Attending a Pyramid Scheme seminar

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13 févr. 2020




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Ronni_The_Legend Il y a 17 heures
Rich rich rich 😂😂😂
tenzin santy
tenzin santy Il y a 18 heures
Debi Jean
Debi Jean Il y a 18 heures
“ You get rich by getting rich!!”-Griffy 2020 “That makes so much sense!!!” Me 2012-to present
Alexander Graffeo
Alexander Graffeo Il y a 18 heures
Loyal to Traitors
Loyal to Traitors Il y a 18 heures
sounds like jake pauls "become a big influencer" scamservice
Lazy Renegade
Lazy Renegade Il y a 20 heures
*Donald Trump has entered the Chat*
SandStorm XII
SandStorm XII Il y a 21 heure
Went to one like this lol
lizardstyle101 Il y a 22 heures
This is all that you hear at those amway meetings. Its a cult and a pyramid scheme.
ebay seller
ebay seller Il y a 22 heures
exactly how it is
Dennis M
Dennis M Il y a 22 heures
At first I thought this was a Key and Peel skit, you look like Jordan.
Auggy Il y a 22 heures
breathes heavy in IML
Lil Bert
Lil Bert Il y a 23 heures
TV Junkie
TV Junkie Il y a 23 heures
Sorry, but your video is down right stupid!!
Isaiah Bamba
Isaiah Bamba Il y a 23 heures
lmao they do say fuck college
Solomon Gebreyes
Solomon Gebreyes Il y a 23 heures
Hey cari it’s a FRvid Chanel And he was doing the exact same gay rap verse that you did some time ago
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Il y a 23 heures
Gary vee
the king zy
the king zy Il y a 23 heures
Now we know why he's so rich
ΟΟ jendi
ΟΟ jendi Il y a jour
"Mom,the neighboor is changing wigs and talking to himself again"
Mel Il y a jour
"You get rich by getting rich" is my new tattoo 😭😭
the universe
the universe Il y a jour
This is part 2 ??
Ugly Musubi
Ugly Musubi Il y a jour
Also missing the "Be your own boss." Lol.
McKinzie M8
McKinzie M8 Il y a jour
Step 2: You can do it 😂
Pili MF
Pili MF Il y a jour
Literally how a “Forex” recruiting seminar I was tricked into attending went. The only difference was they played “I have money, I have money” type of music before they started and did a “relatable” bit about working at LA fitness and seeing members drive in in their expensive cars who just so happened to be Forex traders.
Pb 207.2
Pb 207.2 Il y a jour
He’s right about one thing. You don’t get rich by going to college.
Sot Il y a jour
Kids named Richard be like
Xen Il y a jour
Tai Lopez
Brooke W.
Brooke W. Il y a jour
Step three mah favorite 😂
Dark Eco
Dark Eco Il y a jour
Dropping out of college as a step to rich is actually quite legit. Many people have quit college to become millionaires even billionaires while the mass sheep attend worthless 4-8yr college degree certificate that basically imprinted you're the idiot who enriched the bloated college administration staff. In a way that in itself is a pyramid scheme.
OogaBoogaMcNi ggaJones
These arent even funny why do I watch these?
Omg YES!!! I've been conned in to attend 2 Pyramid meetings. One time they were selling a book for $300, but the back of the book said $3. Another time 3 men tried pressuring me into a payment plan into a $500 scheme. I lied and said I didn't have $50 to start. They love showing stock photos of rush hour traffic saying that "while you're stuck in that dead end job, I'm on a beach somewhere". Rude flex.
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams Il y a jour
Is this supposed to be cool?
Susanoo Il y a jour
"Some of y'all love sleep more than y'all want money, but im going to scream at you today that if you never sleep you will be rich"
Denny Le
Denny Le Il y a jour
HitProof Il y a jour
This video is gold
HitProof Il y a jour
MLM in a nutshell
Austin Pagac
Austin Pagac Il y a jour
This is spot on I got sucked into one
trueman mann
trueman mann Il y a 22 heures
It’s so easy to get suckered into one
D- fiant 415
D- fiant 415 Il y a jour
I want to send this to a friend of mine but I don't wanna hurt feelings😂
Malthizar Il y a jour
It do be like that tho
Jon Macek
Jon Macek Il y a jour
Step 3 changed my life
isaiah fruitlloops
isaiah fruitlloops Il y a jour
*FRvid ads now days 🤦🏾‍♂️
BIGbby Huey
BIGbby Huey Il y a jour
Step 3 lol 😂
AlFaShArK 246
AlFaShArK 246 Il y a jour
010 10101
010 10101 Il y a jour
Prepaid Legal circa mid 2000s
Muse Lala
Muse Lala Il y a jour
Omg! XD
Joe C
Joe C Il y a jour
You need money to make money unfortunately
trueman mann
trueman mann Il y a 22 heures
If you want to make a lot of money you need to have a lot of money.
Hypergiant Star
Hypergiant Star Il y a jour
Step 3 is the most crucial step.
armani phea
armani phea Il y a jour
Step 3 really spoke to me 😂😂
mustard roshi
mustard roshi Il y a jour
U forgot to say Steve Jobs 7/10
That song plays whenever griffy gets shocked or mentally hurt
Sekani Johnson
Sekani Johnson Il y a jour
I see you too have just come from an ACN meeting
Jay C.
Jay C. Il y a jour
Amway seminars🙄
Anthony Mukoko
Anthony Mukoko Il y a jour
Step 3 : ......*nod head* 😂😂😂 bruh I cant
Conquistador Il y a jour
I remember I was attempted at getting pulled into a pyramid scheme in high school by an acquaintance in the football team. When I got there ,there was a nice Lamborghini parked outside the big ass house. Inside was a team and a small group of people who were invited. Anytime the leader would say something his team would just instantly clap at everything. They wanted us to sell this powdered energy drink but we had to pay 600$ upfront. I left as a soon as i heard that
trueman mann
trueman mann Il y a 22 heures
I was almost suckered into one but mine involved selling vacuum cleaners to poor people for $5,000.00. It was insane. And they wanted me to start with my family members 😂
Tea Eye
Tea Eye Il y a jour
Prepaid legal ........ time shares...... step 4.
airpod smurf
airpod smurf Il y a jour
i want to see griffy on a ted talk with a gaming headset
John Webb
John Webb Il y a jour
Cough cough...tai Lopez
치킨쟁이 Il y a jour
Ohmygod they literally say the same shit here in the Philippines 😂😂 Showing off their riches, fuck college, "you-can-have-what-I have", and them fucking clapping every 5 seconds. Like they talk so good that I was seriously sold for a moment and even thought about selling my laptop and shit just to be a member. Thank god I used my brain and did some research about these kind of schemes. Phew.
OrdZ 1
OrdZ 1 Il y a jour
Spot on !! I was tricked into one of these things .. straight up just walked out once I realized wtf was going on
trueman mann
trueman mann Il y a 22 heures
Adrian Marcello
Adrian Marcello Il y a jour
He obviously read the comments from the last video Lolol
9h0st-___- Zolfa
9h0st-___- Zolfa Il y a jour
Reminds me of the Other Guys