Arizona vs California Basketball Game Highlights 2 13 2020

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Arizona vs California Basketball Game Highlights 2 13 2020




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끌림TV Il y a mois
Albert Sancho
Albert Sancho Il y a mois
Could Arizona make the sweet 16?
sergio david
sergio david Il y a mois
If sean miller gets his head out of his ass and play Christian koloko more. This team is clearly better defensively with him on the floor. You see all those block shots he had in the paint not including the shots he altered. But we all know Miller will continue to give those mins to chase jeter because hes a senior and miller is a dummy. Miller is too stubborn, that's why he can't get over the hump to the final 4.
Von Staufenberg
Von Staufenberg Il y a mois
Of course they COULD. In a year like this, where the preseason No 1 is unranked now, where two No 1 teams, UK and Duke, lost at home to Evansville and Stephen F Austin, where many top-10 teams have dropped right out of sight, it would be no shock to see a few double-digit seeds reach the Sweet 16 or for one to make the Final Four. The keyword is "could". I'm selling short on Arizona and all PAC-12 teams. I don't think the conference is as much improved as some believe. The main reason it appears that way is that the ACC, which usually has 10 NCAA tournament-worthy teams, has only 3 at the moment. That makes everyone else look better, relative to most years.
hypestillo Il y a mois
What recording software do you use?
MICOLE WHYTE#Oneplus6T, A20, LG G6,
PAC 12 basketball lmao
logan perkins
logan perkins Il y a mois
@Sub for Trump 2020 bro what
sergio david
sergio david Il y a mois
Top 3 conference in the country
Sub for Trump 2020
Sub for Trump 2020 Il y a mois
Yep PAC 12 is a joke hell I bet a could make the guys for Cal cry with just a few words......bunch of liberal pusssies
This is $1,000,000 in Food