Ashton Kutcher Reveals How Adele Might Be Responsible for His Spiteful Mustache

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Ashton Kutcher shares the story of a birthday party (maybe) Adele threw that led to him growing a mustache, discusses how he became a top technology investor and reflects on The Ranch's history-making Netflix run.
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Ashton Kutcher Reveals How Adele Might Be Responsible for His Spiteful Mustache




10 sept. 2019




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Commentaires 852
starkindustries Il y a 7 jours
ashton will want to pee just looking at jimmy. he’s been trained to.
clair de lune
clair de lune Il y a 12 jours
sunflowrr xx
sunflowrr xx Il y a 12 jours
Are they high? I love this🤣🤣🤣 This is super cool they seem like really good friends!! ❤️❤️❤️
sunflowrr xx
sunflowrr xx Il y a 12 jours
Ashton and Mila are the best fuckin looking couple ever!! ❤️🤣
Paulo Rodriguez
Paulo Rodriguez Il y a 14 jours
Caramba com valeu a pena ter aprendido inglês, esse programa e fantástico
El Martinez
El Martinez Il y a 15 jours
Damn kelso made it
Satan Il y a 17 jours
Hyde: it makes you look like a pornstar
Ranuj Panda
Ranuj Panda Il y a 20 jours
I think i've the same denim jacket. If that's from Zara
William Klein
William Klein Il y a 20 jours
He IS Colt
96supersh Il y a 25 jours
Adriana Ribeiro Araujo
KroneYT Il y a mois
It's weird. He seems like a nice guy here, but I've heard that Ashton Kutcher is a bit of an arrogant asshole in person. Anybody have any input on this?
Chinger Burger
Chinger Burger Il y a mois
Ashton Kutcher’s hair walks out Ashton Kutcher it’s not over till I say it’s over.
Kinshill Il y a mois
The fact that he's like in his 40s is insane.
mashall khazan
mashall khazan Il y a mois
Yes it is true he still can’t control the weather !!!
jr jr
jr jr Il y a 2 mois
This is not very interesting, is it?
pscs mnl
pscs mnl Il y a 2 mois
🧡💛💚💙💜❤💜💙💚💛🧡 🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🎯🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝
idekkk anymoreee
idekkk anymoreee Il y a 2 mois
0:43 when he was singing he went full kelso mode 😂💘
never care
never care Il y a 2 mois
He looks like 70s gay porn star
Vinicius Machado
Vinicius Machado Il y a 2 mois
Pretty boy, Ashton.
BRad From The Valley
BRad From The Valley Il y a 2 mois
Dude where's my car was it the Zoltan Gogh?
Sadie Hallinger
Sadie Hallinger Il y a 2 mois
Fallon, you fucking fake. I haven't watched a video from you in about 3 years.. I watched to catch up on Kutcher. But damn dude. Your fake laugh, and poorly done interviews... you'd imagine you'd improve with age? Try it.
google owns you
google owns you Il y a 2 mois
Wow, what a fantastically veiled Noom plug. Sheesh...
Havilah Aprile
Havilah Aprile Il y a 3 mois
i never understood all these kelso and jackie comments until i started watching and now I GET IT
DanteDarcangelo Il y a 3 mois
The good thing about this Jimmy is that he sucks good dick. He takes it whole, here. Next level stuff.
soulrider02 Il y a 3 mois
He looks a bit like Pedro Pascal now tbf :D
Living On Mars
Living On Mars Il y a 3 mois
I just want to give him long 80’s hair
Country Dingess
Country Dingess Il y a 3 mois
Ashton! he’s so great🤣. I love Ashton ❤️
Sarah Il y a 3 mois
His networth is 200 million!!!
EVELYNE ELIANA R. Il y a 3 mois
What's up with the porn stache?😏😏😏😏
Valeria Stancheva
Valeria Stancheva Il y a 3 mois
At 3:34 what does Ashton mean by the stache "being Bulgarian", wtf? 😂
Lady Artoria
Lady Artoria Il y a 3 mois
Lily Castellon
Lily Castellon Il y a 3 mois
After seeing Demi Moore interview with Ellen, I can’t see Ashton with the same eyes 😪
Jason Yuen
Jason Yuen Il y a 3 mois
lol she outed you ashton, so stop it with your fake charming personality, too cool for school shtick.
Noah LEITH Il y a 3 mois
he's rather hot. I want to snog the face of him
Miles Phillips
Miles Phillips Il y a 3 mois
let's talk about MY moustache for 5 minutes!!
Toosickforskool Il y a 3 mois
He gives me a young Tom Selleck vibe 😍
Nimrod Quimbus
Nimrod Quimbus Il y a 3 mois
He looks possessed.
ctwatcher Il y a 3 mois
Did he bring you some aborted blood Jimmy? Why are you always feeding the pedo types, the commies? Here we come, walkin' down the street...a new chip now allows our protection to work on their own! Robots are great!
Ivan Il y a 3 mois
He remind me of a white verison of Pedro Pascal
Rebekah Price
Rebekah Price Il y a 3 mois
Anyone here after watching his Hot Ones episode? 😃
moonbeeps Il y a 3 mois
Jesus christ why tf does he have to scream like that, I had to lower my volume like A LOT just because of his screaming, does he know how to talk normal???
Gina Z
Gina Z Il y a 4 mois
He looks like Burt Reynolds
Eduardo Il y a 4 mois
This guy doesnt age
Anna M
Anna M Il y a 4 mois
Lip jewelry 😂😂😂
Marshall Islands G
Marshall Islands G Il y a 4 mois
41 years old? WTF
humeyramine Il y a 4 mois
That noom advertisement just wouldn't end
psyNadya psyNadya
psyNadya psyNadya Il y a 4 mois
He's aging well, like not at all
lynn b
lynn b Il y a 4 mois
He looks like the dad from Twilight
Sylla Atlas
Sylla Atlas Il y a 4 mois
Omg. I can see what he's going to look like when old. And I can't unsee it.
Black Thumb To Green Thumb Piano Playing Girl
Sylla Atlas me too! So weird
brookeaprilrain10 Il y a 4 mois
I'd dare say with that Stache he kind of has a Tom Selleck look going on there. If he grew it in a bit more it would work. He has the right cheek bones for it. I like it!
Mahesh Walatara
Mahesh Walatara Il y a 4 mois
Dude where's your cool?
Veronica Juarez
Veronica Juarez Il y a 4 mois
But is no one talking about how he’s a time traveler who knows exactly what to invest in: Twitter Spotify Uber 🤨
Tamara Claudio
Tamara Claudio Il y a 4 mois
I just love that guy, I'd like to buy him a beer.
Nanna Formygrandkids
Nanna Formygrandkids Il y a 4 mois
what happened to his nose? :-)
Idek Il y a 4 mois
He gives me Hitler vibes with that mustache
Avetor UAC
Avetor UAC Il y a 4 mois
Ashton go back home) say this story she) & lesson wot she say)) after say you so/// compliment) 2:39 J-Z ahaha well see need waite 4:09 thet i scere house were 1 man other womens only in the garage rescue. UBER - normal work i can drive almoust all transport spase-x so i 100% fined job)
Bianca Ormsby
Bianca Ormsby Il y a 4 mois
I love how they call each other husband and wife :) 😍💯
Michael Zornes
Michael Zornes Il y a 4 mois
He looks like he shooting the role for the life of Jeff Gordon in Nascar when he started out he had the same mustache.
Tatyana Kim
Tatyana Kim Il y a 4 mois
Есть тут русскоговорящие??вот,просто 2:42-2:44...ничего не послышалось?