Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Who's Who (And What They Do) - Nintendo Switch

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Whether you're deep into your island life already, or thinking about embarking on the Deserted Island Getaway Package, check out this helpful rundown of the fine folks who will help you grow your island community.
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10 sept. 2020




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Commentaires 100
Mateo Alejandro Rendón Olaya
When they give Tom nook a nice description and in real life he’s like give me all your bells and i will build your house . Next day really tiny space
Alex Vermeulen
Alex Vermeulen Il y a 5 jours
Alex Vermeulen
Alex Vermeulen Il y a 5 jours
Alex Vermeulen
Alex Vermeulen Il y a 5 jours
Alex Vermeulen
Alex Vermeulen Il y a 5 jours
GhostShadowGamingYT Il y a 6 jours
Little Unicorn
Little Unicorn Il y a 6 jours
I like timmy and tommy they finally own he shop because they are real good shopkeepers!!!!
Krister / Apollo Justice
Woooah! I didnt know who Tom Nook is and why he always asks for money!!!!
heison 325
heison 325 Il y a 6 jours
Tendo you have 7 million subscribers are less than mine I have five so yeah I want some more subscribers we can team up together but I don’t have your game I have one of them game in the phone and a wallpaper is change the background is Emily crossing.
Tesla films
Tesla films Il y a 8 jours
Welcome to animal crossing New Horizon’s
Gaby G
Gaby G Il y a 9 jours
I feel like a label is so underrated
Vida Con Rita
Vida Con Rita Il y a 11 jours
I like animal crossing..but not CJ theres just something about him that REALLY MAKES ME HATE HIM!!!!!!!!
Big Boy Julian
Big Boy Julian Il y a 14 jours
I always thought Label was the oldest Everything has changed for me now
XXmidnight catXx
XXmidnight catXx Il y a 16 jours
I wuv whisp :3
Alanna Burg
Alanna Burg Il y a 25 jours
I have many ideas for animal crossing new horizons, and I want to tell you some! Pen pal: being able to send villagers that aren’t on your island letters! Maybe you really like that villager, and invite him on a nook mile island! Being able to have 15 villagers instead of 10: let Tom nook sell more plots for terrific villagers! Please comment your ideas on YOUR ideas and I hope these are in the next update!
Dylan Sims
Dylan Sims Il y a 27 jours
tom nook gives me nice, chill school principal vibes, anyone else? like, he'll help you if you need it, he helps guide you through things, and he has an authoritative air about him
bunny gaster undertale and more
but here is another thing about tom nook he is also a scamer
Irene Bae
Irene Bae Il y a 28 jours
I love this game so much
• SoftieBear •
• SoftieBear • Il y a 28 jours
Tom nook is always there... Me : *for bells*
Axe Bleh
Axe Bleh Il y a 29 jours
Flick is my crush. No but seriously he’s really awesome
{Millie Maraballe}
{Millie Maraballe} Il y a 29 jours
One thing u forgot about it is that the nooks and cranny s upgrads
Jessalyn Il y a mois
Let Timmy walk around the island with his flag again 😤 yes this is a threat
Sophie Il y a mois
Give me Chrissy. Now.
princess Il y a mois
PLEASE give us better villager dialogue. New Leaf had much better dialogue and talked about themselves and even came to our houses, played hide and seek and OFTEN asked for actually challenging tasks. Please bring back Tortimer Island and the furniture sets from New Leaf! I liked making progression in the game by myself, not waiting for updates to bring old features back!!
Voodoo 7
Voodoo 7 Il y a mois
Animal crossing yay
brody Il y a mois
Shari bad tho
Purple user: The man behind the slaughter
Dear Nintendo, You may not care about this comment, as you have plenty of notifications, every hour, if not, minute, So please, Read this comment. Its idea's for a giant update for new horizons! ( Not just south hem, add all of the countries to having the updates, as I am a japan player. ) 1. Instagram, It would be called Nookagram. ( Also the 1.2's are features. ) 1.2 Features for Nookagram! When you catch a big fish, you're able to take a picture and post it on Nookagram with a filter if you want. You're able to take pictures with your villagers, And if you press L you're able to access a world of poses, You can also access all the emotions you have and don't have, And to get them to take pictures with you, there's a option when you speak to them to ask: Wanna take a picture? They will say yes most of the time, They will say no if they are sad or angry or its their bedtimes. You're also able to take pictures with your friends even if they're not online. You're also able to name your photos. There's a system where you can like the pictures, and comment on it, Each comment you get, you get 1k bells, every like you get, you get 4k, You have followers and friends by default ( Followers is just friends, not best friends) And friends is best friends, You can friend people through following them, but to make yourself on their best friends list you have to do it with the app. ( Or they follow you back ) If you reach at least 34 followers you get 20k ( Its good for people who have trouble catching bugs or fish ) And occasionally you'll see a animal post a photo, ( You don't get money from liking them, if they're your villagers then you make their day though!! ) 2. Bow and Mow to come back! You would find them stranded at your island ( Somewhere near the dodo airlines ) And your sisterly villager ( Mine is Deirdre ) would say: Hey I think you might wanna check the airlines. And when you do, you have to just look at them ( Bow sits on the dock flooring, Mow sits on the railing. ) Bow will look back at you for a second before getting up and starts talking to you: Where am I..? WHERES MOW! She will then look behind her and see that mow is just looking at the sky. Bow will say: Oh, Okay, I think I can just get back if I have my st- Wait what?!? Where's my stuff? It probably was dropped in the sea when the plane had a malfunction and the engine wasn't working right. It malfunctioned when we were almost at the dock. Could you find it for me? Here's my spare Wet-Suit! You find the backpack in a weird shape, Soggy, dark, and everything is falling apart. Then Mow asks: What happened to the backpack? Oh no, I think we're stranded FOREVER! Then bow says: Yeah I guess.. It can't be bad! You then have to do tasks for them like: Catch a carp for us to eat! Get some sticks and stones so we can make a hut! And after you keep on doing tasks for them ( A week, they give you 2 tasks per day. ) They will pop the question to ask if they can stay forever, You can say yes or I need to think about it, If you say yes, then a week later they will have a wood house with a yellow-stained-glass circle window on their door, They also have a garden lamp. (Iron) 2.2 Mows personality is sisterly, Bows is smug, 3. FRvid! There's a system where you can post videos of decorating your house, doing fishing, catching bugs, There's even clips from movies recreated in animal crossing! There's also all the K.K songs, you can also post videos of good town tunes that would be cool for islands. every like you get you obtain 2k, every comment you get you obtain 3k, every nook scriber you get you obtain 10k, every 10 nook scribers you get you obtain 20k, if you get 100k oh boy your gonna be rich you're gonna get 200k bells ( no buying subs ) and maybe you're able to monetize your account or get a check mark? you can also get a music check mark.
strawberry sweetheart
1:54 is this grass in the game?
GET NOOBED Il y a mois
*When the skit has a better island than you*
Rosie Il y a mois
You forgot me silly.....
Jazz-axy Il y a mois
Yes we get. You guys got this game on release and you knooow this already. This isn't about you. Ya'll aren't the be all, end all off the games *ever growing* audience.
Charlotte Strupp
Charlotte Strupp Il y a mois
yes he is
Devj Kaiser
Devj Kaiser Il y a mois
Ummm.....who are these videos for after 6 months of being out 😂
A littwo bird
A littwo bird Il y a mois
This came out 2 weeks ago?! ONLY 2 WEEKS?! NAH THATS A LIE THIS IS WAY OLDER WTH
the anonymous lad
the anonymous lad Il y a mois
that was a nice description of celeste to bad the chances of seeing her is 0 - none
Tay Davies
Tay Davies Il y a mois
Tay Davies
Tay Davies Il y a mois
Kali Sky Tie Dyes
Kali Sky Tie Dyes Il y a mois
Bring back the part where it says “Nintendo” in animalese like at the start of wild world🥺🥺🥺
Matt Andrews
Matt Andrews Il y a mois
Am I the only person with a crush on Wilbur 😍😍
Sushi_i Il y a mois
Is it just me, or does Blathers' beak look like a macaroni and cheese shell noodle? Just me? Ok, I'll leave.. ;-;
Saphire Marine
Saphire Marine Il y a mois
I haven't seen Wisp in months
Mr. Sudowoodo
Mr. Sudowoodo Il y a mois
I have the strangest notion that you're a bit late
Time.W Thomas
Time.W Thomas Il y a mois
Mr. Sudowoodo not for new players
isis mello
isis mello Il y a mois
Yeah we all know this already.... but, where's the fall update??
schelizzle Il y a mois
I‘ve had my villagers talking about Gyroids everytime they talk to each other... Does this mean we‘re gonna get Gyroids soon????
Megen Clawson
Megen Clawson Il y a mois
Can we please get brewsters cafe back pleeeeeeease
Almighty Duke
Almighty Duke Il y a mois
The villagers all say the same things!!!! IM GOING BACK TO NEW LEAF
Almighty Duke
Almighty Duke Il y a mois
PLEASE PLEASE USE YOUR HEADS...ACC REALIZE THAT THE VILLAGERS NEED MORE DIALOG you totally ruined the POSSIBILITY OF friendships the villagers all same the sane thing
GoonaTV Il y a mois
Still waiting on the content update lmao
1 Million Subs Before I Graduate High School
After three months of playing this game, here are some things I would love to see in the game: - An observatory for Celeste for when she visits - Brewster, along with a coffee shop either in the museum or somewhere you can place on the island. - A farming system where you can get vegetables. - More chance for you to get on Fruit Island with different fruit every time (for players who don’t have Nintendo Online)
Beau R
Beau R Il y a mois
We want our fall update now
Time.W Thomas
Time.W Thomas Il y a mois
Beau R Hopefully in October
rozee _petal
rozee _petal Il y a mois
Hello!i would like to say you should make it so users could change there name 3 or more Times!i made my name my austres becouse i thought that was her Switch...but it wasint
Evan Ford
Evan Ford Il y a mois
Petition to put galaxy 2 on switch.
Edie Jackson
Edie Jackson Il y a mois
Ace Of Kpop
Ace Of Kpop Il y a mois
I would love to see Tortimer again 🐢 It would be cool if he was in charge of hosting game tours on the ticket islands 💙
Merpii Il y a mois
4:20 Marshall:😐😐😐😐😐
Aurora Blue
Aurora Blue Il y a mois
Ah yes...Tom Nook DOES have an entrepreureal spirit....always ready to make HIMSELF some more money.
Faisal S
Faisal S Il y a mois
Is jack coming back?
Faisal S
Faisal S Il y a mois
U please please put pocket camp
Faisal S
Faisal S Il y a mois
Faisal S
Faisal S Il y a mois
Can you please
Faisal S
Faisal S Il y a mois
Or new horizons
Faisal S
Faisal S Il y a mois
Can u please please put animal crossing pocket camp on apple in uae because I really want the game
Jenessa Zabala
Jenessa Zabala Il y a mois
I have Celeste figure
ItsTheHood Il y a mois
So when are we gonna get an update that actually adds something to the game?
Time.W Thomas
Time.W Thomas Il y a mois
ItsTheHood probably In October
Raven Preston
Raven Preston Il y a mois
The update will probably be for Halloween/November. No update until Oct. 30th probably
Scarlet Rabia
Scarlet Rabia Il y a mois
*sigh* you're probably right 😧 Although I am still a tiny bit hopeful for something sooner since Fall technically starts September 22nd, it seems like it would be weird of them to wait so long into Fall to give the Fall update
máríá rømérò
máríá rømérò Il y a mois
They're not the only ones that are cute no more animals that are cute ☺️
Aurora Mercurio
Aurora Mercurio Il y a mois
On german timmy and Tommy name's are Nepp and Schlepp
bboysoulzero Il y a mois
I want that outfit for isabelle in Smash
E S Il y a mois
Imma be sooooo pissed off if the update is in November
Potateo Boi!
Potateo Boi! Il y a mois
I dontt know if my island is good or bad
Seven Kais
Seven Kais Il y a mois
Dear Nintendo, pls make an update where you can decorate your island while friends are over. It will make this game so much better.
Puteri Il y a mois
Jujutøøn łøł ඞ
Love the game! Please add more!
Damian Christopher
Damian Christopher Il y a mois
Is there thunderstorm coming hurricanes strong storms light storms. Mybe clean up the island. Fix stuff love this game just started 😂. No friends tho lol
RickyCreeper095 Il y a mois
Can I get my island back or can I not because my switch had a factory reset before the update were you can do that
Jolyne Cujoh
Jolyne Cujoh Il y a mois
Wilbur also sends you to mystery islands that have your native fruit, so you can be salty afterward
Ann LR
Ann LR Il y a mois
Where is fall update🗿🔪
Scarlet Rabia
Scarlet Rabia Il y a mois
I am hoping it's sooner than later 😧 Fall technically starts September 22nd so I am really hoping it's soon.
Time.W Thomas
Time.W Thomas Il y a mois
Ann LR in fall or October
Vaughn Rogers
Vaughn Rogers Il y a mois
i love game
Mason DeArment
Mason DeArment Il y a mois
geekynicky Il y a mois
Please Nintendo would love the next update, I miss brewster 😭😭😭
Toast Il y a mois
i still cant figure out who these animals are, why they trapped me on a island, and why they want to exploit me for money
Candy60701 Msp
Candy60701 Msp Il y a mois
I want the old turtle guy
Monika S
Monika S Il y a mois
Thanks for never listening to your fans, flagging innocent creators who try to support you, and money grabbing. ✌️
Time.W Thomas
Time.W Thomas Il y a mois
Monika S Nintendo is a company there whole goal is to make money and why should They listen to us we all do is beg and complain
Cheryl O'Connor
Cheryl O'Connor Il y a mois
I LOVE this game 😍 So much fun and I try to find new challenges every day
Kelly Moore
Kelly Moore Il y a mois
it was on my birthday this video
AlexTheCoolRedBear Il y a mois
Bruh... they forgot about Guilivarr
Channel Il y a mois
Speaking of Animal Crossing, how about virtual console?
-maddie -
-maddie - Il y a mois
um we gonna ignore the fact that at 0:11 ON THE BOTTOM LEFT CORNER THERES A POINTY CLIFF?!
Gwyneth._. potato2424
Hear me out we make a dart board of Tom nook I really hate him
Alex King
Alex King Il y a mois
Bored :( need more stuff from New Leaf :/
Krister / Apollo Justice
AWSUM AL - Info Stores
name of song?
L Jay
L Jay Il y a mois
Bro when are they gonna annouce the Fall Update???!!!
Scarlet Rabia
Scarlet Rabia Il y a mois
Fall technically starts on September 22nd so I am really hoping by then 😔
Time.W Thomas
Time.W Thomas Il y a mois
L Jay Maybe in fall or October
mariokart MADMAN
mariokart MADMAN Il y a mois
Nintendo! If you are reading this comment, please localize and or dub the Animal Crossing Movie for the West! Thanks for everything you guys do!
Kevin Freire
Kevin Freire Il y a mois
Do they still have that weird spawn rate?
Nuffiguduffi, Mother of Spoons
I would rather have the fall update trailer instead.
ザッキヤオマZackiya Oma
Noooo, Ninten from the first Mother Game. T^T 2:32
punche moji
punche moji Il y a mois
who asked
Time.W Thomas
Time.W Thomas Il y a mois
punche moji new players
Bruh Il y a mois
0:42 ...and put you to deep debt
Nancy Martinez
Nancy Martinez Il y a mois