Altered Carbon: Season 1 Story Recap in 4 Minutes

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Get a refresher on Altered Carbon's first season before you binge Season 2 on Netflix when it premieres on Thursday, February 27, 2020.
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Commentaires 80
Nico1977 Il y a 6 jours
this isn't a recap 😂😂
Fernicus Maximus
Fernicus Maximus Il y a 7 jours
It was an pretty okay show just the whole last few episodes became a clusterfuck.
Gaia Lupo
Gaia Lupo Il y a 8 jours
spoiler alert: this 'recap' also reveals details of season 2. Do not watch if you hate spoilers!
jackliu239 Il y a 9 jours
This was a shitty recap, thanks for wasting 3 minutes of my life.
Bart Comments
Bart Comments Il y a 11 jours
It would be nice if you didn't give spoilers in the form of casting announcements and what not; I'm obviously going to watch the next season if I'm watching this and would rather not have it spoiled. Thanks!
Chris Burks
Chris Burks Il y a 16 jours
Mackie's Kovacs seems a little meaner than Kinneman, not sure if that's Mackie or the writing, but definitely miss Joel, BUT I loved the twist beginning and that turned me on to Jihae!
David Rowley
David Rowley Il y a 24 jours
The recap didn't make any sense to me. What happened in season 1?
The Squeegee
The Squeegee Il y a 24 jours
Why spoil season 2 in the recap? Really?
Big Bise
Big Bise Il y a 25 jours
This isn't cyberpunk bro.
Gerard M
Gerard M Il y a 26 jours
seriously? spoilers of the next season in a recap video. that's really annoying
Solo94 Il y a 26 jours
It’s 2020 & I want to let you know, you do matter!
Ali Burak ÖZKAYA
Ali Burak ÖZKAYA Il y a 28 jours
Worst. Recap. Ever.
Leopold Potsangbam
Leopold Potsangbam Il y a 29 jours
Altered carbon in one paragraph: So basically he got to have all the different types of wieners in the world and enjoy the varieties.
E.B. Farmer
E.B. Farmer Il y a mois
From Joel Kinneman to Anthony Mackey? Talk about a hardware downgrade lol 😂
Eliza East
Eliza East Il y a mois
i loved the first season.. so disappointing it's not the same actor anymore
Hico Il y a mois
the word "recap" should not include predections nor spoilers... what's wrong with you IGN ???
William Sullivan
William Sullivan Il y a mois
Not sure how this got so many likes as it is the worst recap I have ever seen.
Top Tech Express
Top Tech Express Il y a mois
Download Link
Cristina Il y a mois
THANK YOU SO MUCH for this!!!
Keith WS
Keith WS Il y a mois
This is one of the worst recaps I've ever seen. You didn't actually really recap the story, it was just conjecture about who's going to appear in season 2. Thanks for wasting my time. I'll go find a video which actually recaps the events of the first season.
Keith WS
Keith WS Il y a mois
Go watch this one instead, it actually recaps what happened.
Mr. Bloopers
Mr. Bloopers Il y a mois
Altered Carbon Season 1 Recap - Everything You Need To Know Before Season 2
John K
John K Il y a mois
Nice just commented that I totally forgot about Altered Carbon season 1 and only that I loved it...thanks for the update ;D
CubeDroid Il y a mois
Inspired by Altered Carbon Season 1 I created a short music trailer/video for it! Please check if you have time. Thanks
The Black Collective
Def needed this. Don’t feel like rewatching season one again. 🤷🏼‍♂️
karl nagorite
karl nagorite Il y a mois
Soo basically like doctor who XD
eric echols
eric echols Il y a mois
2 years since season 1, that's a long time for a series. I thiught waiting 1 yr for the Mandalorian was a long time! 🤪
masood rahimi
masood rahimi Il y a mois
thanks for this it's been so long i forgot like everything
D C Il y a mois
I forgot the name of the show about the earth, mars and asteorids being rivals. I hope that continues too.
cristobal caro
cristobal caro Il y a mois
The expanse
CheapSkateSimmer Il y a mois
IIRC most of the secondary characters from season 1 don't come back in the book series. My understanding is that Season 2 is a mashup of book 2 and 3. Book 2 takes place something like 30 years after the first one so IMHO I doubt characters like Ortega, and Eliot will be there.
The Band
The Band Il y a mois
Wtaf i dont remember
raju naidu
raju naidu Il y a mois
Has that new body smell
justicewing Il y a mois
this recap makes it feel so boring. in fact it was much more than that. character development and choices are always the best bit of a drama.
Bryan Aguiar
Bryan Aguiar Il y a mois
This would be a cool game with a nice death system, where everytime you die, you get revived in a new body
Ryan Coates
Ryan Coates Il y a mois
Bryan Aguiar FUNNY YOU SAY THAT. The other day I was scrolling through FRvid and I stumbled upon a Altered Carbon Table Top RPG. I gave the video a shot and fell in love with the world. I immediately watch the first season only realizing a second season is coming out. If you love the world, def give that video a shot, it’s on the HyperRPG FRvid channel
Roku daime
Roku daime Il y a mois
I didn't quite understand that last bit of the video, even after rewatching it. Who exactly is he looking for on this new planet? Anyone care to explain? It's been a long time since I watched S1, so there's a lot I don't remember, and I don't feel like rewatching S1...
Roku daime
Roku daime Il y a mois
@Laros82 Aaah, okay! So that's how it is! Cool, thanks for the clarification! 🙂
Laros82 Il y a mois
@Roku daime that's exactly her and you're right! At the End of Season 1 Takeshi's Sister mentioned that she has a Backup somewhere...
Roku daime
Roku daime Il y a mois
@Laros82 Isn't his lover that African American woman who invented the stacks, and was the leader of the resistance (you see her in the video)? I thought she was blown up in a plane, stack and all, and is properly dead? :-/
Laros82 Il y a mois
isn't he looking for Quel? his past lover?
? goúd? 👁 wanna c it 👍🌿🔥. Thx u 🙌😤💀♎...
Lorenzo Yoichi
Lorenzo Yoichi Il y a mois
Also on Netflix there is a recap. It's called SEASON ONE 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ It's the best show from Netflix, why avoid watching it? 🤷🏻‍♂️
Emraan Ash
Emraan Ash Il y a mois
It is not our enemies that defeat us. It is our fear. Do not be afraid of the monsters, Miss Elizabeth. Make them afraid of you.
Emraan Ash
Emraan Ash Il y a mois
Peace is an illusion. And no matter how tranquil the world seems, peace doesn’t last long. Peace is a struggle against our very nature. A skin we stretch over the bone, muscle, and sinew of our own innate savagery.
Emraan Ash
Emraan Ash Il y a mois
The danger of living too many times: you forget to fear death.
Emraan Ash
Emraan Ash Il y a mois
At its heart, violence is almost always, in one way or another, personal.
Emraan Ash
Emraan Ash Il y a mois
War is the only thing we really understand.
Emraan Ash
Emraan Ash Il y a mois
Everyone’s guilty of something. It’s just a matter of degree.
Emraan Ash
Emraan Ash Il y a mois
Finding truth is more than a search for data. It’s an excavation of self. You have to keep going, no matter where it takes you. Because nothing can stay hidden forever.
Emraan Ash
Emraan Ash Il y a mois
Your body is not who you are. You shed it like a snake sheds its skin. Leave it, forgotten, behind you.
Emraan Ash
Emraan Ash Il y a mois
“When I looked at the curve of her hips and thighs on the window shelf, I could feel the way she had writhed back against me so clearly it was almost virtual.”
Summz McGee
Summz McGee Il y a mois
Best show on Netflix. Rivals Westworld
J L Il y a mois
This video only makes me want to rewatch the season!!
Damon Khan
Damon Khan Il y a mois
Do you think Takeshi gotta black sleeve cuz his GF black?
Efe Onobrakpeya
Efe Onobrakpeya Il y a mois
0:48 consciousness not memories
ROCKERZ Il y a mois
video was useless
Phoenix x
Phoenix x Il y a mois
Cant wait for s2!!!!
jackleg2007 Il y a mois
They really changed alot from the book.
Dan M
Dan M Il y a mois
F-ing loved season one. So much action visually and cool deep sci-fi underneath.
Brianstorm Il y a mois
I really hope they improve the soundtrack
Laros82 Il y a mois
Same I was hoping for something less nowadays poppy and something with a more futuristic Vibe.
michael18811981 Il y a mois
bring back Kinnamon !!!
Kiam Kweli
Kiam Kweli Il y a mois
They have actually transcended race in this futuristic universe. Oh what a dream.
Michael G
Michael G Il y a mois
I didn't really enjoy the first actor, loved the show though. Anthony Mackie as the new sleeve is brilliant.
kc 3182x
kc 3182x Il y a mois
I just want to see Asian Takashi and Quell reunite!! Don't change Takashi's nationality!!
Kiam Kweli
Kiam Kweli Il y a mois
That's how the books that the show is based off of were.
Certified Hero
Certified Hero Il y a mois
Ortega will you be my wifey plz?
Rahi Patel
Rahi Patel Il y a mois
Fun fact: When you label a video as a recap, chances are people know the terminology, otherwise they wouldn't be watching this video. Most of the major events of the season weren't even mentioned.
X Reed
X Reed Il y a mois
First thing I forget is the terminology.
Vicky Papadopoulou
Vicky Papadopoulou Il y a mois
This video did not help me AT ALL 😂
jaime munoz
jaime munoz Il y a mois
I like this show so I wonder when Netflix will cancel this show?
Exposer Il y a mois
jaime munoz 5 seasons total
Mateo Ceballos Querol
This is amazing I've watched the whole season one like 5 times now...hope season 2 is like this
Marcus Moore
Marcus Moore Il y a mois
The ending confused me a little but over all I liked the show
Luis Joaquim
Luis Joaquim Il y a mois
The funniest thing is Envoys in the book universe are government-created special forces to smash rebellions, not freedom fighters themselves.
Kiam Kweli
Kiam Kweli Il y a mois
He mentioned that he was part of the Protectorate(government police) before he became an Envoy in Season 1. So the main character kept that component from the book.
Fumani Harris
Fumani Harris Il y a mois
All words are made up
ZanDra Mambles
ZanDra Mambles Il y a mois
It's still Joel in a new sleeve. How hard is it to understand?
Johny Walker
Johny Walker Il y a mois
Opening scene of this video reminded me Ghost In the Shell
Nick Barlow
Nick Barlow Il y a mois
I cant wait to see season 2 I recommend this show all the time. A always hoped Ortega would get another chance with Kovacs then I read the books and my Hope's were dashed. I hope Mackie does well with the character but Joel will probably always be my favorite Kovacs no matter how many times they change actors.
The other guy
The other guy Il y a mois
This show is seriously underrated, one of my favourite things I’ve seen on Netflix
Eduard Extreme
Eduard Extreme Il y a mois
I just hope that Takeshi will get his original body back...
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia Il y a mois
He doesn't.
Vladimir Macorovic
Vladimir Macorovic Il y a mois
Takeshi has a different body in every book .. that's why the actors change
newthrash1221 Il y a 27 jours
Vladimir Macorovic Yeah, we know.
Cosmic Klutz
Cosmic Klutz Il y a mois
I'm excited for Anthony Mackie but I miss Joel already
Positivitea Il y a mois
Same, but I don't really mind who plays Kovacs as long as they can pull off his personality
Oktay Kaan
Oktay Kaan Il y a mois
Hope he has that cowboy feel that Joel had
eballack Il y a mois
This video didn't make me remember a thing about the show
Diego Lima Silva Queiroz
Yeah, shitty recap.
Apoorv Bajpai
Apoorv Bajpai Il y a 27 jours
same heere
Total GAMIX Il y a 29 jours
Mr. Bloopers
Mr. Bloopers Il y a mois
Altered Carbon Season 1 Recap - Everything You Need To Know Before Season 2
erwin bosma
erwin bosma Il y a mois
It was a 'who will be alive in season 2 video'.. They should change the title
G-ame Spot
G-ame Spot Il y a mois
renewer Il y a mois
Dust off a fresh sleeve? Why would it have dust on it if it's fresh.
RoseParamore1 Il y a mois
Thank you so much for this, IGN.
Vlad B.
Vlad B. Il y a mois
Mackie is boring as hell, miscast alert
Miles Trombley
Miles Trombley Il y a mois
From Asian to white to black.
Wilson Murray
Wilson Murray Il y a mois
Thanks for this I'ma check this out now