Among Us: The Incredible Story

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Hi im back with another incredible sotry


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#AmongUs #Animation

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14 sept. 2020




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Commentaires 100
ChrisShwafer Il y a 16 jours
Oh my god I didn’t expect it to be trending rn LOL
AZY Yudhamy
AZY Yudhamy Il y a 11 heures
Can you create "among us the incredible story"
ペプシKokichi Il y a 20 heures
@Catz Vision you really said in the comments of the video that you would spam the link on trending videos. What is wrong with you? Just make good content.
Artas 228
Artas 228 Il y a jour
Your video cool and funny
Artas 228
Artas 228 Il y a jour
Make continue of this video (:
THE AJ Il y a 2 jours
you should see this remade in RTX on. :D
Omar Ibarra
Omar Ibarra Il y a 16 minutes
0:18 Only cultured people know where this scene came from (:
Trippin_vibez Il y a 20 minutes
dude ur incredible story things are so funny u animate it so good can u make the storys longer please
New Acc
New Acc Il y a 38 minutes
Music Inc
Music Inc Il y a 43 minutes
0:43 he doesn't even care just eating that body. I think it is orange....
purple guy
purple guy Il y a heure
Why did you put a fall guys character 🤣🤣🤣
Lit Toast
Lit Toast Il y a heure
How come when purple laughs he sounds like dunkey
Lorenzo Miguel DELOS SANTOS
I don't remember this contestant in troc
Satria Marshall
Satria Marshall Il y a 2 heures
0:46 Yeah my height is also Boy, what about you guys?
lukasklas CZ
lukasklas CZ Il y a 3 heures
@ChrisShwafer can you please tell me the ending music 1:13
DoUAN GMANY Il y a 3 heures
0:42 555+
SANDY Il y a 5 heures
0:33 but this map have no card task :/
Camden Giugno
Camden Giugno Il y a 5 heures
This feels like Sr Pelo
cupcake the marble fox
cupcake the marble fox Il y a 5 heures
Why do I have a feeling this channel knows bfb
Ayethamae Cervantes
Ayethamae Cervantes Il y a 6 heures
Nakakatawa siyelow yungnalaglag hahahaha
Yair The Nut Man
Yair The Nut Man Il y a 6 heures
0:10 It sounds Japanese
Caner Akin
Caner Akin Il y a 6 heures
PURPLE TRANSLATION 0:14: Ur dead son 0:22: Get back here Bitch 1:02: Ye White sus
سهام جواد
سهام جواد Il y a 7 heures
You make is video You have Wrong says is video is Arabic
OfficalJaimieGalarza Il y a 7 heures
"damn , this slaps
Outer Sans
Outer Sans Il y a 8 heures
0:00 yellow hot some cake down there
CyanMiniCrewmateIsSad Il y a 9 heures
0:36 *_He be smol_*
Yo PiyuX
Yo PiyuX Il y a 9 heures
bro your videos get copied by 1million channel,
Golden Assasin
Golden Assasin Il y a 9 heures
I like how the map is mirahq and yellow doing card swipe is shown on skeld
KING ZARS0S Il y a 10 heures
Me trip in mushrooms People's:bro what the hell it's just mushrooms
NoScopeDeezCups Il y a 10 heures
0:17 idk if this is a spongebob reference but this reminds of this one episode where in one scene spongebob is knocking on squidward's door repeatedly and when squidward opens the door, spongebob starts punching his face in
DerpyDanielC Il y a 8 heures
Finally someone who noticed this. I've been searching the comments and I finally found it.
Holy Shit
Holy Shit Il y a 11 heures
Meat ? Good enough
kogurian Il y a 11 heures
i think this has more views than the first episode of bfdi
Ryzky julyano
Ryzky julyano Il y a 12 heures
Fall guys 100% among us 9999999%
_Крэйн _
_Крэйн _ Il y a 13 heures
Joe Nunez
Joe Nunez Il y a 13 heures
Miguel Sablaya
Miguel Sablaya Il y a 13 heures
Great animation! I love it!
nightmare pony playz roblox
white:im hate doing task. *purple came out and white got scared and ran like a weird thing and white punch door and he slam blue head.*
Capra Family
Capra Family Il y a 13 heures
I played among for a hour and got imposter once.
Pizza Tubby
Pizza Tubby Il y a 14 heures
Hey its me The orange one
ChicaPlush2.0 Il y a 14 heures
No cool down Nani?!?!?
Heberuto Il y a 15 heures
Blood type :C Fingers : 9
agrey84 Il y a 16 heures
"i hate doing chors,who left a chunk of meat here?"
SHEDLAN. Il y a 17 heures
john_ world
john_ world Il y a 17 heures
what do you mean with arabic subtitles?
Anomalocaris the Abnormal Shrimp.
0:41 ah yes, *m i r a m u s h r o o m s*
kenma kozume
kenma kozume Il y a 19 heures
lets apriciate the fact that i ship white with purple... im cursed now
Luísa Daló
Luísa Daló Il y a 19 heures
who is welcome to amongus fake call?
Puffle Gaming Official
Puffle Gaming Official Il y a 20 heures
0:47 Ah yes my height is BOY to
Emerson Lindner
Emerson Lindner Il y a 20 heures
Lol 9 fingers. Love the Animation!
YS animation
YS animation Il y a 20 heures
very cool, watch my animation among us - jojo opening..
Alex Il y a 20 heures
White kinda sounds like simmons from rvb
Danny Lapoint
Danny Lapoint Il y a 20 heures
h e r e c o m e s p u r p l e
Walter Collins
Walter Collins Il y a 20 heures
Among Us The Incredible Story Task Completed! White: I hate doing chores! (meat) White: Who left a chunk of meat here? (evil laugh) (mumbling) White: GET ME OUT OF HERE! (punches blue) White: GET ME OUT OF HERE! (screaming) (run sound) (Fall Guys) Pink Fall Guy: The hell? (evil laugh) (ded) White: Oh god oh god oh god! (u get caught) Purple: HURRY UP BEFOR I KILL YA!! (breathing loudly) Task Completed! Yellow: Oh sweet I did it. (trips in mushroom) Yellow: Oh no! (screaming) Orange: Damn this slaps wait? Baba Height: Boy Blood Type: C Fingers: 9 Likes: Pizza Dislikes: Bugs, Stress (gasp) Orange: He would never leave his ID on the ground! (Emergency Meeting) White: It was him he was killing everyone the entire time! Orange: Hmmm it seems very suspicious that you pointing fingers already. Purple: Yeah dick. Orange: I think it's obvious who it is. White: But he... (evil laugh) White: He would... (microwave sound) (meat) White: Huh? (nothin at all) (laughing) (squishing sounds) (screaming) Based on + Music from Among Us Animation by Christopher Yeh ChrisShwafer as YellowAngiru as Florence Chapell as White Purple Meat Blue Pink Fall Guy and Yellow ©ChrisShwafer 2020
Purple Crewmate
Purple Crewmate Il y a 21 heure
No regrets
Raulxanims Il y a 21 heure
"hE wOUld NeVEr lEaVe HiS iD oN tHe gRoUnD"
The Great Papyrus • Gacha
0:01 Yellow: THICC
همبرجر وسنكولا
Nick Weon
Nick Weon Il y a 21 heure
Gelatin the object thingy
Gelatin the object thingy Il y a 22 heures
The purple behind the game
V1q22 Il y a 22 heures
i love how white turns into a wet towel at 0:15
Sweet Sis Games
Sweet Sis Games Il y a 22 heures
A aparição do fall guy :O
Cherru Il y a 22 heures
me: *sadly relates to yellow dude*
DynoSkrimisher Il y a 22 heures
Yellow got some thicc cheeks at 0:00
Amazing Gaming
Amazing Gaming Il y a 22 heures
0:41 OH NO! aaaaaah!!!!
silverSpark Il y a 22 heures
lmao look at the yellow 0:00
GamingAstroBoi 223
GamingAstroBoi 223 Il y a 23 heures
Yellow dummy thicc at 0:00
Simon Book
Simon Book Il y a 23 heures
why did he have to punch baron like that?
mohamed khaled
mohamed khaled Il y a jour
Sees a dead guy* White : who left a chunck of meat here
Merio Kid 64
Merio Kid 64 Il y a jour
Plot Twist: Brown was a cake.
Welch Disney94
Welch Disney94 Il y a jour
This game is really getting popular, Dang! people work fast.
I want to end your kneecaps existence
0:12 me watching blue
Johann Time!
Johann Time! Il y a jour
I love the voice acting and yellow slipped on a mushroom hahah and orange why would he eat the body
Tola Il y a jour
Damn this slaps
raja simorangkir
raja simorangkir Il y a jour
very funny😂😂
jagmareX 2
jagmareX 2 Il y a jour
Why didn't white report the body
keplerjoaquinskiy Hodrodshotter
0:21 Fall guy: de hell? impostor: (laughed maniacally) Fall guy: gjixuin--
이서율 Il y a jour
samurai play
samurai play Il y a jour
Ok Ok ok it funny
Fret N
Fret N Il y a jour
Lazy Rain
Lazy Rain Il y a jour
Yellow : swiping card Me : wait isnt it Mira HQ
NUQE Il y a jour
Who left a chunk of meat here
Jeff Liu
Jeff Liu Il y a jour
0:28 is that mr cheese!?
RiceTaken Gaming channel
orange is kinda sus
Kyle Bryan Canoy
Kyle Bryan Canoy Il y a jour
yellow fell out at a window when there was no window hahahaha
Vincent Trinh
Vincent Trinh Il y a jour
"Who left a chunk of meat here" Brown: *the trickster*
{Pandy Piggy Book 2 Animations}
Ugh I hate doing chores *who left chunk of meat here 👁👄👁🤔* Sees purple come out of vent* *oh sh-*
• R i y u k u •
0:16 *my favorite part is when he started making cyan into a pan cake :')*
mateii chhangte
mateii chhangte Il y a 2 heures
*me a cyan player*
just a waffle
just a waffle Il y a jour
when your height is boy
Pelusa Vine
Pelusa Vine Il y a jour
What program do u use?
TheLivingCube Il y a jour
omg chris yessssss question, how's floor 9 going along?
Climaco Pérez
Climaco Pérez Il y a jour
0:16 XD
B̥ͦl̥ͦḁͦc̥ͦk̥ͦB̥ͦe̥ͦr̥ͦr̥ͦy̥ͦ G̥ͦḁͦm̥ͦi̥ͦn̥ͦg̥ͦ
My sleep paralysis: *like purple imposter* Me: *getting so scared* 0:28
Luis Jemio
Luis Jemio Il y a jour
0:00 Yellow do be looking THICC though
shadowsRZ Il y a 2 jours
bro why didn't yellow exit cancel his task at 0:28
lazy _banana kid
lazy _banana kid Il y a 2 jours
Among us in a nutshell
ANikto Il y a 2 jours
Yellow got cakes in the intro
Marzmello's Marvellous Movies
is that me doing the key card?
Red Minicrewmate
Red Minicrewmate Il y a 2 jours
. . .?
Green crewmate :D
Green crewmate :D Il y a 2 jours
orange ate crew mate meat and he turn one
lily _dvd
lily _dvd Il y a 2 jours
Exe Ziclone
Exe Ziclone Il y a 2 jours
This was copied lol but still funny
GD Qapchaqay
GD Qapchaqay Il y a 2 jours
0:29 this is why you shouldn't be in admin if someone suspicious comes in. or why you should 1st try swipe card if you can do it. i can
GachaGaming Nia
GachaGaming Nia Il y a 2 jours
0:18 Omg my among us oc is there im famous :'D (btw im the cyan person :'D)
Sahil Aamir
Sahil Aamir Il y a 2 jours
He stole someone else’s vid and just edited a bit what a loser
Vrikkiegikk Il y a 2 jours
Yellow thi- i mean sus.
The Boi
The Boi Il y a 2 jours
I loved yellows freakout though 🤣🤣🤣
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