Astronaut Christina Koch's Dog Welcomes Her Home After A Year In Space | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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Thanks to Astronaut Christina Koch, we know what it looks like when your dog welcomes you home after a year in space. Aired on 02/13/20.
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Astronaut Christina Koch's Dog Welcomes Her Home After A Year In Space | The 11th Hour | MSNBC




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Commentaires 58
nemesis032886 Il y a 29 jours
Oh please that's my dog every day when I come home from anywhere
NeoKenni Me
NeoKenni Me Il y a mois
Her 🐕 is clearly over the moon... LOL
Tommy Walker
Tommy Walker Il y a mois
Imagine believing these ppl go to space
rebecca gerringer
rebecca gerringer Il y a mois
Finally some good news!
Wade Bullard
Wade Bullard Il y a mois
That's why dogs are better than cats.
Sherry Anderson
Sherry Anderson Il y a mois
Keyser The Red Beard
spud brain
spud brain Il y a mois
That room does not look like a real home. It looks like a stage set. Take a look at the furniture. And there is a sewing machine by the front door. Very odd. Very suspicious. And the husband seems phoney too.
spud brain
spud brain Il y a mois
The net curtains on the door look suspicious to me. Why have they got a knot tied in them ? This is all phoney.
drServitis Il y a mois
drServitis Il y a 3 jours
@Nil S Nope. I just wouldn't want to be on the same team as her in cramped quarters in space where calm rational maturity is required for everyone's safety, sanity, and cooperation and where childish self-serving female emotion would only cause distraction from the concentration and calm resoluteness required to succeed and survive in a uniquely dangerous, congested and fragile environment where any small miscalculation or mistake would mean the death of everyone involved. And since you support her lack of maturity it probably wouldn't be smart to take a chance to be in that environment with you either.
Nil S
Nil S Il y a 3 jours
You must lead a sad, sad life if you think being excited to see your pet after a long time is brainless emotion.
John Kurtz
John Kurtz Il y a mois
Congratulations on a successful year in space, happy for you and your dog
justsaying Il y a mois
Consumerism....the greedy, greedy retailers will not give consumers a break...spend, spend, spend.. Holidays every freaking month. Love the dog portion, they just love you Unconditionally, they are more loyal than people.❤❤❤🙂🥰 that' why we love them.
Nancy Benner
Nancy Benner Il y a mois
iliterit Bear
iliterit Bear Il y a mois
6 minutes, 6 hours, 6 days? Huh? Freemasons up their same Spacey tricks
stopthecrazyguy Il y a mois
Go away! You paranoid jerks have to spoil everything.
Pack Delta
Pack Delta Il y a mois
It bothers me that a dog story, which I cannot stop myself from watching, must be reported by the disgraceful Lyin Brian Williams.
charlie morris
charlie morris Il y a mois
Is this how low we have sunk when the dog greeting their owner is national news worthy?Men are dying in foreign wars and this is news ?I don't think so.
María Martínez
María Martínez Il y a mois
This is a less of 2 minutes selection from the programming of a cable TV channel, specialized in USA politics. If you are so much interested about the national situation and have not 2 minutes available to enjoy life, watch the other videos. Rachel Maddow's analysis can take almost an hour when they upload long sections of her program, today Chris Hayes had over half an hour. Or, you can watch the channel directly. And spare the people here the boredom of answering to your self-aggrandizing righteous holier-than-thou fake indignation. Specially when the "dog's owner" happens to be a real hero who, mind you, has boldly risked her life for the sake of science, and hasn't killed anybody.
Pe S
Pe S Il y a mois
A whole _year_ without my pets; I'd go crazy..! So happy they're reunited again! :)
Entirely Indifferent
Break out the peanut butter and Barry White tunes.
Russ Il y a mois
I wonder if she could Shave down there while up in space ?
Raw Bacon
Raw Bacon Il y a mois
I wonder how many women her husband screwed while she was gone for a year.
María Martínez
María Martínez Il y a mois
Well, if you are a wife, how many women do your husband screw while you are shopping or working? Do your math. And if you are the male, how many women do you screw while your wife is shopping or working? Do your math. Most probably you are an incel and can't do the math, and can't even conceive the idea of a man loving so much a woman that he can be faithful to her. Any way, your envy and pettiness reek from your basement to high heavens.
Rip Off
Rip Off Il y a mois
Wow, it's hammer, that will take all your anxiety AWAY!!!
J.C., M.D. of Divinity
dogs respond that way if you have been gone for 20 minutes too
MrMagooo Il y a mois
Why is the confirmed liar still on the air? Ran out of honest people at NBC?
Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward Il y a mois
MSNBC never misses the chance to mention Russia in its endless paranoid Russophobic conspiracy theories... But they put a picture in this thumbnail of an astronaut being embraced by Russians 🇷🇺, and all they talk about is a dog???
Pruto Il y a mois
Arf, arf...
Cemal Hussein
Cemal Hussein Il y a mois
Happy doggy.
Louise Martin
Louise Martin Il y a mois
Not gonna cry, not gonna cry, not gonna...DAMMIT. Smiling through the tears.
stratslngr Il y a mois
How can you possibly downvote this?
carbon copy
carbon copy Il y a mois
Welcome home Christina! Doggie's so happy
Eric Burkheimer
Eric Burkheimer Il y a mois
Is this the one Trump have the finger to? Or was it Meir?
Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis Il y a mois
We all know where the dogs gonna sleep tonight. Sorry pop..
Eric Burkheimer
Eric Burkheimer Il y a mois
Brian, I know you had that issue at NBC, but I still trust you... And you're truly a blessing during these trying times.
Lullaby Il y a mois
Literally laughed and cried at the same time. Wiping tears to type. What a lovely segment this was. I liked Brian Williams before this. But now I know he's also a doggy lover, He's a great bloke in my book! And welcome home Christina such a wonderful welcome from such a lovely doogy. *Husband/Wife, and pup reunited.😍😍🐕 *
Kenneth Morgan
Kenneth Morgan Il y a mois
okay I guess if you like Stolen Valor guys
BILL PAXTON Il y a mois
Wow another story of a strong independent woman who is equal!!! I wonder what other information I could possibly learn about her? I look forward to another 3 months of constant news coverage.
samar paudyal
samar paudyal Il y a mois
@spud brain bravo just hit the nail on the head. 6 month 6 days and 6 hours in the space without the gravity and walked good no physical problems maybe that's what they achieved. 😂
Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward Il y a mois
@spud brain 328 days colluding with the Russians 🇷🇺
spud brain
spud brain Il y a mois
@María Martínez And what 'work' has she ever done ? Sure, she has been on the NASA payroll since college and they have sent her on these little adventures. But what work has she done and what has she actually achieved ? And I'm not talking about the 328 day record for living on the Star City campus.
María Martínez
María Martínez Il y a mois
She is an engineer, Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics, and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University. She also did advanced study while working for the Goddard Space Flight Center, and she served with the NOAA as Station Chief for American Samoa. She worked for over 3 years in the polar regions, including a winter-over season at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station where she experienced minus-111 degree Fahrenheit (-79.4 C) temperatures. She completed an additional season at Palmer Station. While in Antarctica, she served as a member of the Firefighting Teams and Ocean/Glacier Search and Rescue Teams. And, of course, she has received a bunch of awards for her scientific work. Also, she just broke the female record for longest time in space. That's why the dog is so happy. The guy in the video is her husband. Here, more secret information, just for you: Well, given her achievements, it's a pity there is so little coverage about her, but that happens with all astronauts, male or female. They aren't equal, they are superior. And you are?
Wayne Lynch
Wayne Lynch Il y a mois
Astronaut Christina Koch is whimpering more then her dog. WE LOVE OUR PETS!
drServitis Il y a mois
James Ricker
James Ricker Il y a mois
Retro is in because the kids who played with Pound Puppies now have kids of Their Own.
Mark F.
Mark F. Il y a mois
No such thing!!
kerryn67 Il y a mois
@Mark F. I stopped reading fairy tales when I was a child but if that's your thing then good for you! Personally I think Greek & Roman mythology is much more interesting ✌️😁
Mark F.
Mark F. Il y a mois
@kerryn67 if you read the Bible, research it!! Good day....
kerryn67 Il y a mois
@Mark F. Sure we do sweetie, you keep telling yourself that. I'm backing away from you slowly now....
Mark F.
Mark F. Il y a mois
@kerryn67 we live in an firmament!!
kerryn67 Il y a mois
@Mark F. There's no such thing as space? 😂😂😂 My apologies, I thought you were a normal person not the wearer of a tinfoil hat. Have a great day in whatever alternative reality you live in ✌️😊
Anthony D
Anthony D Il y a mois
Could they please send a dog called Trump into outer space? Uranus one way?
Frank Smith
Frank Smith Il y a mois
And send his family to the Sun.
Jack Mathis
Jack Mathis Il y a mois
The dog seemed happier to see the guy
Heidi Il y a mois
Agreed did want anything to do with her. Just barked at her. Think he was trying to protect the guy from the whimpering woman.
Tseleng Botlhole
Tseleng Botlhole Il y a mois
Look at that tail go 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
kml sikhi
kml sikhi Il y a mois
I needed that... thanks
Ella Mone
Ella Mone Il y a mois
That was beautiful, his tail spinning so fast, thought he would take off land on the moon himself. Glad they're together again :)
Vera Wallace
Vera Wallace Il y a mois
A actor was nominated for A Emmy award, the family was celebrating and the dog celebrated with them too, that was one of the cutest moments i ever saw on TV, the dog was so happy, he was jumping all over the place with the family
Ganiscol Il y a mois
Adopt adult dogs and cats and give them a forever home again!
MoppyPuppy Il y a mois
They landed in Kazakhstan?
Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward Il y a mois
She was up there with Russians for nearly a year 🇷🇺. The dogs could smell the Russian collusion all over her, and it smelled delicious. 😋
Msmith Mitchell
Msmith Mitchell Il y a mois
Doggy love...🙂
pr0xZen Il y a mois
Haha! Over the moon!! It's funny because space! 😂 I'll just see myself out.
Jim Alley
Jim Alley Il y a mois
Please do😀
BLT BLT Il y a mois
She keeps kneeling and not just because of her lovely pupper. The Earths loving pull doesnt want to let her go again ....
BackAndStillBgMsDangerus Dangerus
Yay, Pound Puppies are back. Moving on, thank you for showing her excited dog. Everybody needs a charge of feel good right now. Hope he didn't wet all over the place.
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller Il y a mois
The joy of astronaut's best friend. Love NASA!
Jamar Quvious
Jamar Quvious Il y a mois
What about reparations to black people for slavery?
Jamar Quvious
Jamar Quvious Il y a 3 jours
@Nil S this space crap cost millions of dollars and they should stop going to space and give that money to black people and families so we won't have to sell crack to feed our families
Nil S
Nil S Il y a 3 jours
How is that related to this video?
Dave stints
Dave stints Il y a mois
Dogs are awesome ever see a cat that excited to see anyone
Vera Wallace
Vera Wallace Il y a mois
I was taking care of A older woman who has A cat ,and the cat would wait at the door for me, her daughter said the Cat loves me the more than anyone else in the house lol
Ganiscol Il y a mois
Dave stints Yes. My cat freaks out after a day of being alone.
Dancing With Nature
We really need more stories like this one!
Ella Mone
Ella Mone Il y a mois
Yes this is so heartwarming, how can it have 6 thumbs down for all the love? Hope to see more, also the adopt from a pound or shelter nudge was right on target :)
ysraelc1 Il y a mois
So cute! 🥰
Grim Reefer
Grim Reefer Il y a mois
I get my puppies from the pound or shelter. It is best to save one, than put one down. They have been great so far!
Bella Maz
Bella Maz Il y a mois
I’m sorry, Bill, that you didn’t get enough hugs as a child. It gets better.
BILL PAXTON Il y a mois
Wow thats phenomenal!! Any other virtues you would like to signal?
Hibo Maxamad
Hibo Maxamad Il y a mois
Amazing 👍🙋‍♀️
Brett S.
Brett S. Il y a mois
Thanks for this
Lilly Fitzgerald
Lilly Fitzgerald Il y a mois
i'm JGott
i'm JGott Il y a mois
Christina: hi there! Dog: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!!!!!
drServitis Il y a mois
tyro244 Il y a mois
I was just about to post what the dog was really saying. You saved me the trouble. :-D
bonnie43uk Il y a mois
Christina: "I've been on board a space station" Dog:"What's that"? Christina: "well, it's a little bit hard to explain" .. Dog:"I missed you" Christiana: "I missed you too" Normal service has been resumed. Dogs truly are mans best friend.
J Il y a mois
Teach the dog to hate Trump!
mkbxtr44 Il y a mois
@J Better than being a 'footstool'.. 'I'll never play golf' , 150mill of YOUR money later.. lol.
J Il y a mois
​@Banana Joe Epic!! Well trained like a good sheep yourself. Trump2020!!
Banana Joe
Banana Joe Il y a mois
Trump could never be loved by a dog because he lacks empathy and dogs can smell that.
Grim Reefer
Grim Reefer Il y a mois
It already does
Sleeping in Space
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