Anderson .Paak - The Dreamer (feat. Talib Kweli & Timan Family Choir)

Anderson Paak
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From the album "Malibu". Out Now!
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Commentaires 80
Aleksander Gorczyk
Aleksander Gorczyk Il y a 3 jours
This is too good.
TumTumTum Il y a mois
This one resonates and hits, on a really good level man. Thanks
Joe Henry
Joe Henry Il y a mois
Simply brilliant, performance each song and so much Balance, Prince, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Jimmi Hendrix, Otis Redding, He’s on that level Salute young Bruh Doc.1
differentgroove1 Il y a mois
With artist like Anderson Paak, Lyfe Jennings and so on great music will be ok , no worries !
Twitchy Corpse
Twitchy Corpse Il y a mois
This song is so fun to sing while you're working a dreadful 3rd shift
PJ Mills
PJ Mills Il y a 2 mois
This Cat Is Soo Dope
YHS Deej
YHS Deej Il y a 2 mois
Top 3 Albums all time. (Personal Opinion)
Ryan Jansen
Ryan Jansen Il y a 2 mois
Happy he’s on Eminem’s new album. Found him a little after this album came out. So happy to see him climbing the ladder, he deserves it.
Connie Yuan
Connie Yuan Il y a 2 mois
Large sum of money is coming to me quickly and easily
perries69 Il y a 2 mois
haywire Il y a 2 mois
this album been keeping me sane for 4 years
Dave Deen
Dave Deen Il y a 3 mois
“Shoutout to the free lunch, who knew what we would become.” Damn. 😭
Hiram Burton
Hiram Burton Il y a 3 mois
every time i here a good song i play it over and over
Hiram Burton
Hiram Burton Il y a 3 mois
my dad has a C.D of this
DJ Melinda aka The Real DJ Melinda
Love the Cover as a Vinyl Record Analog Soul Sister DJ
Connie Yuan
Connie Yuan Il y a 3 mois
Merry Christmas got me thinking about all occasion
tip top
tip top Il y a 3 mois
This guy!!!! Love his music. He is a straight up Artist. Already legendary in my mind. This is throwback man. I gotta say yessssssss.
SourceNyko Il y a 3 mois
I can listen to “dont stop now keep dreaming “ on repeat/ loop every morning i might become a billionaire before i die
Elia Czarval
Elia Czarval Il y a mois
Serrrrius tho! "don't stop now keep dreaming don't stop now keep dreaming"
Ryan Jansen
Ryan Jansen Il y a 4 mois
This and a song he does with Blu called “get along” are my favorites
Julio César
Julio César Il y a 4 mois
This song remind me that I owe my mom so much.
James R
James R Il y a 4 mois
Do you like west and 6th brewing company?
Zion Watkins
Zion Watkins Il y a 4 mois
2019 and still bangin this..he's so amazingly talented it's not even funny.he really knows how to reach you.
MAK story
MAK story Il y a 4 mois
16 Nov 2019 still listing.
Louis Alexandre
Louis Alexandre Il y a 5 mois
La puissance de la Funk
blue_pearl_22 Il y a 5 mois
This song makes me feel nostalgic but I don't know for what.
Not Spade
Not Spade Il y a 5 mois
It’s been 3 years and it’s still my favorite song because why not.
unkownboi67 is_unavailable68
He hella underated But sometimes thats good causs if i wip this around my friends they Go crazy asking me who this and what song.
John Il y a 8 mois
"who cares that your daddy couldn't be here, momma always kept the cable on" fuck. I don't think any verse I've ever heard has hit me that hard. Took that straight from my heart.
Lwando Bhuqa
Lwando Bhuqa Il y a 9 mois
donʼt stop now, keep dreaming.💯
Winston Smith
Winston Smith Il y a 9 mois
Don't Stop Now, Keep Dreaming!!
Akhona Mlaba
Akhona Mlaba Il y a 9 mois
A-Reece Pride..brought me here
Hip hop will be here forever and ever!! Krs-one
tracey yeoman
tracey yeoman Il y a 9 mois
Yay there is Hope This man has incredible talent
antonia perdu
antonia perdu Il y a 9 mois
I'm grateful.
olvan m
olvan m Il y a 10 mois
Still love this album to this day
Different Kind Of Mustangs
Keep going brodee been on your music for 4 years now you blessed big up
dlma84 Il y a 10 mois
I may have shed a couple tears when i first heard this song in 2016. Still touches the soul.
Bellissima canzone.
Lauren L
Lauren L Il y a 10 mois
love u Mr paak
xXdrake_oneXx Il y a 10 mois
He sounds like a Aftermath cat...
Prince Of Tides
Prince Of Tides Il y a mois
Aftermath comes Science for your 5th Period
gang bail de sneakers
gang bail de sneakers Il y a 10 mois
I like this! Thanks
Janine Illin
Janine Illin Il y a 11 mois
amen 4 this song
Ultra Mega Hype Beast
Ultra Mega Hype Beast Il y a 11 mois
Man I found out about this song less than 24 hours ago and I fucking love this song already
Hope Moloko
Hope Moloko Il y a 11 mois
ohne Interesse
ohne Interesse Il y a 11 mois
Best Music Album ever Love this man (nohomo)
Alphinius Mujohn
Alphinius Mujohn Il y a 11 mois
4:43 of this song and tupac's reincarnation at 5:23
Isaac Phillips
Isaac Phillips Il y a 11 mois
Anderson.Paak sounds like what Kendrick Lamar would sound like if Kendrick was a singer.
J K Il y a an
Favorite song off the album :)
Saul Terrazas
Saul Terrazas Il y a an
been listening to this since 2015 and dam it still hits me the same way ,maybe even harder now
Wided Kooli
Wided Kooli Il y a an
Wided Kooli
Wided Kooli Il y a an
Uriah Gillespie
Uriah Gillespie Il y a an
This song has gotten me through the past 2 months.
Harvey Mcknight
Harvey Mcknight Il y a an
Brotha also plays the drums and piano he's a real Musician
basedjj93 Il y a an
So grateful that I ran into his music🙌🏾
basedjj93 Il y a an
Love this dude, this is the music I live for. Timeless 🔥🔥🔥
Benged Il y a an
" Don't Stop Now, Keep Dreamin "
cali kali
cali kali Il y a an
Thanks to Spotify for introducing me to this music ! This song hits me hard.
Xenolord Il y a an
Y'all should listen to some 90s and under music... Rock... Good stuff I promise. 😂
Syko White
Syko White Il y a an
sounds like paris morton music 2 instrumental
Jboytheprod Il y a an
Anderson paak. Can do no wrong 🌊💀💀
AMM0beatz Il y a an
This takes me in a new plateau
John Simmons
John Simmons Il y a an
Talib on the track...favorite part
Captain stark
Captain stark Il y a an
Why am I only listening to this now
Drevon Alston
Drevon Alston Il y a an
This Is My Shit, It Makes Me Think About My Mom And All Of The Sacrifices She Made To Make Sure I Was Good. Real Impactful Anderson.
Siyabonga Jerome Nsimbini
"Don't stop now, keep dreaming"
John Dressler
John Dressler Il y a an
Thank you so much for riding the wave with so much multi-verse swag. Keep channeling, and trust that we are listening.
Yuri Aguirre
Yuri Aguirre Il y a an
After trying consistently since Oxnard release to like Paak's latest work, I find myself coming back to Malibu, I can't fuck with Oxnard, not even forcing myself into it, disappointed... but glad to be able to simply come back to this tune.
Dorian Wright
Dorian Wright Il y a an
Man I ♥️ this song.
rafael ortega
rafael ortega Il y a an
Im crying my nixxa 😭this is beautiful music .he came up from nothin.
One of the best albums I ever heard in my life! Real Talk.
vato diablo
vato diablo Il y a an
When u get comments like this one below u know yora fuckin real Musician...Anderson Paak...1 of da laaaast of da good musicians of today
Jitrin Sakulpichetratana
The first verse gave me chills!
Armin WebDev
Armin WebDev Il y a an
It's 4pm. I'm sitting in my room listening to this album next to my open window feeling a nice october breeze. Sun is shining. This album is giving me amazing vibes. The feeling i have right now is unexplainable but it's the best feeling i've had in years. What a man!
Chuck Da
Chuck Da Il y a an
Kendrick lamars the heart is what this is. I. A different genre
RG Fleuridor
RG Fleuridor Il y a an
Who is that, talking at the end of this song?
Summer Rain
Summer Rain Il y a an
Is it just me or does that sound like Omarion harmonizing in the bkgd?
Practical Fitness
Gave you the truth before I gotta deal. - KWELI
Practical Fitness
You reading this.. Yeah you. Keep ya head up 👆🏽 it gets better.
Aҡɛɨʟ Eɖɖʏ
I found love in this song!
Jordi Thornby
Jordi Thornby Il y a an
lol music cares nothing for a person's age it just needs you to move just enough to pass the vibe to the next person that's how the best party starts
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