold, but hell yeah another cover
MAC Il y a 8 heures
Love It‼️I Want More Covers‼️🤘
Stoned To death
Stoned To death Il y a 8 heures
Finally yessssss
GhostStag Il y a 8 heures
Alright, he's now officially my favorite youtuber
CASH BRIGHT Il y a 9 heures
Slipknot next
john martin owen maturan
john martin owen maturan Il y a 9 heures
Jack's feet are so good that I think he can do Bleed by Meshuggah
Kaitlyn Blount
Kaitlyn Blount Il y a 10 heures
RIP to Rev ❤
Kaitlyn Blount
Kaitlyn Blount Il y a 10 heures
15 year old me is FREAKING OUT
penguin lover
penguin lover Il y a 10 heures
Hey Sean I love you. You are my favorite youtuber of all time please keep making drum videos they are awsome keep up the great work bro.
Forza193 Fortnite
Forza193 Fortnite Il y a 10 heures
This is so sick
Joseph Matson
Joseph Matson Il y a 11 heures
How bout some cowboys from hell
Jacob Simon
Jacob Simon Il y a 11 heures
You should Master of Puppets next.
Debra Haney
Debra Haney Il y a 11 heures
That was awesome! Love it.
GaMeZ Il y a 12 heures
Finally im sorry I'm late to the game
Neno Il y a 12 heures
Okey, you are a fucking badass for spinng your drum stick at 1:30
Southwest Michigan Railfan Official
Who else thinks he should do a Metallica cover?
SonRooRoo Eberly
SonRooRoo Eberly Il y a 14 heures
Jack is insane on drums.
Calla Harman
Calla Harman Il y a 14 heures
Idk if anyone will see this, but I recommend the song Freak of the Weak by Freak Kitchen. I like their drum, but I love their animated video😁
MaximumMaxy Il y a 14 heures
I wish I was a drummer lmao
Disappointment Il y a 14 heures
im just saying i swear a part of this song was stolen from doom
Psychos’ Sunday Special
Psychos’ Sunday Special Il y a 14 heures
Dylan Fitzsimons
Dylan Fitzsimons Il y a 14 heures
Jack could actually join avenged sevenfold
Julia Saylor
Julia Saylor Il y a 15 heures
If only there was a love button
Quentin Phipps
Quentin Phipps Il y a 16 heures
Your a fucking god dude! Stay this way. foRever!!!
bshriver12 Il y a 16 heures
He's got the energy of Ray Luzier
Squishy Fry
Squishy Fry Il y a 16 heures
Jacky man bro, you should do river by wage war, it’s got a ton of drum stuff
Evering Hall
Evering Hall Il y a 17 heures
He should do a DOOM 2016 soundtrack cover. xD
Just._. Viben
Just._. Viben Il y a 18 heures
Jack You Should Do A Cover Of Smells Like Teen Spirit By Nirvana🤟🏻
Legendary McMuffin
Legendary McMuffin Il y a 19 heures
Noobletzzz Il y a 21 heure
Plz do Genesis - Land of Confusion drum cover
o3ojr gaming
o3ojr gaming Il y a 21 heure
I am not trying to brag but my aunt was in a relationship with Matt. (she unfortunately passed years ago her name was Elizabeth) when he came nearby for a concert I was able to meet him in person
Lyn Arju
Lyn Arju Il y a 21 heure
Is no one going to mention that he was wearing airpods under his headphones??
Mr. Trap
Mr. Trap Il y a 22 heures
Play a song by SLAYER
Emily Frey
Emily Frey Il y a 22 heures
Omllll I love his smile when he plays sooooo much u can see true happiness right there😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
thebestyoda Il y a 22 heures
Is it just me or is his hi hat in the middle? I'm so confused.
Lilly Shøw
Lilly Shøw Il y a 22 heures
U should do more of these I loves these u are so talented
A Cow Playz
A Cow Playz Il y a 22 heures
Petition for next drum cover to be enter sandman?
Nathanael Sanborn
Nathanael Sanborn Il y a 22 heures
I want to see more of this!!!
GAM1NG HUNTRESS Il y a 23 heures
Nineyear Old
Nineyear Old Il y a 23 heures
Can you do toxicity next?
mongz79 Il y a jour
I need more avenged sevenfold covers
Sarah McGimpsey
Sarah McGimpsey Il y a jour
I never knew jack was so good at drums, probably cause I have only been watching him for about a year 🙂
Odin Kreate vlogs
Odin Kreate vlogs Il y a jour
You should try and do Walk by Pantera
Javier VonDyke
Javier VonDyke Il y a jour
You should do requiem by avenged sevenfold
Christian Haukåssveen-Moen
Do a cover of heaviest matter in the universe by Gojira
Thomas Kirwan
Thomas Kirwan Il y a jour
This man is an absolute MACHINE!
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